Yawn: How The Left Is Justifying UK Election Loss Is As Dumb As You Can Imagine

(Tea Party 247) – As the UK combs through the crushing defeat of the progressive left, it’s hard, as an Amerian, not to feel a sense of Deja vu.

It’s like 2016 all over again, and most likely just like 2020 will be.

Naturally, sad supporters of the Labour Party are comforting themselves with the old fallback: they’re blaming racism and bigotry for their party’s loss, because of course they are.


Summit News reports:

Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party won a resounding victory last night, defeating Labour who ran on a hard left manifesto under their leader Jeremy Corbyn.

But instead of using the defeat to take a moment of reflection and re-assess their messaging, many leftists angrily lashed out and insulted the very people who they should be trying to reach.

Journalist Paul Mason claimed the result represented “a victory of racists over people of colour,” while James Felton slammed “older voters,” who he claimed only voted for Boris Johnson because he “isn’t afraid to say those racist things you enjoy.”

Andrew Doyle had a nice summary of the predictable response:

“If you smear the working class & elderly as racist & stupid, you’re a bigot. If you see fascism everywhere in one of the most tolerant countries, you’re a fantasist. If you have contempt for democracy, you’re an elitist. Above all, you’re the reason the left continues to lose.”

Leftist David Baddiel was refreshingly honest with his ideological peers, noting that constantly bashing the people you’d prefer vote for your party is not a winning strategy:

“This is unbelievably patronising,” he tweeted. “The No. 1 thing the Crank Left need to understand is that them losing does not mean the people, the very people they claim to champion, are stupid, or brainwashed, or perverse. *They* need to change, not the people.”

This is what happens time and time again.

The Marxists on the left, in the US, UK, and elsewhere, don’t get at all that they have fully embraced full fascism.

While people on the right rely on arguments, facts, and data to defend their cause, the left just threatens those who won’t comply with their real with slander and violence.

Of course, Antifa was in full force Thursday night as the votes came in, as you could have imagined.

Here in the US, the left is preparing for our own 2020 elections by trying to impeach the president, a move that is failing so badly for them that Americans didn’t even tune in to watch, no matter how many show trials they had or how carefully they made sure to have their final vote in the House Judiciary on daytime television, so the nation could see.

The president is polling as well as Obama did during the same time in his presidency…when he wasn’t being impeached!

The left is failing, across the globe.


  1. I democrats are counting on the votes of people who will benefit most from socialism (illegals, minority poor, and young people who are still benefitting from their parents hard work not their own. However, if you look at any communist country like Russia, Venezuela, and etc. it is clear that without a capitalist engine to drive the economy all but the ruling class benefit. A fact that the democrats want to happen when they are in power and can fill their pockets and stomachs with others hard work. Time to stand with Trump.

  2. You mighyt want to consider what you have in common to make such remarks and accusations. But I heard that Holocaust Kretschmer and Silverado Bill Walters and his
    son and nephew both Jim Walters have formed the Euro Treasury in in the UK with Sandra Gutierrez Galaster Kelly Serian being the money launder but uses the forefathers heirs names and people who circulate the treasury in the UK. With technology lets say they are doing but it is the ones that complain! Fingerprint everything or robot it!

  3. Let us patriots assume for the moment that there is an uprising in 2020 and DJT gets re-elected.. so we have to somehow put down the violent left. So how far do we go to rid our country of these socialists/communists so they don’t continue their agenda? This is a valid question, because I have no doubt the loser-Left will explode in riots and violence. Logistically they can’t possibly win, so if our militia and military are on the same page, we’re talking about perhaps a potential of a few million anti-America commies. What should be the final solution knowing that our pro-commie millennials have been brainwashed in our own schools?

  4. With the major increase in crime,the lives of honest citizens being threaten, the rights of the citizens being trampled on and the financial ruin being brought on the cities and countries under liberal control, is it any surprise that the voters are starting to fight back.I hope this is not an isolated event because it needs to happen everywhere. In all cases when liberals lose they revert to name calling and all because of all of us losers who can’t understand that the liberals know what is best for us. They believe they can do a better job of controlling us from the day we are born until the day we die. That we should succumb to their rule. I believe that is called slavery. I also believe that there are many who would vote for it.So it is going to be an uphill battle that we need to win.

  5. I am a conservative Latino and I know there are many like me who will certainly vote for DJT in 2020. We like the rule of law and we are grateful to the founders of this beautiful and blessed country. We believe in Brexit and also in Blexit in the USA. Uk and USA need to become the great powerful friends they used to be before they were taken over by hateful, ungrateful immigrants especially from Muslim countries which are the real people behind all this liberal movements. Let’s save this country before it’s too late.

  6. I am a conservative Latino and I know there are many like me who will certainly vote for DJT in 2020. We like the rule of law and we are grateful to the founders of this beautiful and blessed country. We believe in Brexit and also in Blexit in the USA. Uk and USA need to become the great powerful friends they used to be before they were taken over by hateful, ungrateful immigrants especially from Muslim countries which are the real people behind all this liberal movements. Let’s save this country before it’s too late.

    • Oty–Salute to you. You probably do everything by the book and I hope you rally as many people as possible. You’re a patriot who exemplifies our greatness. Thanks so much

  7. We the People should ALWAYS have the final say on this subject. WE should have a vote! WE elected the president. I am sick and tired of the elected people thinking they are the ONLY voice. They aren’t doing the work they were elected to do. They are only working in THEIR best interest. To satisfy their mega donors interest. FFS

  8. Socialists and Communists who live on the government teat will always gripe about a free government and free elections. They know that the average working man resents their privileged positions and may stop the feedings at any time – and they may have to actually compete for a job. This scares them to death so they riot. It’s all part of their plan.

  9. Whatever happened to people of today.Sissies,pussies,sore losers and clueless.God help any country that elects one of these new fangled Marxists who in my book are worse than the original Marxists.Much more violent and much more brainless

  10. The one thing the author got wrong- Trump is actually Polling Better then Obama did at this point in his presidency!

    The left has become the very things they biasdly accuse the right of and are little more then tyranical facists!

  11. I’ll never believe a poll again, after thinking I was wasting my time and gas to go vote for Trump. The poll showed Rotten Hildabeast was going to win by 95%. We were scammed, to hopefully make us do what they wanted

    I would have bet money on Boris Johnson winning.

    • Sadly. You have been lied to. And hoodwinked. President Trump is the true patriot. The dems have sold us to China. So, that is their first priority. Please try to see outside your box.

    • I am impressed by the intellectual and literary sophistication you display in your brillant riposte. Your ability to express yourself so cogently and succinctly in a single sentence surpasses even the eloquence of Maxine Waters.

  12. We live in the age of “it ain’t my fault.” When something doesn’t go our way the easiest thing to do is blame it on somebody else. Hillary Clinton personifies the art of blaming someone else for her shortcomings. Lawyers have solidified this practice by getting rich of of things from pouring hot coffee on ourselves at McDonald’s to blaming pharmaceutical companies for manufacturing pain killers. If they were terminally ill they would sue the pharmacy if they couldn’t get pain meds.
    People, own up to the truth! If your a druggie own up to it and stop or go to jail but don’t blame someone else for your problems. Don’t abuse yourself and claim that baseball bat didn’t carry a warning label on it! And last but not least, Nobody wants Socialism except the dictator that’s waiting for it to Fail!

  13. The democrats say this is what the American people want but yet Trump was elected. Do they not know that? Apparently Trump is what the American people want and not the lying, stealing thief who was their candidate. Listen to who the voters want not you own greedy selfish selves. I hope you all get voted out then this wasted 3years joke will be on you. Hey Nancy And Schiff go clean up the SHIT in your own state (literally)!

  14. I say we demand their salaries be cut in half, more if we’re being truthful. The democrats should give back their salaries for the last 3 years and pay us taxpayers back the money we paid in taxes for their circus. We didn’t win so let’s fight it. And they say they’re going to do it again when he wins. This is something a 2year old child does. There has to be something written in law to prevent this because this could happen every year for here on out. We’re not paying them for this. It’s time for them to grow the hell up. YOU LOST, ACCEPT AND MOVE ON!

  15. I continue to be amazed by how much these people have LOST THEIR MINDS, It seems they have lost all of (if they had any to begin with) their common sense. Truly amazing. My late father changed from Democrat to Republican when he was 64 years old because he was smart enough to see the horrible change taking place in the Democratic Party. More better smarten up SOON is my advice.

  16. I pray Boris and DJT get together and hammer out a trade deal that pisses off both the liberal parties in both countries. They are both in dire need of a good whooping.
    We got to watch Boris and his antics voting day. He is a UK DJT. Funny guy.

  17. So if you want to keep the money you worked so hard for and not be told what you are allowed or not allowed to say or believe, you’re a racist and a facsist.

  18. There was a reason the left went totally insane and tried everything imaginable to have Hildabeaste win in 2016. We don’t know the half of what they were doing. The left was and is so desperate because they knew 2016 could be their last hurrah. When the outrageous predictions posed by the MSM and other pollsters of a 95% certainty that the worst possible democrat candidate would walk away with the 2016 election it only bolstered the resolve of sane Americans to show the democrat communists the door. Then what they could not do in an election they spent that last three years trying to do in the courts and with multiple phony investigations. The American people now have their eyes wide open and see the democrats for what they are and have always been, at least since FDR; treasonous communists and domestic terrorists.

  19. The answer is simple! . . . Labor had a HORRIBLE candidate with HORRIBLE ideas. What part of “HORRIBLE” do these people NOT understand?!? NO ONE wants Communism/Socialism EVER – Unless they are INSANELY STUPID with SUB 10 IQs. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  20. You would think with all the examples of the leftists getting buried they would learn something. Nothing dumber than a socialist democrat.

  21. It just shows how out of touch and profoundly arrogant liberals are.

    It is inconceivable to them people have rejected their elitism, their bigotry, their racism, and their air of superiority. They simply don’t understand how the masses don’t yield the entire lives since they are obviously intellectually and culturally superior.
    Remember Hillary and the deplorables?
    The wealthy, the intellectual, royalty, seats of power, etc…, they all think the same and all of them look down on those who pay the bills.

  22. Dear laborites

    Would you like some cheese with your Whine?

    (shouldn’t be hard, the labor leaders are as cheesy as the US dem ‘leaders”.)

  23. The US left sees Johnson as the British version of Trump. Another abomination. But what they miss is that UK voters voted pro-Brexit to begin with. The Labour party tried to nullify those results with an ensuing three year political circus. Now their party is at its worst in 70 yrs. and the Conservatives came out much stronger than before. Three year political circus? A Democratic deja vu here.


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