You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: A Transgender Is Suing A Beauty Pageant, The Reason Why Is Pure Lunacy

(Tea Party 247) – Have you ever felt like you were trapped in the pages of some sort of wacky Hollywood comedy? A world so full of absurdity that there’s no possible way the things unfolding on the nightly news could be real?

Well, hate to tell you this, but you’re not actually dreaming. That’s right, folks. The nightmare you feel like you’re trapped in is actually happening, and the insanity is getting worse by the minute.

A prime example of this comes to us in the form of a transgender individual wanting to sue a beauty pageant. Not even Hollywood could make this crap up.

Here’s more from Chicks on the Right:

According to Willamette Week, a transgender contestant, Anita Green, is suing the Miss USA beauty pageant for gender discrimination.

After contacting the pageant about the rules, receiving, and reading them, Green then decided that it would be best to ask Miss USA to change the eligibility requirements to be able to compete instead of participating in a pageant that accommodates trans people.

Oregon Live located the suit, that claimed not allowing transgender contestants to compete in “natural” female pageants was discrimination hidden by eligibility requirements. Green wants the pageant to change the rule requiring contestants to be “natural” born females and is also seeking undisclosed monetary damages. *insert heavy eye roll here*

Keep in mind that although the pageant is open to the public, the business is a private company. There are other states within the pageant system that allow transgender contestants a chance to compete.

If Green wanted to compete because it is a passion, that’s the answer. Move to another state that allows transgender contestants in the pageant. It’s not like this is the only rule that could eliminate someone from eligibility.

Requirements that can rule out eligibility:

• Not allowed to ever been married or had a marriage annulled
• Can not be pregnant, have never been pregnant or given birth to a child
• Must live in your state permanently or have lived there for at least 90 days before the pageant

Discrimination against pregnant women is also a crime.

The pageant has never changed the rules for these women.


Not to mention the fact that the Oregon division of Miss USA offered to help accommodate Green in a different state that would allow transgender contestants to compete!

I can not believe that we live in this world where everything has to be for everyone. It’s OK if you don’t meet the eligibility requirements.

If this were the 1990s, people would be laughing their butts off because this would most definitely be nothing more than the plot to a hilarious, envelope pushing comedy film. No way something this wacky would happen in real life. No. Way.

That’s where we’re at as a society at the end of the 2010s. Dudes can pretend to be chicks and women will actually support them supplanting their place in things like beauty pageants.

Think about this for a moment. The whole point of feminism was to show that women could do whatever a man could do, that women were equal to men. Now, these same individuals who supposedly fought for this equality are now supporting men who pretend to be women, and what’s worse, some men are actually better at it than the actual women.

Isn’t that the ultimate sexist insult?

Feminist are owning themselves on this one.



  1. Well, I think trying to be “equal” on a lesser level is easier than on a higher one. Many more people prefer to go to the beach instead of climbing a rock. Women are mesmerized by men wearing skirts, naylons and high heels. That’s until those transvertites start competing in women’s leagues! Ask female athletes how happy they are about competing against balls holders pretending to be Eve!

  2. Why not just create a new transgender pageant instead of trying to force themselves into pageants specifically for natural-born women? That way they can be proud of who they are and everyone competes happily in their own pageants on equal footing.

    • Again so called bigot Christians and their friends and relative support Satan’s sinful agenda, the LGBTQ. They are allowing man’s laws to override God’s laws. Satan and his angels are on a successful campaign to build his kingdom before Jesus Christ return. You’ll have been warned.

    • Why not?Because they belong to a mental hospital, not to a pageant contest!
      God created man and woman! Not lesbians, queers, and any other deviations! And if God made you a man, do your job, don’t try to correct what God did!

  3. I was a hippy in the 60s and as liberal as hell. Then I got a job to support myself and learned the cost of “FREE” stuff. MLK was a hero to my generation and that didn’t change, but the ideal of communes died as a viable life choice. I never was a republican or a democrat, I registered as a no political party. As such I voted for a person not a party. Now I watch in horror at what is considered normal. I may not be able to fight in the war that is coming but I can support those who do. I can load the weapons, cook meals, tend children, etc. Specialization is for insects not humans.

  4. Well, they opened the door to every form of deviancy and this is what you have now. From bestiality, pedophilia and human trafficking the cat is finally out of the bag. It was a matter of time before it was all let loose. Sad to think that there is a part of the human population that condones and even promotes these forms of subverted actions which is now becoming a part of normal life.

  5. ” IT ” Has, No Doubt, Entered This Contest, Knowing Full Well There’s Going to Be Problems…My Point Being…” IT ” Has Entered With The Premeditated Design of Knowing That ” IT ” Will End Up Be Able to Sue…In-other-words…Suing Was Always in ” IT’s ” Mind All Along and Was Waiting for the Moment of Opportunity…

  6. Discrimination against pregnant women illegal?
    Well, damn! Why didn’t this nut claim to be pregnant and get two for the price of one?

  7. God created men & women / anything else is unnatural & a farce. I’m sick of all of these weirdos trying to push their beliefs on us normal people. This idiot is looking for attention & $$$$. The media is also responsible for pushing all of this crap on normal people

    • Margaret, please leave your religious superstitions at the door, the god of which you speak isn’t real, nothing supernatural exists, all we have is what can be seen with the eye.
      Sorry for your delusions.

  8. She wants to be a women? Give me a machete and I will do the operation for the sicko for free and it will be done in a matter of seconds.

  9. Your title should include the word “person”… a transgender PERSON …. your language matters and by leaving this word out you are dehumanizing a human being which allows hate and stigma to persist.

    • There SHOULD be stigma against wierdos. It is NOT normal for a person to think they are of the opposite gender than what they were born with.
      They obviously need pyschological help. It should be given them. The rest of population should not have to play along with them in their perverse actions.

  10. how much longer can this stupid crap go on ? when will people begin to use their brains ? please God help us , we need you more than ever ! I think we need to have the world exorcism to help deliver people from Satan !

    • Lyle, I’ve already requested Margaret to leave her religious superstitions at the door, you need to as well.
      But while I have your attention, which god made sockets and plugs?
      Was it Zeus? Odin? Quetzalcoatl? Krishna? Ra? Demeter? Horus? Hades? Thor?

  11. if they want a beauty pageant, let them have their own. oh but wait! maybe they fear they’ll get sued by real women cuz they’re not allowed to compete.

  12. Ah, I can NOT wait for the Olympics when trans-whatevers beat the “natural” women athletes! And the synchronized swimming – what a hoot!

    Then, of course, the Winter Olympics – can we expect trans-pairs? Or trans-“women” doing jumps that only “natural” MEN can do?

    I’m betting all this BS will end soon, one way or another…

    • Oh yes, as crazy as this should sound, it’s a very strong possibility. Men ARE taking over women sports. It’s happening in high school sports (see Selina Soule Title IX complaint), in NCAA (Title IX complaint filled against Pierce University) and pro competitions (track, cycling, powerlifting, MMA, rugby and so on).
      Everything that the suffragettes fought for and also what Title IX accomplished for women in 100 years is being eradicated by the trans movement that went in full swing in the past 4-5 years. Is leaving women being second best again.

  13. Tell that person whatever IT is that it’s a beauty pageant. It would be better served as a jackass for everyone to play pin the tail on the Donkey.

  14. I am so sick of reading about this garbage. Everyone has choices to make and is free to so so but that doesn’t mean that all the others have to like it, agree with it, BOW DOWN to it, and especially MAKE EXcEPTIONS to/for it. I have been saying this (and shouting it from the rooftops) to anyone who will listen…This has gotten WAY OUT OF CONTROL, and what about OUR RIGHTS? Don’t they exist anymore? Doesn’t anyone care that we (those who still have morals and values) are getting buried by all this b u l l s h i t? Just my opinion.

  15. Black female thought they were being discriminated against and started Miss Black America. Suck it up buttercup and start your own pageant, Miss Trans America.

  16. This is like a person with only a high school education applying for a job at a company with specific requirements of having a bachelors degree or higher and then turning around and suing them because he is not qualified. Get over it, they want ‘real’ woman for the pageant, and you are not. Or should I say read the requirements!

  17. American women need to rejoin American men in this insidious fight against all things that are designed to destroy our nation or suffer the full consequences.

    • Unfortunately, there is no open hunting season on these types and no one can afford the License-to-kill LIP,WOP or in some states, DEATH.

  18. Take all this so called swing pricks and sent them to Russia where they will have a high pitch voice after they finish with them.

  19. In my opinion, all of this insanity is a spin off of the Hippie/drug generation. Do your own thing movement! I know this as true, because I lived through it as a teenager, after and during after six years in the US Navy. The actions you see with this kind of insanity come from the parents and grandparents of those 60’s & 70’s generation. It sounded good at first, but when reality set in, disfunction took place. With all of the transgender thing, I have one statement: “It’s Adam & Eve. Not Adam & Steve”. I know it’s hard, but get it straight!!!
    God speed,
    Gary G. Cramer, Tmc

    • Gary, I was one of those Flower Children, I attended Woodstock just prior to joining the Navy and going through the seal training and on to Viet Nam. When I came home 10 1/2 months later after getting hit by a rocket and spending 6 months in military hospitals, I spent many more months on a mountain in Or. to regroup.
      When I got married and had a son he grew up to be a 100% man.
      I blame most of whats happening today on the fact that this country has steered away from God starting in the mid/late sixties. Many people I know raised perfectly normal men (now) and doing fine in life.
      We got away from capital punishment and stiff penalties for crimes. Guys raping women and the like.
      In my day you got your butt kicked for acts such as that, today a wrist slap if even that.
      With a guy like George Soro and his money running things to ruin this country until he’s gone we are in trouble.

  20. Well, let’s see.i was born a male. By the time I was 5, I k ew I was a female. Do I made a quick change. Put on a dress, lipstick and face makeup. Walla, a queen if I ever saw one. Now I get discriminated for being a male and a female. Geese, what am I…….whatever I want to be at any given moment. O k girls and boys, make way for trannies. They are here to stay. Hell, we already had a First Lady tranny, moochelle Obozo. So, anything goes from here on.

    • No, Raymond, it’s just too bad your mother was either Catholic or uninformed enough to realize abortion would have been another option.

  21. If the Obama loaded liberal courts allow its gonna fly too and the man will win a tub of money! Once that contest is market as private it should be only for the people that they want to include. If have a beauty contest for the girls in my family are they going to force me to include transgenders from California? When that happens it time for the courts to go!

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