Why The Christmas Cards Hustler Sent GOP Lawmakers Prompted Calls To The Secret Service

(Tea Party 247) – Members of Congress received some very disturbing holiday wishes from the smutty Hustler magazine; Christmas cards that quipped about President Trump being assassinated.


The cartoon depiction of Trump’s slaying prompted many to condemn the rag and call for the Secret Service to investigate.

“I just shot Donald Trump on Fifth Avenue, and no one arrested me,” read the card, with a cartoon image of a man holding a smoking gun, in an apparent reference to a comment once made by the president.

When he was running for president in 2016, Trump said: “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK?”

Inside the very disturbing card, however, was an illustration of smiling onlookers, including a Santa and a young child, standing over a bleeding body that resembled Trump.

“Merry Christmas!” – “From all of us at Hustler,” the card read.

The shameless porn magazine, which was founded by Larry Flynt, a vocal Trump critic, confirmed they’d sent the card, telling Politico reporter Melanie Zanona that “the card was sent by HUSTLER and was our official holiday card for 2019.”

When comedian Kathy Griffin posted a picture of herself on Twitter holding up a bloody mannequin head which resembled Trump, she was subject to a two-month federal investigation and nearly faced charges of conspiracy to assassinate the president of the United States.

Hustler magazine was appropriately slammed for the disgusting card.

“Just imagine if a conservative had distributed such a disgusting and hateful piece about a Democrat,” Louisiana Republican Mike Johnson wrote.


It was so tasteless that even the attorney representing anti-Trump CIA “whistleblower” Mark Zaid called the card “unacceptable.”

Biz Pac Review notes:

Flynt, the magazine’s 77-year-old founder, has reportedly been sending a copy of each issue of Hustler to every member of Congress since the 1908’s. Despite complaints from congressional offices, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia ruled that the mailing of the magazines could not be blocked, noting that members of Congress “are not forced to read the magazine or other of the mail they receive in volume. We cannot imagine that Congressional offices all lack wastebaskets.”

A full-page ad by Flynt and his magazine ran in The Washington Post in 2017 offering a “$10 million” reward for “information leading to the impeachment and removal of office” of Trump.

While some Twitter users brushed off the sick and twisted Christmas greeting, others boldly called out the “appalling” move:


  1. The liberal mind set personified by one of the magazines that is the liberal mind. Trash, lawlessness and disrespect of women in general. This is what the Democratic party is all about. Wickedness.

  2. Kudos to Archie Cogollos
    I’ve often wondered why open threats to the President of the United States, a.k.a. President Donald J. Trump, have not been treated as terrorist threats to that office. Is it because the famous, who us Walmart shoppers have made famous, are above the law and can threaten the life of our duly elected president? Much like, it would seem, the Clintons and Bidens seem to be above any repercussions from committing felonies.

  3. Hustler is a trashy magazine, Flynn is slime personified, but what about the the cartoonist? Who is he? I tried finding out who he was, but couldn’t…all I could see on the card were initials “B.M.”….. maybe that says it all?

  4. The publisher should be fired and locked up. He should get at least five years for this. This is not freedom of the press.

  5. You know there is probably a different country that all these haters could go to and promote their hate, oh wait other countries will kill you or throw you in prison, but yet that’s exactly the countries they want to emulate. If you dont like America “BY ALL MEANS GET OUT” and I bet they’ll be a bunch of willing individuals to pay for your move.

  6. This just shows hate for America and a disgrace too our founding fathers. Imagine a president that cares enough of our country that takes no pay and is fighting everyday a media backed by a corrupt party brainwashing millions of week minded voters including illegal voters trying too push a socialist agenda backed by big corporation donations to keep taking our jobs too cheap labor abroad and here allowing millions and millions of undocumented voters for their agenda in disarming and destroying America’s 2nd amendment with a bunch of puppets.

  7. In any other country these treasonists would be committed to the severest of penalties, maximum incarceration or death. This is an abuse of the first amendment rights and should not only be condemned but investigated as an intent to incite violence against the US President. By using their public platform ‘Hustler’ is saying it is okay and proper to manifest hate against another whom they disagree with. This kind of rhetoric to incite needs to be shut down.

  8. While I was not a fan of Obama and hate what he did to this country and the Medical system, I respected the office he held. This is why we have elections, the majority of electoral votes wins and if we don’t like it we vote them out. Pres. Trump has done a lot of good despite what has been done to prevent him from doing the duties of his office.

    • Respect the Office of the President of the United States, whether you voted for that person or not. This is what Americans were taught and followed through with as adults. Somewhere, somehow a few decided what they wanted was more important than following the national expectations and laws set forth in the Constitution of the United States of America.
      The deceit throughout the 2016 electoral process was and continues to be DISGUSTING! All of it from the initial campaigning through the primary’s, right through and following the election. AND it continues!
      We need term limits and a third party with no ties to the swamp!

  9. This is the manner in which any good Democrat operates. The ends always justifies the means no matter how tasteless, abhorrent, and disgusting which is why most assassinations are committed by left wing nut jobs but I repeat myself.

    • Charles, “The ends justify the means” is a mindset that stuck around since the 1960’s. They went into academics and contaminated subsequent generations. Their intolerance and continued rejection of traditional values makes them easily manipulated. They are not as independent thinking or self-directing as they believe. Activism and perpetual anger keep the pot stirred now as in the 1960’s.
      Classic examples are Jane Fonda and Nancy Pelosi. Bill Clinton and Obama found them easy to manipulate. Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Charles Schumer were less fluid. AOC is trying very hard to become a manipulator. She is the student that tries too hard.
      Jane Fonda getting arrested is so “1960’s”. She looks like a self-important, feeble minded fool.

  10. BUT, the liberals toot that the conservatives are the ones deploying hateful and tasteless speech. This is the kind of bad conduct one would expect from the Democraps and their evil troops. Hustler has gone to the dogs like the NY Slimes and WashComnpost. This is the sophomoric, demented, behavior that many of us expect from the Democraps. I want DJT to bury the moron that the Democrats put up next fall.

  11. All the people should be arrested and tried for high crimes. People get to all this stupid crap, but if Trump says anything he gets condemned.

    • aww come on we all know the guy on the floor was really slick Willy shot by crooked Hillery from a party at Epstiens place, and look there’s Comey, and OMG look at all those Democrats…lol.. don’t ya get it it’s been the Democrats all along that push the HATE and use the RACE card, take a really good look and really listen was comes out of their mouths, WE the American People NEED to get these sick bastards out of Congress, there worse than a cult, they want to own you, control you, tell us how to live, what to eat, what to drive, who can be your friend, I have never seen anything so crooked and so much hate and I’m from Rhode Island, they need to be removed, we are in 2020, it is our time, our call, let’s get them out of office ..only we can do it ..THE AMERICAN PEOPLE..REMEMBER WHAT WE ARE CALLED BY THESE SICK PEOPLE!

  12. It’s too bad that whoever shot Larry Flynt some years back only left him paralyzed instead of killing him outright! On second thought, maybe the perpetrator’s intent wasn’t to kill him at all, but merely to make Flynt wish that he HAD!

    • Disagree with the slimeball all you want, but to say he should have been killed makes you just about as bad as him. Not that I disagree with your statement, but I, personally, won’t shed a tear when his wheelchair is empty…

  13. Does this not constitute A RED FLAG LAW Violation?
    Everyone working at Hustler should be investigated, and have their guns taken away!

  14. Jesus said, “That Satan came to steal, kill, and destroy.” so you know who this Flint;s father is and you don’t have to be a genius.

  15. Why isn’t that FILTHY magazine SHUT DOWN yet?!? . . . These people should be treated as a U.S. Security THREAT. team Trump and his allies 2020.

  16. Beyond disgusting and evil. These people need to find out where their hate comes from and get help from a valid and authentic psychiatrist; one that specializes in childhood trauma and find out why they are having unhealthy and violent thoughts. Is this what they wish for their own families? I hope not.

  17. Congress could stop all this HORRIBLE behavior by passing a law making such behavior treasonous and the perps losing their citizenship with 1 week to clear the country or face Guantanimo for life.

  18. Disgusting trash that is all Hustler is! I hope they get investigated worse than Kathy did for her hate she showed! Time to boycott the trash of Hustler! That should take care of them! Yes if a Republican Conservative did this there would be all kinds of 💩 upon us! But the democrats have no class they think they are above the law! Show them they are not!

  19. Anyone making threats should be treated as a via threat or instigator of a threat to violence…

    Including Madonna, Johnny Depp, Snoop Dog etc etc et al

    basic…they want to pander…there’s a price…see who thinks it’s funny now!!!

    • A 77 year old pervert. Maybe he’s upset about the shut down of Epstein island and fell off his meds.

      Liberalism, the mother of communism, socialism, national socialism (AKA Naziism) and fascism, is truly a disgusting mental and moral disease.

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