What Seattle Schools Are Doing To Students Without Vaccine Paperwork Is The Very Definition Of Fascism

(Tea Party 247) – We hear the word “fascism” thrown around a lot these days, mostly by liberal rags online that apply the term to anything and everything that goes against their warped worldview. However, most of the time, this term is misapplied, simply another “bad name” the left can toss about like the “racist” card in order to shame folks for holding to differing opinions.

Well, that’s not the case at all when applying the term to Seattle Public Schools and what they are doing to students who do not have vaccination records. These students will be excluded.

Here’s more from The Seattle Times:

After winter break, Seattle Public Schools will begin excluding students who don’t have complete vaccination records.

Starting Jan. 8, students without those records who show up anyway will be sent to a designated room at their school while their families are notified, said district spokesman Tim Robinson. That requirement means students need to have records showing they’ve received shots for illnesses such as polio, hepatitis B and the combined measles, mumps and rubella vaccine (MMR).

The district, with about 53,000 students, still doesn’t have immunization paperwork for 2,247 of them, said Robinson. The district sent letters to their families earlier this month. On Jan. 6, two days before the exclusion deadline, they will also receive a warning call.

In November, the district said its vaccination rate for students was about 88%.

Under state law, families are supposed to provide proof of exemption or vaccinations within a month of when school starts. But many districts, including Seattle, Bellevue and Lake Washington, have struggled with families not complying with the law, according to a report from the state auditor’s office. During the 2017-2018 school year, 14% of Seattle kindergartners were out of compliance. The report also found roughly 1 in 10 school districts didn’t supply the state with data about their vaccination rates at all.

A new law prohibiting personal exemptions for the MMR vaccines, combined with changes to the way school nurses input vaccine records, complicated things further this year.

Look, the underlying motive behind this is likely that they want to protect kids from getting viruses that they believe can be prevented through vaccinations. There’s not likely some evil intent behind this move, but like they say, “the way to hell is paved with good intentions.”

No matter how you cut it, forcing folks to do something that violates their conscience or beliefs in order to take advantage of a service they pay for with their own tax dollars is crossing the line. It’s big government intrusion at its worst.

If parents choose not to vaccinate their children, that is their choice. No one else’s. The government has no say over how someone raises their kids. God gave parents unique authority over their children and separated this authority from the government, giving them no say over matters such as this.

It’s insane to see this sort of thing happening right here in America. We should be better than this.

Source: seattletimes.com/seattle-news/education/seattle-schools-will-exclude-non-vaccinated-students-starting-jan-8-heres-a-list-of-free-immunization-clinics/


  1. i believe parents have the right to not vaccinate their kids. i have personally seen kids that are fine untill they get their shots then end up with autisum. im not saying the meds are bad just not right for every one. we are still concidered free people and the more government makes laws with out our knowledge the more is dont like them and wish they would retilre and get someone in their that listens to the people.

  2. No sympathy here. Everyone needs to be vaccinated. I had mumps, measles and chicken pox-no fun. I was born in time to receive the polio vaccine but lots of my friends older siblings had not. Polio is serious. Vaccinate all!

    • So the fact that very many people have horrible reactions to these drugs is unimportant to you. I and my daughter are just collateral damage in your eyes? You’re an idiot!

  3. Let me see, if 88% of students are already vaccinated, then that means only 18 out of every 100 students are at risk to those diseases. With 53,000 students, then only a little more than 6,000 people, TOTAL are at risk. You’ve narrowed the scope of rare, childhood diseases to a much more manageable number for healthcare facilities. Hooray, for the vaccinated. Since 88 out of 100 students, plus 100% of faculty, staff, and area healthcare providers, ostensibly, are vaccinated — what is the problem !? Exactly who will the 18 of 100 students going to infect, other than those 18 students (of each 100) who are not vaccinated?

    In my state, some 700 people died in auto crashes. The state says 68% were unbuckled. That means 224 followed the law–and still died.

  4. I no doubt am old and I remember in 1952 in grade school 2 kids that were in an iron lung because they had polio. I remember my mother saying with hope that the polio vaccine discovered by Dr. Jonas Salk would ease the miseries and anguish that mothers would be spared if it worked. It finally was eradicated and now with all these well educated people who know it all are going to take the chances with their kids who will be the ones that will eventually pay the price. If they don’t want to vaccinate the kids keep them home and home school them. Someday they may grow up to be morons like their parents.

  5. To go to public school in Chicago (a long time ago), you could not even come into the school unless you had all your shots. No polio at the time but they did require MMR.

  6. 10-15 years ago, we were truly protected by the herd immunity, because enough people were vaccinated to protect everyone. Now, with all the infected Illegals running around, that is no longer true.
    Dan Miller,
    While it might be nice to portion out your property tax payment by what it will be used for, not paying your property taxes could mean losing your house! Not a good idea!

  7. Here’s what Dr. Henry Kissinger says about vaccines:
    “Once the herd accepts mandatory vaccination, it’s game over! They will accept anything-forcible blood or organ donation-for the ‘greater good.” We can GENETICALLY MODIFY CHILDREN AND STERILIZE THEM- for the ‘greater good.” Control sheep minds and you control the herd. Vaccine makers stand to make billions, and many of you in this room today are investors. It’s a big win-win! We thin out the herd and the herd pays us for the extermination services. Now, what’s for lunch, huh?”
    Population Control!!! Agenda 21!! Bill Gates and his efforts…bullshit! It’s all about population control.
    To the person who had measles more than once….what if it wasn’t measles at all? What if it was a tiny single-celled parasite? What if doctors don’t test or treat parasites accurately? What if the antibiotic they always give you is part of the plan to make you sicker and control you? Sure you’ll feel better at first, but then what? Something to think about!

  8. Don’t we have to wonder why so many kids are sick with adult diseases? When I was in grade school, in the mid 60’s, we got around 5 or 6 vaccines. Now they give these kids the equivalent of 60 vaccines by the time they are 6. How does their small bodies handle all these toxins? They don’t! It manifests as disease.
    The public school system and the private school systems have a vaccine waiver for those that don’t vaccinate their kids. (Here in Michigan they do) They said mine would be the first to leave school if there was an outbreak. OK! I wouldn’t want her there if there was an outbreak. I told the school secretary, if it isn’t my kid that’s sick and all the others have been immunized, what’s the problem? The look on her face was priceless.
    Here’s an interesting tidbit from former Secretary of State and National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger:
    “Once the herd accepts mandatory forcible vaccination, it’s game over! They will accept anything- forcible blood or organ donation-for the “greater good.” We can GENETICALLY MODIFY CHILDREN AND STERILIZE THEM- FOR THE “GREATER GOOD.” Control sheep minds and you control the herd. Vaccine makers stand to make billions, and many of you in this room today are investors. It’s a big win-win! We thin out the herd and the herd pays us for providing extermination services. Now, what’s for lunch, huh?” (One sick bastard!!)
    He’s not a medical doctor! He supports POPULATION CONTROL! Vaccines are a part of it. It causes disease and dying! Some times it happens quickly and sometimes it doesn’t. Doctors aren’t trained in nutrition and health. They are trained to treat disease. Which equates to here’s your toxic drugs or sorry…we’re going to have to cut that out or cut it off!
    To the person who said they had measles twice after having the vaccine….what if it wasn’t measles at all??
    What if there are other pathogens that cause these problems/symptoms? What if they were caused by parasites? Tiny single-celled parasites in your blood going to every organ and gland and then the parasites are in every organ and gland….eating and pooping! Chronic bacterial infections? Can you say parasite poop? Disease of any sort can be caused by a parasite infestation!
    Doctors don’t test accurately for them. It’s generally not in their equation. When they do, it’s not accurate to test a tiny swab of poop from a 5 foot long colon. Parasites are effected by the cycles of the full moon. 4-5 days before one, they are more active. Eating pooping and reproducing. The following week their eggs hatch. Some are in the blood, some are in the lymph and some live in the intestines. With all of the blood supply to and from the colon, any egg can be transported around the body where it may find a place to grow. The cable program “Monsters Inside Me” is a good place to hear about these things. I don’t agree with everything they say, but it’s a good start. I can get rid of a parasite infestation in 3 months using natural solutions. They claim they can kill the beast’s eggs but not the beast. Really? Doctors know you expect some treatment from them when you go to one. So you will always get an antibiotic even if it doesn’t help your situation. That antibiotic kills all of the good bacteria in your intestines (where your immune system lives) Do they ever tell you to replace it with good bacteria? No because all the bad bacterial will take over and help create disease.
    Not long ago colon cancer was the number 2 killer in America, now it’s following a doctor’s plan of action with drugs and surgery. Crony capitalist cartel drug companies determine what drugs they will use on you. Now insurance companies are telling what you need and what you don’t need.
    Do your own research. Don’t believe in everything the medical model tell you. Last year in November even Wall Street spoke up and said “curing people is bad for business”!! It’s all about control and money!!
    People need to connect with their maker and nature, eat wholesome food, make sure you are eliminating, have happy thoughts and live a positive life. “Let your medicine be your food and your food be your medicine”~Plato
    Another reason they let Monsanto/Bayer flood the food supply with deadly toxins. To make you sick and die! Population control! God said “be fruitful and multiply” the Left says don’t have children and do as we say!!! I’m tired of their bs, I hope you are too! I hope this helps! In Jesus’ name God Bless the people of Earth.

    • You are right on

      FYI – you can still get the disease even if you are vaccinated. Read the fine print.

      Example – flu shot. Says it MAY lessen the flu duration or symptoms.

      Measles – same thing. Most people that have had measles lately have been vaccinated. NOTE – true immunity for measles, mumps and chicken pox is to actually have them. A shot does NOT make you immune.

      And FYI. The flu shot is only 9% effective this year. They don’t even know what flu strain it is yet they are in a big hurry to give shots for it.

  9. As children, my wife and I were both vaccinated, my son was vaccinated…but, the vaccines were manufactured in America back then. Once Obama contracted with companies “overseas,” I would have to think twice before getting a child of mine vaccinated. I have never gotten the flu shot and will never get one…not by choice.

  10. There are many people with altered immune systems who would die if they got one of these diseases and can’t take the vaccination due to that same reason

  11. Parents may immunize or declare an exemption from immunization, so there is no reason for a child to be excluded from school. It is simply a matter of parents being responsible and filing the appropriate paperwork with the school. However, choosing not to immunize is the epitome of selfishness. They rely on everyone else to provide the herd immunity to keep their unvaccinated child disease free. They place children with medical conditions who do not have the “luxury of choosing not to vaccinate” at greater risk of disease. They place the elderly, pregnant women and newborns at risk. If missing a day or so of school to get the necessary paperwork on file is so upsetting, then imagine the days the unvaccinated will miss from school in the event of an outbreak. One must wonder if these parents would relent and vaccinate to get the child back in school or if they would hold true to their ill-founded belief (pun intended) and wait through the final case’s incubation period for clearance to return…

    • Exemptions are being outlawed. Religious exemptions also. Already happened in NY and CA – working on other states right now. They are turning doctors into medical board for writing them. So they are trying to stop them on all fronts. Nationwide push.

      In CA and NY, they have written laws that they can forcibly come into your home, destroy property, force vaccinate, quarantine and also CPS can come take your kids. Can you say Nazi Germany all over again?

      Next are the adults and it’s already in the works.
      Your health records will be tracked by your new Real ID license.

      Wake up and raise up! Don’t fall for the main stream media lies. They are in bed with big pharma.

    • Not totally true.

      There’s a big movement to get rid of exemptions – all exemptions. Personal, religious and medical exemptions.

      Doctors are being turned into the medical board for writing them.

      Already done in CA and NY. And CPS can come get your kids if you don’t comply. Or if there is a ‘breakout’ (breakout defined at 3 people) you can be quarantined, forced vaccinated, property seized and kids taken away and possibly jail time.

      Look up CA bills SB276/277, AB262.

      The Nazis are here.

    • My son Stephen had his MMR shot and immediately began crying and died that night!
      Do your extensive research on this subject… dare you!

    • My child had a stroke 1 day after the MMR shot and now has brain damage. Was the shot worth the risk of not getting measles? NO! It was not.

    • If it’s the law and you don’t care for the law, work to get it changed. Vote for those that do things the way you want or don’t want. But trashing the school due to the in forcing of laws doesn’t chang anything.

    • How can you dare expose vaccinated children to diseases that were no existent, … now thanks to people like you idiots other people’s kids die because you are too stupid or liberal to protect your child. It should be considered negligence!! I’m in health care! I have read the studies!!!!

    • @Dana – what studies are those? Please let me know. I’d love to read.

      Currently there are NO 3rd party independent studies done on vaccines.

      If you are talking about ‘studies’ done by big pharma- those are promotional propaganda, not studies. There is a big difference.

      Drs and nurses are paid drug/vaccination pushers. They are bonused for the quantity of vaccines. Ninth by the manufacturer and insurance companies.

    • @Dana – what studies?

      There is NO independent third party study on vaccines. WE are the study.

      If you are talking about manufacturer ‘studies’ those are brochures to sell the product. Big difference.

      Where there is risk there should be choice AND informed consent. Vaccines are a medical RISK. Even on the inserts it states that.

  12. I have followed the course of the debate about vaccines for many years. While the arguments tend to wind around many issues, the basic counterpoint is public health vs. individual freedom. What seems most often to be subsumed by emotion, moral outrage, righteous indignation, ad hominem, and hyperbole is the concept of responsibility, which accounts not just for one’s own welfare, but that of others as well. Law itself is founded on the notion, as you soon discover if you read enough Plato. There is also common sense, but that can be confounded by lack of trustworthy information, fears, ignorance, and yes, propaganda as well. The only remedy for that is reliable research and discernment. At one time, the villain in vaccines was deemed not to be the vaccines per se, but the additives/preservatives in them, particularly thimerosal, which is an organic compound that contains mercury (organomercurial) that prevents life-threatening microbial contamination and was used from the 1930’s until the 1992. It was feared as a cause of autism; however, incidences of autism increased AFTER it was discontinued as a preservative in childhood vaccines (most notably in Denmark), suggesting that this connection was incorrect. I venture to suggest that the cause or causes of autism remain undetermined and require continuing research, and demonizing vaccines that do not contain thimerosal as somehow toxic anyway makes little, if any sense. The matter of whether or not one should be inoculated for highly communicable diseases that also can kill you, such as measles, really isn’t and can’t be a strictly individual decision since contact with anyone who has no immunity to them places jeopardy beyond the individual. If one looks at the recent reemergence of horrific, ancient diseases in California in recent years due to abysmal public hygiene in overcrowded and filthy encampments, uninoculated individuals of various origins, and weak public health interventions, I think it is sensible to, shall we say, err on the side of reason and do what millions of citizens have done for almost 100 years and protect yourself and your children. Fascism? Is that rightfully posited as the appropriate synonym for communicable disease prevention, or is it a term designed to infect a population with something more sinister, such as malevolent propaganda?

    • Thank you for so cogently bringing reason and the ethical notion of public responsibility into this discussion. Bravo!

    • Thank you for your comment that reasonable people will understand and that anti-vaxxers will have a fit over if they even understand. Thimerosal (ethyl mercury and different from the mercury we know as toxic) was never a problem – it’s removal was a response to try and placate the irrationality of the anti-vaxxers.

    • Well stated! The hysteria concerning vaccines is misplaced and fomented by agitators, whatever their motives may be.

  13. The whole political system in va has been overthrown by the communist AKA Democrat party and for only one reason! How anybwhy fixing the election and I say that because 95% of the counties in va were just made sanctuary counties and with that in mind do you really believe the democrat communist really won the gov ship, the senate or the house Bull Nicky, this is Tyranny and it’s the duty of those who believe in the constitution, the bill of rights, the rule of law and especially for all who laid their lives down and on the line for this nation and when this Tyrant kills the 1st person their trying to disarm, it’s the duty per the 2nd ammendment to take those down obeying this guy and go for him and his family next then the corrupt politicians who are backing this! The 2nd ammubwasvwritten to protect us from Tyranny, if this is allowed to happen they will take whatever they want from you including your life for not goose stepping to their talk! God bless America!

  14. Here’s a fact that is not publicized. I was vaccinated as a child, late 50’s, early 60’s. I worked as a first responder, advanced life support Paramedic for 20 years. I was exposed to many diseases in this profession. Also, as a child, I had the mumps, chicken pox, and “German measles”, rubella. None of these 3 diseases is life threatening. Polio, small pox, etc is a different story. HOWEVER, as a medic, I contacted, and came down with the measles, rubeola. What I discovered at that time is these vaccines are only good for 25 to 30 years. If an adult comes down with these “childhood diseases, It’s 100 times more serious. They are called childhood diseases for a reason. Children can overcome these diseases with no issues. They are then as close to 100% immune from these diseases as possible. Back “in the day”, when one child got one of these 3, all the mom’s got the kids together and they then all had the illness. They were all then immune, truly immune. A 32 year old man with a fever well over 103 is a VERY sick person. I have no memory of 5 days I spent in bed, extremely sick. The “childhood” diseases should be treated differently than actual serious diseases. Polio, smallpox etc, yes, vaccinate. Measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, NO, that should be a parents decision. And yes, there is a controversy regarding reactions to the vaccines. It’s big pharma and the government that states asbergers and autism are 100% not possible from the vaccinations. How then do they explain at least 5% that had zero signs of autism, receive the vaccine, then within 6 months, show signs of autism. (my nieces son is a prime example of this). NO, schools have NO right to demand vaccines against childhood diseases that children have had for dozens of generations. The mumps are actually many times safer for children than the vaccine for it. From first hand experience, I would rather have had the measles as a 5 or 6 year old, than a 30 year old with a pregnant wife. BTW, to confirm the fact that these vaccines only last 25-30 years, very other medic and their families, every ER nurse and doctor had to be re-vaccinated, acknowleding the fact that these vaccinations aren’t lifetime immunizations. Every patient I came in contact with had to be contacted and offered to be re-vaccinated at the hospital’s expense, because I had an infectious disease as a health care provider, contagious for 3-5 days before showing any signs or symptoms of the disease. differentiate between benign childhood diseases, and truly serious, life threatening diseases. ALL who said measles, mumps rubella are serious or life threatening diseases have no clue what they’re talking about.

  15. When you think about it, the non-vaccinated students are only dangerous to other non-vaccinated students since vaccinated students should now be immune to whatever illness it protects you from. It seems to me if they choose to take the risk by not getting vaccinated it is their issue and not the governments.

  16. Do you feel it is “fascist” for the government to insist on one’s having car insurance or driver’s licenses or is vaccination the sole marker?

    • Government has made yourself too big and too powerful and has a stocked her nose into many things but everything they stick their nose into is not good for the country, as if it were it would not be involved.

    • You are comparing apples to oranges.

      Forced vaccination is exactly that, forced into your body.

      Having a car and insurance are elective.

  17. Parents need to fight back! It is OUR taxes that pay these school officials. They work for us, not the other way around! You should NOT be able to demand parents do anything that may harm their children. I DO believe there is danger in some of these vaccinations. Why do they put things like mercury and aluminum in them which are neurotoxins? Some even contain fetal tissue from aborted babies …talk about a SICK! NO WAY!!!

    Better to home school then put them into schools that teach just indoctrination nonsense. Insisting that you must comply to their will. SORRY THIS IS AMERICA …LAND of the FREE! We The People are not your slaves and you can NOT command us to do anything we consider immoral or evil.

  18. This article is wrong, no one has the right to expose thousands of children and their families to diseases that can easily be beat. If you choose to not vaccinate your child then home school should be your only option. The safety of the many should out way the ignorance of a few.

  19. Your wrong, if they don’t want their children to be vaccinated then go somewhere else. There were many measles outbreaks this year and as far as I know the ones with it were not vaccinated. Just consider measles was virtually wiped out until the last few years at least in this country and now it is coming back.

  20. This is unconstitutional and takes away our God-given rights over our own body and the bodies of our children. The Bill of Rights gives us authority also. The Nuremberg Code states that no one should be experimented upon without his/her consent. Where there is risk, there must be choice! There are many, many risks with vaccines as they contain mercury, aluminum, fetal baby cells, monkey cells, formaldehyde, all types of poison that the human body cannot handle. Many babies die after vaccines, children are maimed and sometimes die after vaccines, adults develop many problems and some die also after vaccines. Read the insert for each vaccine and learn what is in them and the risks. No one should be forced to have any foreign matter injected into one’s body without consent and there should never be any punishment by the state. Speak up now before it is too late! ,Will the unvaccinated be required to wear a yellow star on their sleeves? Will they be rounded up and sent to concentration camps? It could happen if you do not take a stand now.

    • YES!

      Violation of bodily autonomy, medical freedom, personal choice, religious beliefs and freedom and civil liberties. This is the NEW civil rights movement.

      Already done in NY in August. Happened in CA in September. Now Seattle.

      It’s real people. Coming for a state near you.

      And for all the people that love forced vaccinations, don’t worry…. your turn is coming soon. It’s just just for the kids. Adult mandates are in the works. And if not compliant, you won’t get your retirement, insurance and other things. All medical records tracking tied to that fancy new Real ID.

      Wonder if that changes anyone’s mind?! Always ok for kids but not adults. For those of you that think this is ‘not even close’ to the statements, you don’t know what is going on.

      But you’ll figure it out when you are forced to get flu shots and anthrax too. That’s just among the few listed as mandatory.

      WAKE UP

  21. You pro-vaccine folks should know the reason for their paranoia about vaccines. Go to YouTube and type in Bill Gates and vaccines. I have done considerable research and learned from credible sources Gates is almost maniacal about developing vaccines to reduce populations. He even conned UNICEF to use his vaccines in Africa. 500,000 females ages 15-35 got sterilized. His vaccines in India several years ago got his Foundation sued over deaths and cases on many children becoming autistic. I watch a video of Gates which I downloaded where talked to a very large audience about using vaccines to reduce world overpopulation. It’s all on YouTube. If that doesn’t make you legitimately paranoid about vaccines today, then nothing will. Parents who know these things have the DUTY to question mandatory vaccinations in today’s crazy world. Go look it up for yourself.

    • If you feel this way then maybe you are wrong on all fronts. Measles and polio were virtually wiped out until some of the immigrants came here from countries that only have enough meds for a few and not sll.

    • What is Bill Gates credentials for making all of these medical statements? There are laws in this country for the good of the people. There are choices if you do not wish to comply. As a school nurse for twenty seven years that law existed back in the eighties. We excluded students if they were not complete on all their immunizations. The minority does not rule in this case.

  22. Why jeopardize the health of the law abiding citizens to let the others do what they want? Calling this Fascism is over-reacting, don’t you think?

    • If 88% of the students are already vaccinated then what threat does the unvaccinated 12% pose ? The 88% are now immune – right ? So what’s the problem ? Think about it.

    • IF the vaccines worked. Then the un-vaccinated would only be a danger to the other un-vaccinated. Unless you are going to admit you don’t think they work. To answer your question, no. Calling this Fascism is not an overreach.

  23. Good for the school! I am sick and tired of kids not being vaccinated and posing a threat to people that have weakened immune systems!

    • If the vaccines actually work then the 88% that got the vaccines are good to go. The unvaccinated 12% would pose no problem unless there is another agenda at work. Use your brain.

    • I’m confused. If you have been vaccinated, why would you care if someone isn’t. Your vaccines are 100% safe and effective?

  24. Maybe I am missing something, but I understood they either had too provide copy of vaccines record or a letter of exemption. So both sides of the issue are covered.

  25. I agree with the schools and cannot call their demand for health safety fascism. Good heath should not be a question to parents. They should race to the doctors to have their children vaccinated so they won’t get horrible diseases like polio, small pox, measles, mumps, rubella etc. What parent wouldn’t want to protect their children from those? Not only that, with 2447 students unvaccinated, if one gets infected they infect all the others. That is not right. And notice, it isn’t the PARENTS who suffer, it’s their CHILDREN. Parents should go to jail if their kids come down with one of these. Fascism. Don’t be ridiculous. It’s about preventing kids from suffering.

    • Said the compliant sheep. If 88% of the students had the vaccine then how could the 12% of unvaccinated students possibly be a threat to them ? Listen to the illogical point you tried to make. If the vaccine is truly the be all end all then the 88% are good to go. Right ? Would you walk in to a doctors’ office and let them stick you with a needle and inject toxins in to your blood stream without knowing what you were being injected with ? Primerasol (Mercury) and aluminum ? (How Alzheimers got it’s name). Now imagine children that have no choice getting stuck with a live virus and toxic metals. Tell me that you’re OK with that.

  26. Seriously? So because some nitwit who opts to not vaccinate their kids and potentially create an epidemic is fascist? What a spin on words and definition. Then let’s do this, segregate those kids to a charter school until they comply or just get their education at the charter school! Done!

    • But, but the 88% of vaccinated kids are now safe from the virus – pray tell, how could they contract the virus from the 12% if the vaccine actually works – or maybe the vaccine doesn’t work or it’s not what they say it is. Listen to your illogical drivel.

    • An epidemic? So you don’t believe vaccines work? Using their numbers that is less than five percent. They are far more likely to die in a car than from a disease. But you already knew that didn’t you?

  27. The parents have a choice, don’t they? Vaccinate and educate, or home school, or go somewhere else. No, the govt. isn’t dictating the raising of your kids, anymore than it is when an airline steward tells passengers to buckle their seatbelts, or requires an eye exam before issuing a drivers license. Sometimes govt. authority is appropriate, and the vaccination issue is one of them.

  28. It’s insane people put other children at risk of getting these terrible desease by not vaccinating their own children.the position of this writer seems to be like the Demorats, their way or the highway. No vaccinations, time to homeschool. Many of these diseases we’re wiped out due to vaccinations and now they’re coming back due to the lames who don’t want to vaccinate their children. This is one agenda that I completely find wrong. Public School should be a safe place for all students. Let’s have a return of polio measles and all these deadly diseases due to the one percenters who believe vaccinations cause whatever it is that they suspect they cause. The great transgender issue everybody boughs to less than 1% of the population and it seems like the same thing with people who do not want to vaccinate that 1% wants to make everybody conform to them. Do not vaccinate is plain out stupid and ignorant. Trump 2020!!!! Or will be doomed

  29. These vaccines need to be taken for kids to be in school. Had 4 sons, all had to have shots to be in school. It’s good for all in the long run. That is how we go rid of polio.

    • and now we have polio and other previously irradicated diseases back again thanks to OBummer opening the door to ravaged disease infested third world nations in Central America. Fact. Polio was irradicated 60 years ago. Now it shows up in the US again – being imported from Central America – heard that they even have leprocy in L.A. Isn’t that a blessing.

  30. I’m not clear about why parents whose kids are vaccinated are worried about kids who aren’t vaccinated. If their kids are vaccinated, they are apparently protected so what is the concern?

    • Thank you, these people are idiots. IF YOUR CHILD IS VACCINATED THEY SHOULD NOT GET THE DISEASES, SO WHAT ARE YOU COMPLAINING ABOUT! Once you get measles, mumps, and rubella your are immune, I had them all and have no problems. Get over it and read all the information out there about all those lovely vaccines that have huge side effects that are worst than a few scabs,

  31. No where does it say the government is telling parents how to raise their kids, nor does it say that children need to be vaccinated to avoid any penalty or crime. The school district only says if you want your children to attend any of our schools, they need to be current on their vaccines. Period.
    Do you really think it’s safe to expose unvaccinated children to possible carriers of the very diseases the vaccines are meant to fight?
    If the parents are so against vaccinating their kids, they are free to find a school that doesn’t require getting vaccinated to attend classes. (Good luck with that). The school district has a civic duty to keep our children safe, be it from gunmen, bomb threats, natural disasters or disease, which is what they are trying to do.
    Their is ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF that vaccines cause Aspergers Syndrome, or that they will make children Autistic. The few that had a reaction already had Aspergers or were Autistic to begin with.
    I can only assume that the person who wrote the article was, themselves vaccinated and suffered no harmful effects.
    Look, if people don’t want their children to be vaccinated, that’s their right. But if they want their kids to attend school, then the school district has the right to exclude the ones that aren’t vaccinated to PROTECT EVERYONE.
    Doesn’t take much to start an epidemic. Look at what’s happening in Samoa. Practically everyone has small pox because one person came into contact with someone who was a carrier! People are dying over there because they don’t make sure that everyone has been vaccinated. You want that here?
    Like I said, the school district has the civic duty to protect those who attend their schools.

    • When the government threatens you for not getting vaccinated they aren’t concerned with your or anyone else’s health. Trust me. The government wants compliant sheep grazing in the fields and they are just doing the bidding of big pharma to further medicate this country. Autism is a direct result of overvaccination and introduction of mercury and aluminum in to the blood stream that breaks the thin blood brain barrier in young children. That’s why autism affects 1 in 60 children today while 30 years ago it was only 1 in 10,000. You do the math Einstein. Let me know when you wake up.

  32. If you don’t get vaccinated, thdn it is simple, you don’t go to that school. Get home schooled,
    You pay for many things with taxes and don’t see anything for your money. Unemployment insurance, disability insurance, fire protection, welfare, funds for the homeless, aid to foreign countries that take our money and then burn our flag and many more. So vaccinate the child or home school them at YOUR expense. So don’t say that just because you pay your taxes, your have earned the right to not comply with the vaccination policy at your school.

  33. I’m sorry to say, I disagree. This is not fascism. Right now, there is an outbreak of mumps in the tai-state area. When my children were young, they were not allowed to attend school, including college, unless their vaccination records were up-to-date. Measles were unheard of over the years, but they are back, along with TB and other diseases. We are allowing immigrants into our country not knowing if they are sick or not. I would not want to expose anyone, especially children, to these diseases when it can be avoided by vaccinations. I there is a valid reason not to vaccinate, that should be attended to prior to the child entering school.

  34. I disagree, after working in medical field for many years, vacines have eliminated many diseases, however now we are seeing a rise in diseases we once reduced to nothing. Why? Some from immigrants who don’t have vaccines, illegal’s too don’t get vaccines. And a rise of parents who believe crap on Internet demonizing vaccines. one pediatrician in France lost his license for claiming vaccines causes autism, research shows he was very wrong. If we want to assist kids with vaccines requirements send home a letter saying on specific date vaccines will be administered to students at schools expense on school property. That is reasonable as some can’t afford basic vaccines.

    • The French pediatrician was right – that’s why he lost his license. If you know anything about modern vaccines you’d know that the key preservative used to store vaccines is primerasol AKA MERCURY and ALUMINUM. Yup. The biggest problem that Big Pharma has with vaccines is shelf life – primerasol allows the live virus sample to survive longer hence saving Big Pharma BILLIONS. There’s that money thing again chiming in. Autism is a result of mercury and aluminum breaking the thin blood brain barrier in children whose immune systems haven’t yet fully developed. Fact. Ask yourself why it is that today, 1 in 60 kids are autistic while 30 years ago (before primerasol) it was 1 in 10,000 kids. Did the kids become autistic from eating twinkies ? LOL. The reason is smack in front of your face but you have convinced yourself that going with the herd mentality is a safer prospect – Goebbels would be proud. Baaaaa……

  35. Again, Deep State at work! Now, honestly, if vaccines were actually effective, a vaccinated person for flu should stand in a ward full of dying people of influenza without breathing mask. After all she/he is immune to that! What that person is afraid anymore? Still nurses, mandatory vaccinated at least for flu, are always wear a breathing mask while carrying for a patient with severe flu. Why?… I’ll let you think about it!…
    Now, as Bob Livingston says “no amount of broken viruses, or chemicals injected into your body can take care of your immune system more than what you put in your mouth”
    Want protection from flu? Eat food rich in Selenium and C vitamin! Or take supplements. Want that foggy on your brain go away ( well, not it’s from a party! then you need “the hair of the dog”), try some Lithium supplements ( Trump is using them). Feel soggy and irritated? Some Magnesium is missing.
    Remember now! The imbecile idea of vaccination started when big pharma emerged!
    Wonder how Human race did it so long without vaccines and didn’t go extinct?…

  36. Hopefully when they are old enough to decide for themselves, they will get vaccinated. People have forgotten how bad those diseases are.I pray the little kids dont experience an outbreak themselves.Stupid parrents!

    • ‘Hopefully when they are old enough to decide for themselves, they will get vaccinated’….duh – when they can control who’s sticking them with toxins like mercury and aluminum they’ll think twice and allow their immune systems to take over. These parents are the woke ones – not the 88% compliant sheep.

    • Listen how stupid your comment is – if your kid has been vaccinated then they are immune from other kid’s ‘germs’. Right ? Unless you don’t think the vaccine actually works then the whole thing is a non-issue. I think your kids’ biggest problem isn’t other kid’s germs – it’s illogical thinking parents.

  37. As a mother, grandmother, great grandmother AND A NURSE I would always recommend vaccines for children. I had all the childhood diseases w/o any problems except Chronic Bronchitis from Whopping cough, DPT first came out in 30’s and I had one shot before getting Pertussis (Whopping cough) a mild case due to the 1 shot. My aunt had Measles and almost died and was always a 5 YO mentally, We had a hard time with Polio, avoiding large crowds, no swimming pools, other group places, very boring summers.

  38. Cordon off an area for the kids have not had vaccines. Have a secure part of the Caf to allow those kids in. They also would need to find their own transportation.

    • How could your kids catch any of those diseases if they are vaccinated unless you don’t think the vaccines actually work ? Duh.

  39. Just like the government requires the ingredients in the food we eat they should require a list of the ingredients in each vaccine given to the parents.

    • You can get those in many ways. Ask your child’s doctors. Ask the manufacturers of the vaccines. Do a google search.
      I just hope you are not an autism believer. Autism can be very bad. It also can strike anyone. Vaccinated or not.

  40. WRONG>>>>>
    We have ample proof of what comes over our Southern Border, brought by parents too stupid to know what is good and fighting against the entire idea. NOT BRIGHT THINKING>

  41. Vaccinations have been killing & disabling children & adults for 100 years now. The medical dictatorial monopoly & the media collusion in this atrocity is fascism by definition, & it is communistic, both are socialist dictatorships in force for 100 years now. It is long past time to stop it.

    • Oh please. The benefits of vaccines outweigh the costs by millions. The numbers that you are talking about are very small. Plus those people had to have underlying conditions.

  42. I’m old enough to remember when the vaccines didn’t exist and kids suffered and died with diseases that can now be prevented. Have you ever seen a child in an iron lung or hear one with whooping cough? It’s a hard call, but I wouldn’t want an unvaccinated child to be in daily contact with my vaccinated child.

    • Your child is “protected” so what is your problem? More are being killed, maimed & disabled by vaccination than not. The lies that are perpetrated in schools & media about the benefits of vaccination abet the atrocity for profit to the fascist crony cspitalist medical drug cartels.

  43. With the massive influx of people from all over the world illegally crossing our borders and bringing every disease known to man with them, why would anyone not want their child protected as well as possible. As far as I’m concerned Seattle is an anti American Socialist cesspool, however, child protection by immunization is absolutely necessary.

    • The vaccinated children are protected! The fascits want every child “protected” & that is the fascism right there. What are you afraid of if you are protected? Where is your brain? Brainwashed that’s where.

  44. Good for Them! Parents Who don’t have Their children Vaccinated DON’T have the Right to Place other Parents children in Danger. If They CHOSE to place Their children in Danger by not Vaccinating that is on Them, and They can Home School. Whenever a child Dies of a Preventable Disease who wasn’t Vaccinated the Parent(s) also need to be Charged with Manslaughter and Child Abuse!

    • Ok spoken stupidity, enough with the hyperbole. James Howard has reminded us several times that the children that are vaccinated are protected, therefore only unvaccinated children are in danger. But, you are stuck on a 3rd grade mentality. Because the counter argument to your silly ending statement is that whenever a child dies from a vaccination the parent AND the medical provider AND, well, you, need to be stuck against a wall and shot. Take that, buffoon. Actually i’m all for vaccination, but when I see someone saying idiotic things I just have to slap you upside the head.

  45. Whoever wrote this story is a looney socialist. The good of the masses do not get usurped by the few, kind of like the queers and steers group telling 98% of the population to get on board and it’s “Our Way or the Highway” and we have to accept everything they do or they phucing sue the crap out of you. Either get your kids vacinated or Home School them which is probably better than sending them to the indoctrination blocks the Leftists have set up to brain wash your kids.

    • YOU are exactly correct….This writer is incorrect and has a quite warped way of analyzing a problem.]The MAJORITY have abided by the requirements and those who are trying to buck it are putting others in jeopardy.
      That is their BAD and is deserving of being corrected. Too bad if they don’t for some goofy reason want to comply, that should not put others in harms way.
      NO MONEY>>>>>I’d bet they have money for cell phones for all family members….what CRAP.

  46. That’s one idea out of Seattle that I like. When I went to school in the ’50s each child was supposed to have all their shots, it helped prevent wide-scale break out of measles, chicken-pox, and mumps. Parents who refuse to get their children immunized are putting them at risk as well as the other students around them.

  47. I can agree with parents rights, however, when it comes to the health and safety of all the kids in school there are certain vaccinations that should be required if they are to participate in the community with the others. Going back to the 50’s, there was no option, you either got vaccinated or you didn’t go to school with other children.
    We are starting to see polio and measles making a comeback now because of allowing options to placate the few at the expense of the many. Let’s keep the big picture in mind.

  48. I was young a very long time ago. I remember getting vaccinations at school, but ONLY with the permission of my parents. Yes, polio, mumps, measles, etc. were virtually wiped out but there were still many children who weren’t vaccinated because of their parents’ beliefs. The truth, as I see it, is that if every other child has been vaccinated and a few haven’t, who are they going to affect? Themselves; they will be the ones who become sick. Vaccines don’t work with everyone either; I had the MMR but got the mumps 2 x… something doctors said was impossible…they were wrong. Ultimately it comes down to personal freedoms and personal beliefs and a freedom to choose. Until the school districts pay for EVERYTHING for a child, I don’t believe they have any say in whether or not a child should be vaccinated.

    • HEY >>>>>They can affect OTHERS….whoever and wherever they are. We all live in a SOCIETY….very young children can be very susceptible….not even in school yet and likely not yet vaccinated….FOLLOW THE RULES or go buy an island someplace and
      corrupt it with all kinds of disease.

    • Since when do the schools pay for anything? It is we the taxpayer’s who pay for educating the children! Just look at your property taxes and see how much is taken out to run these public schools so they can indoctrinate your kids into the liberal way of thinking! AND YOU PAY FOR IT!

  49. I think it is outrageous for an agency of government to force vaccinations on children. That decision belongs to the parents. As a parent I have every right to look out for my children’s best interest. This needs to be changed and vaccinations are to be decided by the parents.

    • Wrong! When you don’t vaccinate your kids you put mine in danger and shame on you for not protecting your kids! Measles, mumps, chickenpox, polio and whooping cough all used to be common. I remember if someone had any of these a warning sign was posted on your door and you were not to leave your home until everyone was fine again. Now you hardly ever hear of any of these diseases because of the shots that have been developed to protect us!

  50. I agree that parents should have the right not to have their kids vaccinated, however that does not give them the right to send their kids to public school without the vaccinations. If you believe it is OK to send children to school without vaccinations then I guess you think it would be OK to send him to school with fleas, Bedbugs, leprosy or any other kind of contagious disease. Does that make me a fascist?

    • Actually sending your kids to school when they are sick is wrong. But that has nothing to do with vaccinations. Unfortunately schools, especially high schools encourage kids to go to school when the ARE sick, infecting others. They threaten parents who want to keep their kids home because if they are out more than 10 days in a school year they could loose some funding. Follow the MONEY! Same with vaccines …Follow the money! Then you will understand why the big push for making it a LAW to be vaccinated. No one should be forced to do this.

  51. Disagree, allowing children that can contract some of these very dangerous illnesses into a group setting where people do vaccinate their children because they do not want to risk serious illnesses or death is not fair to the people Protecting their children. If some people choose to risk getting these illnesses then they choose to have their children separated. I believe it is a choice and if that’s what they want to do it’s fine but I made another choice and it is not fair to me for them to put my child at risk.

    • I am seventy four and I remember when I went to school you had to show your shot records before you could attend. If they were not up to date then your parents had to get those shots done before you could attend. I don’t see a problem with this, it is to protect your kids and the other kids they are in close contact with. We had measles gone from the United States until we had started letting kids from other countries go to the public schools without these shots. Now we have measles returning! As a kid I had measles, chickenpox, whooping cough and mumps, this was before these shots were required now you hardly ever hear of anyone having them, why? Because of these shots! Polio was common then and now it is not heard of either. Be grateful that we have the ability to be able to protect our kids this way! The shots are safer than not being protected. I would rather take the slim chance of the shot causing a problem than coming down with any of these I remember whooping cough was not fun and I was only about four years old then and I still remember it and how sick I was..

    • Sorry, but if you vaccinated your kid then how are they at risk from someone who was not vaccinated. That does not make any sense what so ever!

  52. Wrong!!! An unvaccinated kid puts the others at risk! If you want to live like 3rd world people, move to a 3rd world country!

    I am hard core Republican.
    TRUMP 2020

  53. Growing up I watched America literally put an end to measles and other diseases by insisting Americans be vaccinated. I’ve always made sure my child’s vaccination records are up to date and if he is sick at ALL I keep him home, not to baby him but to protect OTHER children. I hear people say “but I have to work”. Well I have to work too but the fact of the matter is that OUR CHILDREN COME FIRST. Also, if YOU are sick you have no business going in to work either.

  54. Sorry, your short- sighted views do not trump the health of the community. I think you should home- school your darlings.

    • Hey, idiot! If vaccines work so well, and your junior idiots are already vaccinated, why are you so afraid about those who refuse it? No matter what virus somebody brings to the table, once you’re vaccinated, you’re in an iron armor! Right?!…

  55. Then if I was one of these parents who choice not the MMR vaccine I would blot part of my property tax that goes to school in escrow and refuse pay to to school district but pay the rest of property taxes to the county

    • Corrrrect!!!…. Why pay a school which doesn’t want to school? And that’s beyond the point their schooling is actually brain wash and indoctrination!

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