Why The French President Is Calling Out The Irresponsible U.S. Media As Fake News Reaches Fever Pitch

(Tea Party 247) – France’s President Emmanuel Macron has scathingly accused the U.S. media of “bias” for what he says is “legitimizing” Islamic violence and, for all his leftist tendencies, it’s impossible to argue with that assessment of the American mainstream media complex.

Macron made these comments while speaking with a New York Times columnist, as the newspaper reported on Sunday.

Ben Smith reportedly received a call from the irritated French leader who had a bone to pick with the way our news outlets have been covering the French response to terrorism in their nation.

Macron accused English-language media of having covered recent terror attacks in the European nation in a way that mischaracterizes the government response as racist or Islamophobic.

You tell me—in a country where a teacher is literally beheaded by a teenager for teaching about free speech, do you think the government has a right to swiftly and firmly denounce any such act of terror?

While priests are killed, churches burned down, and innocent shoppers mowed down with vehicles?

Radical Islamists live in the midst of modern France, I think they have a right to reject any ideology that preaches violence against Western infidels as they literally house the perpetrators within their borders.

“When France was attacked five years ago, every nation in the world supported us,” President Macron said of the November 13, 2015 coordinated terror attacks outside Paris’ Bataclan theatre, a soccer stadium, and street cafes.

“So when I see, in that context, several newspapers which I believe are from countries that share our values — journalists who write in a country that is the heir to the Enlightenment and the French Revolution — when I see them legitimizing this violence, and saying that the heart of the problem is that France is racist and Islamophobic, then I say the founding principles have been lost,” he continued.

As the Times reported, over 250 people have died in terror attacks since 2015.

The aforementioned beheading took place in October, when a Chechen refugee lashed out at a schoolteacher who had used a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad in a lesson on free speech, sparking outrage in the Islamic world there and abroad.

Since last month’s attack, three more people were assaulted and one beheaded outside a church in Nice.

This has sparked a fierce response from Macron’s administration, who ordered a crackdown on Islamic extremism and carried out raids of suspected terrorists’ homes, breaking up associations that have been accused of disseminating Islamic propaganda, and cutting off funding for terrorism.

Macron has also denounced “Islamist separatism.”

During a speech in October, the French president said that Muslims living under their own religious laws and within their own religious communities create a dangerous “counter-society.”

He also unveiled several policies aimed at encouraging Islamic practices that are consistent, rather than antithetical to, French society.

However, Muslims around the world have called for and taken part in boycotts against French goods as a result.

In a Financial Times op-ed, one critic declared that “Macron’s war on Islamic separatism only divides France further” and accused the president of alienating peaceful Muslims.

Featured image credit: Jacques Paquier – flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/32605392467/

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  3. Boy, when the top elected officials of other countries start calling out the Democrat Ministry of Propaganda, i.e. the MSM, for their extreme bias then one might conclude that–“Hey, those of us in this country just might be right about the MSM being extremely biased,” We’ve known for years that the MSM is not to be trusted to give the true accounting of a story–they cherry pick through the actual truth, take only the parts that are easily twisted to fit the leftist agenda and then concoct a fantasy which they then print as if it were actually factual. Huge example of this tactic: The MSM has pushed the story that Biden is, as of the moment of their choosing, the actual president-elect. They’ve run with this story line and tried to convince their uninformed audience that it is true simply because they say it is. Their uninformed audience, being ignorant of how the Constitution works, has swallowed their swill because to do so is easier for them than actually researching the truth by turning to alternative news sources or actually studying the Constitution themselves. I bet, if an extensive study were done, we’d find that the voters who supported Biden are the ones who are too lazy to actually get out an latch on to the opportunities available in this country and have chosen the easiest route for their pathetic lives–they’ll roll over for the progressive socialist Democrats and hope they will be rewarded for doing so. Well, I’ve got news for them–once the leftist have your vote, they don’t need you anymore and you’ll suffer, due to their outrageous policies, the same as the rest of us; but it will be worse for you because you weren’t expecting it. If there is no justice, then you will get what you unwittingly voted for; but I doubt very seriously that you’ll like it.

    • The New York TImes used to be a great newspaper but now it is a liberal rag that constantly spews leftist radical fake news in the United States and elsewhere. The only good use for a New York Tmes newspaper is for toilet paper to wipe your ass with!

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  5. Whether it’s the USA 🇺🇸, the UK 🇬🇧, France 🇫🇷, or ANY OTHER NATION, Muslims did NOT immigrate in order to BECOME PART OF THE COUNTRY but rather to TAKE OVER THE COUNTRY! Islam is the “religion” of the delusional and the misguided, the heathen and ignorant desert savages, and should be treated accordingly!

    • You are absolutely correct, Michael. They go around cutting innocent people’s heads off for practicing their Dhristian faith. Islamic terrorists should all be boiled alive in wolf piss! The French President Macron is completely correct to go after these people and The New York Times for its misguided fake reporting.

  6. And some still want the world. It is not enough to have peace but to have control. Not enough to have happiness but to destroy it in the control process. In a world of woke people running backward, threatened by those converted to Islam demanding control, is a world asleep at the wheel.

    • In my opinion:

      It’s not the true American media doing it. It’s the Zionists & Israel.

      They want racial intersectionalism as a distorted equality agenda that turns people against one another because they’re Gentiles.

      It also socialphobia-tises anyone defending against Islam, black violence & feminine deceit.

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  7. you alone created this when you open your country doors and accepted these refugees into your country. What in the hell did you think would happen they would love you and live peaceful in your country. Hell no they immediately planned and carried church attacks terror attacks against your Christian ways and Church’s and great cathedrals like Notre Dame and many others. Muslims can’t live amongst Christians peacefully it is why they have their own country in the middle and yet they can’t live in those countries peacefully either because they kill their own in terrorism against themselves its all they know and have known for thousands of years they are all radicals none of them are peaceful. The Quran teaches them to attack and kill all infidels only its all they know in life to attack and kill according to Islam for Allah and their Prophet Mohmand? Who is not real Prophet in the Christian world but is false Prophet? Everyone knows this to be true except Muslims? Just ask the ones who have switched from Islam to Christian faith and they will tell you the truth? So Macron you want Americans to come and free you and lands of this problem you and Hollande created for own country. No I don’t think so your smart enough and know what you must do strip them of citizenship status take away there passport give them money and ticket fly them all home and Goodbye to your problem once for all before you country is destroyed by wild fires. Who do think is setting those fires Muslims are? They are burning your country down!!!!!!!!
    Just like in the USA????????

    • In my opinion:

      I don’t think it’s Islamic people burning Catholic churches. Historically Islamic people would attack Jewish ideology, but a resonating neutrality with Catholicism supposedly because of a rootiment of a point of origin with the formation of Islam.

      I would suspect Prodestants would be burning down the Catholic churches under the hysteria of 9/11 fear.

      The Baptists are continuing to amass incredible amounts of money with their “I’m blessed” ideologies. The Prodestants never reconciled what happened in Spain that happened so long ago.

      But at that point in time through the better good of it all lead way to a peaceful version of Islam & amazing messianic Jewish perspectives that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

      These forms of Catholic/Judaism/Islam are so far left of center than Prodestant slander & ideology.

    • Trump had the right idea when he suggested that convicted terrorist’s should be put in prison and deported upon release and upon conviction their family should be deported. A Pharmacist loses his/her license for refusing to fill an abortion pill prescription but I have to wait until another clerk comes to checkout my pound of bacon because the Muslim checker does not want to touch the bacon or the cabbie who refuses to allow a service dog in their cab but still want to select their fares. They choose to come to the country and should adopt the language, customs and traditions or go back. Don’t force me to change to suit you you need to assimilate to the new country.

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  9. why these organizations not assist to clear and condem rather then gcondone their bad eggs .They are adding to separation issues as wellmlm

  10. The media in the USA is totally out of control and evil. They malign the French President and also malign our USA president and this is criminal of the media to even have the gumption to lie. The evil media needs to stop or be destroyed.

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