Women And Children Ordered Up Like Pizza In This Wealthy California Zip Code…

(Tea Party 247) – Human trafficking is a modern-day slavery epidemic. Women, children, and society’s vulnerable are being bought and sold all around the world, right in plain sight. As big as the problem is you’d think it would be a major story on every news outlet in America. Of course, this isn’t the case and we have to wonder why. Perhaps because the mainstream media outlets are more concerned with protecting the wealthy elites, which include some in the media, than they are about protecting the innocent victims of human trafficking.

We have yet another clue into why the mainstream media is so silent on the matter of human sex trafficking. Turns out the majority of victims and traffickers end up in Orange County, California, home to many of the nation’s wealthy and powerful elites.

The Epoch Times reports:

Orange County, Calif., which boasts a median household income of $86,000, is often viewed as a relatively safe, wealthy, and conservative region. Most people do not do not equate the area with human trafficking. However, researchers reveal the county to be a destination spot for traffickers.

The official Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force (OCHTTF), set up to fight real time sex and labor slavery in the county, released their latest victim report in 2019. Approximately 80 percent of both victims and traffickers in Orange County travel to the area from other parts of the region, the state, and the entire nation.

“This is due in part to Orange County’s tourist attractions, sports venues, beach cities and affluent population,” states the report (pdf).

“Traffickers bring their victims expecting to have an abundance of customers and higher profits.”

There were 415 human trafficking victims rescued in the county in the past two years, compared to 509 in 2015-2016 and 371 in 2013-2014. According to the OCHTTF report, a full 73 percent were new victims in 2017 or 2018. Of that total, 87 percent were trafficked in the sex trade while 12 percent were in forced labor.

That is unbelievable. Over the course of the last two years 415 human trafficking victims were rescued in Orange County alone. Imagine how many more there are who are not fortunate enough to be rescued. Underneath the beautiful beaches, sports venues, and the wealth is a dark and nightmarish reality; Orange County is the human trafficking capital of the world.

Kelly Galindo, a professor of film and media arts at Chapman University’s Dodge College, directed an upcoming documentary series on sex trafficking called “26 Seconds.” She visited and filmed sex slave survivors around the globe, including in Thailand, Iraq, Cambodia, India, East Africa, Mexico, and the United States.

“It may sound strange, but of all the places I have visited, I have been most afraid right here in Orange County — tough pimps and lots of guns,” Galindo said.

The title “26 seconds” refers to the UN statistic that a child is trafficked somewhere in the world every 26 seconds. What a heartbreaking thought. In each episode of the series, she goes into a different “survivor’s experience and point of view in a particular country.”

According to Galindo, even though it seems as though efforts to stop human trafficking are being ramped up by various law enforcement agencies, it is hard to make an impact because of how easy it is to traffic humans nowadays, “We live in this amazing, yet horrifying online world in which one can be anywhere and order up women and children like pizza,” she said. “They are delivered to [a] home or hotel. The saturation level is at a whole new increasing intensity.”

Human trafficking will continue on until the media finds some integrity and is willing to call out the powerful elites.


  1. Figures that “conservative” Orange County” would be an epicenter for human trafficking, since you Conservatives think of women as property anyway!

  2. One reason I don’t see covered is that members f the MSM are participants as customers and enablers. Despicable like Harvey Weinstein are many.

  3. I have to tell you; I’ve walked the halls of the
    Sacramento Capitol building, trying to inject
    some sanity into legislation, and the monsters
    of the Democrat inclination are only interested
    in “What’s in it for ME” thinking.
    Well, then there are those of both parties if you’re are looking for some nookie in Mexico.
    Freebie flights are eager to grin and talk to you.
    And believe me, such evil invites are in no way limited to any one political party.
    Believe this last sentence.
    It’s totally true.

  4. It’s obvious why states like California are troubled and failing there is no attendance of care by there congressional representatives. The regal standing and pomp and circumstance they desire is in the nation’s capital and they expect to be courted and held in esteem by the hierarchy, their peers and lower minions. When that is challenged then fear sets in and like a cornered rat they must fight out of that corner. Rome burned while Nero played his fiddle; Nero had filth, rats and politics that plagued his Rome.
    California burns because monies sent for forest and fire management was misuse by poor politicians, politicians like Pelosi and Schif are are more concerned about there regal thrones in the capital than their constituents in their state.
    Filth prevails because the extreme latitudes now allowed in media is complete immorally the churches, the media, the community, entertainment, and all that comes from California no longer has a moral compass.
    My compass is marked by a life American based in the Word of God brought and taught to me in a the way of by parents, extended family, friends, church(Body of Christ), community, and service which says “ bring up a child in the way of the Lord”. I have not forgotten that way!

  5. What you, ALL seem to miss is the basic POINT of this issue.

    In order to enact CHANGE, requires taking Responsibility.

    Ask any Republican, about this, and all they ever ask is “How MUCH will this COST the TAXPAYERS?!!!

    The exact same question, which the Springfield Illinois deputy mayor asked me, in regard to allowing ALL bicycles, in Springfield Illinois to have electronic trackers ADDED.

    The Republican HARD-line, is: If we just wait, long enough, all of the problems will correct themselves.

    Every time a Democrat tries to produce a solution, Republicans scream about costs. This while saying “We must NOT tax the rich!”

    This is the center, of this, and many, other, tragic, problems.

    People are willing to TALK, discuss, even debate, such issues, but only until it comes to FUNDING solutions.

    It all, stalls as Washington D.C. just keeps asking “What will it COST the Taxpayers?!”

    • What does requiring ALL bikes to have trackers relate to the trafficking of (primarily) women and children? If a person who owns a bike wants a tracker, let them pay for that device themselves.

      Trafficking of people is a crime against humanity and GOD. No correlation what so ever.

  6. you ate correct I line in a gated community it use to be like club med but we have a land lord that rents to section 8 ,she lives in the beach area these scum she rents to are causing drug trafficking and prostitution we have a con that prostitutes in the under ground parking he is on parole but our home owner ass. is afraid to do any
    thing about it these low lifes are also allowing the homeless to come onto the property there is a con that is prostituting in the under ground parking.we are about 3 miles from the happiest place on earth.

    come ionto

    we are located about 2 miles from the happiest place on earth

  7. This country is in the shitter . We are going to fall just like Rome . The elite are sick disturbed a holes they kill their own like Epstein .

  8. To understand why the media is not on it, look at the owners of the media. Also we need to see the client lists of Epstein and Hollywood Madames. I am willing to bet there are high profile people who have a lot of money and power, that will pay to keep their names private. Get that and it would change the whole face of human trafficking.

    • Not anymore. Rich liberals continue moving there for years. The old saying, To get to Orange County, just keep turning right, … is passé. I suspect you are a Democrat hoping to create misdirection here.

  9. Epstein showed us how this worked amongst the rick/famous/hypocrites who tell the rest of us how
    to live and then consider themselves above the rest
    of humanity. And how many of them are politicians
    pointing fingers at others. No one seems to care as
    the ethics, morals and religion of this country corrode
    I see it and don;’t even consider myself religious.


  10. Removing a criminal from office is NOT a coup. It’s a constitutional
    obligation. And what does ANY of this to do with the crimes of
    Donald Trump?

    • when do we start removing the criminals from office? It would help if California stopped electing so many criminals, is there a Demoncrap politician from Ca. That is not a criminal?

    • What crimes??? Name one crime that he has committed while in office that is backed by real evidence. He was elected by “the people”, and should be allowed to serve out his term without all of the constant harassment. You are just a typical Trump hater who can’t stand the fact that he won! Get over it!
      By the way mr. whupass, he will be re-elected in a landslide!!!

  11. You first will have to clean up the media pedophiles and then exploit them publicly so the world can see the demonic tendencies these folks have and what they think of most of the time, it surely is not the real news. And the Hollywood crowd should be next, as well as the politicians, etc. you get the gist here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I myself almost became this type of victum when I was 13 yrs. old,but what saved me was my old knife I carried on myself for protection against people who were in gangs in my area of Rosemead,Calif. and I almost had to use it but this Dirtbag almost went to Hell for I was going to cut his throat and these people are cowards when it comes to saving their own Butt.

  13. It is genuinely my hope every citizen in California…esp. Orange County would BOMBARD THEIR LOCAL & State & Officials about this sex trafficking. Does anyone ever wonder why California continues to burn, have droughts, etc? Could the apathy of MOST of its citizens have an impact on the Climate in that state? I think so.
    Even citizens OUTSIDE the state made appeal to the leaders NOT to pass certain laws. It seems animal right activists are silent on the HUMAN traffic ‘industry’.
    The citizens of this country ALL
    Need to raise up & hold their Elected Officials to a greater standard of ACCOUNTABILITY.

  14. Read the G-Damned WIKILEAKS! This is old news to anyone who read WikiLeaks! The content was ignored by mainstream media in favor of accusing them of committing a crime when WikiLeaks committed ZERO crimes. and in turn the MSM covered up everything and mentions of everyone involved, Celebrities, Politicians, Wealthy Elites and even various members of multiple Royal Families from England to Spain, to Royalty of various other countries. MSM mentions nobody and no crime when these are some of the most heinous sex crimes ever committed and add to that the connection of Satan worshiping amongst the same Celebs, Politicians and Wealthy, Elite and Royalty. David Icke spoke on these subjects over twenty five years ago but few believed him and when the WikiLeaks were initially released, it vindicated 99% of everything David Icke said.

  15. People with brains – not liberal useful fools of course – will read this and understand why the fetid DC swamp is fighting so hard to overthrow the results of the 2016 election with all the stunts and underhanded dealings they have so engaged in with their coup attempt.

  16. Mans inhumanity to man. How can people do these things? Do they not remember what it was to be a child? They must be so dead inside they cannot relate to what the child or the woman is feeling. God bless those who work to rescue the victims. I wish I had money so I could contribute to their efforts. Maybe they are not human any more. Maybe demons have taken over their bodies. They are monsters!!! They should all get the death sentence.!!!

  17. Human trafficking seems to be prevalent all over California with Orange County the central hub. While media is catering to the wealthy elites and shielding their corruption, Democrats controlling the state, county, and local governments are only interested in promoting their political themes , impeaching the President and destroying his cabinet rather than addressing the trafficking problem in California. Yet they want open unchecked borders and are virtually promoting human trafficking. How can this state be responsible or reputable enough to take care of the people with lawmakers like that? It appears that California seriously needs to change its political leadership if it hopes to be acceptable to the people and the public of other states. Currently it’s considered unlivable and unlikeable by a great majority of Americans. And many California residents have been leaving the state for a more suitable place to live.

    • “It’s all about the Benjamins” this is where Omar’s statement actually fits and not part of her BDS movement.
      When money talks criminals walk and you see that the most in any so called “liberal” places. Although the definition of stands for open minded it’s also against traditional ways. And it comes from Liber which means Free. So all those who call themselves Liberals view themselves to be free of any past rules, thinking, traditions, values, free to get away with anything! In a world with this kind of free thinking there are no rules and only chaos can come of it. Imagine playing a game of football where every player is “liberal”, free to make up their own rules as they see it fit. Only the most powerful survive. Liberal leaders are using their freeing words to empower themselves and nobody else. It’s the socialist way that can later be reinforced by dictatorship communism when people finally wake up and realize that they didn’t gain any freedom as promised but lost all freedom instead!

  18. Human Trafficking is disgusting, evil, and criminal. There needs to be an end to it. How dare people sell people like dogs and for such criminal acts. This has to be stopped. Sodom and Gomoorah were destroyed for far less! Evil like this must be abolished. Where is the FBI, the local police! Civilians unite and know your neighborhood!Security and breaking down humans trafficking to rid us of this evil starts on eradicating it from your block/your neighborhood/your city/your county.

  19. This world is run by Satan and this article illustrates that fact. The media are the servants of the elite, the elite are disciples of Satan. Just compare the world today to the world 50 years ago.

  20. You just have to wonder what is going on in Democrat controlled California.
    Annual bushfires, with no brush clearing no backburning, and no forest management. It is illegal to eat a sandwich on a train platform or a train, but it is OK to urinate and to deficate on a public sidewalk, but one can be arrested if your dog does it.
    And of course they have these “Sanctuary Cities”.
    They have corruptly mismanaged their high speed rail project (now cancelled due to massive cost overruns).
    But now we hear of large-scale sextrafficing of minors!!!
    They are out of control!!!!

  21. Our “Do Nothing” congress is working hard trying to impeach our elected President with hearsay and innuendos. That’s really hard work! Just ask Pelosi and Shifty. I bet they don’t get much sleep staying up at night trying to think of some other lies to tell the gullible democrat voters that believe what they are being told.

  22. The media yes, and also every citizen of orange county must protect these innocent children and women. Get the congressmen involved and who would dare to stop laws that would keep this sick element out of society. Where are the churches and the school boards and the many organizations that call themselves good. I pray that there is an uprising on every street corner protesting this atrocity.

  23. Where are their Congressmen to make laws to stop this? Oh yeah, they’re too busy trying to have another where’s waldo moment having a coup in Washington.


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