Wow: CNN Makes Insane Claim About Trump Rallies vs BLM Protests…Are They Kidding?

(Tea Party 247) – It is clear that leftists are completely hypocritical about preventing the coronavirus when it comes to Trump rallies vs. Black Lives Matter protests, but it’s far more insane that they actually try to justify the glaring double-standard.

And not just random Twitter social justice warriors.


No kidding.

In response to the criticism that they’ve breathlessly praised Black Lives Matter while condemning Trump rallies, the actually tried to justify themselves with a “scientific” explanation as to why Trump rallies are more likely to spread the virus than BLM protests.

The Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh called out CNN on Wednesday, saying that “if people can protest in the streets by the tens of thousands, if people can riot, if people can gamble in casinos, then certainly they can gather peaceably under the First Amendment to hear from the president of the United States.”

In response, “medical analyst” Leana Wen was brought on to declare that BLM “protests” are totally safer than Trump rallies.

She’s the former president of Planned Parenthood, by the way, so we probably can’t trust her word about keeping anyone alive all that much.

“It does not care why it is that people are gathering but it does care about the conditions under which they’re gathering,” Wen said, going on to argue that “outdoors much safer than indoors and wearing masks obviously much safer than not wearing masks.”

“I would also in this case would distinguish between the behavior of the participants while at protests versus rallies,” she continued, stating that BLM protesters are more “aware” of the risks than Trump supporters.

“At protests many people are aware of the risks and doing everything they can to reduce that risk versus at many of the rallies we are seeing people going in defiance,” Wen claimed.

“It’s their behavior during those events. I also worry about what they do after the events. They may not be self-quarantining and testing as then getting tested as they should be,” she declared, completely undermining any authority she may have claimed to had with this absolutely baseless claim.

She cited a study from June which had found that “[T]here have not been surges of infections that have been tied” to protests.

She didn’t cite a study showing a surge in cases tied to Trump rallies, of course, because there are none.

Sickeningly, host Jim Sciutto thanked Wen for “breaking through the fog of confusion and disinformation to lead us back to the facts.”


    THE RIOTERS WEAR MASKS SO NO ONE KNOWS WHO THEY ARE SO THEY CAN’T BE PROSECUTED FOR THE DAMAGE THEY CAUSE . They care nothing about what they say their reason is for the destruction they are doing hell , they probably forgot what they are rioting about , and are so hateful and really don’t care about their country , that they are destroying the most wonderful place to live in the world . Let them go to those other countries and we how they live !!!!!!! They SShoukd Be Protecting the place where they live NOT DESTROYING IT !

  2. Communist News Network spewing more lies. If everything goes their way I hope they really enjoy how pathetic theirs lives will be if America should fall to Communism. Explain that to your children how you ruined their life and any chance of having success and pursuit better you pathetic human beings.

  3. CNN(Communist News Network) propaganda is what they do and they do it because simple minded cowardly people believe them. Don’t watch them never have never will. They keep getting sued enough then maybe they will change up or shut down. So all you mindless sheep out there keep watching and believing.

  4. Let the frothing begin. There were more people at that one rally then all democrat candidates have drawn nationwide. They will go into hyper Cortex mode the closer to the election with more unhinged statements to follow.

    • They must be looking in the mirror when they open their mouths an speak , because every thing they say about TRUMP is what they themselves are doing ,NOT HIM . They are two faced Hippocrates , EVIL and I would call them terrorists, they want to destroy the USA . They really don’t know how good America is it they would not be trying to destroy it , WE THE PEOPLE WHO CARE ABOUT AMERICA WILL NOT THEM DESTROY IT . WE LOVE THE USA

  5. Lady and CNN are fake news. They border sedition. Whip their ass and end socialism forever with new SUPER capitalistic plan. It should be labeled social capitalism. The name of this plan is Birthloop economics. Put money to work for us over and over again. End taxes and whip socialist forever.

  6. Ignore CNN we know now that their word means nothing. The whole country ignores what garbage they dish out! Hope soon all Media will be SUED.. hit them where it hurts the pocketbook! RIP

  7. re Leftist, Socialist. Liberal Propaganda News Organizations from the Vladimar Lenin – Chairman Mao School Of Journalism & should be given the same amount of accreditation & respect they were given…It ain’t the true fact news – just what THEY want YOU to know…Wake up , America… DemoncRats WILL do anything to get back in Power & they have these certain ” News Organizations ” doing their bidding – George Soros-Style !!!

    • All the media does is tell lies about the president they shouldn’t be allowed to print frigen fake news and try to tear down the president he has done more for this country than any lien demorat

  8. In the eyes of the leftists it doesn’t matter what it is, if Trump is doing it then it’s wrong. If Trump would have held his rallies outdoors, and if Trump and his followers would have behaved exactly like the “peaceful” protesters, then I’m sure that CNN would still have claimed it was wrong, probably because some expert would come on and claim that the virus can differentiate between whether you’re a good person (i.e. you support the leftist agenda) or a bad person (i.e. you support evil Trump), and therefore the virus is more dangerous for the bad people and they should simply stay at home and hunker down in their basement, if it’s not already occupied by Biden…

    Funny how CNN suddenly cares so much about Trump supporters getting infected by Covid-19. I thought they wanted all evil Trump supports to die? Then it would make more sense for CNN to encourage the Trump rallies.

  9. That Leana Wen chick, she one dumb puta! How demonstrations, protests, and riots could possibly be safer than peaceful Trump rallies boggles the imagination! She must have found her medical license (assuming she actually HAS one!) in a Cracker Jack box!

  10. Right, thousands of chanting, screaming, protester/rioters all packed together with no thought of distancing, while getting in the faces of the police trying to control them is way safer. CNN is a lying propaganda cesspool of excrement.


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