Why Toledo 911 Lines Have Been Flooded Will Blow Your Mind

(Tea Party 247) – Is it possible that Karens are deadlier than the coronavirus?

If they keep clogging up 911 lines, this could soon be the case.

Police in Toledo, Ohio have been forced to issue a different number for citizens to report those who are “not social distancing” after 911 lines were flooded with calls.

“If you have a concern about people not social distancing at bars and restaurants, please call the Lucas County Health Department at 419-213-4161 extension 4,” a tweet from the Toledo Police Department states.

The department explained that this had to be done because too many people were trying to call 911 to report their fellow citizens who did not adhere to social distancing guidelines.

“We are posting this because people are tying up the 911 lines to report others who are not socially distancing. Our goal is to provide the appropriate number for people to call instead of them calling 911,” said the department.

Summit News notes:

The coronavirus pandemic has been a golden age for the resurgence of the tattle-tale.

As we previously reported, a woman called called [sic] the police on a family because they were outside on their front yard weightlifting during the coronavirus lockdown.

Some Californians are also reportedly calling the authorities if they hear neighbors coughing or sneezing inside their own houses.

Karens across the city of Toledo must be gleefully rubbing their hands together at the prospect of being able to grass up wrongdoers to the authorities.


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  2. This bunch of MORONS, should be living in another country., I’ve been to Japan, S. Korea, Okinawa, Norway, Germany, Denmark. These countries are ok, they should see how others’ live and see what is like overseas. This was a dry-run to see what the world would do and act. Billybob Gates and his other Billions $ death mongers should may have been ABORTED, how would they like that.! I do not like MORONS, they smell funny.! Open up this country, I’m sick of this GESTAPO mandate.! Semper Fi…..G.I.!!!!!

  3. Hey neighbors- If you feel scared STAY THE F IN YOUR OWN HOUSE!!!!
    This is just what the Nazis did…

    Hitler is looking up from the netherworld saying- “Man, If I only had a Plandemic and the Internet!!!!!

  4. Look out Big Brother is watching. Follow the rules or face the wrath of Big Government. Be a good Big Government spy and rat your neighbors or family out.

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  6. People you need to mind your own business instead of feeling it’s your duty to rat out those you think are not social distancing. You are being corrupted and brain washed into to thinking you’re actually doing something good. Well let me break it to you and say you are nothing anyone any favors except for the socialist government that runs yours city and state. That’s exactly what they want you to do and feel your doing all a good deed. Read your history and you will see this kind of action is on the wrong side of what this country was founded on. Stick your phone and mind your own business. Unless there is a true crime being committed which does not include social distancing keep that phone in your pocket.

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  8. What’s next, reporting your neighbor as hiding Anne Franke in their attic? And to think these a-holes compare Trump to Hitler.

  9. Well if “WE THE PEOPLE ” don’t take back AMERICA then we can look forward to all the crap that WW2 was to get rid of. I hope that u r not that way.

  10. Think about this tit-tattling as a trial run for the democrats, if they ever gain power, to enforce their policies and run a dictatorship. Those who rebel will be turned in by the loyal lockstep, blood sucking, lazy welfare crowd. This whole dictating what we, as free adults, can and can not do very well might be just that. Seems awfully strange that a virus that’s numbers are being pumped up to look worse than what it is, and the extreme regulation being handed out by democrats with the request the citizen tattle on those not doing as told. I think we all best prepare for the worse and if we get the best then we’ve lost nothing, but if we get the worse we will be prepared. Remember, no one ever thought we’d have PC police, tit-tattlers and dictators but we do so can we honestly say it can’t get worse?

  11. Adolf Hitler was informed of parents in 1930’s & 1940’s. The kids in the Hitler Youth Corps tattle tale on their parents. The Gestapo would go there and take away the parents, never to be seen again. Hitler did not care, he needed the Hitler Youth to grow up and fight for Germany in world War Two. Stalin ironically used the German Concentration Camps to exterminate over 20 million people, while Germany exterminated over 12 million people. Stalin had Russians tattle tale on each other and the KGB would come take them away and execute them, then cremate them. The Russians did not keep tabs, only the Germans kept logs of cremating and execution. Mao of China had guess-timated 90 million executed in communist China for not following his ideals and ideology.

    • Yes, those were very bad people in very bad times, but our hands are not clean in this time and place. Our country (many of the people) thinks it is ok to kill babies before they are born. More than 600,000 babies killed per year since 1973. Worldwide the numbers are staggering as well. Until this scourge is stopped the numbers from WWII, Russia, and China, although horrible, are not nearly as horrendous.

  12. Self Centered people don’t think about others, their all about themselves, when something goes’ wrong their quick to blame everyone but, themselves…….

  13. Some may just be calling to overload a tattletale system that should not even exist in a Free Country. If the police want to chase down someone for not wearing a mask instead of a drug dealer or rapist or whatever, then maybe they should re-evaluate their oath of office.


  15. What difference does it make if a family is out in the fresh air not social distancing. They don’t social distance in the house. Does wearing a mask help? Maybe a little. Put on one of those masks and spray paint, you will have paint in your nose. Try welding aluminum, and you get poisoning and spraying chemicals and you will get residue. Unless you get a mask that can seal tightly on your face, which are expensive,the mask only blocks partially. What is really needed to block the non air born corona virus? What is going on smacks as Hitlers Germany and Stalin’s Russia. You notice, it is almost always in a democrat controlled state.

  16. Sounds like what they used to do in the old USSR, and I’ll bet all those in the USA that are doing this are Democrats, the ones who want to force socialism on the rest of us.

    USSR – the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic
    Soviet – a workers’ Union

    A union (combination) of “Unions” of “Socialists” that formed a republic.

  17. These people that call the Police on people not committing a crime and have every right to be outside under the U.S. and State of Ohio Constitution..!!! These losers calling the Police would be right at home in Hitlers NAZI SS..!!!

  18. If you have ever thought back in Germany in 1939 about the people that told the Nazis where the Jewish people were hiding. Or more recently the Soviet Union turning in people opposed to communism. If you are turning in your neighbors for not social distancing you dearest Karen are one of the people who would have done exactly that action.

  19. We have lost all sense of reason. Social distancing is a guide and there is extensive debate among medical professionals as to what is the best distance. We have to find a way to return to work because we can’t continue to print money at the current rate. IT IS DEBT that our children will have to REPAY through taxes.

  20. You’re making people BACK STABBERS !!
    This is nothing more then all political…

    Hasn’t anyone thought that the Virus could be a conspiracy between China and the Democrats. After all, Trump has been putting pressure on China lately and the Coronavirus is supposedly worse for the aged (senior citizens). They are supposed to be more vulnerable and generally speaking would likely be the more conservative and Trump voters. Think about that pertaining to the upcoming November election !

  21. Reminds me of history where citizens turned in others. It was during the Hitler era. Is this what we have become? Have our rights already been violated enough to make the Constitution go up in flames. If you give up liberty for safety you no longer deserve liberty, Benjamin Franklin.

  22. As a CHRISTIAN NATION we should always remember the words Jesus has given us to live by:

    John 8:7, “Let him that is without sin among you cast the first stone.”
    Luke 6:31 “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.



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