When You See What The Chinese Government Is Using On Christians As They Enter Church It Will Chill You To The Bone

(Tea Party 247) – There’s no bigger threat to the false worldview of communism than the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Christian faith requires that each and every individual live in obedience to the law of God, a law which states every person is to be individually responsible for himself and his family, not dependent on the government.

The Bible makes a clear case in the Scriptures for a government under the authority of God, that enforces His law, not their own, and God’s laws concerning government issues is actually very much in line with a deeply conservative, small government view. This, of course, is why communists in places like China hate the Christian faith and do everything in their power to try and keep a tight leash on how it spreads and how it is observed.

In fact, China’s government is now using facial recognition and fingerprint scanning software to keep track of Christians as they enter church.

Here’s more from Faithwire:

Last month, officials set up two biometric scanning machines at the entrance to Muyang Church in Hubei. According to Christian persecution watchdog Bitter Winter, congregants were then forced to have their faces and fingerprints scanned before they were allowed to enter the sanctuary.

More from Bitter Winter:

“A believer revealed to Bitter Winter that over a month ago, the local Two Chinese Christian Councils required all meeting venues established by Three-Self churches in Huangshi city to take believers’ fingerprints and put on file their personal and family information.

The churchgoer is disturbed by the order since the requirement not only puts members of congregations under the government’s constant tracking and surveillance but can also implicate their family members and relatives. He added that those relatives who are civil servants or Communist Party members would be most likely punished or have restrictions imposed on their activities; this can even negatively impact their promotion at work.”

The practice of installing such devices is spreading across the province and provides authorities with vital information on followers of Jesus.

One source who had seen the system in action told the outlet that it was as if congregants were “punching in at work” when they attended worship.

“In this way, the church can know clearly who attends the services and who doesn’t,” the added.

Chinese government officials came under fire recently for interrogating believers who were caught purchasing faith-based books online.

Christians are being invited to “tea sessions,” a colloquial term for police interrogations, after attempting to obtain Christian books through the instant messaging app “WeChat” and an associated online shop called the “Wheat Bookstore.”

Speaking to International Christian Concern (ICC), Father Francis Liu from the Chinese Christian Fellowship of Righteousness confirmed that many believers who are seeking to purchase items from the store are being summarily investigated by Chinese government officials.

ICC noted that one such believer was “recently visited by local state security officials thanks to the purchase he made last year.”

“He was asked to provide his cell phone number and WeChat account and had to sign a document to confirm his religious affiliation. His supervisor was asked to sign as well,” the persecution watchdog explained.

As a result of the police action, Wheat Bookstore issued a warning that any purchases made from them may result in a police visit. The shop also advised potential customers on how to approach any conversation with officials.

According to local sources, the Chinese authorities are desperately trying to staunch the flow of Christian books and resources from getting into the country in order to create what they call a “spiritual famine” among the believers who live there.

Now, folks, doesn’t this make you ever more grateful to live in a country like America where you can freely worship Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, openly and buy resources that help feed your faith?

But don’t think for one second something horrific like this couldn’t happen here in our country. It very well could. In fact, there’s no doubt that the vast majority of godless Democrats who are currently in office and spreading throughout culture would love to have a system set up like China’s to help snuff out the Christian religion.

Unfortunately for them, we all have freedom so deeply ingrained in us just from living in the best country in the world that there’s no way we’d let that go down without a fight.

Featured image credit: BitterWinter.org

Source: faithwire.com/2019/11/18/china-gov-using-facial-and-fingerprint-scanning-on-christians-as-they-enter-church/


  1. The bible can and is interpreted in different ways. So here is an interpretation according to BOB. Matthew 22:21. Jesus said,” Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s” Follow this up with Romans 13:1 “let every person be in subjection to the governing authorities”. It seems pretty clear that we are to follow the laws of God while at the same time being subject to the laws of the land. Christian Faith is not about over throwing the government. It is about bettering ourselves, our families and those around us. It is done through love, tolerance and forgiveness. Not through hate and intolerance. Those who claim to be Christians will follow Gods laws and the laws of the land as long as the laws of the land don’t force them to break the Ten Commandments. The government authorities have nothing to fear from true believers and if the government leaves them alone then there will be peace in that area.
    All religions are made up of people and trouble comes when they are pushed to far and they loose their tolerance.

    • Most of what you said is true, but understand, the Bible is not open for interpretation. It is meant as what the authors of the various books intended, not what you or I may think it means.

    • Well put. Regardless of its status as a Communist form of governing, China’s leadership under Xi Jinping, has reverted to the economic science of Gottfried Leibniz (“one man using a heat powered machine doing the work of a hundred men’) and application of Hamiltonian banking and credit, President Xi’s policies have lifted 800 million Chinese out of poverty! By turing to Leibniz and America’s Alexander Hamilton, Chinese government policy under Xi, has revolutionized China from a poverty driven economy to that of the New Silk Road policy of investing hundreds of billions in infrastructure in China, while at the same time investing hundreds of billions more in third world nations via the Belt and Road Initiative. This is Chinese government directed policy and nothing to do with the IMF/World bank. I visited China in 2007 and was able to look at the process underway myself. I also watched a three part video put on youtube titled, Time of Xi, which was made by Westerners. I was blown away by the progress underway, but even more by the determination of the Chinese people who are fully engaged in contributing to the advancement of their nation through individual participation.
      There are 167 nations, mostly underdeveloped nations, involved with China, building modern high speed rail, ports as well as modern water and power systems, via the Belt and Road. US policy should orient to that and work out our differences from the standpoint of seeking common aims. And it’s public knowledge that President Trump wants dialogue with China and Russia. So I think the time is ripe for America to work toward joint cooperation with China, Russia and India too, for a New Bretton Woods Agreement around creating a system of credit, fixed exchange rates, and bilateral trade policies that benefit all. It’s what Xi Jinping calls, Win-Win! Exporting capital goods to undeveloped nations and building great infrastructure projects that will make it possible for these nations to develop industrial economies. Just think what it would do to US relations with Central and South American countries, as their economies prospered because America returned to the economic policies of Alexander Hamilton. Policies grounded in the American System which Hamilton
      made clear in Article 1, Sec 8 of the US Constitution.

    • Your not quoting the King James Version Robert Ratto which says in Romans 13:1 “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.”. Throw out the trash bible your using and get the REAL SCRIPTURES. All the new versions including the NKJV(Not King James Version) come from the roman catholic church.

  2. These children are destroying everything their great-grandparents fought for! Non-segregation. Sure they felt safer not going to all-white schools. But, by joining and working and talking with people not in their cultural and color mode…helped both sides. Yes, both sides were uncomfortable. It’s called growing and learning. These teachers and college leaders must hate them a lot to try to destroy everything that has been achieved and fought for by so many. Sure kids feel unsafe when they leave the nest of familiarity and go off to college. If we all stayed in our little cocoons we would eventually die. This generation brings a lot of heartache and sorrows with their swayed and manipulated thinking. It’s more of a cultural belief from the past that has been festering and finally arisen. No logic or sanity.

  3. When we replace the One and only True God, the God who sent His only Son JESUS CHRIST into the world, not to condemn it but to save it; when we replace that God with the false God’s of other religions we as a nation is doomed to fail. Satan (Lucifer) has tried ever since his fall to change, manipulate and do away with the True Word of God as found in the Scriptures. Those Scriptures have withstood the test of time for thousands of years and will do so until Jesus Christ returns to take His Bride home!

  4. Cheer up folks, God is still in control no matter what. Religious freedom has always been a thorn in-the-side of atheism. The Soviet Union could never stamp out Christianity. Neither will communist China. Not even the demon-crats in the USA could or will do it.

  5. Everyone need to just keep their minds on Jesus. Everything that is happening in the world right is suppose to happen. The Bible says so. The only ones that have to fear and worry is the condemned, the unbelievers…stay prayed up and keep your faith in Jesus.

  6. As anyone can clearly see from this article that Chinese Communists have a tight
    control over any Christians. Always have and always will. Nothing but Chicom government in the fullest.
    God speed in his name,
    Gary G. Cramer, Tmc

  7. Well Patty there is more than a bit of truth in your statements. No one man is alone solely responsible for all this. And there are many including some professing to be Christians who are unsure of what they believe to be true. It is also true that some who preach and minister hide hypocrisy in their private lives. It is possible that you see and hear all this and have decided there is no good or value to be found in having faith. But I know what I believe even though I still fall into sin I get back up because I believe that The Son of God, Jesus the Messiah; paid the price for the sins of all men, past present and future. We have his word and in that I place my faith. 1st COR, Ch 15, versus 1-4.

  8. The Chinese government thinks it is God, just like the Democrats think they are God. When humans believe they are God they become evil to the core. We can already see that coming in both the Chinese gov and the Dems. Who fears God the most:


    I guess that must be the D club.

  9. It will come to pass that the entire world will temporarily fall under anti Christian minded leadership. Choices will be forced onto all believers to profess allegiance to one who will set himself up as God. The sacrifices and risks these Chinese believers are taking now are a prelude to much worse persecution ahead.

  10. Please tell me where in the bible it says the government shouldn’t feed its poor. You know Jesus did talk about how the “Christians” one day would be fooled and there would be people who would come to purposely mislead them. “Wolves in sheep’s clothing”. I never thought it possible but I can now see how it can happen with the way you project what u believe as if u are an authority on the matter.

  11. While it is true, that for now in America, we have somewhat of a freedom and a freedom that is slowly, but surely declining. We are seeing people fired for their faith. Violating attacked. Some arrested. Bullied and name-shamed. In our own country. Bound to get worse.
    But there is something we miss that Chinese Christians have …. upon death, imprisonment and possible torture … a closer walk with Jesus. A deeper faith. A deeper appreciation and desire for the word of God.
    I believe martyrs have a special place in God’s heart … being His Son was the first one.
    But in Revelation and in the Gospels, we are told that this will happen. Not justcin China, but rather in ALL countries.
    So we are seeing Bible prophesy being played out before our eyes.

    • Yes Sister. You are right. While we do not know the exact timeline of the time of tribulation we can be sure that it will be. Jesus tells us that the world will become as it was before the flood where most will have continuous evil in their hearts and the world will be filled with violence. The world is heading in that direction. We can trust in our Lord and Savior.

  12. Anyone who doesn’t believe we are in the last of last days is fooling themselves.

    The technology is now here to track everyone on earth, the tool the anti-christ will use as the method to not only root out believers in Jesus Christ but the form by which all people will have to use to buy and sell as the book of Revelation tells.

    I have also seen reports China will soon be requiring all citizens to be chipped.

    Even so Lord Jesus come.

  13. I remember when Christian President Jimmy Carter said we are going to have a foreign policy based on righteousness and fairness. So he recognizes the government of Communist Red China. And after that, we give them all our trade secrets and military secrets. And they are using all that technology they stole from us to persecute the Christians in China. Thanks a lot Jimmy.

    • ARE U KIDDING ME?!!! You are blaming jimmy carter for all this?!! You people don’t know what u believe!!! U accept anything anyone tells u as long as they throw the name of Jesus around. Talk about blasphemy!! U listen to preachers who go behind your backs and practise lifestyles that u condemn in others u look down on. Man I want NOTHING u people have!


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