What Swedish Towns Are Having To Do To Accommodate Migrants Is Beyond Shameful

(Tea Party 247) – One fact of reality that liberals don’t seem to grasp when it comes to the whole idea of just allowing immigrants to waltz right into the country is that the vast majority of them would require welfare assistance, including food stamps and medical care, in order to survive. There aren’t enough jobs to go around for Americans as it is. Just imagine when thousands upon thousands of people enter into the country?

To make things worse, the left doesn’t seem to understand the idea of scarcity, something the free market system takes into account and helps us to manage. We don’t have endless amounts of money to spend on caring for immigrants. Eventually, we’d run out and have to make cuts to programs that are necessary for the support of our country’s infrastructure.

This is a lesson Sweden is learning as towns all across the country are having to cut basic services in order to support migrants.

Here’s more from Infowars Europe:

Many municipalities across Sweden will be reallocating funding and slashing basic services in order to cope with the flood of state-dependent migrants, according to a new report.

A survey conducted by SVT Nyheter found that 8 in 10 municipalities will be “forced to save” in the coming year and half plan to cut assistance for the disabled and family care as their economies suffer.

“The situation is strained, and we are now forced to take some effort after the council has decided on a new budget for 2020,” said Göran Eriksson, city manager of Bengtsfors.

“I think there are two reasons. We have been generous and received many new arrivals, but basically it is also a demographic problem. We have an aging population and the municipality is shrinking.”

Bengtsfors faces a budget deficit of SEK 25 million (~$2.6 mil), which it hopes to bridge by dialing back social services and maintenance costs.

“In order to reduce their expenses … an LSS housing and a daily activity for the mentally disabled will be closed down, 2.5 million less will be given to preschools, reduction of student health care, review the number of playgrounds, reduce street lighting by 20 percent, let it snow more before paving the roads, and also reduce politicians’ wages by five percent,” Fria Tider reports.

Bengtsfors is just one of many Swedish municipalities facing budget crises after taking in large numbers of welfare-dependent migrants from the Middle East and Africa, which in turn is driving out native Swedes and eroding the tax base, as Infowars Europe has reported.

For example, Filipstad, a locality in south-central Sweden which had only about 6,000 residents as of 2010, now reportedly boasts a population of roughly 10,000, including some 2,000 “overseas” migrants, at least 80 percent of whom are unemployed.

In Vilhelmina, officials recently proposed closing a local school in order to account for budget gaps after the Migration Board reduced assistance to the city in the amount of roughly $4.2 million, prompting the outrage of parents.

While it may seem noble to want to help all of the folks who want to come to America — and who can blame them for wanting to come here? It’s the greatest nation on the planet — it’s simply impossible to sustain the finances needed to provide assistance to migrants wanting to enter into the United States.

We are required by the laws of nature and God to be good stewards and manage our resources well so that we can survive and thrive as a society. That doesn’t always mean things will be fair. Life isn’t fair. We can only do so much. It’s not cruel to stop helping outsiders in order to sustain the lives of those who are members of our culture and society.

Now if only liberals could understand that, we’d been much better off.

Source: europe.infowars.com/swedish-municipalities-slashing-basic-services-to-fund-migrant-flood/


  1. The liberals who don’t understand this are the low level foot soldiers such as the antifa thug or the deluded young college student.

    But the liberals at the top – the bankers who make money out of thin air to spend on remaking the world so that everything else is subservient to finance, and everything else in creation is bent towards making them richer – they understand it very well.

    But they are committed to destroying America as it has ALWAYS been the biggest stumbling block to the realization of their centuries long dream of dominating the world.

    America is truly the last best hope for humanity and those who understand this rally around our President to protect him from the money changers. Some have accepted their 30 pieces of silver and turned on the President to sing a false song in exchange for a grubby dinner. They have their reward.

    But for us the only acceptable reward is the rebirth of freedom in America after this long night of liberal wickedness and it’s spread around the world as other nations see the explosive progress that a commitment to freedom unleashes.

    We will truly then again be a shining city on a hill and a beacon to lovers of freedom.

    Make America Great Again.

  2. The richest Muslim nation Saudia Arabia needs to take in more refugees or send relief funds. Oh! Did we really think they would? What a joke. Meanwhile the West gets these Mussies shoved down their throat with the “guilt complex” to go along with them….like it’s all our fault.

  3. Term limits for Senators and Congress. No pensions
    Get a job! All laws and programs passed into law apply
    to Congress too- no special plans for them.
    Go after the gangs and cartels.
    No sanctuary cities or states.
    Roll back all budgets 5 percent a year.
    Line item veto for all bills to eliminate pork.

    • Amen and Amen! All laws and programs passed into law should apply to congress. Fancy Nancy needs to get her head examined along with the other democrats in congress. Let them tear down the walls and gates around their own places and let some of the immigrants from south of us live where they do. I agree with everything you have said!

  4. It is interesting that the Evil Christian Countries are taking in the Muslim refuges while the peaceful loving Muslim Countries are rejecting the refuges because they believe in a different form of Islam. The peace loving wonderful Believers of Islam are turning their back on their own kind and forcing them to flee to the evil Christian Countries.

    • That’s part of Islamic goal for world domination and it’s working. Refugees are infilTRATORS within host countries and Saudis help fund that effort. They have other goal than domination. Of course, once they out-populate host countries and gain power, it’s all about “culling” out the infidels. Welcoming and embracing them is self-suicide. They love and embrace the most brutal ways of killing without any mercy. History does not lie.

  5. I keep thinking people will come to their senses before it’s too late but articles like these prove I’m probable wrong. dem/leftists’ just refuse to see it and msm refuses to report what’s happening in other countries.

  6. ……..and so it goes. Politicians don’t care. As long as they keep being elected it will only get worse. They’re coming fr you; you’re next!

  7. Send them all back. It will be cheaper and safer. As Marlene said, cut the politicians’ paychecks before eliminating social services or closing programs down. THEY caused this, let them pay for it.

  8. This the reason there imagination laws. They were put into place to control the numbers coming in, disease control, keep criminals out, to allow time for assimilation, to bring in people who can contribute and have have established sponsors to help the migrates adjust and assimilate to our culture. Many came in under this system and most were proud to become Americans. Allowing mass uncontrolled migration only brings what you see today, Higher crime rates, higher unemployment, a major strain on our welfare system ( right now the cost is more than the taxes coming in to pay for it ), and only adds to our national debt ( which more than we can pay back). We can start to fix this by voting all those that push for open borders out of office or take a page out their book and impeach them. As in the case of Sweden remove the influence of the royal family and put the government in the hands of the people and and allow them to decide. It was the Royal family that decided to allow mass ingratiation into there country.

  9. All politicians should be made to 1: give up 5% of their salaries to help build the wall
    and 2: be made to house, clothe , feed, shelter and educate at least 3 full immigrant families in their own homes!! for 5years! Lets see how fast they can re-vamp the laws to help themselves!

  10. the Swedes are getting what they asked for….the daughters raped….their wives raped…their child gang attacked by the Muzzie scum they embraced…..LIVE WITH IT….you got what you asked for!!!!!!

  11. The globalist solution is, when faced with societies that reject them, to simply open the borders and swamp those formerly free western societies out of existence with massive uncontrolled immigration. The new arrivals will of course be ignorant of many things about the existing societies they are displacing, and will be happy to vote for all of the impossible promises of the left, with no understanding of how they are collectively being used as a demographic weapon.

    This is known as “weaponized demographic genocide” and it appears to be working rather well in all the western nations. Including right here in the U.S., at least until Trump came along and managed to get elected based largely on his campaign promises to gain control of the borders, and to sensibly limit immigration numbers to long term sustainable levels. As several recent polls now show, the democrat party is losing their monopolistic grip on blacks and other American minorities, and this is a change long predicted and expected. Thus their existential need to import massive numbers of NEW illegal “democrat voters” to replace all of the American minority voters they are increasingly losing. For the left this is a case of “do or die.”

    This is why the left is so suicidally committed to open borders / massive illegal immigration, along with the total rejection of any logical attempts to keep our elections free and fair with simple solutions like Voter ID. For the patriotic right this is simply about preserving the American culture as defined by the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Federalist papers (which you really should study). For the left this is about their ability to seize and retain total power, and secure national borders are literally an existential threat to all of their leadership’s dreams of a new global socialist world order, with them in charge, of course.

    The vicious circle is now complete: The more that desperate leftist leadership pushes for massive illegal immigration in order to replace all of the American minority voters they are losing, the more American minorities see how they are being so callously replaced, and are thus leaving the democrat party in ever greater numbers. Around and around they go, spiraling ever downward.

    So in a nutshell, it is no longer a case of Republican versus Democrat, it is now quite simply American versus anti-American, for the left has clearly decided that it would be better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven, and so hell on earth is what they intend to create with open borders and a new global socialist world order. They will either rule this country with an iron fist or burn it to the ground. Expect ever increasing violence as Trump is reelected, and the left is simply unable to contain their collective rage at being rejected by a “We The People” that is not nearly so stupid as the left mistakenly likes to believe. Americans have seen the “man behind the curtain” pulling all of the propaganda levers of power behind U.S. corporate media, and he is an angry old lily white liberal democrat socialist, intent upon their destruction.

    ***** TRUMP 2020 *****

  12. Democrats led by Schumer, Pelosi, Shift, Waters, Warren, Feinstein, and mentally deficient Bernie, and Joe, plus all the Governor’s who declared Sanctuary cities and States are totally out of their minds and out of touch with reality, they don’t have a clue what the Constitution is all about, or our freedoms, and liberty for all is all about, . It doesn’t mean all non citizens or law breakers being rewarded, Our Constitution Was written for all Americans, and no one else. Especially Illegals breaking the law.

  13. Simple fact: Nations are destroyed with Open Borders Policy. Today, right now, every nation allowing for unlimited immigration has been or shortly will be unable to provide services for mass immigration. England, France. The United States, Mexico, all of Europe – name it! Socialist nations don’t have that problem because they kill the people they don’t want. Our Socialist Democrats want our nation destroyed and remade into a “Fidel Castro” Cuba.

  14. America has to STOP all FREEBIES! no free food, no free housing, no free medical care, no free housing! NO FREEBIES & send these people back to whatever country they came from! America can’t feed, house, clothe, educate the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! AMERICA HAS TO TAKE CARE OF AMERICANS FIRST! these people aren’t “refugees”! these people are coming to Europe, North America & all other free countries to take over these country for Allah! we have to STOP THE INVASION!
    “Open our eyes, ears & hearts to the evil that’s spreading over whole wide world. trying to take countries over for all! JESUS please give us guidance to overcome satan! I love You, JESUS please draw all Christians back to You please JESUS! AMEN!

  15. When is the deaf, dumb and blind Democrats going to get their heads
    out wherever and start reading and listening to what is happening to the
    people who have been freely allowing the immigrants into their countries.
    Take a look at Britain, Sweden, Norway even Germany. All of the European
    nations are having rough time because of the immigrants coming in illegally.
    Wake up fools.

  16. Keep ALL intruders out. Done giving up my rights for non citizens. They’ve destroyed the dumbass socialist UK. Government fools need to be hung and Countries taken back!

    • Got that right! We admit more legal immigrants than any other nation on Earth as it is, and we can’t take care of our own either, already! Invaders have cost us over $250 Billion this calendar year already, on top of the $20 Trillion dollar debt! It’s time to stop!

    • Send them home! He NEVER advocated or supported lawbreakers; He forgave them their sins, but did NOT remove the legal consequences of their actions! Neither did He ever ask others to deprive their families or neighbors in order to provide for such as these Invaders!

  17. Unfortunately our elected officials only want more migrants in order to get persons who will vote for them because those politicians will take care of them. They really don’t care about the long term consequences.

    • the reason they cite is that their populations are shrinking because native women refuse to have children. They think one person is exactly like another so they import muslims that are nothing like the original population. If they want more children they should just import more women willing to bear and raise children.

  18. Lack of money is never a problem for our Democrats, socialists, racists, communists, intellectuals and other scum an low-lives of our former free society; just print some more!

  19. Why have them here in the first place if you have to support them. They will never assimilate. Want us to change to their ways. Take care of our own first. Liberals are out of control. No commonsense or intellectual thinking whatsoever.

  20. It’s all about the almighty dollar, morality, humanity has nothing to do with it. Anyone in an authoritative position, just like any office worker, must answer to someone in a higher position who also answers to someone in a higher position. If anyone of these do not perform as “requested”, they lose their job and their income. Economies the world over have the same problem. Most people are lemmings and follow without regard to morals, but do what they are told regardless of the consequences.
    So, 99% of workers just basically take orders even if they are “supervisors”, managers, or whatever. It is the 1% at the top who actually dictate orders all the way down the line, and those are the evil forces that run the world. We have been infiltrated throughout the world by globalists who want to rule the world, and cut population by more than half, and their plan is in full swing. You can call them Communists, Socialists, Oligarchs, or whatever, it matters not one bit. Unless people wake up and become responsible and self-reliant and aware of outside and evil forces that oppress and hinder humanity’s advancement, we will die a terrible death. It’s coming for sure.

    • They are corporate globalists who will weaponize anything they can to pursue their hideous agenda, which is the complete and total control of the Earth’s resources and all its people….got it?

      In another time and age they would have been known as Bolsheviks or Communists. Now they are known as corporate globalists….one world governance advocates with that governance being administered by elitist bureaucrats appointed by the mega multi-national corporations and Western private central banks. Sounds like real democracy there, huh??

      What do you say, do you think Don Lemon and/or Wolfie B. would ever tell you the unvarnished truth, like what I just did??

  21. I think that these “IMMIGRANTS” need to be sent back home or COMPLY with SWEDISH Law . . . NO exceptions. They need to get jobs and assimilate. OR, ship them BACK to their country of ORIGIN – NO exceptions! This NONSENSE has GOT to stop! Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

    • They look like Syrians mostly. Syria is back under Assad’s control and fairly stable.

      Why not send them back??? Syria need as much manpower as it can get to rebuild its country that the corporate globalists/Deep State nearly destroyed via the creation, financing and resourcing of Al Qaeda and ISIS…..FACT!!

  22. we need to draw a line and say enough is enough. i look at it this let every demowit, libturdl, socialist and commie take in a few of these illegals home with them and provide them with food, clothing, medical care and a roof over their head and be responsible for any crimes they commit. nutty nancy is a good example of hypocrisy. some illegals got unto her property and had them deported. she wants illegal here just not on her property.

    • Sounds like a comment from the ignorant section because there is NO WAY to get them in a big group to use a bomber to eradicate as you suggested.

    • buying bombers from Lockheed is defending our country. You think Lockheed shouldn’t have made bombers for WW2? You think the US doesn’t need to have equipment to defend our concerns?

  23. Either send them back/deport or make your own real citizens suffer things they do not deserve. This is liberalism at it’s very worst. The Swedes had better some stones or the government of Sweden will pay a huge cost politically.

  24. These FOOLS who let the uneducated/uncivilized/unworthy, “People” into their educated, civilized and safe country have , “Made their bed”, now they have to lie in it.

  25. Simply put: No one can feed 1,000 people with one Big Mac. I’m retired from the LAPD. I began working there in 1969. That was before there were any females working the streets, before the words Sanctuary City was used, police actually enforced Drug and Narcotic laws, before people slept in tents on sidewalks, just a better time. Oh yes, Reagan was the Governor as many Republicans were in the State Government. Coincidence?

  26. Sweden needs to close its borders and start Deporting the migrants and get the the Muslims out of the country’s govenment

  27. No country can take in endless amounts if immigrants. The US is having tremendous problems with all the illegals swarming in and getting better treatment than our veterans and seniors. We must close our boarders now, remove all illegals and only accept immigrants that have something to offer to make us a better nation. Just walking in is against our laws but the democrats don’t a dam

    • Dobie is right. Except that terrorism & mass immigration are tactics of war, particularly Islamic war. They go together. You are finished unless you go 180 now.

    • I agree! It used to be that immigrants had to prove ability to provide for themselves, (by family members, job, etc). Now they just come for the welfare!


  29. Inflammatory headline aside, this is a thoughtful article that addresses an issue that is important—how do we act on our better, more generous nature and welcome the stranger and also ensure that our neighbors’ needs are met.

    I don’t really have answers, but I do think that part of the solution is to ensure that those who have been living in our country for years, working, growing a family, generally participating in our society have a path to citizenship, do not have their homes raiding in the wee hours by ICE (as happened recently in Connecticut), etc.

    New arrivals present a different problem, but most of us now living in this country have ancestors who were immigrants, earlier or later, so let’s continue a civil discussion and work out something that achieves a balance.

  30. Europe would have been better off trying to figure out how to keep these folks back in their own countries instead of opening their door and letting them all in. Now what to do with all these “aliens” and try to get them to assimilate and be productive. Lots of luck. Like to old Fram filter company saying: “pay me now or pay me later”. Now, they are paying later in lieu of paying up-front and keep the illegals in their home countries. Not only is money a problem, but crime, murder, and rape are issues.

  31. As Europe is learning rather than thinking, every country cannot sustain beyond what the infrastructure has grown to naturally. Mass immigration bursts that infrastructure and resources run out quickly for all! Doesn’t ANY LIBERAL get that reasoning? I’m am appalled that democrats are so hypocritical with Trump when just the administration (and Congress) before was pushing border control and deportations! Clinton enacted the current process, Oblama built it and started it and Trump is continueing it. This is nothing new! Don’t believe mainstream media and the dipshit liberals now. Time to wake up!!!

  32. It’s a disgrace that politicians don’t care about the people who voted them into office, and then having them stab you in the back by showing more concern towards the illegal aliens who demands the same benefits that Citizens who has worked all their life paying into those programs. Where’s the logic in their reasoning by slowly destroying their economy and citizens rights & way of life? It’s an invasion to your country, so act like it and do the proper thing to protect it & not destroying it.

  33. We need to stop anyone and everyone from entering the country. The ones here illegally should all be sent back along with those born here to illegals. Then and only then only allow those who come and apply legally and can take care of themselves. Americans work hard to care for their families and should not have to support people coming to this country for handouts. Rather than leave the country they live in they should get together and take back their own country and their lives.

  34. Desperate immigration, hunger, climate change and current sacrifices are all related to just one thing….


    Experts have warned us for years about this problem. But if you have a large family you are only congratulated for being so selfish and dumb.

    • Duane Bowen. You are mistaken. Your ‘overpopulation idea is from 100yrs ago. Mass immigration is an act of war. You are financing your own extermination. Leftism preys on people’s altruism.

      Your governments are your enemies. Mass migration is an act of war instigated by your governments against you. That is what Leftist socialist governments, from Lenin & Stalin to Mao & Castro, do.

  35. That’s the plan of the UN…………to extinguish the wealth of all western nations before they implement their one-world government. Next, comes the elimination of 90% of the world’s population.

  36. What they aren’t telling you is many of these so-called immigrants bribed politicians to get in. Those politicians should be identified, tried and imprisoned.

  37. This article says all that needs to be said about the immigrant issue. It applies mainly to the illegals, but also to the ‘legals’ who cannot find suitable jobs. Generosity is noble and virtuous but it ceases to be so when then the indigenous population is deprived.


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