What This Sanctuary City Just Told Police Not To Do With Illegals For Unlicensed Driving Is Appalling

(Tea Party 247) – One of the most beautiful parts of being an American, living in the land of the free and the home of the brave, is that no one is above the law. Whether you are rich, poor, powerful, or meek and mild, it doesn’t matter. The law is the law, and we are all beholden to it.

Unfortunately, that no longer seems to be the case in a country that is dominated by a select few progressives in powerful positions who will do anything to keep that power, including breaking the law to pander to illegal aliens, a plot designed to enslave them to the Democratic Party.

This might explain the insanity behind why the folks calling the shots in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a sanctuary city, are now allowing illegal aliens to drive in their town without having to have a license.

Yes, the police were informed they are no longer to arrest illegals for driving without a license. Apparently, the safety of other citizens is not a top priority for these people.

Here’s more from Western Journal:

The sanctuary city unanimously passed an ordinance Monday that tells police officers they should, whenever possible, avoid arresting drivers for being on the road without a driver’s license.

The ordinance is intended to block federal immigration officials from obtaining access to information regarding illegal immigrants, WXFT reported.

“We need to protect our community members from a federal government that’s out of control,” Cambridge City Councilor Quinton Zondervan said.

“There are no other reasons for the police to arrest someone, give them a court summons instead which keeps them out of the clutches of the Trump administration,” Zondervan added.

The local city government has been searching for ways they can offer protection to illegal aliens in order to prevent them from being deported for many years now according to news reports. The ordinance is written to include legal and illegal drivers, but when you examine the intent of the legislation, it becomes quite clear what they had in mind.

The so-called “Welcoming Community Ordinance” is meant “to establish the City of Cambridge as a Welcoming City, to declare that all are welcome here, and to increase public confidence in the City of Cambridge’s government by establishing standards associated with the City’s voluntary involvement in federal immigration enforcement,” according to the measure’s text, The Cambridge Chronicle reported.

Under the ordinance, police are not only told to refrain from arresting unlicensed drivers (including illegal immigrants), they are encouraged to help those drivers find a another person with a license to drive their car from the scene so that they can avoid having it impounded.

This is appalling in so many ways. Over the last few years, we’ve seen countless news stories that feature American citizens being killed in car accidents caused by illegal aliens driving without a license. Now these individuals are given a free pass to engage in this dangerous activity, regardless of the damage that could come about as a result?

Liberals care far more about getting votes than they do about actually carrying out their duty to protect and ensure the safety of their constituents. Has the Democratic Party gone mad? This is the kind of thing that got Trump elected president and will earn him a second term.

Source: westernjournal.com/new-law-cambridge-ma-instructs-police-not-arrest-illegals-unlicensed-driving/


  1. Sooo how does this work? An illegal alien euphemistically referred to as an “undocumented person” gets pulled over, given a summons to court and sent on his way; good luck with that.
    Next time I get pulled over may be I’ll try that. Oh wait! I don’t speak spanish.

  2. There is so much rightful indignation here. It feels great to vent your anger! Now, how to get the “Do Nothing” politicians off their butts and enact some laws to do something about all the “Illegal” votes and Voters.

  3. I guess I will no longer need to renew my license if one is not required by Illegals! Do I need to have insurance anymore as well?? Crap as- politicians!

  4. This might explain the insanity behind why the folks calling the shots in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a sanctuary city, are now allowing illegal aliens to drive in their town without having to have a license.

    I take it then since they do not have driver licenses that they do not need to have car insurance either, so if they cause an accident with injuries they will not be arrested, receive a ticket and have to appear in court and not financially responsible for their illegal actions.

    Sounds to me like the city and state is ran by a bunch of sissies cowards that are in need of physical movement from all offices and tarred/feathered and rode out of the USA on a rail and boat while wearing chains.

  5. Time for American citizens to raise holy hell. This is out of hand. We are punished for these crimes. Illegal invaders who broke the immigration law, are breaking ID theft laws, committing tax fraud, driving without insurance or a license, in cars that don’t belong to them, while WE SUPPORT THEIR ASSES? This is outrageous and into disgusting. It is time for us, the legal law abiding citizens of this nation to make our government’s life a living nightmare every single solitary day for violating the law…..while demanding we follow it.

  6. Cambridge allowing non licensed drivers to travel without consequence is the biggest mistake they can possibly make… They will find themselves in a landmark lawsuit as well as the municipal police if they do not uphold their sworn oath….The Insurance companies will have a field day…

    • The insurance rates will go sky high to compensate for the illegals. Also who will be responsible when an illegal with no license kills someone? Can the city politicians be sued or are they immune from this insanity?

  7. People in government and running for government positions should be given a test ” explain what illegal means ” . If they fail it , give them the
    boot !

  8. This is not only dangerous, but an atrocity as well.
    Those that come to this country, at a minimum need to apply and pass a driver’s test in order to get a valid license as well as obey the US laws. Otherwise, they should be thrown in jail for disobeying the laws of the USA.

    • I hope we are also talking about the politicians that wrote this idiotic law. They are all democrats and democrats should not be allowed to be in a government except to clean up the poop from police horses.

  9. There needs to be a reporting avenue for Police to report illegals to ICE enforcers, listing location, and infraction. Bypass the crumb bums in city government. When is an illegal alien not an illegal alien?

  10. The far left appears to be aiming for a lawless society : Non enforcement of immigration laws, Sanctuary cities, Legalization of Drugs and now non enforcement of Motor Vehicle Laws. I can’t waid to see whats next.

    • In Frisco, illegals can camp out on your lawn and you cannot legally make them leave. If you are shop owner, illegals can loot the store empty without being charged or arrested. That’s probably what’s next.

    • Well MARGE….so it seems and of course this would automatically include Insurance….I believe a license is essential to getting Insurance.
      WOW….The lawyers, if any are Republicans, will make a fortune on this, or should

  11. Then, do not pay for a drivers’ license or license plates anymore. See how that will come across with the so called law makers.

  12. But the Democrats wants to impeach President Trump for one of the reasons is because they say he is going above the law. Well what do you think the Democrats are doing and the Mayors of their States by allowing these illegals/criminals to get driver licenses. That’s going above our law. Even our Police Officers are standing down. Well I will never ever give/donate to another Police Officer fraternity who won’t do their job when they catch these illegals/criminals. What they do is catch and release, release them back into society so they can repeat.


  14. Are these politicians going crazy. They need to be put in jail. Oh also I guess they still want to give Illegals benefits as well. Why have a police department if they can’t do their job.

  15. I bet they would change their minds if one of their kids were killed by an illegal while driving. ( hope it doesn’t happen )
    What would they do, go hug the illegal.

  16. When you let one law on the books and don’t enforce it then you have to break other laws and other laws never stops. Laws are made to be obeyed and enforced if they can’t be obeyed then why have laws. To have laws and there only for law abiding citizens is wrong. No one is above the law but politicians democrats and criminals that they continue to protect.

  17. ILLEGAL “immigrants” (?) have NO business here in the U.S. , MUCH less ILLEGALLY driving a MOTOR vehicle! . . . They need to be rounded up and deported PERMANENTLY. The individuals running these cities and towns need to be charged with DERILICTION of DUTY for NOT upholding the law and have a RECALL on them, and vote them out of office. team Trump and his allies 2020.

  18. If illegals are not to be arrested for not having a D.L then they should not be arresting anyone that does not have a license. No license ,I will bet no insurance if they kill someone . So everyone should not even have to buy licenses. If unlicensed citizens get arrested They should file law suits for the city not equally applying the law to every one and appeal to the highest courts. After all this is obvious prejudice and bias in applying the law equally.

  19. Time for police and fire departments to go on strike.
    When the crime rate and
    arson rates increase then
    maybe Cambridge will wake up.

  20. People of Cambridge should take the officials to court. Class action suit is easy, when people unite. Do to them what Democrats did to Trump. You know that there are plenty of corrupt lawyers out there that will prosecute any one for a buck.

  21. I love when the Nancy Pelosi and other libtards say, “no one is above the law”. Except that THEY think they’re all above the law, and none of them are ever prosecuted for their crimes. Then they designate illegals as being above the law, this is pure discrimination. Because the very act of crossing the border without permission IS ILLEGAL.
    Irregardless if they EVER commit ANOTHER crime after arrival, they are CRIMINALS from the outset, and should be deported by whatever means that makes them never come back. For instance, walk them back on a chain gang with bread and water. Dump them way inside Mexico and do that each time they come back.

  22. You need to understand that democrats NEED votes! And by sucking up to illegals they hope to get a lot! Funny that ILLEGALS are more important than U.S CITIZENS! And Democrats are doing anything underhanded-dirty-cheating or any other method they can to keep them here! They are that desperate to find anyone that will vote for their lunatic party and its SICK objectives! Conservatives have now been compared to street gangs by Warren! Remember when we were “DEPLORABLE” to another LYING CHEATING candidate? We need to show them that their”party” is over! In both ways! VOTE for the man that actually cares about your country!

    • I agree, Larry, the Democrats are just pandering to new voters whether or not they are citizens. They don’t care. They will get the illegals in to vote one way or the other. They are probably teaching them how to vote for the Democratic candidate now, whoever that may be. They are just making new Democrats. They should be sent back to where they came from.

  23. Democrats remind me of a school bullys. Sooner or later they get the crap kicked out of them. I am amazed that people are putting up with this. Take the officials to court for discrimination. Hard to believe that people are so ignorant.

  24. If some one is injured or killed by an by a person without a valid driver’s license, then the person or persons that wrote the law, should be held accountable, even if the person(s) are no longer in office. If the victim is killed, then the author(s) of law, should be an accessory to murder and sentenced to the same amount of time in jail as the actual driver. All the democrats are using this as a way to buy votes.

    • That’s nonsensical. The license has nothing to do with being killed or injured. The license changes ones status from right to privilege. This is only a way for the state to make money.

    • BUT, if it is an illegal immigrant they won’t be punished even if there is a fatality. The demorats are taking this country downhill so fast its making my head swim. We need to start teaching our young correctly and not about how great socialism is.

    • Hey Rich ,I guess I can fly a jet aircraft and crash it , because I had no criminal intent. Might work in a Latin country , but not here. The reason for a license, is to qualify a person ability to operate safely. No

  25. One can only hope that Quinton Zondervan et. al. are the first ones run over by illegals, drunks, druggies, or other miscreants driving without a license. Time to cut off the Federal money tap to this city and the idiots running it.

  26. So much for all licensed drivers must have car insurance, I guess. That why the rest of us who drive legally must pay for uninsured drivers on our policies. Thanks again to PC vote pandering politicians. Again we see some people are above the law.

  27. So illegals have assurance from the dems that they will take care of them just like they assured blacks of this in 1964 and the American Indians in the late 1800’s. I would encourage illegals to examine carefully how well that has worked for those groups.

  28. Sell out country and citizens for votes!!! So kids no longer have to complete drivers ed or is it just for illegals? Now that’s discrimination!!! Democrats are mad because they aren’t getting kickbacks and bribes like the old Obama administration!!! Welcome to America we’re taking back our country from the corrupt politicians!!!
    November is hopefully going to be another crybabies moment but Democrats already setting up another hoax theory!! I hope these corrupt politicians are elected out of office for acts of treason!!
    God bless America and protect our citizens!!!

    • Everyone should learn and be proficient in anything they do. Once you are proficient, why do you need a license? Do you know what a license is?

  29. I agree this is insane. Why? I live near Memphis and in my business sometimes drive through parts of the city where there are illegals. Some don’t know HOW TO DRIVE. Last summer I almost got hit twice in front of a nuddy bar by people in that neighborhood running red lights and speeding at the same time! Had to slam on my brakes to avoid them. The next week I saw flowers posted nearby along the side of the road which usually indicates someone got into a fatal accident at that site. What are these people thinking?! This will kill people.

  30. What about the insurance side of things, this will only cause our insurance to go up, hopefully the insurance companies will raise the rates in the sanctuary cities auto insurace will be paying the high rates as they should.

  31. The Democratic Party does not represent US citizens at all. It is a party intent upon the destruction of the country by permitting illegals that refuse to obey our laws a protected status, permitting them to commit crimes without prosecution, all in the name of building a Democrat constituency. Those that would turn the US into a third world hellhole for the sake of their own political power must be dealt with as the traitors they are.

  32. I’m from Ma. and hope i get into a fender-bender with one of these illegals! Then I’ll sue the politicians who are responsible for this crap, for everything they got!

  33. I guess that means that no one has to have a driver’s license to operate a vehicle in that town. Buying votes? Illegals don’t have voting privileges.. Or DO THEY? They’ve already broken at least one law, just by being here illegally. Might as well let them break all the laws with impunity. Other towns have forgiven murder and manslaughter and rape. Cambridge appears to be “welcoming” all of that!

    I wish I could afford to be the guy to sue for being ticketed for driving without a license in that town! It could be worth a lot of money. If you can find an honest judge in that ara of the country, that is.. Because this directive should apply to all the unfortunate Cambridgians. Or Cambridgers.. Or whatever the illegals call themselves in that town. They city council has now given permission for anyone to drive without a license. And if a legal resident is ticketed, there’s your money ball! Discrimination if I ever saw it!

    • Read article again. It is for all unlicensed. No one should be in jail over licensure laws. There are specific things one can go to jail for. Felonies, harm to self or others, flight risk. Illegal aliens are a flight risk and should be jailed for that. Licensure laws just should not be.

  34. You people are nuts. Kill someone and you have no ins. drivers lic… Who is going to pay for all this????
    A bunch of commie ass holes WAKE UP PEOPLE YOU ARE BEING USED OPEN YOUR FUC—- EYES.

  35. Cambridge, MA = it figures! The MANIFEST INSANITY of the Marxist, Alinskyite, Communist, Socialist, Liberal, Progressive, so-called “American” LEFT adheres to no rational boundaries! Leave it to all these dumbass, certifiable, brain-dead Yankees to totally screw things up for the rest of us, with all these illegal aliens in a strong supporting role! I can hardly imagine just how miserable this country would be if the Democrats ever again ascend to political power in the USA! This must NEVER AGAIN be allowed to happen, even at the risk of another Civil War! #TRUMP-PENCE 2020 #KAG #US V. THEM

  36. Time to VOTE. Vote the nuts out of local, state, and federal government.

    Do you want a return of the days of the Wild West? Or do you want Our Laws protecting Americans from all this insanity? That is what is really on your ballot.

  37. I guess if you don’t have a license you also don’t have insurance. So while the rest of us law abiding citizens pay for license fees and outrages car insurance premiums, illegals can bypass those expenses. So watch out if you are involved in an accident with an illegal cause you are going to end up paying regardless whose fault it is. Only in America.

    • You live in a no fault state. Your company pays you no matter what. You can civilly suite. What do you get from a poor person besides a judgement?

    • No fault means citizens pay for idiots who don’t by insurance. Safety net for insurance Co. Democrats like hard working people who obey the law, to pay for the bottomfreeders. Trump them.

  38. the lunatics who vote these moron politicians into office, REALLY need to pull their heads out of their butts and wake up… these politicians care MORE about the illegal aliens then they do the American citizens and Legal immigrants who followed the laws to come here… These lawless politicians need to be removed from office. ALL the victims of illegal aliens need to band together and start suing these sanctuary cities …. The Government needs to STOP ALL Federal funds to these sanctuary cities.. if they won’t follow the Federal laws, they should NOT get Federal funds…
    These lawless politicians are totally insane.. they hold illegal aliens above our laws and above the citizens.. When these illegal aliens break our laws, these politicians are handing them more and more of OUR rights and benefits as citizens.. WHY bother to obey the laws when they are handed our rights and benefits FREE of charge along with they don’t have to obey the laws while the citizens do…

    • Sue the authors of the law – Personally for all they have and jail time if they don’t comply. Laws like that make law abiding citizen’s insurance go up. If the other person has no license or insurance, you will have to pay a deductible on you own insurance.

    • That won’t work until Voter ID requirements are put in place. Heck, my Grandpa never voted Democrat until after he died! We need voter fraud stopped. By the way….it currently IS illegal for illegal aliens to vote in Federal elections.

  39. If anyone gets hurt or killed by someone driving without a license one of the LIBTURD MORON’S who voted for this should be shot in the back of the head in a public display of affection. These people have got to be aborted by the tens of millions to MAGA.

  40. Arrest them and turn them over to immigration anyway! That is the law! Damn the progressives! Americans first! Arrest these law breaking politicians!

    • Easy way to buy their votes which is important because there will soon be more of them than us with the open borders the Democrats are also pushing.


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