Why You Should Be Very Concerned About China’s Advanced AI Tech

(Tea Party 247) – Last month, a report from the Carnegie Foundation discovered that Chinese artificial intelligence surveillance systems are quickly taking over the whole planet.

Chinese companies, with the notorious state-tech giant Huawei in the lead, are supplying 63 companies with such systems, while the US only supplies 32.

The report states:

“China is a major driver of AI surveillance worldwide. Technology linked to Chinese companies—particularly Huawei, Hikvision, Dahua, and ZTE—supply AI surveillance technology in sixty-three countries, thirty-six of which have signed onto China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).”

These systems do not come without strings attached by the Chinese government. The report also says that “Chinese product pitches are often accompanied by soft loans to encourage governments to purchase their equipment“.

The US follows behind China in supplying the world’s AI surveillance systems, with US-based IBM supplying 11 countries, Palantir 9, and Cisco 6.

Using the new AI Global Surveillance (AIGS) Index, a map from the report illustrates how AI surveillance is spreading around the world:

According to the report, AI is starting to “transform basic patterns of governance”:

“…not only by providing governments with unprecedented capabilities to monitor their citizens and shape their choices but also by giving them new capacity to disrupt elections, elevate false information, and delegitimize democratic discourse across borders.”

Old Thinker News warns that:

If Chinese AI systems continue to spread around the world, freedom will be absolutely crushed. Recent examples of hollywood [sic] and corporations bowing to Chinese censors are a bad omen for the world. America needs to take a stand for freedom and fight for a culture that values liberty before it is too late.


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