Women Who Stole MAGA Hat From Scared 7-Year-Old Boy Just Got Some Bad News; Their Tears Will Be Delicious

(Tea Party 247) – A pair of radical left-wing Joe Biden supporters who expressed their obvious mental illness — which the vast majority of folks on the far-left seem to suffer from — by terrorizing a mother and her 7-year-old Trump supporting child outside of the Democratic National Convention that was held in Delaware in August just learned that they will be facing hate crime charges for their actions.

This is absolutely well deserved. A child should never be harassed or assaulted, especially for expressing their First Amendment rights. The problem, of course, is that the radical left hates both free speech and children, wanting to censor the former and murder the latter before they are born.

Here’s more on this from BizPacReview:

“Olivia Winslow and Camryn Amy, both 21 and from Wilmington, were indicted by a New Castle County grand jury on Tuesday on charges of second-degree robbery, second-degree conspiracy, endangering the welfare of a child, third-degree assault, attempted third-degree assault, offensive touching and felony hate crimes,” The News Journal reported Tuesday.

The two became famous — and not in a good way — when they stole a 7-year-old boy’s MAGA hat during an altercation outside the Democrat convention.

During the altercation, the women stomped on several Trump supporters’ signs, stole the MAGA hat of the 7-year-old boy and reportedly punched someone.

The two were arrested days later and hit with four charges, including endangering the welfare of a child, first-degree robbery, second-degree conspiracy, and two counts of offensive touching. A month later, they now face seven charges.

“Three of the seven charges the two women face are felonies and collectively are punishable by 15 years in prison. The hate crimes charge could lead to the most prison time of all the charges,” The News Journal noted.

The law in Delaware says that if an “underlying offense is a class C, D, E, F, or G felony, the hate crime shall be 1 grade higher than the underlying offense,” whereas if an “underlying offense is a class A or B felony, the hate crime shall be the same grade as the underlying offense, and the minimum sentence of imprisonment required for the underlying offense shall be doubled.”

Here’s how Delaware state law classifies the offenses that the women are being charged with:

  • Robbery in the second degree: class E or D felony
  • Conspiracy in the second degree: class G felony
  • Endangering the welfare of a child: class A misdemeanor, or class E or G felony
  • Third-degree assault: class A misdemeanor
  • Attempted third-degree assault: Unknown

The indictment against the women reportedly accuses them of committing the crimes “for the purpose of interfering with the victim’s free exercise or enjoyment of any right, privilege or immunity protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, or committed said crime because the victim had exercised or enjoyed said right or rights.”

Even Delaware Attorney General Kathleen Jennings, a Democrat, was disgusted by their actions.

“Violence in any form is unacceptable, but harming another person — let alone a child — because of the expression of their views betrays the principles on which our country was founded,” she reportedly said in a statement.

“Free speech, free assembly, and free expression are sacred, no matter whether we agree with the opinions expressed, and especially when we don’t.”

These disgusting women deserve to have the book thrown at them. Hopefully, they will be locked up for a long, long while so they can have the proper amount of time needed in order to rethink their lives a little bit.

No matter how you cut the cake, there was no need for this kind of behavior from two grown adults. It’s sickening to see such hatred and vitriol spewed forth against a child. But again, the left is used to it. They do it every single day they support the abortion industry.

Guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

Source: bizpacreview.com/2020/09/09/women-who-stole-maga-hat-from-a-terrified-7-yr-old-boy-have-been-indicted-on-felony-hate-crime-charges-970091


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  12. When antifa and blm punks are bussed interstate to cause mayhem, the feds can charge them with a fed crime. Maybe the mayor’s and the gov. can be charged as accomplices. Now wouldn’t that be nice.

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  16. GOOD!! It is about time someone gets PUNISHED for their crime instead of just brushed off like NOTHING!!! Especially when you can’t even be adult enough that you have to go harass and torment a child!! Not much better than pedophilia as far as I am concerned!!!!

  17. Looks like a lot of people are mistaking Liberty with Tyranny. Mmmm… let me think… BLM, Antifa, KKK… Government?… All seem to forget not only the First Amendment, but one of the 10 Commandments: Do not do any harm to others! Or how Jesus put it more simply : Don’t do to others what you don’t like to be done to you! Also from Holly Scripts comes the sentence “Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth”. So, when do something, think that retribution will not be far away.

  18. Because this was a political hate crime, and numerous felonies, they will not be able to vote. Ain’t that poetic justice? 👍👍👍🤭🤭

  19. So these women have screwed up and exposed themselves on so many levels.
    1) They now face prison time and will have criminal records.
    2). Incurred attorney bills or will have a public defender (good luck with that).
    3) Mommy and Daddy’s friends all know what losers they raised.
    4) The pics and videos of them will be available FOREVER and the yoga-pant wearing one will always have those thunder thighs and broad bottom on display. At 21, perhaps prison food will either help her shed pounds of make better fashion choices.

  20. These women need to spend a lot of time in prison. This is inexcusable behavior and it is time to end this lawlessness. Make an extreme example of these women and all these arsonists who will be found. PRISON!

  21. If justice is done, they will be found guilty and sentenced by a judge with the same lack of feeling these two humanless beings treated this woman and her child for exercising our most sacred right as Americans, which is our right to express our opinion on matters. That is what separates us from the rest of the world, what makes the rest of the world truly envy us, what makes people risk their very lives to get here, and what makes tyrants , socialists, and communists need to tear the USA apart, because in a free USA where the free exchange of ideas, without fear of persecution, THEY cannot exist!! With true free expression, ideas to right wrongs, make things better for all, their is no better system on earth. It’s worked for over 230 years while communist , socialist, and fascist states have failed world wide. Wake up America, we are not perfect, but we should work together, not tear it down or go to war with one another because some stupid children influenced by socialist/communist professors and teachers have taught these kids falsehoods. Let’s get the profs/teachers first!!!! Bring them to justice!!

  22. This was a Hate crime and I am surprised that the judge actually had the balls in this case. Let this be a lesson to everyone, just because you’re mad about a situation does not give you the rights to trample on other peoples freedoms. liberalism is a mental disorder and these two women just proved this point.

  23. Everything the left touches, it destroys. These brain-dead fascists need to spend several years behind bars for their crimes. It is indeed ironic that those who call other people, like Trump,”fascists,” exhibit all the traits of real fascists: support for big government, intolerance toward others and violent behavior to enforce their intolerant orthodoxy. And like Nazi Germany., they add the element of race to their agenda (all black people good, all white people bad or afflicted with “white privilege) as a tactic to advance their totalitarian orthodoxy.

  24. Democrats always accuse Trump, Republicans, and supporters of doing the very things they are actually doing. The problem is that Democrats are against first amendment rights even to the point of physically attacking someone, even a child. The other problems is Congressional Democrats promote this ugliness, ie; Mad Maxine Waters.

  25. I used to take my kids everywhere I went – even to vote but don’t know if I would do that these days. No, I am not blaming the mother of the 7 year old. The thieves are blatantly in the wrong.

  26. I hope they receive the full amount of time in jail for their actions. These are not the examples of intolerance we should respect. Time people learn their actions have consequences.

  27. Watch some liberal moron judge will throw the case out because the kid and his family like Trump
    If this happens I hope riots happen .. don’t forget to vote for Mr Trump and just about anyone with an R after their name.

  28. Those who wish to see this message board start banning annoying scammer posts; be careful what you wish for. If you don’t agree, just visit some AOL message boards.

  29. This is old news. I thought you had something new to say about this story. Are you really that far behind?

    But glad these witches will be getting more than just stiches.

  30. I hope these two idiots get some prison time. I hope their shitting in their pants knowing their are going to prison. I bet they are crying and trying to kiss ass to get out of what they did. Let these clowns rot in prison for some years and hopefully they will wake up, if not, then at least these two dopes will be shitting their pants dealing with some mean ass women where their going.

  31. Two more products of our anarchist education system. Watching their actions as well as the actions of Antifa rioters and then seeing clips of their tearful sentencing hearings, I don’t understand what was going through their heads that made them think what they did was ever OK.

  32. Not only charged with their hate crimes, but convicted for them. Make an example of what happens when when you persecute others for their right of freedom of speech or their opinions. They should sever some time, and have these crimes be on their record permanently.

  33. Behavior against a minor child that occurred and was recorded was egregious. No plea bargain could be sufficient to penalize the offenders in this case. Serving time is appropriate for the hate crime offenses.

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    • That is a bunch of crap and you know it. You have been indoctrinated by the left and are suffering from TDS.
      You forget this is America and not some socialist’s hole like Venezuela. You have a right to your opinion and can not infringe on mine. I will listen to your side and make up my own mind thank you!

      I see racism most in the protesters!

    • This is what I don’t understand. The north fought the southern democrats to free the slaves. Since day one, it’s been the democrats that have tried to hold the black and minority Americans down, but they keep voting them in to continue to use them for their own power. Am I that naive? You would think that our black and minority friends would want nothing to do with the democrats.

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