“You Traitor!” Trump Supporters Let Sen. Lindsey Graham Know What They Think Of Him

(Tea Party 247) – Trump supporters are not happy. The election was clearly rigged and even in the face of actual evidence the majority of elected representatives in Washington DC decided to sit back and do nothing.

Even if there wasn’t concrete evidence yet, there are certainly enough irregularities and red flags to at the very least warrant an investigation.

While the Washington DC swamp had no problem spending years and millions of dollars investigating the phony Russia collusion hoax, they are, apparently, completely uninterested in lifting a finger to take a closer look at the rigged 2020 election.

Former Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell managed to convince his fellow RINO swamp creatures that objecting to the electoral vote certification would not be in their best interests and could even jeopardize their chances of reelection come 2022.

McConnell is either just totally and completely out of touch with the new Republican Party base or he understands that election fraud and corruption will be the new normal and he has aligned himself with the side that can “win” him and other GOP members elections.

Either way, Senators and House Representatives drove the nails into their own coffins when they made the choice to sit back and do nothing. They solidified being challenged come the 2022 primaries and there is no chance Republican voters are going to forget what their representatives did, or didn’t do, on January 6th.

Lindsey Graham has found out firsthand just how angry Trump supporters are when he was confronted at the airport in Washington DC on his way out of town.

The angry mob surrounded Graham and expressed just how much they appreciated his refusal to stand up for the American people and investigate the 2020 election.

They yelled things like “audit the vote” and “traitor.” One lady can be heard yelling that Graham knew the election was rigged and did nothing.

Graham proved to be one of President Trump’s most loyal supporters throughout his term in the White House. Graham became an enthusiastic defender of freedom and liberties and a formidable opponent for the Democrats.

He appeared to be taking his role as a voice for his constituents seriously. President Trump came through big for him when he was up for reelection and he got reelected without a problem.

Then, he turned his back on President Trump and those who voted for him. He has shown his true colors and who he is loyal to and voters are angry.

Graham can forget about any future terms in Washington DC. He will undoubtedly be challenged in his next primary and ousted from office.

His best chance at remaining in DC past this term would be to slap a D behind his name and be done with the façade.

We can’t say we feel sorry for the abuse Graham endured while at the airport. It likely won’t be the last of it.

He has no integrity and voters have lost their respect for him. He is a RINO and an establishment swamp creature after all. A real wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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  2. Talk. Talk. talk talk ..,

    All Tea Party Pussies do, excuse me, Tea Party “patriots” do is yap and make excuses.

    trump the Loser and Tea Party Pussies deserve each other.

  3. Senator Graham is contaminated and conflicted , he is compromised and he and many other top Republicans have a lot to answer to when it comes to integrity and the lack of interest and there non participation in putting a bill on the floor to investigate Hunter Biden and the Ukrain saga as well as the Clintons and Adam Shiff and the others like Brennan that have openly lied and in some cases perjured themselves on video tape and under oath . So yes Graham is a crafty self centered anti Trump mole in the party and one that could never be trusted as having the American citizens best interests .

  4. I cannot believe I ever donated my limited income to Graham. He’s on my list now & it’s not the GOOD list. You, sir, are a traitor of the highest magnitude. God knows, and he will make you pay.

  5. Goodness, Goodness ! This man is one of the better creatures on earth …he simply recognized
    and earlier than others ..that the good ol’Judiciary of the good ol’USA has been letting us down.
    And for way too long already. Tell me what it is that I don’t understand how so the SupremCourt
    of the USA feels that it does not owe some 75million Americans a hearing about obvious and
    questionable irregularities in the election for a President for the USA (& it concerniing the FREE WORLD of all things as well.) 75mill don’t need a law library to recognize right from wrong; they
    deserve to be heard by their governing Judiciary it seems. And I need to wonder why they might turn to themselves … yes, I do wonder ….. and worry, what might be next.

  6. I am angry and so disappointed. I am from Michigan and furious that they did nothing but sit by and let this states illegal decision to send out millions of unsolicited ballots with out the approval of the legislature or verification of qualification to vote just pass by and count or close down tcf until he votes reversed. C’mon man, that was out and out fraud and totally neglected.

  7. Linsey Mitch and Pence and all the Dems would not make a wort on true Americans ass. Surely there is enough dirt on them to throw them all out of office or country. Good luck President we luv you and the country needs you more then ever but we also understand if they have just wore you out with all the bullshit.

  8. Linsey Mitch and Pence and all the Dems would not make a wort on true Americans ass. Surely there is enough dirt on them to throw them all out of office or country. Good luck President we luv you and the country needs you more then ever but we also understand if they have just wore you out with all the bullshit.

  9. One ought to always be true to the soul—either you are serving the American nation or selling your soul to the NWO Roll. Well, we’ll remember you are as the Loyalists in the 1776 Revolution. You join the rank with all your Congressional colleagues who have bowed their knee to the NWO. But remember there is a day of reckoning coming from the Lord and the entire congressional swamp can join Jezebel. Nancy Pelosis thinks she sits as a queen reigning over the Congress, crying, “impeach Trump, impeach him with the 25th Amendment! What she does not Know is that she is neither Queen Esther nor Prophetess Deborah, from the Bible, but rather, she is Jezebel who was thrown out the window in the Bible and when the animals finished consuming her body, the only thing left were her hands and feet. The Lord declared it, and it was done. So all the evil she has done, God will bring it back to her in double fold. “Touch not my anointed!”

  10. Is there not a provision to get rid of all these people, by initiative or referendum, by the people of the United States? We must have a reset and get rid of all wrongdoers in both parties. They are ruining our country. We also need term limits and no professional politicians, We could pay them less and actually get things done. Come on people we need to get this started.

  11. Trump got him thru his election & now we have him for 6 years. I will remember him begging for money @ Lindsey Graham.com. Never again!!

  12. Most all republican politicians are wimps.
    They want to stay as elected officials, and do not want to fight the battle between right and wrong because first they don’t recognize the difference between he two and second they will always ride the tide what of media attitudes indicates is needed by them to stay elected. They are not alone ” the supreme court would not take up the case of fraud in the election because they were afraid the left would win and pack the court, thus reducing their current power of constitutional decisions. This action (or non action) on their part flew in the face of recent supreme court action in a contested Florida presidential election.
    The democrats need not pack the court because the current supreme court will not make a ruling the doesn’t first pass muster with the wishes of the left, because they like the wimpy republican hey are afraid of losing their prestige.
    I use to believe in our constitution, it now is an empty paper. We need a new political party . Not one of recycled politicians but one made up of Patriots. Patriots willing to actually drain the swamp rather then just talk about it. Patriots willing to fight against the wealthy media and the likes of Soros. It can’t be accomplished over night but it can be done. My 85 years won’t let me see the needed changes, but you may.

    • Something needs to be done about the Republican Party! But would forming a new party help? It might if enough true Conservatives would move to it. Call it Trumpeters, or the Real Conservative Party or something. It’s time to leave these establishment types behind, or at the very least get them out of office. So many Sens. that Trump campaigned for and won because of him have now turned their back on him. Damn Traitors!

  13. There all communists the dems and Rino’s they have their money they have taken for decades from the Americans now, they want total control! It’s sickening how the week republicans don’t stand up for the American people! I’d say vote them out but it’s going to be hard to do that since they allowed our votes to be stolen by the radical left! Third world countries have nothing on us compared to what was done this election! Illegitimate Biden and headboard Harris!

  14. He always talk with forked Tongue one to the right one to the left. I was wondering what he would do he is so bad. I believe the people who broke into the Capital was not Trump Supporter but work for congress the Democrat Socialism and Rhino of congress.Why would a support of Trump break into Congress when they would know it would hurt Trump. These people was on bus and police suppose to let them in who were the group. The police were they in on the raid. Did Graham know about the Fraud.

  15. Spineless congress will pay the price for decades for their treason. Pence, McConnel, Graham, Pelosi, Schumer, Barr, and countless others abandoning the President and the American voters with their power agenda. You sirs, are a disgrace to America and the constitution of the united states. A very sad day for America😡🇺🇸

  16. I just cannot believe this happened to America like Venezuela etc we still have 10 more days , and I still have Hope, this is the reason they want want to silenced him, and all the Citizens who vote . This we cannot permit in our Republic, let’s swam by phone and emails to the Supreme Court. Is our last Hope. Thanks

  17. You only vote the way the wind blows. You are a sleazy politician and care nothing about the American people. You are worse than the Democrats, because they don’t hide the fact that they hate the average, middle class American citizen.

  18. Time for our President to invoke the Insurrection Act. I cannot in good conscience let liars and cheaters into the White House. This corruption must not stand. The days of weak Republicans and republicans groveling and being intimidated are Over. Stock up and store up. Let’s get rolling and drain this swamp forever.

  19. Grahamnesty was probably negotiating with the criminals who stole the White House, WHILE he was pretending to defend the President!

  20. Is any conservative surprised by this traitors actions. It is totally characteristic with being a creature of the swamp and sucking the scum leaking out of John McCain’s rotting corpse. He fully knows he will be protected by the Commicrats no matter what his constituents have in store for him. I am sure you have all seen the results of his investigation into the witch-hunt the radical dems brought upon Kavenaugh. He certainly had his back like he did with our President. May he suffer a traitors fate!


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