What The FAA Is Planning To Do About Mysterious Drones In Colorado

(Tea Party 247) – Just one day after counties in Colorado and western Nebraska reported a series of mysterious drone flights, the FAA is responding with a proposed rule change which would require that most drones be identified remotely, according to a report on Monday.

Fox News explains that:

The rule change, announced Thursday, have been in works for more than a year, FAA spokesman Ian Gregor said in an email to the Denver Post Monday.

Under the legislation, law enforcement, federal security agencies and the FAA would be allowed to identify drones flying through their jurisdiction, the FAA said.

A squadron of drones have been flying above a total of five Midwestern states every night for more than two weeks leaving both residents and officials wondering who’s flying them and what purpose they are serving, the newspaper reported.

Sheriffs in Lincoln, Washington and Sedgwick counties in Colorado and Nebraska say their offices have been inundated with calls about the devices.

Well, that’s completely creepy.

No one has yet claimed responsibility, but an “abundance” of theories have been offered, from the Mexican drug cartel to aliens. Some have even suggested it’s the History Channel, looking for hidden cities or farmers looking to track cows (that’s actually smart.)

According to the Post, law enforcement officials have reached out to several private companies as well as government agencies but have yet to find anyone claiming responsibility for the drones.

On this list are the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army Forces Command, Fort Carson, the Drug Enforcement Administration, Paragon Geophysical Services, the U.S. Geological Survey, Amazon and the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Fox Notes:

Local sheriffs told the newspaper the drones don’t appear to be “malicious” and they’re likely not breaking any laws. Flight plans are not required to be filed with the FAA unless the drone pilots are flying in restricted airspace.

The proposed rule will be open for public comment for 60 days, according to the FAA, which said the proposed change would help drones better “integrate” into the nation’s airspace, the Post reported. Nearly 1.5 million drones and 160,000 remote pilots are registered with the FAA, the agency said in a statement.

Matt Quinn, owner of Great Lakes Drone Co., one of only a handful of companies in the nation with FAA permission to fly multiple small drones at night, said he’s puzzled by the reports out of Colorado.

“It’s the talk of the drone community,” he said.

Video: Mysterious Drones Spotted in 4 Colorado Counties


  1. Drones are used used for a variety of reasons. We use them for checking our crop fields.Depending on their censers and programmed abilities they can send back a whole variety of information giving the farmer another form and the ability to control his fertilization and chemical applications.Drones are a good way of evaluating parking lot and commercial building exterior lighting. What I am saying, there a lot legit uses for drones. Can they be abused? like anything else, they can.For the large variety of drones, availability and functions, that includes toys you can buy for kids, I don’t how you can realistically legislate that.

  2. This should be a W A K E UP C A L L!!!!!!
    Once Drones are common place to make deliveries…for example…..what’s to stop a terrorist from deploying drone(s) that are weaponized…by the time the authorities are aware of them…they could have already delivered their payload!!!! If those drones referred to above were from terrorists…they could have deployed their payload…and gotten away with it…and done Major damage.
    Once drones are allowed en mass…how is anyone going to track them…not to mention…defend against bad actors/players!!!

    • Replace the word “drone” or “drones” with the word “gun” or “guns” and you’ll see the fallacy of your knee jerk reaction to regulate or ban them. Drones are simply tools or technology to leverage a previously limited ability in some area. If you ban or over regulate inexpensive drones, then only the government and large politically connected entities will have them. If your eyes were wide open, you’d realize that was the objective all along.
      Gov’t regulation of drones is exactly like gov’t regulation of guns. It is an attempt to take power away from the private citizen and small business in order to upset the balance of power.

  3. What the He’ll? “A squadron of drones flying in formation at night over 5 states for the past 2 weeks” and no one knows /admits what is going on ????
    And the FAA has been looking into the matter for over 18 months to consider if compulsory ID shud be implemented ???? Maybe after “something happens” they might get off their ass and do something! Typical bureauocrats – fire them all and start over.

  4. Shoot one down and you’ll be in court.
    Any law requiring transponders would have to be carefully worded to avoid excessive expense and weight penalty on our toys.

  5. Sounds creepy !!! Especially that many and at night. When you live in the country you see things differently. That said if it was a Gas Company I have no problem. We have seen so many different things since they came 10 years ago. Oh and before Anyone starts with me about Gas Company
    and Fracking and Pipe Lines we have seen first hand how it is done and I don’t give 2 Shits about it AMERICA FIRST >> I did always wonder if I could shoot down a drone if it was hanging over our place ???!!!! They do Creep me out.

  6. Much of what’s been said is true. It seems though, with all this understandable worry & hub-bub that there be some law enforcement inquiry in it. Looking for illegals, kidnap victims, criminals, makes some sense, but those would still be gov’t activities. If it’s a private enterprise & legal activity, it should be reported in advance to local authorities who’d answer to people complaining that they know about this & have granted a controlled limited time & location(s) permission.
    Other than that & with no answers:

  7. Bill…the point is that with 1.5 million of them cluttering up the skies, maybe they shouldn’t come under the same rules as a little R/C Piper Cub

    • Bruce your little Piper cub is counted into that. Anything that fly’s with a remote operator is considered a drone by the faa.

      These have been widely reported to be fixed wing fwiw.

      Also for the shoot them crowd it’s a federal offense to shoot any air craft. There are many manned Air craft that the faa does not monitor.

      In my experience many people assume anything in the air that the can’t clearly see us a drone. so it is a dangerous situation to shoot at anything in the air

  8. If you think drones are a problem. wait til’ you hear about my problem: Several times a month , this last summer, I had 4 engine propeller planes flying over my house , about 200 feet above the ground. Their flight path makes me think they originated from Cincinnati and possibly landed in Terre Haute . There were always two of them flying one after the other. No markings that I could see. I did complain to the FAA. I never did learn what they were transporting or why they had to fly under the radar. They seem to have stopped as the weather turned cold.

  9. Does it matter???
    They’re not malicious, or interfering with any other businesses. They’re not interfering with day-to-day operations of anybody. They’re staying out of everybody’s way and operating only at night. Again does it matter??

    • HELL YES, IT MATTERS!!! Every land owner needs to know and care what the hell is going on. What is their mission? Are they dropping toxic shit on us? Are they transporting contraband? You better care what goes on around you, or you will wake up one day to a scene you’d wish was only a bad dream.!!!

    • That’s what I’ve been saying…whoever is flying those things I’m sure has no business or approval “peeking” into people’s windows…as we say down here in South Louisiana…”CHOOT ‘EM!”

  10. Isn’t the UN trying to over take some property in Colorado or Arizona. Could it be them? Or how about the abandoned air field that Apple supposedly took possession of? Just asking.

  11. Why not require some sort of ID which is open to all. If there is no response to an inquiry then they would serve as training targets for any military aircraft, this would give fighter pilots practice and wouldn’t cost the military anything except for expended ammo.

  12. Could be ICE checking for Islam camps that are trailingbkids for combat. There are women in the US that they found already lots of mountains to his in.

  13. This country sucks. Come on these guys were probably doing this to spook the locals who may think they saw an UFO. I would like to have drone that could drop a small package. Like dropping firecrackers down chimneys when a fire is burning.

  14. Drones?! A new alternative to claiming they are all just ‘weather balloons’, right?! It’s Colorado, which is one of the biggest UFO hotbeds in the U.S. Just the Denver Airport alone has UFOs sighted almost every week and all the esoteric structure to the Denver Airport only adds to the conspiracy theories. Look up “Denver Airport” + “occult symbolism”. Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona are all UFO hotbeds as is Colorado for odd objects flying at night. Hey, maybe its President Trump’s new Military Branch, The ‘U.S. Space Force’, conducting operations, right?! Look up “Solar Warden” for more stuff we are not supposed to know about or dare ask about.

  15. why do they think they’re even drones and not something else. there are no confirmed pictures except for distant video which proves nothing…Now all this hub bub has caused new restrictions on the public. It’s not illegal to fly drones by the way

  16. I’m with John R. Day. If it seems to be looking at you or your property & it’s close enough – shoot it down. Maybe try the Sheriff first time to see if it’s some Law enforcement search. Your neighbors cattle from miles away probably are not in your barnyard.

    • But with drones and RFID chips on/in your property (cows) it’s much easier to find lost/stolen cattle than looking for them in your 4×4 or on horseback. 50 years ago, in Doris, CA (near Oregon), I had 6 guys on horseback, with guns, ride up my driveway looking for their missing cows. I couldn’t help them, but my attention to signs on fences in the area — Trespassers Will Be Shot On Sight — got real serious after that.

  17. Easy. Just shoot them down, then we’ll find out who’s behind them. They must be up to no good if flying multiple drones after dark without transponders or identification.

    • DUH, drones don’t have transponders as they’re not planes nor are they required to have identification as they are considered a hobby, like model gas powered planes. FCN IDIOT


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