“Woke” Art Lovers Buy This Piece Of Art For $120,000 – Wait Till You See It…

(Tea Party 247) – Modern day art is a scam. If you don’t believe me, you will after you’re done reading this. In Miami, Florida, an “art installation” has sold for $120,000. You’re probably thinking that it must be some kind of well-done portrait or sculpture, but you’d be wrong. The “art installation” is actually just a banana duct-taped to a wall.

You read that correctly. A banana duct-taped to a wall sold for $120,000. Not once, but twice. The worst part, it will sell yet again for $150,000 but to an “art” museum instead of a private “art” enthusiast.

As Paul Joseph Watson reports, the Art Basel Miami Beach exhibition had two editions of the “work” which was created by “artist” Maurizio Cattelan. The title of the “work” is “Comedian” and as Watson put it, it’s “presumably because Cattelan is laughing all the way to the bank.”

“The banana is many things – a symbol of global trade, a witty double entendre, and a classic device for humour,” a spokesperson for the art fair alleged. It’s hard to believe anybody could actually attempt to put a deeper meaning to a banana duct-taped to a wall.

Are you convinced that modern-day art is a scam yet? The worst part is, people eat it up, and feel good about themselves all the while.

Sarah Cascone, an art journalist, claims the piece is the “talk of the town in Miami right now.” Cattelan apparently supported local businesses with this piece of “art” as the bananas used were reportedly bought from a Miami supermarket. How nice to see an artist giving back to the community.

“You can tell if a society is collapsing when stuff like this becomes prevalent,” said one Twitter user in response to this ridiculousness.

Watson reports that Cattelan insists it took him an entire year to create the piece, debating whether or not he should make the banana resin or bronze. In the end, he opted not to do anything artistic at all and just taped a real, perishable banana to the wall.

Does the $120,000 spent by the buyers include a lifetime supply of bananas and duct-tape? As they will have to recreate this piece of “art” on a weekly basis.

As Artsy reports, “owners of the work replace the banana as they see fit.” So, will the rotting of the banana be part of the “provocativeness” of this piece of “art?”

“In the end, one day I woke up and I said ‘the banana is supposed to be a banana’,” Cattelan claims. Can you believe there are people who actually take this guy seriously?

On the absolute absurdity of this, Paul Joseph Watson reports:

Gallery owner Emmanuel Perrotin dismissed criticism that the piece was a joke, claiming that the shape of the fruit and the angle it has been fixed with duct tape to the wall gives it meaning.

This is absolute b*******. It’s called ‘obscurantism’ and is used to fool people into overriding their immediate and correct reaction that a piece of art, in this case a banana stuck to a wall, is completely meaningless. It is completely meaningless.

Modern art is largely a money laundering scam, with galleries colluding to create the delusion that trash – sometimes literal trash – is art when in reality it’s an insult to any normal person’s intelligence.

As usual, Watson puts perfect perspective on this. It is a scam. Modern art is an industry full of charlatans and swindlers and in this ever-so “enlightened” 21st century, liberals are chomping at the bit to shower “artists” with money just to prove how “woke” they are.

Meanwhile, Epstein didn’t kill himself.


  1. Hey folks, did you see the follow-up article on this. Somebody walked by and ate the banana, then a older guy painted on the wall EPSTIEN DIDN’T KILL HIMSELF and was arrested, although he protested he was just making ‘performance art.’ What a show!

  2. The comments here are worth 100x the actual value of the “art”.

    Also, it’s a lot easier to tape the fruit to the wall as opposed to actually painting a representation of the fruit bowl.

  3. I will display my banana up side down just to be different. There will be a tiny picture of a monkey in the lower left corner licking his chops! Removable of course.

  4. I’m going to buy a stock of bananas some duct tape, and plaster board. I am going to use two strips of duct tape, place one just above the other so the person buying mine can just take one strip off so as not to infringe on the design.
    My deal will only be $10,000.00 each. that way they can afford one for each room.

  5. Probably bought by some Liberal idiot paid $120,000 for this piece of garbage but is probably the same person protesting climate change and other causes. Why not donate the money to a worthy charity instead of this nonsense.

  6. Does he get the wall too. Otherwise, when it gets to its final resting place, it will be different and not original, right?

  7. capitalism at it’s best. turning 50 cents worth of goods into 120k, he’s going to parlay this into a position in the venture capital world.

    • If it were socialist he would not even have the banana. It would have been divided in 80 pcs or it would have been on Warrens or Bernie’s breakfast plate.

  8. Well, all I have to say is why has no one tuned in to whether or not this banana art is insured? So they get it appraised (art appraisers would love it and give it a high rating price), the owner would insure it, and when it rots off the wall, file an insurance claim and get more than they paid for it back. .. Really, I have to say this article and the great comments made here had me laughing until tears came . This is so funny! I had no idea total insanity could be so funny. Thank you, Commentors, for the humor you added to the story.

  9. So maybe when you renew this classic work on a weekly basis you can duplicate the shape of the banana exactly, but its exact position on the wall might be a challenge… Ya gotta live art sophisticates: they are so gullible.

  10. “Felica! Aren’t the humans going BANANAS over this graffiti!” >^.~.^^.~.^^.~.^^.~.^< "No, I meant like a DEMOCRACY that's DRUNK with ALL kinds of FREEDOM, that ITS logic can vomit CRAZINESS."

  11. Back in the mid-80s I was a 19 yr old 3 months away from graduating from Fashion Design school. One of the teachers had us all go to an art exhibit he was all excited about. I saw a group of about 15 people ooowing and awwing over an art piece and bent over in their all bla4ck outfits looking closely at what I assmued must be a wonderful piece of art. So I went with a group of my fellow students – most of them more then a decade older then myself, to see this masterpeice- it was a large 4’x4′ blank white canvas in a lovely wooden frame and right in the center was a 1 inch x 1 inch tiny picture of a single white cloud (cartoon style) in a blue sky- Titled “Bird Memory” This was what everyone was so enamored of!
    This day was preceded by an hour-long discussion by six others on the precise length of a black skirt.
    I went home and informed my grandmother that while I would complete my degree I was simply not Shallow Enough For these people and Did not wish to try to fit in with any dimwits who would behave this foolishly!

    These are the people who cannot see – The emperor is Naked! looks like nothing has changed since except the price idiots are now willing to pay to appear “sophistocated” to their fellow shallow fools.

  12. While taking classes to obtain degree in Art I had at least 4 Professors that would have raved over this. These same professors told me that Remington and Norman Rockwell did not produce Art.

  13. How can you “trick” someone’s sense of aesthetics? That particular piece, the banana, to me only looks good in a fruit bowl arranged with other fruits to be eaten later. If someone “really” thinks that it looks good on a wall duct taped then I guess they’d buy it, and they obviously have money to burn. I don’t see how you can talk someone into thinking it is pleasing to the eye, profound, or even thought provoking other than”WTF, how much did they pay for that? They’re nuts.” Mostly snob appeal I’d venture. Let the folks know you’ve got enough bucks to blow 125 grand on a banana. I guess if you an invited house guest for some occasion you have to come up with something to say. What I don’t know, but anything except what you are really thinking. “It makes one think,” PERIOD. Don’t have to say anything else because you are lost in thought.

  14. Why the surprise? Has everyone forgotten the upside-down crucifix in a bucket of piss? High Art! I thiMk I’ll go sniff my dog’s ass after he goes poo. It smells better.

    Sean Parnell
    MSG, USAF, Ret.

  15. What kind of a nut would pay for such a joke? Is this a joke? A cheap joke at that. If this this person works as an art buyer he/she/? should be fired. $1.20 would be a good deal for the seller/artist.

  16. Years ago I took an art class called Sculpture. For our midterm we were to produce a submission that was a “kinetic sculpture.” I had no clue as to what to do so on the morning the project was due I went outside where everything was frozen because of the weather and I found a 5 gallon bucket that had miscellaneous chrome plumbing and display parts in it all stuck together in a block of ice. I took it to my class, removed it from the bucket and placed it on the bucket lid where if slowly melted. Can you believe that I got an A on that?

  17. I can’t help but wonder what the buyer does in 3 days, when the banana rots, turns black, mushy, stinky and falls on the floor in a puddle of rotten fruit?

    • Yeah, but how many other artistic items can be put the ultimate use that Hillary can put that banana to??

    • that quote was either from Thomas Tusser or from proverbs depending on which online source you want to believe, but it wasn’t Mark Twain.

  18. “Socialism makes bad art, bad music, cultural disintegration & really unhappy people.” Frank Zappa
    USA has been a marxist Matriarchal Nanny state since at least the women’s vote, the FRB, WW1. The nazi-commie socialist elite establishment here has created the disastrous welfare state, ruined our money supply, crippled our economy, destroyed our medicine, our military & our education system. This terrorism game is just the latest in the ongoing leftist insanity, promoted by Obama & Hillary Clinton.
    RESISTANCE IS FUTILE: How the Trump Hating Left Lost its Collective Mind, by Ann Coulter.

  19. The crosseyed old painter McNeff
    was colorblind, palsied and deaf.
    When he asked to be touted
    the critics all shouted,
    This is art withn a capital “F”

  20. I think it’s a shame the DADA-ists didn’t come up with this hilarious scam
    on the public. Marcel Duchamps could have signed it and taped it next
    to “Fountain”!

  21. I am an amatuer artist,and have sold quite a few works,drawings,paintings,etc. but THIS IS NOT ART! Question: is this a rendering,or an actual banana taped to a wall? If it is an actual banana,won’t someone have to eventually have to untape it to deliver it to the buyer? Won’t the banana rot?If a rendering, at least it’s realistic,but shows minimal talent. If it IS an actual banana(which it appears to be) it is just……STUPID!!! I once did a drawing for a millionaire client,took me a month to finish,and he said my price was too high,$150.00! I kept the drawing and told him off!

  22. Somebody wise once said ” Thank God stupidity doesn’t hurt, otherwise we will all be deaf by now from cries of pain!”. On the other side, Picasso said almost a century ago “Thank God for the idiots who bring me money for my kitches” . Unfortunately he’s not considered a philosopher, but a Genius Artist!

  23. And to think we probably subsidized this along with Pizz Christ and the Virgin Mary covered in feces. Your educational tax dollars at work. I have a piece of art consisting of a turd pasted over Nancy Pelosi’s lips and it took me only a moment to build, not a year and at no cost to taxpayers. I will license this to a tax payer funded art gallery for free

  24. Two quotes: #1: “A fool and his money are soon parted.”#2: “There’s a sucker born every minute.” And one of mine, for good measure: “Idiots should not be wealthy.”

  25. Probably some liberal complaining about not enough money spent in schools, homelessness, and equality. Then they spend to buy this. Typical liberal hypocrisy.

  26. I’m a Freelance Photographer with a long-running fine art project. People begrudge me, MY prices, and then somebody pays $120,000 for this crap? Incredible!


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