Why Top Health Experts Changed Their Coronavirus Predictions From 2.2 Million To Just Under 90K…In One Week

(Tea Party 247) – Last week, Coronavirus White House Task Force Response Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx, who has had the eyes of the nation upon her as she dictates response policy and recommendations for combating the deadly coronavirus, nearly single-handedly shut down the American economy.

This was based on the models of her preferred “experts,” i.e. Chris Murray and the IMHE.

These models, as The Gateway Pundit has long been reporting, are basically, well, “garbage.”

The chart that Dr. Birx discussed during the White House’s daily press briefing last Tuesday showed an estimated 2.2. Million US deaths.

This was just six days ago.

Back in reality, not one single country on earth has over 16,000 total coronavirus deaths.

But they were expecting millions in the most developed and prosperous nation on earth?


Well, this absurd projection didn’t last for long.

TGP reports:

On Sunday night the IMHE cut their numbers in half.

Today the IMHE model used by the CDC and Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci estimate the total US coronavirus deaths to be 81,766 by August 4th.

And 81,000 by May 21st.

The actual numbers are already below their current models.

These people have shut down the US economy — put MILLIONS out of work — based on their rubbish reports!

Will these criminals ever face justice?

The total impact of these outrageously inaccurate numbers could affect our nation for decades to come.

I hope that was the last time we listen to these “experts.”


  1. We the people are so SCREWED by this EPIC PANDEMIC.
    Those with TDS FINALLY were able to get the economy to tank under President Trump. THE DEEP STATE doesn’t give a damn about the population. DEEP left POTUS with no choice but to shutdown, either that or a million dead bodies as a photo op on CNN.
    The CHICOMM have a bio weapon ( COVID 19 ] that was released on the world as a demo of what could come if the US economy grew any stronger, and the deep staters love it as well, anything to feed their TDS frenzy. I fear that whatever FREEDOMS we had left after 911 will soon be gone.
    You will need to show your VAXX papers at checkpoints all around the US.BIG BROTHER will be able to track our every move.
    Hope im wrong but we are SO SCREWED. All because we elected a GREAT President who put the American citizenary FIRST.

  2. This COVID-19 “crisis” is all about social control, not public health. It is a media-led terrorism campaign. People with late stage cancer are being said to have “died after testing positive from COVID-19,” not died from the disease. They don’t use banner headlines to decry how many patients die from complications due to obesity or diabetes. 99 percent of those who “died from COVID-19” in Italy had pre-existing health problems. China hasn’t had a remarkable turnaround; the authorities there have simply ordered the classification criteria changed. It’s looking more and more like this is really a scheme to cow the world’s population into submitting docilely to house arrest, invasive testing, DNA capture and cataloguing, eugenics, ubiquitous computing (unicomp) /untested 5G, forced vaccination, RFID tracking, etc. Satan’s Mr. Scratch, Bill Gates, is at the apex of a compartmentalized social pyramid that has already scammed billions of people into accepting house arrest and conned all of us into allowing ourselves to be bombarded by electromagnetic radiation and our world’s electromagnetic field disrupted. Expect 5G to cull our population by poisoning our cells, causing them to secrete exosomes that are then interpreted as “coronavirus.” They’re creating a “smart grid” blanketing the world and using artificial intelligence and ubicomp to surveil and control us. 5G at 60 GHz stops the human body from absorbing enough oxygen, the same leading symptom associated with COVID-19.The deaths caused by the 5G roll-out will be explained away as “COVID-19.” And the use of 5G to cull us can be completely focused for the purpose of targeting us with oxygen deprivation. Even discussing the possibility of a link between COVID-19 and 5G can cause a television broadcasting company to lose its operating license. YouTube will not air them. Under social distancing rules, we cannot even assemble to demonstrate against this technology. The vaccines being developed by Bill Gates will excite the secretion of “COVID-indicative” exosomes and be laden with nano-chips or “smart dust” used to track and control us using passive scanners. I’m speaking here of abject slavery for 99.999 percent of mankind. But even worse, the “quantum tattoo” showing whether we’ve been vaccinated is the Mark of the Beast, akin to the Uniform Product Code on most products — each of which appear, to the naked eye, to contain the number ‘666.’ Without the Mark/Quantum Tattoo/vaccine, we shall be kept in lockdown. Take the Mark and, according to the Book of Revelation, you will be damned. See David Icke of Great Britain and Richard K. Pruett of the United States. They’ve been warning us of this stuff for decades.

  3. This is all to an alarming extent entirely political. In the infamous words of failed Chicago mayor & Clinton crony Rahm Emanuel, “Never allow a crisis to go to waste.”

  4. Physicians serve vital purposes in our society — but managing stuff ain’t one of them! In particular, most had big-time problems with math in college, and their statistical projections reflect this. Further, their track record in producing and distributing an effective annual flu vaccine is awful. It’s high time to fire about half of the MDs at CDC and replace them with PhD or MS engineering managers.

  5. Every statistician knows “garbage in garbage out” unfortunately there are many things about the epidemiology of this covid-19 virus that are unknown including the minimum infecting dose, the actual age related mortality, the number of people infected, the length of time an infected person is capable of actually transmitting a minimum infecting dose of virus, the real length of time the virus is capable of surviving on inanimate surfaces ( I have seen estimates from CDC that range every where from 2 hours up to 12 days) all of these factors influence the epidemiology of every infectious agent and materially influence any attempt to produce accurate statistical models. These people are just guessing and they are not doing their credibility any good by continuing to broadcast such results.

  6. Hold the presidential election tomorrow and elect a dem and I guarantee the COVID 19 crisis will be over almost immediately.

  7. Don’t forget, on January 21 when the first case of Covid 19 hit Washington state, Fauci said Covid 19 wasn’t a danger to the U.S.
    On February 17 Fauci said we should be more worried about influenza.

  8. The majority of the members of the healthcare/medical profession are top notch and dedicated to helping any/all who need them. That’s why the citizens of this country are fortunate to live here instead of living in country less medically advanced. However, there is definitely a small percentage of doctors who, because of their over-inflated egos, are perfect examples of the following riddle: Do you know the difference between God and doctors? God never pretends to be a doctor. In all that I’ve read about Drs. Fauci and Birx and their ever changing predictions, I’m not sure where they belong; but they do seem to fit right in with the answer to the riddle as they seem to be more interested in maintaining their reputations than actually combating the virus.

    • No kidding. Agree completely. And it’s funny because I agree with tea party on nothing. And I’m a lifelong republican but the tea party(?) get fxxxing real already. Absolutely nothing… except this. Which is totally accurate. Weird ehhh?
      We should get all our friends toSee Disney’s 1943 9minute short:
      “Chicken Little”. Spooky accurate about this sillyness.

  9. I agree and what is really criminal is that they put our president in such a hard place. He needs to open the economy but now everyone is listening to these so called experts and scientists !!!

  10. In the name of Mercy these doctors are trying to predict a virus we know little about and personally I am grateful the numbers are much lower than expected. I feel part of that is because with out them stating the urgency and the we have to get with the program now attitude, people would not have listened and stayed home and washed hands and not come in contact with a carrier. If they had not done that it’s very likely the numbers would have gone that high. Let’s celebrate not berate. I am thankful to her and those that are trying to do something positive rather than blame all the republicans. All one has to do is look at the president when the broadcast ends and see his shoulders slump his face fall his demeanor slump and he starts to shuffle off the podium. That is a very tired, exhausted, stressed man who is only trying to do his job without any help what so ever for nearly 4 years from the dems. All they have done is berate, belittle, investigate, condemn, throw every obstacle they can think of regardless if has merit in the mix, disrespect him, his presidency, this country, and called all republicans every disrespectful thing there is all the way up to stupid and pretty much not worthy of being including in the citizenship of the United States or for that matter a human being. I do not understand why they call this the United States there is nothing United about it. We can thank hate mongers like the very unladylike Pelosi Who had not done her job and has led the Dems on a almost 4 year span of nothing but being bad losers and committing their life and the Goverment they are suppose to help run to one objective “get Trump out of office regardless of what they have to do , say, accuse, investigate and just let the country go to wherever, to get it done.” They were not elected to remove him from office . Not one of them has fulfilled one item in the oath they took when they were elected. That to me is the biggest dereliction of duty ever in the history of the administration of the Goverment. All elected officials of America need stop the childlike tantrums and start doing what you were elected to do “govern this Nation“ regardless of your personal feelings about other elected officials. We are one Nation not two independent nations as things have become to Be. One way to stop this bickering among the “children” is to institute Term Limits. It’s got to happen if we don’t want to see the fall of the United States of America just as the Roman Empire did, not from war but implosion due to bickering self satisfaction, lazy people. When the Goverment fails so does the country. If nothing else remember “ United we stand Divided we fall and we sure are stumbling!

    • Thank you. We need to work together to “KEEP AMERICA GREAT “. The Democrats have been very disrespectful of our PRESIDENT. GOD BLESS AMERICA

    • I would like to know Why the numbers are so far out line with what is real. Next what proof do they have that Social Distancing is working, cite the scientific study that proves their case. They want scientific proof that the malaria drug works but accept Social Distancing on anecdotal reports. Answers please.

  11. The left has yearned publicly for the U.S. great economy to fail in hopes of moving Trump from white house.
    Crisis in election year.?
    I’m reading and seeing information stating;
    Through bad testing and bad control numbers being used to enhance the out come of virus death reports .
    We must look, listen and pay attention to what is going on and why, if we cherish our freedom.

  12. Amen to that. Based on averages for normal flu, 12,000 will die in any given year. 2017-2018 numbers, 61,000 died and 45 million were infected. Is this really a super big or is it just being blown out of proportion?

    • I have read the true death rate on average for the USA to be around 20-23K on average with some years going over 30K. Is your 61K number just for the USA?

    • Again, covid19 can not be compared to the seasonal flu. 45 million seasonal flu cases with 61,000 deaths comes to a deathrate percentage of .0013 (0.13%). The covid19 death rate is over .025 ( 2.5%). Apply that rate to the seasonal flu, you get over 1.1 million deaths. It’s Junior High math, folks. The projection models were based on assumptions that we would go on as though nothing worse than the seasonal flu was happening. Covid19 is just as contagious, if not more so, as the flu. If action had not been taken, the resulting carnage would have become the most effective weapon the leftists could use against the President. A million bodies is a most persuasive argument.

  13. “I hope that was the last time we listen to these “experts.”” Unfortunately, it won’t be. “We” still listen to global warming morons and dirtbags in “the environmental movement” that chirp about the amount of trees “killed.” We are the stupid people.


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