Where Are The Feminists On Hunter Biden Child Sex Abuse Allegations?

(Tea Party 247) – Leftist zealots have shown their true colors in 2020. Many leftist movements have been started by activists who purport to have a moral or principled objection to something wrong yet when the rubber meets the road their blatant double standards and hypocrisy expose them for what they truly are: frauds.

We saw this with the credible sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden that were brought by one of his ex-staffers, Tara Reade. The left wanted nothing to do with these allegations. The media made Reade out to be the bad guy. Joe Biden did what Joe Biden does and denied. Democrats were appalled at the suggestion that Joe Biden might not be a saint. It was all such a sham.

When Brett Kavanaugh went through the Senate confirmation hearings before being confirmed to the US Supreme Court, the left ripped him to shreds and put him through hell all because of one Christine Blasey Ford. Ford’s allegations, unlike Reade’s, had nothing substantial to prove their veracity. Not only that but the alleged incident happened decades ago before Kavanaugh was in any way any kind of professional anything. Biden, on the other hand, was a US Senator at the time of the allegations against him.

The rabid left didn’t need or want any proof from Ford to corroborate her allegations. “Believe women!” they vehemently demanded. But when Tara Reade was the victim and Joe Biden the alleged perpetrator, the left showed just how empty their concerns for #MeToo victims truly were. It was all just a charade, a ploy to get Brett Kavanaugh and thereby President Trump.

Now, a very familiar routine is unfolding amid allegations of female child endangerment against Hunter Biden. Crickets and radio silence from the left as, once again, it is a Biden at the center of a sexual misconduct charge. There is reportedly evidence that has been reported to the Delaware police implicating Hunter Biden, but no matter, the left isn’t interested in facts. They never have been.

Fortunately, one conservative women’s activist is speaking up and calling the leftist hypocrites out. As Just the News reported, attorney Rudy Giuliani, one of President Trump’s private lawyers, turned over photographs and text messages from Hunter Biden’s laptop that tied him to possible child endangerment to New Castle County Police Department in Delaware.

According to Just the News, “Giuliani said the text messages show Hunter Biden confessing to his father that he has repeatedly engaged in sexually questionable behavior in the presence of a female, minor child.” The Delaware Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act requires the reporting of such suspected crimes by “any person, agency, organization, or entity who knows or in good faith suspects child abuse or neglect.”

It appears there is no record of Joe Biden attempting to report the alleged crimes of his son. Which should be problematic for him since the act further states, “A mandated reporter who fails to report shall be liable for a civil penalty not to exceed $10,000 for the first violation, and not to exceed $50,000 for any subsequent violation.”

A member of the Conservative Independent Women’s Forum, Kelsey Bolar, told Just the News AM television show that it’s “alarming.”

“That is a huge problem that any parent, regardless of your political affiliation should be concerned about. We saw this same double standard play out when Joe Biden faced his own Me Too allegations. The left was not curious.”

Bolar also pointed out how the liberal women’s rights activists that rabidly sought to destroy Justice Brett Kavanaugh in 2018 with charges of sexual assault “didn’t present any sort of evidence.”

“All they relied on is one woman’s word against his, with no sort of evidence,” Bolar said. “And in this case there has been far more evidence presented in what happened, what allegedly took place, involving Hunter Biden.” The same could also be said of the allegation against his father, Joe Biden.

“The double standard is really because anybody on the left who is supporting Joe Biden right now is claiming that this is just a political smear,” Bolar said. “And the fact that Joe Biden knew about it is news, this is something we should be talking about as mothers, as women. We all want to protect our children.”

Bolar pointed out that Joe Biden has frequently discussed his son’s drug addiction and has used it to paint a sympathetic picture of Hunter Biden but that is no excuse for criminal behavior especially such that endangers children.

“Joe Biden will constantly point to his son’s very sympathetic drug addiction, and so many of us, sadly, know friends and family members who have faced addiction crises, and that is not an excuse for any illegal or illicit behavior,” Bolar said. “Clearly his son needed help. Clearly, he was potentially involving other people’s safety here. What did Joe Biden do about it? We all have sympathy for drug addictions, but we don’t have sympathy for child endangerment.”

It’s time for the media to stop the charade and it’s time for leftists to stop running defense for a man who clearly needs to answer for the many, many questions surrounding his ethical and moral conduct over the last several years.

The #MeToo zealots are frauds. The entire movement was a political sham.

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  1. The media has covered up untold crimes committed by democrat politicians. They ARE and have always been the left winged clean up crew. How did they handle the killing of the border agent during the fast and furious scandal? crickets! How did they handle the attack and murder of a US ambassador in Benghazi? They blamed it on an obscure amature film-maker, even went so far as to cover-up his arrest! What about the money and untold number of lies the American people were fed about the Clinton foundation? Crickets! That alone would be something that would have destroyed ANY republican politician. I would bet that there is enough corruption surrounding this “crime family” that would fill volumes and probably keeps God very busy just recording them. Lets not forget the Epstein fiasco, where multiple politicians, led by none other than the clintons, along with countless “A” listers who got off on molestation, rape and many other illegal actions against children. And the media stills remains silent. Again, they are the leftist cover-up crew and are doing the devils bidding!

  2. Hopefully, the Bidens will soon be unable to continue breathing free air when the truth becomes known and the swamp is drained! #TRUMP-PENCE 2020 and their allies!

  3. Thank you for bringing truth to the news in your persistent search for lies, slander, abdication of the rule of law, and the end of MSM. They all are going down! Biden is corrupt, evil and a marxist at heart. FBI DOJ, Delaware Children and Family Services, are refusing to do the right thing, and it shows how Deep the Deep State is. We are going to get America back when Trump easily wins this reelection. Then he will clean house of the filth and bring us all prosperity and most importantly, the rule of LAW!!!!! Good bye Biden,Clinton,et.al. You all are going to prison for treason.


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