While Tlaib Whines About “Oppression” In West Bank, Here’s The Truth About Her Own Palestinian Village

(Tea Party 247) – Rashida Tlaib has made quite a name for herself railing against the nation of Israel and the man she shamelessly called a “motherf*cker,” President Trump.

Meanwhile, what’s life really like in the Palestinian village where her family lives?

Are they living in oppression, as she would have you believe?

Um, yeah.

Not so much.

Israel Hayom writes:

If you look at the Facebook profiles of people who actually live there, you will discover that things are actually not bad at all.

Achiam Tlaib, for example, drives a brand new BMW. On his Facebook account, you can see that his family lives in a very comfortable three-story building.

Raja Tlaib shared on his Facebook account pictures of himself posing next to his new Mercedes, wearing an expensive suit. He also has pictures showing him working out in a gym that has the latest equipment.

Mawaid Tlaib uploaded pictures of his vacations in Italy and other places, and Anas Tlaib has a very expensive Mercedes.

Samach Tlaib drives a BMW and Niaf Tlaib drives a Corvette convertible and uploaded pictures posing next to his new home under construction, also with three stories.


That sounds very different than what she’d have you imagine about life in the West Bank. These people sound wealthier than people in Tlaib’s own district here in the US!

But, surely they are subject to racist travel restrictions?

Not so much:

Many of them also have pictures showing them visiting places inside the Green Line (pre-1967 Israel): Jaffa, Acre, Tel Aviv and so on. So perhaps all those checkpoints that supposedly make Palestinian life so miserable are just a myth?

No, apparently, according to the World Bank in 2014, the village is one of the wealthiest in the region.

The poverty rate in the village is at 7.4% compared to the overall rate of 21% in the Palestinian Authority.

Only a few villages in the PA have a lower rate than Tlaib’s ancestral hometown.

Meanwhile, by Tlaib’s own admission, her own district is the third poorest in the United States.

Check Your Fact explains:

“I have the third poorest congressional district in the country,” Tlaib told the CEOs of the nation’s top credit reporting agencies when they appeared before the House Financial Services Committee Feb. 26.

She was asking the CEOs about the way credit scores are used to influence the cost of insurance, particularly auto insurance, for poorer constituents who may have lower credit scores than wealthier individuals, perhaps due to a lack of access to credit-building opportunities.

The median household income in Tlaib’s district, which includes part of Detroit, is $35,365, according to estimates from the 2017 American Community Survey (ACS) conducted by the Census Bureau. The district has a population of 674,157, and 29.6 percent of those people lived below the poverty level in the previous 12 months.

Maybe she should spend a little less time ranting about Israel and more time trying to make things better for her own constituents!


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