While Coronavirus Wreaks Economic Havoc On Most Businesses, There’s One Industry That’s Actually Thriving

(Tea Party 247) – One of the unexpected consequences of the spread of the coronavirus across the United States is the massive negative impact it has had on our nation’s economy. Many states have issued stay-at-home warnings that have forced all non-essential businesses to close down their operations, putting tons of people out of work, and basically taking many companies down to zero profit.

However, there’s one industry that’s not being negatively impacted at all. In fact, it’s actually booming in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis. The bunker business. Yes, that’s right, America. Bunkers are selling like hotcakes in the middle of this awful pandemic.

Here’s more information from News Wars:

The underground shelter market is going through a period of unprecedented growth thanks to the new coronavirus, industry representatives say.

Clyde Scott, the founder of Texas-based Rising S Company, says he’s added a “significant” amount of work to his order book these days.

More and more people are also asking questions about his products, he adds, describing the surge of interest in subterranean bunkers and other kinds of shelters as “unprecedented”.

Rising S offers a variety of options. The cheapest one, a one-room steel mini bunker with a single bunk bed, kitchen counter, toilet and stove, costs $39,000. The poshest version is fitted with a gym, sauna, swimming pool, bowling alley, gun range, and garage. It will run you over $8.3 million.

Scott has some rather famous clientle, including legendary rap artist Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian. Scott noted that he’s seen sales jump throughout his time in the business due to political reasons before. In fact, according to him, sales skyrocketed 5 to 7 times after Trump was elected president.

Believe it or not, it was liberals who were patroning his business then, wanting somewhere they could protect themselves from Trump. However, this is the first time the business has been bolstered by a health crisis.

Scott believes that a bunker can serve as an effective protection against the coronavirus because you don’t make contact with anyone in it. However, he cautions, one shouldn’t neglect health recommendations: social distancing, frequent hand-washing, and no face-touching.

Ron Hubbard, the owner of Atlas Survival Shelter (Texas), also says that the number of orders has grown amid the pandemic.

Hubbard, whose bunker company is one of the largest in the country, believes that “the virus just helps people take the decision” that they need a shelter.

David Davis, director of marketing at North Carolina-based US Safe Room, believes that Americans are increasingly realising that safety, whether it be amid a natural disaster, a nuclear or a biological threat, is a “necessary precautionary measure” for every family.

America has become the world’s third most affected country, just behind China and Italy, as almost 69,000 active cases of coronavirus have been identified with 1,050 deaths as of Thursday, according to reports from Johns Hopkins Univeristy.

This is serious business, folks. Don’t take it too lightly, but also don’t panic. Isolate yourself for awhile and help flatten the curve.

And wash your hands, people.

Source: newswars.com/shelter-from-the-germ-us-bunker-business-is-booming-as-people-try-to-sit-out-coronavirus/


  1. While having a bunker would be a good thing if a person stocked it with things they need in a time of crisis but most were just built and nothing is done with them. People like myself who live in the country call them root cellars.


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  4. I don’t know about trying to survive through a pandemic. Through a bomb blast, I can somewhat understand, being a baby boomer and a child of the 1950’s. The bottom line is that no one in the world has ever battled against an invisible enemy before.
    Only my thoughts.
    God speed,
    Gary G. Cramer, Tmc

  5. In Medieval Europe during the three major Black Plague pandemics, castle inhabitants raised the moat bridges and closed the castle doors to stop the plague from entering the castle…didn’t work!

  6. I’d like to own a bunker home to just keep me away from the “twits” that want to make me toe their line, the line towards socialism.

  7. A big reason why fallout shelters didn’t last was for another reason: Cabin Fever. Not everyone can handle being alone and locked away for long periods; I know that I would have a problem with it.


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