Who Does Kamala Harris Think Is The Best Rapper Alive? Her Answer Will Leave You Shaking Your Head

(Tea Party 247) – While the coronavirus is still plaguing the United States, in terms of lockdowns and restrictions, and the economy is working its way to recovery and while riots continue to breakout in liberal cities across the nation and Americans are at each other’s throats, what Americans are really actually concerned about and need to know are what rappers Kamala Harris is into.

Apparently, that’s what CNN commentator Angela Rye thinks at any rate.

Here’s Complex with the story:

During the NAACP’s virtual convention Friday, the vice presidential nominee was asked who she believed was the “best rapper alive.” 

“2Pac,” Harris said. CNN commentator Angela Rye, who moderated the event, quickly corrected the California senator, reminding her Pac has been dead for over two decades. “He’s not alive! You said, ‘He lives on…,’ Rye responded. 

“I keep doing that,” Harris said with laugh. “Listen, West Coast girls think 2Pac lives on. I’m with you,” Rye added. “So 2Pac, keep going.”

Harris then took a moment to think about the “best rapper alive” question, but ultimately couldn’t come up with an answer. She did, however, shade some hip-hop artists who she believes need to “stay in their lane.” Harris didn’t mention any names; however the latter part of her statement has led some to believe she was referring to Kanye West, who announced his presidential bid back in July.

“There’s so many,” she said. “There’s some I would not mention right now because they should stay in their lane … Keep going. Keep moving.”

Speaking of staying in their own lane, maybe Harris should consider doing that herself and stop trying to act like she is hip with the times. She has no clue who any popular rappers are right now and she probably couldn’t even name a rapper besides Tupac, which is why she quickly moved on from the question after clearly racking her brain for an answer without success.

Twitter users wasted no time piling on Harris and her Tupac answer with some pointing out her blatant pandering:

Complex went on to point out:

This isn’t the first time Harris has caught flak over 2Pac comments. During a 2019 appearance on The Breakfast Club, Harris told the hosts that she had smoked weed during her college years. She was then asked what kind of music she would listen to while getting high. Her answer? “Definitely Snoop Dogg, uh-huh. 2Pac for sure,” she said, before naming Cardi B as one of her current favorite artists.

Social media users immediately pointed out that both Snoop and Pac made their debuts years after Harris had left college. Her campaign, however, insisted Harris was not lying. According to the New York Times, members of her campaign said Harris’ Snoop and Pac answer was in response to a question by D.J. Envy, who asked, “What does Kamala Harris listen to?”

Envy’s question was somewhat hard to hear because Charlamagne tha God had immediately interjected with his own question about who she listened to while she smoked in college.

Kamala Harris is a fraud. She wants us to believe she is down with African American culture by listening to rap music, including Cardi B, and that she used to smoke up in college. The truth is that she is just pandering to earn the black vote by pretending to be African American and subscribing to things she thinks black people like. This is just a friendly reminder that Harris is not an African American and though she may pretend to be, she isn’t and never will be.

Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore – flickr.com/photos/gageskidmore/48626669717


  1. Who is the best rapper alive? 2Pac has been dead for 24 years. What a combination a Presidential Candidate who can’t remember the past and a VP candidate who doesn’t know the past. When they meet a world leader will they even know who they are dealing with. Maybe Joe will remember that he beat him as a youth and Harris will think they are a dead world leader.

    You must understand that the question was a earth shattering hard ball question that had everyone holding their breath for the answer.

  2. And this pretentious POS is conniving to become POTUS once Sleepy, Creepy Uncle Joe Biden is eased out the door and out of the way? Yeah, right! I don’t f*cking think so.

  3. she play the black people as stupid and they are when they fall for she is black crap biden know she not black but he knows black will fall for anything they always have and never got nothing biden is right they are stupid hassis is not black enen her dad say that stuptd

  4. What did you EXPECT from a THIRD rate POLITICIAN like KAMALA . . . Intelligence?!? “Thou EXPECTETH too MUCH!” as SHAKESPEARE might say. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.


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