What The Pentagon Is Doing To Biden Team Is Sure To Make Democrats Furious

(Tea Party 247) – The mainstream media rushed to celebrate their declared victory for Joe Biden over President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, seemingly forgetting that it isn’t news outlets that confirm the winner of a major general election.

And the fact that the president is questioning the results and seeking to have the many incidents of voter fraud that have popped up in the last month investigated hasn’t stopped Biden himself, and the rest of his team, from acting as if the election results are certified.

In fact, Biden and his goons have been doing everything possible to set up their transition team even though his victory has not yet been made official.

According to a new report by WND, the Pentagon has come forward and blocked Biden and his team from meeting with military intelligence agencies that are part of the Defense Department.

However, the reason why is different for defense officials than what is being said by Team Biden.

As stated before, Biden has put together a transition team to help aid in the transfer of power. This team has even been given approval by the General Services Admission to assist the team in various meetings that have been happening with different agencies.

CNN, everyone’s least favorite fake news network has blamed the delay of meetings, seemingly basing its current reports on what it refers to as “a former senior intelligence official familiar with intelligence transition discussions.”

This official, according to CNN, stated the transition team has been brief on certain aspects of the Defense Department’s work, but not yet on anything related to intelligence.

The Washington Post referred to the delayed meetings as “seemingly petty procedural barriers” that happened to include information such as who would be paying a visit to the Pentagon and what would be discussed during those visits.

A defense official, however, said that Biden’s transition team has not followed proper protocol in setting up their planned visits.

The same official told CNN that Biden’s team “made direct coordination with DOD intelligence agencies for interviews, briefings and site visits,” however “the schedule change/delay happened because the [Biden team] didn’t reach out to DOD before scheduling a meeting with DOD agencies, PER THE GUIDANCE and MOU. They weren’t denied, they just had to follow the proper procedure.”

So, according to the leftist media, the whole reason Biden isn’t being briefed on intelligence from the Defense Department is because of purposeful, petty delays from the Trump administration.

Even now they cannot stop themselves from assaulting the president and his administration. It’s become so deeply ingrained in them that they cannot help but continue to push the anti-Trump narrative, even after they’ve declared a Biden victory.

It’s almost sad, really.

But besides all that, this election isn’t over. Voter fraud is still being investigated. The story is far from over, so perhaps Biden and his team should stop putting the cart before the horse.

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  1. If they are installed in the White House, the Harris people will blame all of their failures on Trump, claiming he left them with a mess (or some such). So what’s new?

  2. Biden is not president yet, and therefore can not be brief on several aspects of our intelligence. He can be the the he is sworn in. It is at that time that Trump can no longer be briefed. This is the way it has been and hopefully continues. There are proper protocols to follow and it is the same for both parties.

    • Right now it should be difficult for any Biden to get anything above a basic security clearance.

  3. I cannot see why the DOJ and FBI did not come down on media outlets that claimed the democrats won the election when election and voter fraud issues were not resolved.

  4. I wouldn’t want to brief him either! You never know what is going to come out of his mouth during a press conference or a meeting. He is the very definition of a security threat!

  5. its because Biden is a huge security risk himself because of he and his son’s criminal activity,,he needs to report to our enemies as soon as he get the briefings…tell the truth Biden,,you are a risk to have sensitive knowledge

    • Poor old Joe is definitely compromised with China, Ukraine, and Russia!!! Those countries know very well that they can now get whatever they want from Dementia Joe should America actually become saddled with him! ! Both Joe and his son, Hunter set up those criminal ways to enrich the entire Biden family, including Joe’s brother, James!


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