Who Really Posted The El Paso Shooter’s Manifesto Online?

(Tea Party 247) – The 2,300-page manifesto written by the perpetrator of the deadly El Paso Walmart shooting over the weekend seems to have mysterious origins.

It is not clear who actually posted it online.

The manifesto appeared online just moments before his attack, but the owner of 8Chan, the message board on which the manifesto is supposed to have first appeared, says that it was not posted by the shooter.

He also says that it was posted to Instagram first, although Instagram denies this.

CNET reported:

Instagram said Tuesday a hate-filled manifesto linked to the alleged El Paso shooter wasn’t first uploaded to the Facebook-owned site as suggested by the owner of the extremist site where the document was discovered.

A spokeswoman for Facebook said it disabled an Instagram account tied to the suspected gunman on Saturday. The account hadn’t been active for more than a year, she said.

Instagram is working with law enforcement, she said. She directed any additional questions to the FBI. The FBI declined to comment.

Not according to Jim Watkins,

He said that not only did it appear on Istagram first, but that it was uploaded by another user, not the gunman.

Jim Watkins, owner of the 8chan message board, suggested in a YouTube video that the document had been loaded to his site by a different user. Watkins, who appeared in front of an image of Benjamin Franklin, said the site had made law enforcement “aware” of the manifesto when it appeared.

He also suggested — but offered no evidence — that the gunman, who is accused of killing 22 people and wounding another two dozen in the attack at a Walmart store in Texas, had posted the document to Instagram.

“First of all, the El Paso shooter posted on Instagram, not 8chan,” Watkins said in the video. “Later, someone uploaded the manifesto. However, that manifesto was not uploaded by the Walmart shooter. I don’t know if he wrote it or not, but it was not uploaded by the murderer. That is clear.”

Why is more attention not being paid to this mysterious fact?

Sure, pundits are more than happy to advocate for the site to be shut down, but shouldn’t we be just as interested in whether or not this shooter had accomplices?

Or if something else entirely is going on?


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