Woke Harvard Grad Who Said She Would Stab Someone For Saying ‘All Lives Matter’ Gets What She So Richly Deserves

(Tea Party 247) – Every once in a great while, someone on the left says something incredibly stupid and actually pays the price for it. It’s a rare occurrence, sort of like spotting Bigfoot in the woods, but it does actually happen, and when it does, it’s totally and utterly glorious in every conceivable way.

This is what has happened to recent Harvard graduate Claira Janover, who decided to post up a video on social media claiming that if she heard anyone using the phrase “all lives matter,” she’d stab them and watch them bleed out.

Lovely young lady, right? I mean, just a chip off the old block. The kind of woman you hope your son will bring home for Thanksgiving dinner.

Well, thanks to her shenanigans, she’s lost her job.

Go ahead and cheer. It’s perfectly acceptable. This girl had it coming.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

In the new video, the once tough talking Black Lives Matter activist has a tearful meltdown, sobbing as she blames Trump supporters for losing the job she says she worked so hard to get.

Harvard grad Claira Janover says she’s lost Deloitte job over TikTok ‘stab threat’ She said in a TikTok video that she would “stab” anyone who told her “All Lives Matter” Oh how i needed a laugh tonight and got it, lol.

Janover’s viral video and copy of ‘joke’ disclaimer, and one other video below where she expresses anti-white racism.

“The next person who has the sheer nerve, the sheer entitled caucasity to say ‘all lives matter’, I’ma stab you! I’ma stab you! And while you’re struggling and bleeding out I’ma show you my paper cut and say, “my cut matters too.” As she talks, Janover angrily acts out the stabbing, getting close to the camera with each thrust, sans knife but acting with the psycho intensity of an abuser in a relationship. (Maybe she studies drama.)

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This is one of your students @Harvard

The grown up world is not like safe space college campuses where woke students get to bully and threaten others into submission. Too bad Harvard did not teach young Janover that lesson.

Actions, words, these things have consequences. That’s a lesson that a lot of young people today just don’t seem to learn until they experience it the hard way, which is precisely what happened to Janover.

It’s unfortunate that it takes this sort of thing to get the point across to these individuals, but hey, at least the company she worked for had the guts to do the right thing and let her know that they won’t stand for that kind of behavior.

If more companies consistently applied their principles, there wouldn’t be so many of these kind of people running around sayingn stupid junk on social media.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com/2020/07/not-tough-talking-now-woke-harvard-grad-meltdown-says-lost-job-deloitte-ima-stab-video-went-viral/


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  6. She appears to be a product of miscegenation….many like her go through life with a “chip on their shoulder”.

  7. I can’t believe that a Harvard graduate wants to use violence against people that disagrees with her. Seems a little mentally unstable good thing she didn’t get the job probably saved people from work place violence or shooting . If these people don’t like this county they should leave I heard Somalia or Syria is nice this time of year. I love my country and people like this is ruining it.

    • and the media and now corporate America are enabling the trash that are rioting in the streets. A good example of what has gone wrong is Real Americans paint over a black lies matter vandal crap in a city street, they get charged.. ignorant black lies trash destroy city streets, rape and murder children and the ignorant scum bags make heroes out of them.. still researching a woman that was horribly beaten during a criminal’s search of her apartment for drugs.. the criminal’s name? george floyd.. more black lies trash in the street for criminals getting murdered, but ahole trash in hollow woody keep talking schitt about cops that shoot africans.. they can’t handle the truth.. in 2019 the cops shot 10 africans.. 6 were resisting arrest due to the fact that they knew their worthless azzes were headed back to prison, but the children who have been indoctrinated think that 70% of the trash in prisons are innocent.. thank you cnn and the rest of the lying hores in the media. Don’t like the USA then get your azz to zimboomboomwe.. they need to killers and angry aholes to continue to murder the white farmers..

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  9. What she initially said was scary – she felt justified committing murder of someone she didn’t agree with. But then to blame her firing on trump supporters – like there was nothing wrong with what she said. People – this girl is mentally ill.

  10. I think she is a threat to society and she should be put away and have a mental exam done. Next she will want to go shoot up a dominantly white Elementary school. People like this need help before they are allowed to do something evil to someone else.

  11. I sit here and read these comments, and I am heartened by their content. I, too, agree with the sentiments expressed above. I am saddened at the obvious academic quality which appears to be coming out of our institutions of “higher learning”. I’m not so sure I know what that means anymore. If the subject of this thread is any indication, we are in a world of trouble because, as one commenter pointed out, persons of her age group will someday be the leaders of what is left of our great nation.The generation before mine, those who fought in WWII and the Korean War, probably thought similar thoughts about my generation. Considering how we have done, they may have been right. After all, what we are seeing now are our grandchildren. Sobering thought, isn’t it? And here’s another one: If they don’t already, soon they will outnumber us.

  12. She may have gone to Harvard but she didn’t learn a thing. She lost her job all by herself with a nasty attitude.

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    • Come on! Tell the people what you REALLY do! Don’t be ashamed that it’s the world’s oldest

  14. Hmmm – went to college to become STUPID. Blaming others for her actions. Made terroristic threats without being arrested. Lost a job she claims she worked hard to get. Better worry now about people that will hunt you down. I’m not sorry you lost your job but you need to find a holler in the ground and hide.

  15. Well I guess you can’t fix stupid. Just another educated fool. To bad parents spend a hundred thousand dollars to send their kids to college and all they wand up with is a brainwashed indoctrinated idiot. Surprised she’s not living in their basement. It’s time to raise the bar in all these college campuses instead of lowering it.

  16. She did it herself. What a idiot. How did she even get into Harvard much less graduate. And yes all life matters. I would be arrested if I said white lives matter or suggested a white miss America or wanted to contribute to a white college fund. And. Any other white thing

    • She’s a moron and hates white people! Did she learn how to be a racist at Harvard!

  17. How stupid can she be she makes threats online and then when she faces consequences for her actions instead of being an adult and taking blame for what she has done she goes on in blames republicans.

  18. She belongs in a Mental Institution…danger to anyone she could be in contact with. The other alternative
    would be to charge her with domestic terrorism…DO SOMETHING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Like yelling fire in a crowed theater. Threatening to stab someone is not freedom of speech.where expressing your view point is.Threatening to kill someone coupled with the ability to do so. Is a crime and can be meant with deadly force. Things aren’t cut and dried. There is an old saying you reap what you sow. I can tell she didn’t like the harvest.

    • I take exception to your deadly force comment. There are actually three components which must be satisfied before deadly force is justified: Intent, means, and ability. In the above, ability is lacking because she is in a video and has no physical means of carrying out her threat.

    • Oh, heck! Got it wrong! Sorry Robert! Gotta have the means, though. If you can’t see it, you can’t cause her demise.

  20. I bet her parents are so proud of her! And this is what Harvard is producing? Disgraceful! Where is the tolerance. Does she even know what the BLM movement is all about? Black lives DO matter but we need dialogue NOT looting & violence. Clean up your filthy mouth little girl!

  21. This type of attitude and langue in harvard, and I didn’t capitalized harvard on purpose, I see it at the local community colleges, and one does not have to pay exorbitant amounts of money for this indoctrination; I wonder what kind of education Claira Janover received at home? Would her parents honestly tell her, I’m proud of you sweetheart for blaming those conservatives that made you post such direct violent threats comments, and keep up the good work, God has bless you with such a filthy mouth my sweet girl!!

    1st amendment free speech is not violence, But when Claira Janover says she “would stab someone for saying All Lives Matter” now that’s a threat to direct action for violence.

  22. She needs to also be criminally charged for inciting violence and threats. Good to see a Leftist getting a little taste of what the Right has been getting for years

  23. Is this what your lovely parents taught u? What a shame a lady with no manners I mean good manners is gone so as a lady like no more u really belong to what u have said. I feel sorry to your friend# , family & neighbor, I bet not only they scared of you will never trust you anymore. If I’m an employer I will never emplloy even for one day. What a bad attitude even though u r Harvard u didn’t meet any standard.

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  25. Wowww – on top of everything else, she is SO lacking in self-awareness. Rather than realize and face up to the fact that it was her PUBLIC THREATS OF VIOLENCE that got her fired, she blames it on “Trump supporters”. According to her extremely twisted way of thinking, what she thinks and said was perfectly fine – she only got fired because those mean Trump supporters snitched on her and pushed the company to fire her. She spins it around so she’s the noble, persecuted victim – “People can’t stop me – I’m still not going to stop talking about Black Lives Matter”, and she accuses the company of being racist. Here’s a dollar, buy a clue: Nobody’s trying to stop you from caring about black lives – they’re just not in love with your threats to KILL PEOPLE.

    She has the gall to complain about people posting hateful messages about her, “threatening violence” – HEL-LOOOO! YOU’re the one who just threatened to STAB people AND ENJOY watching them bleed out.

    “The job I worked so hard to get, and that really meant a lot to me.” – Well, unfortunately, your actions would seem to indicate that what meant more to you was expressing your sick, homicidal desires to go around murdering people for the unpardonable sin of not agreeing with your political opinions.

    Soooo, this is what someone “smart” enough to get into Harvard looks like these days, eh?…Sad – really, really sad…

  26. KARMA IS RIGHT, love it, was laughing my a$$ off watching her crying video, she’s crying saying she lost her job REALLY AH can’t understand why and then she’s upset because shes getting violent remarks and death threats as if her video stabbing people and watching them bleed out isn’t violent or a death threat. Typical lib response, it’s everyone else’s fault. Have fun finding a job, as Bugs Bunny always says what a MAROON.

    • Hahaha – Yeah, in the words of Bugs, “What an im-BEH-sill, what an ultra-maroon”. 🙂

      Yeah, you nailed it – it’s mind-blowing, the extent to which she doesn’t get it, the extent to which she’s so totally clueless – yammering on about people making nasty comments about her, while totally failing to see anything wrong with her own posts threatening to murder people AND saying how much she’d enjoy watching them die!

      I’m ROFL thinking about her next job interview – “Why did you leave your last job?” – “A bunch of racist Trump supporters got me fired because I care about black people – but it’s okay, IMA STAB ‘EM!”

    • Unfortunately, I DON’T think that’s an overstatement. Her brain is obviously nothing more than a pile of mush. You’d think that someone would have to actively work at being THAT stupid – but it seems to come quite naturally to her.

    • So why does Trump pick SC justices from there. Big mistake. He needs to get someone from the South or the West next time around to make sure all Americans are represented on the Court.

  27. She is unacceptable anywhere . If more companies and Universities stood up foŕ what they really believe in , we’ d have less of her kind.

  28. KARMA KARMA KARMA What goes around comes around. LOTS of conservatives have gotten fired because they suppoprt Trump.
    She got EXACTLY what she deserved. I fell ZERO remorse for that little brat.

  29. I don’t know and don’t particularly care who she is or where she’s from. She was obviously extremely neglected and possibly emotionally abused as a child, and what has emerged is the inevitable outcome. That said, she is nevertheless responsible for her words and actions, has paid and will CONTINUE to pay for it, at least for the foreseeable future.

  30. Apparently she has major mental issues. If I was any company I would never hire her. All the other employees will be in harms way. Harvard degree or not all she is qualified for is maybe working cleaning streets, any job not in contact with other human beings. She is a danger to be around.

    • “Major mental issues?” Ha. This is par for the course if you are a dirty dem supporter, Leftist, socialist, etc. This person’s higher value is that of fertilizer.

  31. She is a deranged, spoil rotten little animal. What a waste of money sending her to Harvard. Hopefully it wasn’t taxpayers paying for it.

  32. This young ‘lady’ is in desperate need of psychiatric counseling, or a straightjacket and rubber room if that fails.

    • She made a deadly threat so Mr Smith and Mr. Wesson are justified if she comes near you. I think someone needs to throw some Clorox in that gene pool. Meanwhile, All Lives Matter if they aren’t criminals in the act of doing what criminals do.

    • Smith and Wesson also produces a dandy baton. Produces colorful welts, fractures, split skin and — when no other choice — a corspe.

  33. Glad she got what she rightfully deserve . Holding this immature irresponsible individuals it’s a start in finishing this type of vitriolic violent behavior .
    Harvard must have downgraded their admission criteria to have such an un educated graduate. I bet she was giving a free tuition and a free pass on her semesters exams due mainly to the color of her skin and not so obviously her intelligent qualities.
    Harvard it’s this your student ? What a shame that Harvard is pandering to this type of stupidity by accepting below average student in the sole requisite of filling a color . Shame on you Harvard !!!

  34. Might I recommend that she apply at Starbucks or Ben & Jerry’s. They might be a little more amenable to her violent, racist, postings. Hell, at $12 an hour, she should have that Harvard education paid off by the time she’s eligible for Medicare.

  35. Her education doesn’t matter. Her attitude and lack of common sense make her unemployable.



    • Weeeelll — Hmmm. NOT all lives matter. There are some who improve this society by leaving it. They accomplish no works of substance that otherwise serve as monuments to their life. Within this category are black people, white people and all skin tints and tones in between. Most importantly, my life matters to me; that of an attacker — meh — not so much.

  37. This stupid woman DESERVED losing her job, and even MORE, after posting a VILE, and dangerous post like that ! She is a disgrace to our younger generation, for even THINKING of doing something like that !

  38. She’s a joke! Harvard educated? BS!!! She’s a complete ignorant, racist, stupid, crying baby! She needs to get out in the world and learn respect to all human beings, regardless of who they are. Learn that the Black Lives Matter movement is a racist, anti-western values, hate driven, POLITICAL Islamist movement. Stop crying! You still have many opportunities to work hard to repair your self-inflicted damage.

    • You left out Democrat supporting in what Black Lives Matter is. Their funding goes straight into the DNC’s coffers.

  39. The true sadness is that she is a “graduate”. If and or when she receives a graduate level job she will be able to carry her hatred of mankind on to other platform. I realize we live in a country that allows for the freedom of speech. We cherish this right but also must realize that along with that right also comes the right to be stupid in our comments. Unfortunately the universities fail to pass this information on to their students. I guess they could be excused since that lesson should have fallen on parents at the very least this shows the failure of our “government run” liberal education system.

    • I don’t see her on the Harvard alumni website…possibly a spelling issue in the article but there are 3 listings for last name Janover none of those listings are her.

  40. I now see the blessing of having to attend state universities instead of those for the rich elitists. In those i was taught to examine all ideas from those that we believed and decide how to make them better for my life or relinquish AFTER debating with other classmates of all races & income levels. What a lost art for today’s youngsters! This angry lady still refuses to accept her Responsibility for evil, stupid statements by blaming Trump supporters. This would have brought disgrace to 20th C families

  41. She gets no sympathy from me, she gets what she deserve. More actions need to be taken against these Marxists bullies!!!

  42. This is more tipical of today’s teens they should engage brain before opening mouth …once said u cant take it back ..

  43. She like most young over educated un real world un Americans un realistic hopes and dreams, failed from the beginnings Gota, Give me and you owes me.
    Lets not make it or Goverment model anymore. Muust vote 2020 and only realistic vote is for Trump

  44. If DeLoitte has such poor judgement regarding who it hires, I don’t feel comfortable putting any faith in the quality of their services.
    I know a state representative who graduated from HahVahd law school, and she’s such a typical, arrogant liberal co-dependent user that she would probably defend this nut bag. Not sure why anybody still cares about the cesspools that our institutions of higher ‘education’ have become. I guess brand recognition means everything these days, and actual quality of product means nothing. Too much like most of the rest of “Made in America’ goods.

  45. I guess you could say, “Karma.” Do I feel sorry for her? NO!!! She got what she deserves for such disgusting behavior. Thank heaven her employer did not cave and just let it go. If all companies/employers had the policy that they will not tolerate this kind of garbage, maybe a few of the spoiled snowflakes found in our leftist colleges and universities would think twice, or even three times, before posting their trash on social media.
    Let her stew in her misery for a long while, contemplate where she might have gone wrong, and how to avoid the stupidity that cost her her job and perhaps her future. Maybe this should be a wake-up call to others, her peers, that they might suffer the same consequences for being stupid.

    • Jean – based on what I saw in her ‘poor little old me’ video she is putting the entire blame on ‘conservatives’ and/or ‘Trump supporters’. I doubt she has enough introspection to be able to ever realize that actions DO have repercussions in the real world. That is particularly true when someone will not accept personal responsibility and accountability for their actions. That seems to be the main character traits of virtually all on the left.
      Never mind that in many states she likely could – and perhaps should – be criminally charged for making terroristic threats

  46. And then the stupid moron of a woman blames conservatives for her getting fired. When they were her words and her actions that made it happen. I hope she never gets hired again…anywhere! Ever!

    • Yeah, that was the part that made my jaw drop to the floor – how totally clueless she is, thinking that it’s “Trump supporters” fault that she got fired, rather than her publicly threatening to murder people and talking about how much she’d enjoy watching them bleed out and die.

      But the scary part, the REALLY scary part is that she’s NOT just some isolated nutcase – unfortunately, there’s a whole generation that’s been taught to “think” (although it’s a joke to refer to her thought processes as “thinking”) just like this girl does, and to whom her way of “thinking” makes perfect sense. After all, crazy as they may sound, her thoughts are pretty much right in line with those of A.O.C. – an elected Representative to Congress. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Kamala Harris rode to the rescue, helping her sue to get her job back, claiming she was fired because the company’s racist.


  48. “Ivy League” schools are full of poison ivy so the name is apropos. I hope Americans realize that we are now in a war being waged by these thugs against white America and it will not be long before they escalate the attacks on all things including the white people. I see this and am concerned about my family. To ignore what is happening is like saying that the only bigots are white people which is not true. All you have to do is see the actual attacks perpetrated on Americans to figure that out. The media refuses to ask these idiots the serious questions because they know the answers already and to do so would trigger a “woke” America; but not the woke they want.

  49. This is what come from a Liberal/Democratic Education. It’s all about ME and Screw you. No Civics, No Debate just Me Me Me. She is just one of Thousands that go to (Ivy League?) schools, I call them Bush League, That graduate knowing NOTHING. Welcome to the Real World. All Lives Matter.

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  52. Harvard, like many of the Ivy league colleges, have lower their admission standards in order to meet racial minority standards criteria set by the socialists in government. Some even lowered GPL standards to 2.0. Disgusting. It’s called ” THE DUMMING DOWN OF EDUCATION”
    It creates generations of undereducated students. They need to learn, and realize, that knowledge gives you pride of accomplishment.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more Vi Baker! It is truly sad what has happened to higher education!

  53. ALL LIVES MATTER, you over-educated moron. Even stupid lives matter. Threatening people with physical violence is no way to convince people that you are right.

    • It sure sounds an awful lot like; “Believe as I do or I keel you”! These forces are a lot more organized than their previous failures suggest they can be! The people that need to stand up to this crap better get busy standing!

    • This is a naked example and results of a high priced indoctrination rather than receiving an education. Fraud perpetrated by the institutions of learning is all I see.

    • Money! Gullibility! A brain full of mush, apparently. And meeting the right hereditary!

    • As a person with advanced degrees in high ed administration, that was my first reaction. I realize her grammatical errors (“I’ma….) might have been slang particular to her culture, but really. How did she even get into Harvard with such poor judgement? And with advanced education, which I know for a fact includes at least some psych classes, could she blame losing her job on anything but personal accountability for making terrorist threats? Wow.Have a diverse family and live in a diverse neighborhood so this isn’t racist or culturally biased at all- was she a diversity admission, I wonder?

    • well, Helen, breathing with a full wallet – – – or so it seems. Of course, having Liberal connections doesn’t hurt.

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  55. She is a disgrace to the future generation….what is her race, black, yellow ,red ,white..
    What does it matter. We are all equal in the sight of God…..what a shame..a Harvard graduate
    With little homespun knowledge , like so many of our college grads……. so much more to
    Learn in life. God help her.

    • Sue this very statement, true that it will be, scares the he’ll out of me. This spoiled petulant child was allowed to make these kinds of statements as soon as she could form a sentence. Mommy and Daddy failed her and as a teen her behaviour was never corrected nor challenged.
      The punishment was and is just. It should be on her employment record from here on.

      Helen, Sue, I hope and pray that parents are now becoming woke to what the youngsters think is right. Protest and violence never solved many problems only create divisive actions


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