What Trump Allies Are Considering Doing Should Have Fox News Very, Very Worried

(Tea Party 247) – The vast majority of the mainstream media in this country leans far, far to the left, which means that individuals who are watching these channels and getting their news from networks like CNN, MSNBC, CBS News, ABC News, and others, are being totally brainwashed by leftist propaganda.

Many regular, middle-of-the-road Americans who would be more akin to center-right in their politics, don’t have many options to choose from when it comes to getting their news from a major source. The only network they’ve had to turn to in the sea of liberalism is Fox News.

However, after this current election cycle, these folks — largely supporters of President Donald Trump — have decided that they are going to just tune out of all the networks, Fox included, and instead, get their news from an alternative source.

The main reason for the loss of loyalty among viewers for Fox News has to do with how they were oh-so-eager to call states for Biden, but not-so-eager to do so for President Donald Trump. They were also very upset with the eagerness with which the network “called” the election for Joe Biden too.

In light of this, there have been rumors that President Trump is considering starting his own media company, an online network, once he is out of office, just to spite Fox News. He’d certainly have a ton of backing from his supporters, so this could spell disaster for Fox.

And now, according to a report from the Daily Wire, it seems that fans of the president are considering raising hundreds of millions of dollars to help build a right-of-center news company.

The efforts are being led by a man named Thomas Hicks, who is a private equity investor and avid supporter of the president. Hicks says he aims to raise a staggering $200 million to buy out a smaller news outlet and transform it into a sizable competitor for Fox News, using the contention between the network and Trump as a springboard.

President Trump himself has complained that Fox News coverage of his administration made a huge difference in the 2016 and 2020 election. He has slammed Fox on Twitter in recent months by throwing support behind Newsmax and One America News Network.

So what smaller network is Hicks reportedly looking to raise cash to buy? Newsmax.

A report from the Wall Street Journal says, “Newsmax’s average prime-time audience jumped 156% to 223,000 viewers during the week of the election, according to Nielsen data, and last Thursday crossed one million from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m., about half of Fox’s audience during the time period. Sustaining those gains when interest in the election subsides won’t be easy. Fox averaged nearly six million prime-time viewers during the week of the election, about 22% higher than the previous four weeks.”

Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy spoke with the Journal and stated he hasn’t had any sort of talks with Hicks about buying the network. He also denied rumors that Newsmax would become “Trump TV” during an interview with Variety over the weekend.

The bottom line here is that Fox News really screwed the pooch with their very poor coverage of the 2020 election. They’ve been foolish in recent months with their biased coverage of the president, alienating their base of viewers and pushing them away.

Newsmax is growing as a result, so with or without Hicks, there’s going to be some sort of conseravtive leaning alternative to Fox that could do some serious damage to their ratings.

Featured image credit: Peter Bond – flickr.com/photos/pvsbond/3477570009

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  4. I have basically stop watching fox ….I watch tucker ,Hannity and dobbs….and switched to newsmax and QANN
    I began losing faith when fox booted Bill Reilly.Which kinda verified Fox was going liberal left

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  6. Democrats, Progressives, Socialists, Communists, or whatever they wish to call themselves this week, have been diligently working since the 60’s to infiltrate and control education systems and news media. Now our institutes of learning are indoctrination centers and the news media are Markist propaganda outlets, Fox included. We need a source of news devoted to truth, fairness, and real journalism.

  7. But they lied cause now they are saying that Biden was a con liar about having a solution to ending the virus and he is silent not saying a word of what his solution is. Anyone with some intelligence could have known this. Biden lied he is not a doctor, neither is president Trump. The MEDICAL DOCTORS do not know how to get rid of the virus. WHO in this world would expect to think that Biden would if the MEDICAL DOCTORS CAN’T? What we have in America is thousands of non-thinkers, they have been brainwashed.

    • Anyone with half a brain knows that a virus is airborne and cannot be controlled. How stupid of any of us including our potus to believe in fauci that he was the grand wizard of all and was the only one who knew how to control covid and eventually get rid of it.

      Fauci spent 30+ yrs in the NIH researching a vaccine for HIV and he never found one, he collected our taxpayer money for doing nothing. Fauci did create the covid virus in the NIH lab and he told obama and obama paid him to go to take it to china and to get it ready for release in the US as a pandemic and fauci agreed to release it during the Trump term. That is how covid came to be. Yes it did come from china but it was brought there by fauci as a cover your ass scheme to keep Trump out of office. Everyone knows the rest of the story. So here we are and we are supposed to believer these communists and their pet leftists!

      The entire summer biden spent in his basement slumped over a chair or table barely able to speak for months on end. And when he did he made no sense. IMO this was the brainwashing part of his journey to become the straw man for potus. He was frail and limped and had no life in him. His wife allowed these communist dictators to take control of him and brainwash him into believing he was the potus and running on reelection. Ever notice how suddenly he spoke and had some balance and could walk??? Ever notice how he rubbed his nose like it tingled or itched???/ That’s called a coke nose and you better believe they were feeding him coke up the nose. Anyone that has knowledge of the coke drug knows this. Jill and Hunter allowed them to do this to him? They took a man with severe dementia and turned him into a coke druggie to pretend to be potus when all along obama will have a 3rd term. Better hope and pray that all of these investigations and court appearances are in Trumps favor to become reelected, or we are a 3rd world country.

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  11. Say, isn’t AT&T looking to sell CNN? Wouldn’t it be a real kick in the pants if Mr. Hicks raised enough money to buy that “already hit rock bottom network” and turn it into a conservative news source? I bet it would be really funny to see how fast the employees at CNN switched their political views in an effort to keep their jobs. Either that, or they’d leave in droves or get fired and then Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham could all dump Fox and move to a more “fair and balanced” network. That move would kill two birds with one stone–Fox News Network and CNN. Hey, it could happen.

  12. We quit watching FOX because they moved to the left and didn’t support President Trump. We would defiantly watch President Trump’s NO FAKE NEWS station. We moved to Newsmax
    Don’t let the Demonic Dems get away with their Dominion Software that stole the election.

    • Fox News ain’t what it used to be. All the good guys of Fox, like Hannity, Tucker, Laura, Levin, Jesse, Greg, should move to Newsmax, and all the deadbeats like Juan, Dana “Bush” Perino, Cavuto, Brier, Sandra Smith, McCallum and their ilk should stay there and watch it tumble like CNN.

  13. Haven’t watch Fox News since the Chris Wallace debate. Will not watch them again as I’ve started watching Newsmax, OAN & Blazes TV
    Fox deserves this

    • Chris Wallace is a despicable phony. If not for his father Mike, he would be chasing rainbows. And in today’s world of MeToo Mike would not have survived because he was a woman abuser.

  14. I’ve seen RESTAURANTS either TUNE OUT FOX News or SHUT off their TVs entirely . . . and, I’ve TUNED OUT FOX (FAUX?) News entirely, as well. One THOROUGHLY Enlightened Patriot Looking For REAL Truth. Team Trump And His Allies 2020.

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