“Woke” Berlin Artist Creates Statue To Honor Migrant Drug Dealers – How Tolerant

(Tea Party 247) – The left is completely void of morality and ethics. It seems their only goal is to oppose the right on every issue under the sun, no matter how insane the stance. There is no practical reason to support open borders, for example, other than for the fact that right-wing conservatives support strong border security and nationalism.

Germany has fallen under liberal rule and has become a hot-bed for migrants and all of the dangerous behavior and illegal activities they bring along. Their ever-tolerant culture lends perfectly to the ill-intentioned “migrants” looking for a better life.

Don’t dare challenge the behavior of said migrants. The left vehemently defends all migrants and treats them like they are some kind of super class of people simply because they have moved from one country to another and that qualifies them for “victim status.” Their behavior, no matter how illegal it is, is tolerated because liberals are more concerned with being politically correct than morally right.

Recently, an artist in Berlin made a statute to honor African migrant drug dealers. Yes, that’s right. According to Summit News, the statue was placed in Görlitzer Park, “where many actual migrant drug dealers operate.”

Paul Joseph Watson reports:

Scott Holmquist, an American-French resident of Berlin, was angered by a recent right-wing Pegida demonstration against the prevalence of migrant drug dealers in the park.

He responded by creating an entire exhibition to honor migrants with the motto, “Solidarity and human rights for all – even for dealers!”

The 3-metre tall bronze statue features an African migrant drug dealer holding a cellphone. The statue was removed after standing for 24 hours.

“It is an expression of complete degradation that drug dealers, who want to get our children addicted to drugs and destroy our children’s health, are called intrepid and brave workers who work to earn their living. these drug dealers belong in a prison, not in a show or an exhibition!” said Burkard Dregger, a spokesman for the Berlin CDU center-right party.

However, Holmquist received support from the German Greens and Mayor Monika Hermann.

Honoring criminal drug dealers who are literally selling crack to your kids just because they’re foreign and black has to be peak cultural enrichment.

Who are we to judge the plight of the African migrant drug dealer? What deranged thinking. These migrant “victims” are flooding into European cities and not doing anything to make them better places. Crime rates are sky-rocketing all over major European cities and liberals expect everyone to be excited about that.

Of course people are going to protest this surge of violent and dangerous migrants. We aren’t talking about droves of women and children here. There are massive numbers of young men moving into Europe and they are bringing their culture with them.

The left puts no value on the culture of European cities but glorifies the “culture” of migrants who come with no intention of assimilating. Instead they are destroying Europe because they have been given special privileges and elevated status as “migrants.” Anything the left can do to pander for votes, they’ll do, even at the expense of their own constituents.


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