Why This Deranged Florida Man Was Just Arrested Outside The White House

(Tea Party 247) – Although no one in the media seems to care, the President of the United States faces frequent threats of violence from his deranged (albeit rather disorganized and inexperienced) radical enemies on the left.

As the Deep State continues their relentless assaults on his historical presidency, triggered and hysterical plebs are also trying to stop him however they can.

Thanks to the brave men and women of the Secret Service, however, another half-baked attempt on POTUS’ life has been thwarted.

Big League Politics reports:

A man carrying a knife was arrested outside the White House today because he told a Secret Service agent that he was there to assassinate President Trump.

The man with the knife, Roger Hedgpeth, 25, was arrested for making threats, and his car was impounded.

“I am here to assassinate President Donald Trump,” he told a Secret Service officer, the police report said, according to the Washington Post. “I have a knife to do it with.”

Authorities found a 3.5-inch knife in a sheath on his hip.

Yahoo News reports that Hedgpeth was taken into custody before he was brought to a hospital for a mental health evaluation.

According to the Post, Hedgpeth is from Brandon, Florida. Police said he is a “critically missing/endangered person as well as a mental health consumer.”

Although there have been other attempts to breach White House security, this is a significant event because it involved an actual weapon.

Meanwhile, in this crazy person’s home state, another crazy person targeted a group of Trump supporters registering voters outside a Walmart this weekend.

Newsmax reported:

A man in Florida is under arrest after he deliberately drove a van into a tent where voters were being registered by local Republicans, authorities in Jacksonville said Sunday.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said via social media that 27-year-old Gregory William Loel Timm has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault on a person 65 years old or older, one count of criminal mischief, and driving with a suspended license. The Republican party of Duval County said it had set up the tent on Saturday in order to register voters.

The county GOP said via Twitter that six volunteers for President Donald Trump’s campaign “were intentionally targeted while registering voters.”

Local media said there were no injuries.

“Kind of out of the blue, a man approached us in a van, was waving at us, kind of a friendly demeanor, thought he was coming up to talk to us, instead he accelerated his vehicle and plowed right into our tent, our tables,” volunteer Mark Alfieri told television station WJAX.

Afterward, he backed up, recorded the damaged tent and scattered signs on his cell phone and made obscene gestures before leaving, Alfieri said.

Last week was a devastating week for Trump-haters everywhere, and Nancy Pelosi wasn’t the only one who decided to throw a temper tantrum in response.

We can only expect, however, that violence will increase as the election gets closer.


  1. critically missing/endangered person as well as a mental health consumer.”

    missing endangered person???
    “mental health consumer” ??

    • He would have been endangered if someone had yanked his ass out of the van and beat the crap out of him .

  2. The cities and States that are/and have beer run by the Dems, are nothing more than cesspools. . . if they can’t run one of these, what do you think they will do to OUR country? Wkae up and make sure you vote for TRUMP. . . . USA-TRUMP IT ! 🙂

  3. The Burgie: You just condemned yourself and the nutcase Demonrats by your own words. You and the STUPID DEMONRATS want to create a fascist state. All the crap people like you sling dosen’t stick on President Trump or His Supporters. It’s all over your faces and STICKS there because that’s where it bel ok NHS. You Bufgie are a s#@! Head. Period. Your the brainwashed idiots. You support infanticide, abortion, socialism, the st uh pid green deal, Killiery, OBUMMER , Pelosi, Waters and the rest. Your to blind and STUPID to see the REALITY OF YOUR IDEAS AND AGENDA. It won’t and never has worked.

  4. I like it LOL kinda like the movie Escape From New York fill the island up with all the loons then watch the slaughter have it on TV like they had in the movie Running Man it won’t take long to fill up.

  5. It is hopeless for you “BRAINWASHED”, right-wing slugs. Every problem is created by LIBERALS? You “NUT JOBS” should be happy LIBERALS exist because your own group won’t tolerate you and your people want to create a FASCIST State that controls your every thought!

    • And if the same sentiments are voiced against the LIBERALS, those same LIBERALS would be screaming against US conservatives for being RACIST and FASCISTS!! A conservative quotes the Constitution, a liberal will INTERPRET it to their own ends…
      There can be no denying the “liberalization” of law, education and societal mores has lead us to the disrespectful society that we now have…70+ years ago, young men and women fought for something bigger than themselves. TODAY…. it’s acceptable to run from your problems, look for a safe space, show acceptance and tolerance to all manner of ideas that are detrimental to our Republic. God help us….

    • Evidence of these accusations? Links? And these kinds of kindergarten insults are exactly why we “nuts” do not take you lefties seriously.

    • The liberals are the nut jobs. Trying to kill Americans who have a right to vote for who they think is the best to do the job. The liberals are the racist( slavery, kkk, Jim Crow). But they want you to believe the the republicans are. They blame everything on us. Obozo and his husband were the real racist. They are above the law just like the rest of the liberal base. Vote red 2020

  6. Aggravated assault for driving into a tent of people? Criminal mischief? You can see why crime is rising as much as it is! How about attempted murder! The charges filed against people involved in car chases are just as ridiculous. They should go to prison for 20 years with as many people as they endanger!

  7. Leave this trash and the gang members on alcatraz ,as it is,let one eat the other ,then bomb the island ,oh wait have osama and and his bruthu eric holder give them free assault weapons ,you know ,just to see where they end up ,wink wink, and then use the island for target practice, I guess you don’t want to annihilate the island just yet because these loons pop up everyday and so do gang members, get close enough to the island ,throw them over the side and they’ll have to swim to the island and let the eating begin.I guess there could be a use for california end the end.

  8. Honestly, after well over three years of nonstop hatred for Trump media news, press, magazines, TV hosts, celebs, radio hosts, and the vile evil democratic majority in the House why would this nut threatening the President shock you. Remember half the nation has been brain washed by Soviet Union Stalinist and Maoist propaganda strategy of telling a lie so many times the masses believe it. So called comedian like Trevor Noah endless attacks on Trump while the same load of human crap ignored the endless crimes committed under Obama truly a propaganda artist pos. The Holly celebs all dumber than a box of rocks in their ignorant push false accusations due to hatred. Honestly, the origin of this mental illness goes back to the real criminal Obama and his goons, the deep state of fifth column he planted, they gave birth to the hatred for America culture and open borders to over whelm and shut down any immigration enforcement. The American people are on edge, the leftest outlets and lunatic leftest created a situation that could back fire upon them, and their one party system they desire.

  9. If every deranged, unhinged leftist attempting to commit these insane criminal acts against law-abiding Americans were to be summarily executed, it would soon become apparent as to whether the Left is capable of learning from their mistakes! If their criminal acts ceased, then the answer would be in the affirmative! If their criminal acts continued, then in a matter of time ALL leftists would be wiped out in this country! What a great place the USA 🇺🇸 would be then!

  10. Time for us to start attacking the idiots in Congress. Not assault, but verbal. Time to contact Federal law personnel and start arresting those idiots. Time for them to listen to us. We are their employers. They are not doing their jobs. They disregard all of us unless we are on THEIR “payroll”. I don’t know about any of you, but. I am sick to death of them and even looking at their faces!

  11. TDS is spreading faster then you can say Nervous Nancy. This is exactly how the left works but they will make this guy out to be of the republican party. Remember the Bernie Sanders supporter who shot Steve Scolice at the ball field. We are under attack each day so let’s keep our second amendment intact.

  12. What do you expect when you see these people tormented by acts such as Pelosi tearing up the presidents speech in front of the nation?

  13. Just goes to show, Pro Trump people need to get out and vote. We have so many radical leftist politicians creating hate. It’s not due to racism, just pure hatred towards our President Trump.

    • Drugs make people crazy. It is destroying this Country . Then there is the commie Jews like Schiff, Nadler and Soros. If this continues, these people will push the good people to retaliate. The Americans are the silent majority and it would be a mistake to think we can be marched. There has never been nation that relinquish their weapons to an oppressor, and had a favorable outcome.

  14. This whole scenario is VERY dangerous. We are dealing with people who obviously are not mentally well whether it is the result of drugs or other influences in their lives. Further they are being weaponized by a culture that is heading for the New World Order communist tyranny that will accept nothing but surrender on the part of everyone who rejects that scenario. The vast majority of “mass shootings” involve people who are either on psychotropic drugs or are Muslims. And remember, those same Muslims were imported into this country by our own “government.” None of this is accidental; it is planned. The only thing that WASN’T planned ~ and that’s why we have had three years of political chaos ~ was the election of Donald Trump.

  15. These Deranged Democrats need to be stopped, they only listen to the made up dialogue that the DNC and the media spew, not even bothering to look at or see all the good things this great man has done for our country. Now they even claim all this success was because of the previous administrations policies ( Just like they claimed it was all Bush’s fault for all the failed policies Obama instrumented for 8 years) The fake media is the cause of all the discourse among the American People all because they refuse to publish the truth and rely on hearsay or fantasy cause it sells. A big THANK YOU to the Armed forces, police, and Special Services for doing their duty, for Protecting the legally elected POTUS.


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