Women’s March Co-Founder, Tamika Mallory, Goes Off On Racist Tirade Against Black KY Attorney General

(Tea Party 247) – Perhaps some of the most racist people in America are the very people who say they are against racism. Women’s March co-founder Tamika Mallory called Republican Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron a “sell-out negro” Friday after Cameron did not charge any officers involved in the death of Breonna Taylor with murder.

“Daniel Cameron is no different than the sell-out negroes that sold our people into slavery and helped white men to capture our people, to abuse them, and to traffic them while our women were raped, while our men were raped by savages,” Mallory said during a news conference held by the attorney representing Taylor’s family, Benjamin Crump.

“That is who you are, Daniel Cameron. You are a coward. You are a sellout. And you were used by the system to harm your own mama,” she continued.

Mallory’s sentiment was similar to an MSNBC guest Wednesday who said Cameron is not “kinfolk”.

“He does not speak for black folks,” Cheryl Dorsey, a retired Los Angeles Police Department sergeant said while on MSNBC Live With Ayman Mohyeldin. “He is skinfolk, but he is not kinfolk. Just because he is up there with a black face does not mean he speaks for us.”

“This was not a tragedy, this was a murder. He should be ashamed of himself.”

The Daily Caller has more:

Cameron announced Wednesday that a grand jury chose not to indict two of the three officers involved in the death of Breonna Taylor and that his office would not seek charges. Former Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) officer Brett Hankison was indicted on three counts of wanton endangerment in the first degree.

Cameron said the other two officers were “justified in their use of force” after Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, shot at police.

Cameron also warned people to not react based on emotion, saying “mob justice is not justice.”

The decision follows a long investigation into Taylor’s death.

Three LMPD officers executed a search warrant on Taylor in March. Police busted down the door after having announced themselves, according to police. Walker said he was unaware of who entered the apartment, claiming he did not hear the officers announce themselves. Walker then fired at the officers, prompting them to return fire. Taylor was shot and killed.

Her death sparked national outcry and protests.

Louisville settled with Taylor’s family for $12 million while the police department enforced new reforms.

The Daily Caller went on to point out that Mallory has a habit of slamming black people who don’t agree with her while also praising and defending others simply based on the color of their skin:

Mallory quickly jumped to Omar’s defense in a twitter thread.

“I can’t sit back silently as a Black woman and watch the attacks on @IlhanMN. I am sick and tired of watching Black and Brown women be used as scapegoats for white nationalism. Enough is a DAMN-NOUGH. We must all speak up and speak out.”

Mallory also refused to denounce overt anti-Semite and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

“I have been caricatured as someone who is an uncritical supporter of Louis Farrakhan and his every word and deed. That is not true,” Mallory said during an interview with Elle. “Trust and believe, Minister Farrakhan is clear that I do not agree with everything that he says.”

Mallory went on to say that aside from the anti-Semitic leader, the Nation of Islam has been a force of good in the black community and that it “wouldn’t make sense” for her to disassociate with the organization just because she disagrees with the leaders rhetoric.

The Daily Caller reached out to the Women’s March for comment but did not receive a response at the time of publication.

Mallory is the perfect example of what racism in America looks like today.


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  2. Right!! Shoot the messenger, it goes to show that truly ignorance is bliss. Sadly these two ladies didn’t hear or read what was said. All the AG did was say what the Grand Jury did. He went with their vote, soooo, give the man a break.

  3. Tamika also claimed that she’s sick and tired of black and brown people being used as scapegoats, enough is enough we must all speak out… Blah blah blah
    Where was their support for Vanessa Guillen, a brown woman? They were VERY silent.
    Guess who else were silent on that too? Democrats. They speak out and support blm and antifa causes but not one of them came out to support Vanessa Guillen and her family.
    I wonder why?

  4. This ignorant woman, tamika, talks of who sold out who but she criticizes any black person who wants to escape the democrat plantation.
    She’s like the snitch negro who would go rap out an escapee to the master because they were too cowardice to run away. They convinced themselves that they had it good where they were and that snitching would get them rewarded.
    The slave trade was already established way before the colonists arrived in Africa.
    The winning tribes would sell off the losers to other tribes and later to colonists.
    That woman is just seething with hatred.

    • Fully agree with your previous slavery issue thst always overlooked . Thank you, Anne. SHOUT OUT THE TRUTH FOR WHATVLITTLE GOOD against those who choose not too hear

  5. Hello Tamika,
    I agree with you that he is a very ignorant individual!!! I will not call him a racist but he is ignorant and afraid of losing his job!!!

    • Facts of the case are that the officers were executing a search warrant at that location because of suspected CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. The cops announced who they were, and when the boyfriend/woman inside wouldn’t answer, the cops busted in. The boyfriend was the FIRST to shoot at the cops, who then defended themselves and fired back. Unfortunately, an innocent person was killed. The boyfriend therefore was the reason why this woman lost her life. If he doesn’t open fire on the police, then she’s still alive today. Can’t indict for murder because they were defending themselves. You people don’t like rules and laws.

    • It is also interesting that the boyfriend was not shot. Guess he was hiding behind her so he wouldn’t get hurt!

    • Thx U Juanita!!!! Nothing will ever change as long as ppl like Tamika talks that way she showed nothing but racism herself. It will always divide us! Sure we all need to work on racism. Truth be told Blacks are just as racist as whites!!! Fact! They won’t admit to it!

  6. This person embraces exactly what I have been saying for some time now. These people are even more racist than the KKK and the Nazi party! And they have the audacity to point the finger at everyone else? Hypocrisy at its worst !

  7. What a RACIST piece of garbage this woman is ! She is 100% wrong in her comments, and she has SO much HATE in her heart, that she couldn’t make an intelligent comment, no matter how she tried.

  8. She needs to go live in another country she doesn’t seem to like it here just a big mouth bigot that needs to get that big chip off her shoulder why don’t you leave


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