(Liberty Horn) – If you’re a student at Georgetown University, it’s time to PAY YOUR REPARATIONS!

Over two-thirds of the students at Georgetown University voted in favor of a resolution that will FORCE them to pay an annual slavery reparations fee.

According to news reports, back in 1838 the institution owned slaves but was forced to sell them to pay off debts. So 181 years later, students passed a resolution to pay $27.20 per semester to make up for slavery.

The money collected will go towards creating a donation fund for the 4,000 known descendants of the 272 Georgetown slaves.

If you haven’t put two and two together, the amount of $27.20 was chosen to represent the 272 slaves that Georgetown University sold.

(Liberty Horn) – Georgetown University Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Todd Olson said that the university has met with the descendants of the slaves the institution once owned. He said,

“Since 2015, Georgetown has been working to address its historical relationship to slavery and will continue to do so. Georgetown has taken initial steps to seek reconciliation, beginning with offering a formal apology to Descendants; renaming two buildings, including one for Isaac Hawkins, the first person named in the 1838 sale; and offering Descendants the same consideration in admissions that it gives members of the Georgetown community.

Since President DeGioia traveled to Louisiana in June 2016, Georgetown has met with many Descendants and heard many important ideas about how we might move forward together. The Descendant Community, the Society of Jesus, and Georgetown are working together towards reconciliation and transformation regarding the legacy of slavery.

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation is providing its knowledge, experience, and resources to facilitate this work. The process is anchored in the practice of trust-building, truth-telling, racial healing, and transformation.”

While this vote may seem noble” or “worthy” to some folks, it raises a lot of questions about reparations – questions like:

  • Who deserves to get money?
  • Does it pertain to anyone who was a slave in America, or just those of African descent?
  • Is ONLY getting $27.20 insulting to the beneficiary, and is that how much Georgetown thinks slavery is worth today?

Look, America is not without its faults and unfortunate moments in history – but should college students really be forced to pay for what others did over 150 years ago?

Where does it all end?


Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

~To Liberty and Justice For All!

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  2. If a student from this college sends me a resume , it is going straight into the trash. Apparently they are all to stupid to know what is logical and correct, having been indoctrinated by political correctness by the MORONS who run this school for losers.

  3. Sins of the father….? The students who voted for this crap may have cheered loudly when the civil war statues were torn down, but gladly dig this crap out of it’s grave to spank their own pampered suburbanite asses as a reminder of how bad their little minds of mush “feel” today! Tedious little jack-asses.

    • In that case, the progeny of all violent terrorists are culpable of their parents’ crimes, and should be barred from public office or citizenship of any sovereign state against which they committed acts of terror.

    • Slavers did not go inland to find the slaves. The Africans were totally complicit in the slave trade. The Africans sold their own people, friends, even family members. If you want reparations, let’s start with them.
      When the Slave Traders Were African
      Those whose ancestors sold slaves to Europeans now struggle to come to terms with a painful legacy. By Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani. Wall Street Journal

  4. Somebody opened that blasted window…now we’re going to see this crap happening all across America! This country is definitely going down the shitter in a fast and furious way! The trouble is, there’ nowhere left on God’s green earth to run to to get away from the crazys – the Demoncraps!!!

  5. What a crock of ships, so who are they going to pay? Something is wrong with our education system, when they want to destroy History, pay some people who have no reason for receiving it, and make themselves look like a bunch of puppets.

    You would think they would come up with something that had some semblance of sanity. Look at Africa today, it is a hell hole to say the least, do something to change that, pay reputation to those that are still there, they are the ones who have lost, not the slaves that came here!

  6. Stalin said “It is not those who vote that’s matters, it’s the ones who count the votes that matters” who counted the votes?

  7. As Mellie said, “The abject idiocy gets worse every day.” What the hell happened to this young generation to be so stupid. If the nation avoids socialism in 2020, it won’t for much longer. Maybe the Italians should pay reparations for the Roman empire’s misgivings … etc.!

  8. Slavery was common through out the entire world and all races were involved either as the Slave or the slave owner. African tribes had slaves, the american indians did, europeans did, chinese did and ext. England and The u United States started to do something about it in 1802 and 1803.They past laws making it illeagal to transport slaves. That means any ship caught with slaves was considered a pirate ship and was tearted as such. When you heard stories of slaves being thrown over board that was because the captions didn’t want to be arrested or lose their ships. Any slave after that was either smuggled in or raised here. It is another reason so many blacks ended up in South America. Most blacks that were enslaved started as members of a smaller or weaker tribe. Their tribes were raided by stronger tribes, were captured and taken to the coast and sold to the portugese who owned the slave pens. The ships would come in and the captions would buy the slaves and transport them to differant parts of the world. Other races were treated the same way, The blacks were just one group. Lets not forget the number of whites sold into slavery in Africa.In 1863 it was The United States that baned slavery completely. At the end of the war blacks were offered free passage back to Africa only a hand full did. The rest chose to stay here.Today there are countries that still have slaves with Africa coming in either in the third or fourth possition.Where every race was involved in Slavery,and the majority of us are far removed from the slave owners by serveral generations and had nothing to do with it and the people who were slaves has long died out. Why is reparations being considered and who should be considered.

  9. AND, do ALL students have to pay this?
    How about those students whose parents came to this country after slavery was abolished?
    How about those students who identify as black?
    How about those students who family never owned slaves?
    How about those students whose family died to free the slaves?

  10. This is just more LUNACY OF THE LEFT . Folks this is the BS that the teachers and SO CALLED Professors are brain washing our youth with and it is running rampant in our nation and will eventually make a HELL HOLE OF OUR NATION AND SOCIETY !!. Face the facts that the blacks had black slaves in Africa way before this nation ever existed and that they sold slaves (their own people) to slave traders that came to this nation so why not get the Reparation from the descendants of the original slave owners in Africa ? But no, the LIBERAL LUNATIC would never acknowledge this and they would RATHER CONTINUE ON THEIR LEFT WING RADICAL STUPIDITY AND DESTROY THIS NATION AND THEIR OWN LIFE AS WELL !!!

  11. Preposterous!!! I do not understand how paying people today for
    the sins of the past is redemptive at all! History cannot be undone. Lifting those in poverty by encouraging better paying jobs and
    dealing with drug addiction and mental health issues would help and a job would bring them off dependence on the government and provide them with dignity to lift themselves out of poverty. Restoration of a solid home environment where Dads have daily
    interaction with their kids. That would be a start!

  12. so now we are going to enslave all the college students with this so called reparation. that’s brilliant! Move from one form of slavery to another.

  13. By this reasoning, if your ancestor committed a crime and died in prison, then you should go to prison to finish out their sentence.
    Will the reparations ever end? Is thus a forever fee?

  14. It’s obviously hard to try to figure out how much to pay, as well as who should get paid. My grandfather was a slave and if you talk about reparations, how do you pay all the descendants of slaves. Yes it’s a noble gesture, but impossible to get right, as well as where does the money come from?

  15. I would leave the damn school. How can they pass something that will effect kids that did not get a vote.

    These will force history to repeat. Not slavery but driven down. This is more stone cast for Civil War 2

  16. So, Georgetown University sold 272 slaves? The reason? They needed money. Guess the government wasn’t funding schools yet or the Student Loans weren’t adequate. So, to ease their liberal minds and virtue signal, the students voted to have their parents and/or federal student loans to pay for the sins of the way distant past (1838). Smart, real smart.

  17. My only comment is that the history of any country cannot be changed. What was the norm then, is not the norm now, thank God., However , That was then and this is now, . No, I don’t agree with reparations. Those slaves are no longer alive, and WE weren’t alive back then and thereby were not a part of that crime. We have corrected the wrong BECAUSE our nation is always changing. Unfortunately, too many of our people think SOCIALISM is good. God help us.

  18. Blacks have BEEN paid reparations by all the government programs that the black community has enjoyed for YEARS and abused. The blacks don’t want equality TV hey want revenge and I didn’t have anything to do with slavery. My descendants didn’t own slaves, I am not a privileged white person or a privileged black person. It’s time to acknowledge our history and stop wearing feelings on our sleeves, stop tearing down statues and grow up and allow each other to live and to be able to discuss differing ideas without ANTIFA thugs. All of this animosity needs to stop. Ever hear the phrase “Live and Let Live”.

  19. I think it is stupidity. Kids today were not slaves and they don’t owe any money for slavery because chances are really great that their ancestors were also slaves. How you gonna have former slaves pay other former slaves? Seriously? I would never go to that school.

  20. You need to read your own article. Each student pay the 27.20 each year. That is not how much each descendant will receive. It goes to a fund. This is available to the 4000 descendants of the Georgetown slaves, not all the slaves that have ever lived in America. Your article is pretty clear but you admitted that you don’t understand your own article. I would ask you to take me off your mailing list but your FB posts are so poorly written I just love reading them. Thank you for the laughs.

  21. If Georgetown wants to do something, do it as reduced tuition. If I was a student there I would refuse to pay or transfer. I still would say no to reparations period.

  22. It’s not like they’re going to pay that money themselves, they will probably default on their student loans and taxpayers will be stuck with the bill.

  23. Omitted another university for consideration that my grandchildren will not attend. The list is getting trimmed down rapidly; so saddening.

    • Unless one of my grand children were particularly gifted, I’d send them to a trade school or get them into an apprenticeship program. Many of the trades pay as much or more then do college degree jobs do. I received two degrees that I got going to school while I worked a regular trade job.

  24. I think thats the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. Nobody alive now are slaves in America. but there were also white slaves too. . So let the ones who voted for reparitions take it out of their salaries & leave the rest of us alone. Some can barely make it now on the money they work for.

  25. people gave there lives and time fighting for them,the should be gratefulll and pay . for giving them freedom. you as a person are. a slave to your job.

  26. As Forrest Gumps momma said, “Stupid is as Stupid does.” Why don’t they pay for land stolen from the Indians? What about the Mexicans? And how about the Germans who lost their lives in WWII? And what about Pompey? Kinda goes on and on don’t it. People this stupid should not refer to themselves as a University. Their ignorance proceeds them.

    • You have overlooked the 400,000 union soldiers that died in the fighting and never got to live and have children–what are they worth?

  27. 150 years ago, come on, stop complaining. America is a great place to live and go after your dreams. I am for giving needy people a “hand up”, but not just a bunch of hand outs.

  28. The Liberal brain washing by liberal,socialist professors! The generation that voted for this has NO common sense PERIOD.
    They have been taught that we ow for sins from 100 years ago!

    and that people is a pile of hot smelling SHIT

  29. They can send mine to me. My ancestors came from Ireland. Cheaper slaves than black because all they had to was pay for the cheap ride across the Atlantic. The term was indentured server to who were to serve they benefactors for seven years until they paid back their purchases and the food, housing, and clothing expenses. Of course they were never able to pay back what they owed since they always needed the necessities of living. They were considered disposable. Black slave costs more money were treated better than indentured serpent.Backs, necks broken, no problem they were crackers anyway. Sunburned necks and bodies, no problem they were red necks anyway, just poor white trash. The truth no one talks about.

  30. Do these Liberals realize how many BLACK people owned slaves ?
    To ME, this is a RIDICULOUS idea, that ONLY a snowflake Liberal could come up with !

  31. The reparations should be paid by the ones who sold them, not the one’s who bought them, their oun buddies sold them, they are the ones who rounded them up like cattle and sold them, did any of the other countries who bought slaves, pay reparations for the ones they bought? I bet no other country fell for that bull shit.

  32. Here’s another question: Should the students whose great grandparents got off various boats at Ellis Island a half-century or more after slavery was ended have to pay too?

  33. Racist as hell!!

    Punishes whites because of their skin color, rewards blacks because of their’s. Pathetic example of white guilt, which is the real “crime”.

    I suggest they demolish the racist university and start over.

  34. This advertisement is bull shit. The joking way it is approached, and the young man, and woman with a microphone, along with a jar is rediculous, and why are they having people they approach to pay for their crimes. also, I am very sure that the youg man representing slavery, can’t trace his lineage back to slavery.

  35. Will the South and all the land owners get a reparation for all the north did to the south. Crops were burned homes destroyed so where’s the money for all those decendant

  36. 👁👁 So they’re making people pay that had absolutley nothing to do with the 272 slaves? Is this just going to be for Caucasians or is everyone attending going to be on the hook? Insanity at it’s finest!

  37. For 55 years we’ve been giving out reparations it’s called welfare and all it did was serve to enslave people and take away dignity, yet again!

  38. Oh Lawd!! As much as I like money and the fact that I am an African American or Black or American, I do not agree, Oh Lawdy, Lawd!!

  39. SS get it straight , Indians held slaves they obtained in war’s but unlike the Natives where our current seekers of repatriation from. They did not sell them to slave traders .
    And the slave traders brought them here and sold them on the open market. Anyone seeking repatriations should be required to prove their lineage then be offered the following.
    Any and all free aid they have received in any form should be repaid to all agencies they received it from. And then a free ticket back to the starting point. Then give them the repatriations, along with an application for a green card.

  40. Why are African-American folks not going to Africa to find relatives of the tribal chiefs who sold them into slavery ,for reparations.

  41. I’m Irish, my people were slaves . Where’s my money. Blacks were not the only slaves. Every race was a slave. Get your facts straight. University is not very smart.

  42. If they pay, then I believe no federal aid should be given to the school.

    They can offer free tuition, lunches, housing but that is just another way out.

  43. This is obscene. NO ONE living today owes anyone dead over 150 years “reparations” and none of their descendants were slaves so they also are not owed anything. The fact is, if you get right down to it, those slaves and their descendants owe the men and women who bled and died to free them reparations, and their families, not the reverse, since slavery was the societal NORM globally at that time, and America was among the 1st nations to ban it, and free their slaves! Moreover, we granted them equal citizenship and voting rights, and then even lowered all the bars for them. They’ve had far more than any reparations already! Time to get off their duffs and GIVE BACK!

  44. And we wonder how we turn out idiots from college? Not one person alive today was a slave or owned one (unless you happen to be from an Islam country where it’s still legal). When is enough going to be enough for free loaders? Many people have been slaves throughout history. Not just blacks We stole land from the native Americans. It may be wise to remember people were slaves in Egypt, Greece, Rome, etc. Just about every culture has at one time or another had slavery. May we just move on now?

  45. I hope they plan to include all the IRISH that were brought to the America’s in chains.
    This is just an other move on the part of the Liberal Left to “Divide and Conquer ”
    The sooner we realize that we are all “AMERICANS” the better off we will all be.

  46. OK, so whenever you start paying “REPARATIONS” you all better figure out how you are going to pay the AMERICAN INDIANS their REPARATIONS!!!! They were here first before slaves arrived here in this country!!!!!!!!!!!!


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