What The Media Won’t Tell You About How Clinton’s Impeachment Compare’s To Trump’s

(Tea Party 247) – Last week, patriots across America shared a collective eye-roll as Nancy Pelosi unveiled her ornate, commemorative pens for herself and her colleagues to sign the Articles of Impeachment against the president.

Then the slow, dramatic walk through the Capitol Building to carry the articles, which no doubt could have been run over by a page in about five minutes with significantly fewer cameras present.

But the Democrats had to have their pomp and circumstance, and Nancy Pelosi was clear after the fact that she wants the president to know that he is impeached forever.

Meaning, Trump will always go down in history as the third president to be impeached.

For a phone conversation that he was completely transparent about and that not one Deep State lackey could even come up with evidence to indicate contained any criminal action or wrongdoing.

They’ve got their place in the history books, the Democrats do.

But that’s about all they’ll get.

Because not only is their impeachment going to fail, but when history students of future generations compare the Clinton and Trump impeachment trials, they will undoubtedly (if they’re taught honestly, at least, which if the leftists continue to have their way in the public school system, is entirely too hard to tell) see that the Trump impeachment pales in comparison to the impeachment of a man who had sexual relations with a woman decades younger than him in the Oval Office and then freely lied to the American people about it.

As The Gateway Pundit points out, “The Trump impeachment sham is unique in a number of different ways compared to previous impeachments and most notably because no crime was committed or defined.”

President Trump is accused of two offenses, neither is a crime.

Article One: Abuse of Power — broad and undefined non-criminal action.

Article Two: Obstruction of Congress — Not a crime and completely made up charge.

Now let’s compare that to 1998’s Clinton impeachment.

Clinton was accused of 11 separate felonies and impeachable offenses.

From Reference.com:

The Starr Report, presented on Sept. 9,1998, presented 11 impeachable offenses. Bill Clinton was eventually charged because he “…willfully provided perjuries, false and misleading testimony to the grand jury,” and made “…corrupt efforts to influence the testimony of witnesses and to impede the discovery of evidence.”

TGP notes:

The Starr report cited 11 specific possible grounds for impeachment in four categories:

-Five counts of lying under oath

-Four counts of obstruction of justice

-One count of witness tampering

-One count of abuse of constitutional authority


  1. How dare the Democrat clowns in the House attempt to take away the votes of 63 million of us, because that’s all this is about. It’s amazing how supporters of Hillary and Bill (two of the most corrupt narcissists ever born) can claim that if Trump. Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff are the real traitors.

  2. We the people must find a way to get rid of those leftist Democrats and we can’t wait for an election. The government is supposed to be by the people and for the people not for the self interest of any congress person. Look at the amendments to the constitution they passed to bolster themselves. A little revolution just might be needed to fix want is wrong with our government. Congress can not and must not be allowed to govern themselves;we need a third party to investigate them and punish the abusers. The Supreme Court should have the power to pass legislation developed by Congress. The current system is a failure. In the Washington Mall Thomas Jefferson’s ststue is posed looking at the Capital Billing-he did not trust them and neither should we.

  3. We have a 2 party system;
    1) The Republican Party, and…
    2) The Impeachment Party!!!!
    aka, the Demonic Party,
    aka, the Socialists Party!!!!!

  4. The liberal idiots don’t care about the good of the country. So if Biden is innocent, what difference does it make if there are inquiries about his dealings in Ukraine. If the roles were reversed, the Democrats would inquire about Trump and state that the country had a right for Justin. Hunter wasn’t keeping all of that money. Ole Creepy Joe is rolling in plenty of dirty money. The liberals are scared and for good reason.

  5. The president is accused of non-criminal actions. How does this impeachment proceed to trial with charges that are so weak. The Senate should dismiss the case because of lack of evidence of actual crimes.

  6. The long term picture. Why are democrats heading down this road of self destruction.I believe many of them know it is going to come back and bite them. For them to do this there has to be some type of pay off.I come up with three possible scenarios. 1.Remove our rights and freedoms and put us under their direct control. 2.Put us under the direct control of a World Government 3.Prevent Pres. Trump from appointing the next Supreme Court Justice. All these are long term and can be accomplished one small step at a time.

  7. You are ridiculously wrong! Trump is a con man, a liar, a bully, a child in a man’s body who pulls temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way, a narcissistic prick with no moral compass, doesn’t know the constitution, brought the swamp with him, a disgrace to the office of the presidency & I’m surprised someone hasn’t already tried to shoot him by now!

    • It makes a big difference and why do you want so bad to be a serf to these clowns that don’t care a twit about you.

    • What difference does it make? Sounds like you described yourself perfectly. Trump IS NOT a con man, but, you are! You did not read the transcript, did you? You did not watch President Zelensky of Ukraine when he stated that there was NO QUID PRO QUO> Trump makes decisions for America and her people. He never does any of it alone. He has a panel of people that he discusses everything with AND IT IS ALL RECORDED. Those recordings will prove Trump’s innocence. I have your post saved. When the time comes, you may have to answer for your treason. You will then be very, very sorry you said those hateful words!

    • No President Trump is not a con man but the Democrats are criminals and the difference between Clinton and President Trump’s impeachment is that President Trump has done nothing wrong where as Clinton did in the oval office and in private life as well.

    • Trump is a little of SOME of those things and still the best President this country has seen so far since Before J. F. K.

    • WOW you say Trump is a con man ! if that’s what the democrats call a president that is doing what a president supposed to do. He is putting America first and is helping all American people just look at the stock market everyone is doing better even you! ” your a ” OH that’s right your a democrat you are what the democrat symbol is .

  8. Chief Justice Roberts should have dismissed these the House Democrats’ two articles of impeachment as unconstitutional for patently failing to meet the constitutional standard and therefore null and void ab initio, meaning the president was never properly impeached. But of course Roberts was too cowardly to do that. Now the Senate GOP should not dismiss but hear the House case, without more witnesses, and vote to acquit. We want an acquittal exonerating the president, not a dismissal that the Dems can twist as a miscarriage of justice.

    If the GOP doesn’t hang together and does allow witnesses to be called, then fine. We want lying Schiff under oath. We want the Bidens on the stand, explaining their corrupt dealings in Ukraine, China, etc. We want Chalupa to testify how she arranged for Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election on Hillary’s behalf. We want to hear Shokin describe his case against Burisma and how Joe Biden forced the government in Kyiv to fire him in exchange for a billion dollar loan. We want to hear Giuliani take down the Democratic leadership the way he took down the Mob. We want to finally turn these unfair proceedings on their head, expose the Democrats’ lies, hypocrisy and corruption, and vindicate the president while exonerating him of all charges.

    If the GOP does the prudent thing, which is to hear the House case as it already stands, without new testimony, then Chairman Lindsay Graham of the Senate Judiciary Committee should fulfill his promise to investigate the Bidens’ alleged corrupt dealings in Ukraine.

    Also calling on Attorney General Bill Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham. Do your jobs carefully, thoroughly and without fear or favor. Do not deny us our justice, as did all your crooked and cowardly predecessors. We’re getting testier the longer we’re made to wait!

  9. I believe we’ll see the BEGINNING of the end of the Democrats, as some of them have begun to JUMP a SINKING SHIP. Hopefully, we’ll see INDICTMENTS against Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff for SEDITION and TREASON as per the U.S. Constitution, Crimes against the POTUS and The American People for Operation of an ILLEGAL COUP. May we ALSO see PRISON time for these TREASONISTIC TRAITORS as well. This is SERIOUS business, not some little POLITICAL game. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  10. Clinton was horndog ….there is a place in hell for him and Hillary!…how the people of the U.S. let him and that evil wench get away with this is beyond me!!!!

  11. How much did those pens cost and did we taxpayers pay for them? You looked like a bunch of preschoolers who were given cake and ice cream, gleeful and happy. No somber faces there.

  12. Pelosi looked like a immature giggly bratty little school girl. The reps carry the papers looked just as silly and like characters out of a Star Wars bar scene. Can’t believe dimwits like that hold positions in the most powerful nation in the world.

    • I’m surprised she didn’t find a priest with TDS and have him bless the articles half way to the senate. They could have gotten more press coverage.

  13. All of the Nazi-socialistic demo should be held and charged with the highest crime of TREASON under the constitution. Their coup to take over the federal government in the name of Anti-Americanssocialism.

  14. One reason Pelosi took so long to transmit the article of impeach was that the pens she ordered needed a 4 week lead ti be engraved with her name!!!!!

  15. The Democrats, Have only worked on impeaching the President from his first day in office. And look at all that President Trump has been able to get passed while democrats have done nothing. Whose the failures now? It isn’t President Trump.

    • You drank too much of the swamp water… how do you pass anything with a corrupt Moscow Mitch in place? You need to stop listening to the bullshit you are basking in. Of all the historians, journalists, lawyers out there, Trump is a narcissist bully with everyone who associates with him the reason he has brought the swamp with him. Get a life & wake up! Look at all the people who have been indicted, & corrupt or had the awareness to leave his playground. You have no facts. He has no moral compass.


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