Will Soleimani’s Death Cause Hezbollah Sleeper Cells To Strike On American Soil?

(Tea Party 247) – President Trump has boldly taken out one of the world’s most evil men and top terrorists with a fatal airstrike that claimed the life of Iran’s Quds Force General Qasem Soleimani. Unfortunately, it looks as though the fallout from this is still unclear and US national security officials are ramping up security to brace for a possible homeland attack via Hezbollah sleeper cells located in major American cities.

After the news of Soleimani’s assassination, security authorities in both New York City and Los Angeles have announced plans to increase security measures in anticipation of possible revenge attacks by known sleeper cells right here on American soil, according to NewsWars.

NewsWars reports:

Last year, the the criminal prosecution and conviction in New York of the Hezbollah operative Ali Kourani revealed that the terror outfit has already plotted to attack U.S. interests inside the country and is ready to activate if it considers the existence of either Hezbollah or Iran to be at stake.

Following the arrest of Kourani and another Hezbollah operative named Samer el-Debek, the U.S. intelligence community reversed its belief that Hezbollah was unlikely to attempt attacks within the U.S.

“It’s our assessment that Hezbollah is determined to give itself a potential homeland option as a critical component of its terrorism playbook,” said National Counterterrorism Center Director Nicholas Rasmussen.

“We in the intelligence community do in fact see continued activity on behalf of Hezbollah here inside the homeland,” he added.

Hezbollah has never directly attacked the U.S. homeland, but Kourani, working for the Hezbollah-controlled Islamic Jihad Organization, was confirmed to have been conducting surveillance of FBI and U.S. Secret Service offices, as well as a U.S. Army armory and John F. Kennedy International Airport, all in New York City.

Will the death of Soleimani be the tipping point that causes these Hezbollah sleeper cells to finally strike on American soil? Despite the fact that Iranians are dancing in the streets and celebrating Soleimani’s death, it appears that terrorists don’t take too kindly to the assassination of their leader.

“While living in the United States, Kourani served as an operative of Hezbollah in order to help the foreign terrorist organization prepare for potential future attacks against the United States,” said U.S. Assistant Attorney General for National Security John Demers.

“Kourani told the FBI that he provided Hezbollah with details about security procedures, the uniforms worn by security officers, and whether the officers were armed. His surveillance, Kourani told the FBI, focused on exit points, security checkpoints, camera locations, baggage claim procedures, and what questions airport screeners asked passengers,” reported ForeignPolicy.com on the casing of both JFK and Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

It’s quite evident that not only are there Hezbollah sleeper cells present and on stand-by in America, they have been doing their research. Should this terrorist organization decide to take revenge against the United States for assassination of Soleimani, it seems as though they have all the pieces in place. We can only hope it doesn’t come to that.


  1. I hope they do. True Americans will take the. All out. Veterans and Patriots will take care if them problem very quickly. There will no longer be a problem.

  2. Let them come… I’m pretty sure that the USA citizens are well enough “equipped” to answer their call. I personally never leave home without it. (Yeah…I mean my mastercharge card. 😊)

  3. Have Odumma talk to his terriorists friends and see what their plans are. He allowed his friends into the White House and even in our congress. He promised to change America fundementaly and he started that change for the 8 years he was in office. That is why the demos are so mad that Hillary didn’t get elected so their terrirorists friends could no longer take down our country. If they attack hopefully it is the democrat states and cities they hit first where their so called friends are in power. The citizens will not be armed to protect themselves from the democrats friends then they blame Trump for that also. At ;least Trump is protecting this country not sleeping with the enemy like Odumma and Hillary were.

  4. So they know that cells hostile to us are all over America…who have cased targets and may be just awaiting orders or a pretext to attack.
    So…remind me why they are here?
    Who brought them here, who keeps bringing them here, and who prevents their removal, even when who we are talking about are identified ?

    If Atta and his crew were here seen taking flying lessons..would we take no more pew-emptive action than we did 19 years back?
    If people are here and say they hate us and have been observed acting or talking as though they even might be a threat…deport them. If like Iran, they will not take back their own deported citizens..push their asses head-first out the back of a C130 over Mali Chad or Somalia..

  5. Well… the situation being what it is…. How about if every able bodied American that is not insane is trained and authorized for concealed carry of fire arms. Then, let’s organize mass protests where we sing songs about death to Iran and mullahs and burn effigies of them. Let’s broadcast these things all over the world. And then let’s declare open season on sleeper cells with a million dollar bounty on their heads. Then let’s have a policy of “one Iranian city” for every hair of an American. Then arrest their diplomats and freeze all of their assets and blockade their food stuffs. Then everything goes away if they themselves cut the heads off of their own leaders. This is crazy but it is the kind of tactical logic employed in the 1200’s. Is that what we are regressing too? Very, very sad.

    • I’d agree with most of that except dancing signing arm-waving and burning flags and effergies.

      I don’t want to start acting in retarded mobs like IQ70 and a mental maturity level of 9YO.
      That I’m happy to leave as their signature thing.

    • Better to organize small tight unites then quietly hunt out and destroy enemies foreign and domestic.

  6. If there are sleeper cells that are ready to pounce they are going to go just that sooner or later. Whether this incident or some other. Better we know exactly where and who they are. The sooner the better!

  7. If the FBI and the CIA would’ve tracked these sleeper cells over the last few years instead of spying on our Great American President, they could have destroyed them by now!!! I have no faith in any of the civilian agencies anymore. Use military Intel, Mr. President!

  8. Here are some possible ways to limit, and perhaps prevent such cells from acting against America. First and foremost the automatic permission for any and all veterans and active military personnel for concealed carry. Second, develop observation and communication means and methods between the persons in step one (including deputizing) and LEOs. Third, stop falling for the bs “America is nobler than that” and clean house.

    • Great suggestion. Given the number of traitors identified at the FBI, CIA and elsewhere in the Federal government, I fear those entrusted with protecting America may enable a Terror attack on our country just to discredit our President.

  9. Just another excellent reason to close the borders. The fewer of these radicals we let in the better. They’ve already accumulated enough to be dangerous.

  10. And if they hit us, so what??? They can hurt us but we can exterminate THEM. We cannot be held hostage to whatever their next threat will be. For too long we have withheld use of our major weapons. For what??? As long as Trump is in power we will respond in force. If we elect a hand wringer DEM we will face problems. They have no balls. Let the world know that Americans would rather die on our feet than live on our knees.

  11. Was around here in L.A. after 9-11 and attacks were a huge concern here. We have large populations of Iranians north of L.A. and Syrians, Iraqis, Afghanis, Palestinians, etc. scattered around the area. Most are happy to be here or were born here, but I’ve met a few whose behavior suggests a less than happy attitude toward Americans. One guy at a 7-11 on 9-11 who had Arabic music blasting and didn’t want to check me out. Another was at a gas station- he glared at me and clearly wanted me out of the check-out area ASAP. I taught adult ESL for years and have had great communication with visitors, immigrants, and migrants (I taught beginners and conversation). I’ve visited my journalist daughter who works in the Middle East. My dentist is a Syrian refugee. My mechanic is Iraqi Armenian. I.E., I’m not ignorant about issues pertaining to the Middle East and the potential for terrorism here. I worry about it. There’s a huge Iranian population the the San Fernando Valley north of L.A. I suspect most are very happy to be here but there are some hotheads, like the 7-11 guy, possibly members of Hezbollah, who’d love nothing more than lashing out. I’ve kept my emergency kit handy. I’ll also be talking to my mechanic tomorrow and will ask him and his sons about a subject they know far more than I do.

    • Excellent set-out post.

      It’s also exactly what we see in Australia.

      There is also continual fudging of people who want to be here…which, they all wanted to be here and pretty much none want to leave…and those who are grateful to us for being here or who ever came here for the reasons WE keep telling THEM they came here.
      Like that hilariously stupid one where we tell ourselves they wanted to live in a peaceful Western democracy because it was peaceful western and democratic.
      Their immediate problems are solved, such as having been on the losing end of conflicts that they often tacitly supported when they assumed they would win, or problems such as no visible means of material support.
      So they settle in..but there are always grievances and malcontents in any group.
      They have children who might be born here, but are raised to believe the things that children are taught to believe in the old country.
      And they look around…and their religion is here, places of worship are not usually difficult to find.
      But their religion is not dominant.Those who do not follow it often have things that those individuals do not have..and there is scorn on display for that religion. Actually there is scorn on display for most religion, but it may seem either particularly their religion, which would just not happen or would not go unpunished and unavenged in the old country.

      Who was it that made that sage assessment after 9-11?
      Because they want what we have, but hate what we are.

    • but but…they may have committed no actual crime.
      Liberal lawyers will fall over themselves to remind us to be fair with the terrorists.
      they will tell us that a terrorist success and street full of dismembered bodies is better than ‘losing our freedoms and who we are”…lol..
      (until it’s one of them gets lit up..)

  12. Iran has been behind the killing of hundreds of US troops in Iraq with their roadside IEDs among other things. Obama was a wimp with Iran, Trump ripped up that no good treaty with them and gave them a new chance. Now let the Islamic Axis of Evil deal with their own oconsequences.

    • Iran has killed many, but I don’t know if anybody remembers the Iraq and Iran war.
      During that war Iran did not have the tanks or mine detection equipment that Iraq had so they used 10 yr-12 yr old children as human mine detectors.
      If you look at their population numbers they have a large gap in adults today that were killed by their own government as mine detectors.

    • Well said Tony, we have to keep our eyes open all the time. They are two faced. And one has to
      Read them right. They are here, and they are ready and willing. I was in Iraq for 7 years,
      We couldent leave the base, (100% walled in).
      I was in Vietnam nam for 7 years also, and I lived out in the local village. phu loi. A whole different war.

  13. So, what it amounts to is their here just lying in wait for a reason to attack. Maybe it’s better we don’t continue to allow them to grow.

  14. And if they do launch terrorist attacks inside the US it’s time for us to show them
    What killing really means – nuke The Hezbollah strong holds in the Bekaa Valley. Nuke every target associated with Iran’s nuclear program.

    • touche.
      the basic flaw there would be importing people from cultures who continually openly fly a sense of grievance or enmity for us.Both b4 and after arrival. And who also efficiently pass this onto their children.
      There was a time when we might have deemed that to make no sense..
      Instead, now, we turn out people from our colleges who not only tolerate that sense of minority grievance..but favorably validate it.

  15. Wimps! Protecting our country is paramount to our strength of our died, and bled for heritage! The lack of balls in this country is disgusting! Ask your dads who fought and your moms who lost their dads what really matters!

  16. Its too bad that Obama did not allow Iseral to take out this terrorist several years ago’. Instead he tipped off Iran that their General had been targeted!

  17. If one thousand of our people die from the Global terrorist pals of Barrack Obama and the democrats in Congress, millions of Iranians will die in response, the religious shit hole will lose ancient artifacts when we bomb those sobs back into the Stone Age. General Soleimani helped kill at least one thousand American military in Iraq, by giving insurgents training and weapons, plus many thousands of our military have been crippled from Iranian IEDs given to insurgents by Soleimani in both Afghanistan and Iraq. For the socialist democratic party who control the House to claim it was a war crime to kill this bastard is in itself an act of treason. If the Democrats want people to punish people for treason they should look in a mirror. If evil ever existed in America it is today’s left wing propaganda news and entertainment supporting a near communist political party that plots the total destruction of the republic and their federal agencies fifth column. The Democratic Socialist Workers party in the House, plans to disarm the citizens to achieve total control and without fear continue to force their demented agenda upon a once free people while ending the sovereignty of their nation. See you at the ballot.

    • no they won’t.

      3 thousand died 9-11 , there could have been at least a small scale small yield nuclear demonstration response to that…it might have begun and this ‘war on terror” BS in one swing for 20, 30, maybe 50 or 100 years, in one morning.
      One tac-nuke and the rocket or gas to carry it to Kanderhar or even some open-country Taliban enclave might have been the $$$ cost of the war on terror..it might have sent the message we needed, when we needed it, same as Aug 6-9 1945 did.
      WBush reportedly raised the possibility with his advisors/JCS..it was tut-tutted.

      If we did not do it then, then even the mass-casualty attack of the magnitude you are citing will not trigger it. One could maybe only argue some kind of Trump exceptionalism.I don’t know exactly what power he has to make something like that happen, vs the checks/balances staying his hand.
      If WBush could not or did not 9-12/01..still difficult to see Trump doing so.

    • Patrick, this has been going on for longer then this country. It’s Islamic doctrine to convert or kill all humanity. It’s American socialists who are the greatest threat to us as a nation or culture. These Terrorists can be overcome in rather short order once thay act but it is the socialists who have been and will continue to undermine our nation. We can only become stronger by process of elimination.

  18. The psychopathic terrorists never need an excuse to attack us. They are just following the instructions from mohamed

    • Absolutely Mac! I served on a carrier during the Tet offensive. Lost a buddy next to me. I and my wife have what we need for protection, but with our thriving economy, there’s a lethargy permeating our country

  19. If they decide to do something major as a retaliatory
    measure to either USA or Israel, that would be the
    end of Iran as we know it and the end of many of the pro blems in the region

    • if there was a mass-casualty attack on Israel, then, yes, presumably we could see a Homeland pilot -episode scenario…

      any chemical biological or radiological agents involved attack on Israel could be assumed to elicit a grave response. It would not be some desultory “morning-hate ” bomb-drops on Iranian positions in Syria or Lebanon, as we see occasionally now….

  20. If a sleeper cell does harm in America, then we should start deporting them to other countries that don’t like us.

  21. Why isn’t our policy to 1) not let terrorists in our country, 2) arrest and “extradite” them if they should get in esp when they are a part of a known sleeper cell? The tone of the article suggests it is just a fact of life that sleeper cells are on American soil. Ok, then get them out! While you’re at it, sweep for MS-13. Build the wall, get rid of known criminals, tighten immigration against criminals, make America terrorists free again. So obvious! Am I missing something?

  22. If it does Iran in big trouble. O don’t think the President will put up with that. Iran could disappear. Of course the libs will blame the President. Not Iran.

    • Stephen …the libs ALWAYS blame Trump.So many of them should be extradicted from our country.They are a infection on the USA.


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