While Twitter Has Appointed Themselves The Information Police They Have Yet To “Fact-Check” This Lying Political Hack

(Tea Party 247) – Social media platforms have been silencing and censoring conservatives since President Trump was running for President. Since the start of the coronavirus social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have deemed themselves the information police and have used the crisis as an opportunity to roll-out new “fact-checking” measures that essentially deem anything that dissents from the left’s agenda as “false” or “misinformation.”

Originally, their alleged intention was just to monitor for “fake” news about the coronavirus because “fake” news, such as masks being ineffective, is “dangerous” and puts “public health safety” at risk. Of course, it was immediate that the censoring was applied to political content and conversations. Now, even the President has been “fact-checked” by Twitter causing him to speak out against this unfair practice of blatantly lying to mislead Americans.

Tuesday, President Trump tweeted that mail-in voting is an easy target for voter fraud and Twitter, in their infinite wisdom, deemed that to be false despite the fact that it is very, very much true and despite the fact that the left is obviously banking on that very fact to steal the coming election.

Breitbart points out:

…Twitter applied its fact-checking alert to Trump’s tweet warning about the possibility of voter fraud on mail-in ballots — at the same time that prosecutors actually charged a U.S. Postal Service worker with exactly that.

Democrats — including President Jimmy Carter — used to agree that “[a]bsentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud.” Yet Twitter decided to mark Trump’s tweets as true. And despite voluminous evidence that Schiff was wrong about “Russia collusion,” his claimed remain unmarked and uncorrected on the platform.

Of course, we can’t help but notice that Twitter’s “fact-checking” policy does not apply to Democrats like House Rep. Adam “Shifty” Schiff (D-CA) who has been lying and deceiving the public for literally years. A year after the Russian collusion hoax has been revealed as exactly that Adam Schiff continues to insist that Trump is guilty and that there was actually collusion. Mueller found no evidence of collusion but Trump remains guilty in the court of Adam Schiff and those that follow him remain duped, willingly albeit but nonetheless.

Here’s a brief walk down memory lane to highlight just how misleading Schiff has been, in spite of actual evidence, over the years:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report clearly stated that “the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

Yet “Judge” Schiff continued to assert the exact opposite because, you know, he’s smarter than the rest of us and didn’t think anyone would take the time to actually read the report.

In light of the Mueller report and the fact that the hammer is now dropping on the FBI, CIA, and DOJ, Twitter has yet to take any action to correct any of Schiff’s tweets, not even the last one which Schiff put out there after the Mueller report was released and the truth was publicly known.

This has had a lasting and serious impact on the political climate in the US. Massive numbers of Americans still believe that Trump colluded with Russian and as long as they follow corrupt, lying politicians like Schiff their heads will continue to be buried in the sands of ignorance and Twitter is totally cool with that.


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