What Pope Francis Is Now Calling For On A Global Scale Is A Dream Come True For Socialists

(Tea Party 247) – It seems that the Catholic Church is going through a pretty rough season within the leadership structure of their organization. That’s a fancy way of saying the pope is compromising on a lot of important issues that could have serious ramifications for governments across the world and of course here in America too.

The sort of policies Pope Francis has been championing lately, which includes massive global wealth redistribution, put American Catholics in quite a bind. Do they choose to back the pope who is supposedly infallible, though he’s calling for an economic policy that could destroy people’s lives, or do they stick to their principles? Where does this leave them in relation to the church? To God?

Those are just some of the questions folks will be wrestling with after hearing Pope Francis make the call for this new global wealth redistribution scheme?

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Tax cuts for the wealthy constitute a “structure of sin,” Pope Francis said Wednesday in a passionate address calling for international wealth redistribution.

“Every year hundreds of billions of dollars, which should be paid in taxes to fund health care and education, accumulate in tax haven accounts,” the pontiff told participants in a Vatican seminar, “thus impeding the possibility of the dignified and sustained development of all social agents.”

“Today’s structures of sin include repeated tax cuts for the richest people, often justified in the name of investment and development,” Francis told the meeting organized by the Pontifical Academy for Social Sciences.

During his discourse, the pope repeated his conviction that poverty is on the rise worldwide and “the poor increase around us.”

With the passage of time and the advances of civilization the number of poor people increases rather than diminishing, Francis similarly assertedlast June, and “the poor are always poorer, and today they are poorer than ever.”

As a Brookings Institution report noted in late 2018, however, the world is currently experiencing “the lowest prevalence of extreme poverty ever recorded in human history — less than 8 percent,” and that number falls with each passing year.

According to the widely used “international poverty line,” people are considered to be in “extreme poverty” if they live on less than $1.90 per day or its equivalent.

In the world today, less than 10 percent of the global population lives in extreme poverty, whereas just 30 years ago (1990), some 37 percent of the world lived in extreme poverty. Two centuries ago, nearly everyone in the world lived in extreme poverty.

While in the year 1800 almost 90 percent of the world’s population subsisted on less than $1 a day, that percentage had been constantly falling, dropping below 20 percent in the year 2000 and below 10 percent in the present day.

It is not only “extreme poverty” that is falling, however. The global poverty rate has been falling across every single poverty line, whether the bar is set at $1.90 a day or $10 a day.

In his address Wednesday, the pope lamented that the per capita annual income in the world this year will be $12,000 “according to official reports.”

According to data from the World Bank, however, annual per capita income worldwide has been increasing dramatically year by year and in 2018 was $17,948. Furthermore, the World Bank reveals, global per capita income has increased by over 200 percent since 1990 and is now more than three times higher than its 1990 level of $5,498.

This does not suggest that poverty is not a problem or that poverty reduction is not a worthy and important goal. It does mean, however, that global poverty is not increasing but is decreasing rapidly. In free market economies that favor wealth creation such as the United States, “extreme poverty” has virtually been eradicated.

For example, in 2005, 78.3 percent of households living in “poverty” (by U.S. standards) had air conditioning, whereas in 1970, 36.0 percent of all households had air conditioning.

“If extreme poverty exists in the midst of wealth (also extreme) it is because we have allowed the gap to widen to become the largest in history,” the pope said. “The world’s 50 richest people have $2.2 trillion worth of assets. These fifty people alone could fund the health care and education of every poor child in the world, whether through taxes, philanthropic initiatives, or both.”

The only thing that has ever lifted a large swath of the population up out of poverty has been the employment of a free market system. Wealth redistribution does not actually help pull anyone up out of poverty. Quite the opposite. It actually keeps people locked in it. This is a proven fact demonstrated over and over again throughout history.

Is the Pope’s heart in the right place? Most likely. No one wants to see anyone poor and suffering. That’s just terrible. However, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about tackling this particular issue. Wealth redistribution, which ultimately puts all of the resources in the hands of the powerful elite, is not the right way.

Source: breitbart.com/economy/2020/02/06/tax-the-rich-pope-francis-calls-for-global-wealth-redistribution/


  1. There is an excellent book available entitled “THE VATICANS BILLIONS”, GET IT!! READ IT !!! Then you will see this guy is the worlds worst/biggest hypocrite!!! Also, the Catholic Church, transferred,BILLIONS IN GOLD BULLION, TO THE US , where it is stored in New York City under the rational the AMERICA (US) IS THE SAFEST, MOST STABLE SOCIETY ON THE PLANET, and not likely or PROBABLE TO BE SUBJECT TO REVOLUTION OR ANY OTHER DESTABILIZING EVENT.. DEEP WITHIN THE VATICAN are hundreds of miles of tunnels, subterranean passages, burial tunnels, and VAULTS OF JEWELS AND INSURMOUNTABLE WEALTH, and this guy is suggesting that wealth gathered by the blessings of almighty God on this nation should be redistributed because he says so:::!!!!!

  2. ‘ “Then he will say to those on his left, `Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me. ‘

    This is what Jesus said about the left and the poor.

  3. This is what Jesus said about the poor and the left:

    ‘ “Then he will say to those on his left, `Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me. ‘

    Reality kicks in.

  4. Actually, Henry the VIII outlawed the Catholic Church in England in 1547 and the Mayflower didn’t come over until 1620, so it’s pretty unlikely anyone was leaving England for America to escape the Catholic Church.

  5. He is the left-behind pope so nothing he says surprises me. Didn’t Jesus say that the poor you will have with you always?

    • A famous inscription on the side of a tractor-trailer in Homestead, Florida, bore the quote “If you can’t feed ’em, don’t breed ’em”.
      Have one child, sterilize! Immediately following delivery.
      You cannot lift people from poverty via taxpayer funded, yet not appreciated,
      Can’t support your family (to your standards) with one job?
      Get a second job!

  6. Remember, Pope Francis is a Franciscan monk. A religious order vowed to celibacy and poverty. St Francis Assisi 1200sAD founder of the Franciscan Order realized all could not be committed to these vows because theoretically the human race would cease. Pope Francis is not realistic perhaps by his own life experience and some lack of worldly truth. There would be nothing to support his order and other orders including many orders of nuns, who have to rely of the good will of the public at large to support their prayful ways to help mankind.

  7. Francis is an evil poop and he knows that’s never gonna happen because there’s not enough money in the whole world to combat what he’s trying to act like it’s going to help the people of the world. Francis is a communist is the last poop and he is the evil pub the one called out 1000 years ago the black pope in the black pope Is a pope comes from what is called the black order the

  8. Catholics do not belong to a Church what they are in is more of cult than any else. This man they call the pope is no man of GOD and he most definitely DOES NOT speak for GOD. Catholics don’t even follow their own bible. Priests cannot forgive sins and Purgatory is a LIE made up to get the pope who made it up money. Priests who are supposed to give advise on marriage but NEVER married which is again against the Bible. In FACT the Bible clearly states to be a Pastor/Priest/Bishop one must be the Husband of one wife. This pope has NOTHING to do with GOD.

    • “Do they choose to back the pope who is supposedly infallible” Far be it from me to defend the radical leftist rantings of this pope but, If one is going to write an article about the pope, shouldn’t one have some rudimentary knowledge of Catholicism? I am a devout Catholic and no I am not under any obligation to believe any statement he makes regarding anything other than the dogma of the Church. Papal infallibility is an extremely narrow concept regarding the Sacred Magisterium of the Church and even in this sense, it must always be consistent with Sacred Scripture and with Sacred Tradition. This or any pope can talk until he’s blue in the face about economics, the death penalty, or climate change and I can think he is not only wrong but ridiculous, and that in no way affects my status as a Catholic.

  9. Jesuits have stolen the natural resources of every third world country they have went into under the guise of “educating” the people.
    WHY do you think the Cental American POOR are trying to resettle at all costs into America…. Amassing on our Southern border ? And the POPE says We should let them…
    HE and the evil controlled church; of the many Christ Followers within it are being lied to…

  10. The Jesuit Order was thrown out of the church at least 3 times in history for taking over the church and many in Europe hated the sect. The order was started by the pope in 1542 as warrior monks….to bring the protestors back into the flock at all costs..even killing the Christians, just not catholics The other Catholic orders, historically complained in their writings and felt the Jesuits were not right, they were evil. …that is who your new world order really is…
    They infiltrated every organization. They control ALL money….Read the oath they take and you will see why the want to rule the world…The Knights Templar also wanted to take over the world…
    Power Corrupts…and Absolute Power………Corrupts Absolutely..

    • Proof of the Jesuit thievery is the Vatican Bank Scandal…
      They, like ALL evil…scatters, lies and deceives by the media they OWN…
      They probably have the old Pope imprisoned because he was NOT LEFTIST ENOUGH.

    • Actually the Jesuits were started by St. Ignatius Loyola in 1534. We could debate their earlier history for days but I’d prefer to concentrate on common ground. Many (if not most) of the order strayed in the second half of the 20th century when they took up “Liberation Theology” (which despite the name is neither liberating nor a theology.
      The Vatican Bank Scandal goes back to the 1960’s and none of the major players (with the possible exception of this pope) are Jesuits.
      The Templars were Christian Knights who lived to a strict monastic order and Latin rule (authored by St. Bernard). Individually they took vows of and lived lives of poverty. The order prospered by an early system of banking devised to help pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land. Their downfall was lending money to Phillip IV King of France, who had no intention of paying it back, but instead made outrageous accusations against them to justify their murders.

  11. Yes the Pope should deal with finding ways to bring people back to God in those countries who have fallen away from God. He should not worry so much about countries economic systems.

    • Ronald, Christians do see and know what is right and just….but, if one is not of God….one’s fruit is exposed…You shall know them by their FRUIT…that they produce in their lives..by how they live.
      Actions MUST match their words…

  12. The catholic church should be paying taxes as the rest of us do. They are a political machine, not a religious one as they have chosen to use the church for their personal wealth. They are the devil incarnate and should be suppressed at all levels. They manipulate the words of God to meet their selfish needs and to manipulate the masses. God help us as the Pope will lead us astray!

  13. Will the Catholic Church lead by example and sell all of their properties and divest themselves of their their banks, properties, etc. to give to the poor and live by faith.

    • Fred, the leaders of the Roman church…….have committed every sin to beg for money, or build. MORE wealth or just keep the wealth they have acquired over the centuries.
      Heck, why do you think the church has had so many child molestors, and worse yet, hiding it fir centuries, damaging children for life. ( Remember, Jesus said NOT to hurt little children.)
      Until the 1200’s, Priests were married, or could be… The ONLY reason they were forced to be “celebate” ..was so Priests WOULD NOT HAVE HEIRS…and the church would “inherit” the LANDS and WEALTH of the Priests…pure and simple.
      That IS why the Catholic Church, today, IS so dysfunctional; an acculmination of lies, and sins committed from the results, of the evil done for gaining wealth.
      A new movement is being discussed within the church concerning Priests being able to marry…and the same old walls are put up by the Bishops who would be subject to losing their power through loss of wealth, NO.
      Jesus’s deciples were married…most, if not, all. He NEVER told them NOT to marry. Just another deception to build the greedy coffers of the “vicors of Christ “.

  14. I was born and raised Catholic. This “Pope” is a disgrace. I don’t know one Catholic that supports this lying fake. He is just as disappointing as the leader of a huge Church as Obama was in the Oval Office !

  15. This is no pope, he is a stone socialist with a complete socialist agenda. While bishop in S. America he all but ignored pedophile priest problems on his watch. This socialist has the stones to criticize the USA for our efforts to control illegals at our borders yet has a 15’ wall surrounding the Vatican with hundreds of armed guards as his own private protection army. This fool calls for wealth redistribution yet the Catholic Church is the richest organization in the world but I don’t see this church doing any massive wealth distribution of its own. He is a socialist and a hypocrite that should be removed from the office of pope immediately!

    • You are soooo right. What we do here in the USA to protect ourselves is not even close to how the Vatican is protected. How would he like to help support all of the illegals we have here? Of course he wouldn’t want to. I know I’m tired of them getting for free what legal American citizens have to pay for. Can’t wait for the wall to go up!

  16. As a priest said in Mass some years ago. The Pope is only infallible when speaking of biblical things or something like that. Everything else is subject to mistakes, especially if the Pope is a corrupt person. He was speaking of the corrupt Popes in the past and this was before Francis, but I wonder if he wasn’t prophesizing.

  17. This Pope is not infallible, what he needs to do is stick to his job as the leader of the Catholic faith and keep his two-cents out of world politics. There are enough problems within the Catholic community that needs to be attended to, what he’s doing is driving Catholics out of the Church as well.

  18. If the pope is sooooo worried about the poor. Let him sell all the glorious treasures at the Vatican. Then live as Mother Theresa. Until that happens. The pope needs to focus on the perv priests and his own parties at the papal apartments!!!

  19. I pray on bended knees our loving God deals with this Irreverent Imbecile….My Catholic friends with God would enlighten him to the REAL TRUTHS of life!!!

  20. Da Pope never took a economy course or was in the same ones with AOC. He must be preaching in the church of “Dig a Little Deeper”. The Catholic Church should give up of rubles they have stored in their vaults.

  21. This Pope is a hijacker and an impostor who stole the Position from Benedict. He is no more a Pope than Warren is an APACHE INDIAN!!!

  22. Please understand that the Pope is infallible regarding matters of faith and doctrine. If American Catholics truly know their faith, they won’t stress over this Pope’s socialist leanings and “pontification.

    • Everyone needs to understand this infallible idea! He’s only infallible when he is in harmony with the council of Bishops. In these things he says he is not and completely fallible.

  23. I have been to the Vatican. I have seen its opulence and valuable artwork. Perhaps the Pope and church should put its money where it’s mouth is. As far as American Catholics are concerned – the money you put in the collection plates – a portion of it goes to The Vatican. It is not used in your parish or causes even in your country. You are already redistributing your wealth to other parts of the world.

    • Again Janis, see my comment below about the treasures of the Vatican. Regarding the collections, yes, many Catholics are waking up and helping our local parishes with goods instead of money, because we now the money goes to the USCCB and the Vatican. There are some shady collections every year like Saul Alinski’s CCHD collection, in my parish, the basket always returns empty. Same with the collection for the bishops in Latin America (liberation theology commies) and the Peter’s Pence (the pope’s own collection). You have no idea how painful it is to suffer this pope, but he is our chastisement. We deserve a corrupt and godless pope, for a corrupt and godless society. someone has to pay for the 60 million innocent babies murdered in the womb!! somebody has to pay for the abuses of minors in the Church, in Hollywood and in our Public Education System!! Somebody has to pay for the rampant sodomy and transgenderism!! And we will very soon!!

  24. I am glad to see my feelings about this unlawful communist who by a conspiracy like the one that elected Barach Obama to the US presidency was placed in as pope by a cabal of conspirators who replaced the lawful Pope zbenedict with their own puppet. Who ever heard of a sitting pope retiring. Only by death do they leave the papist throne. Time to get rid of this fake pope before he takes down the whole Catholic Church.

    • HAHAHA!! How easy it is to dismiss this pope because he is far from holy. We as Catholic Americans along with the rest of the world have been unfaithful to God, we have prostituted ourselves as society with the world. No Bob, Francis IS the rightful Pope, a corrupt and godless pope for a corrupt and godless world!! Like one very holy priest said: The right pope for the modern Catholic!!

  25. I understand that Pope Francis has entered his name for the New Hampshire Democrat primary to run as President. His party affiliation is Holy Socialists.

  26. I also believe that the pope’s heart is in the right place, where God put it. However, it just does not connect with his brain.

  27. 1. Taking from the rich to give to the poor eliminates a persons free will to do so, thereby possibly eliminating any chance they might come to grips with the reality of what God requires of each of us. You may be interfering with their potential salvation.
    2. I’ve said for years that the fifteen wealthiest people in the world could eliminate poverty. The key is to provide a means for those in severe poverty to become self-sufficient. Hand up – not hand out. A hand out deprives the individual of personal dignity.
    3. Even as a child I questioned the massive, elaborate buildings erected by many churches often for little more than the purpose of a one hour Sunday service. I questioned the lifestyle of so many so called evangelists.
    4. The untold millions spent on paying off the victims of the churches could have gone a very long way to help untold thousands in poverty. And this is not just a catholic problem.

    • Well Dek, 3 out of 4 is a darn good average! You’re correct on 1,2, and 4, but I must take issue with number 3.
      The point of the elaborate buildings is to attempt to signify and honor the glory of God. All including the poor are welcome, in what other grand buildings are the poor welcomed with the rich? Without grand Churches where can the poor sit next to the rich surrounded by awesome beauty? And to the original point the purpose of the Church building is the purpose of the Church itself, to help save souls!

  28. I am a practicing Catholic, and have been for a long time, The pope is infallible when speaking about faith ad morals, anything else is NOT. His view on economics is still only his opinion.

  29. I would like to see the pope put into action what he expects of others. The example should start with his example of selling off the collection of jewels, art work, property, gold, antiquities and distribute to all catholic areas existing in poverty. Dress simply in less ornate robes, alters more simple without silver, gold, precious jewels, and level the playing field where one position is not above another and all are equal. Send tons of free food, members to renuild puerto rico, educate the poor, and send medical supplies and personel to those of the poorest. He should also go assist with rebuild labor to set example. Open gates for free tours of batican where all can go. Then his chatter becomes truly what he asks others to do

  30. Since when did the pope or the Catholic church ever follow biblical principles? The bible says, the poor you will always have among you, but the righteous will never see their seed begging bread. If people follow biblical principles on finance they won’t need the government to provide for them.

    Could this be the religious whore who rides the beasts back in Revelations?

    • Yep, the mother of harlots. And, those little babies are all of the protestant churches. Can you say Luther, Wesley, Calvin, and the like. Not the Baptist. We never reformed or came from that harlot. Who was John? Didn’t he baptize Jesus by emersion? No sprinkling babies here! Individual soul liberty. You and ONLY you are responsible for your soul. Amen!!! Call on Him today!!! Jesus was not a Catholic. The priesthood is dead!!! “It is finished”, the temple vail was rent in twain. The high priest is in heaven, soon to return, and the Holy Spirit dwells among us. Speak to the Holy Spirit and not to a child molesting drunk(Proverbs23:31) in a conefession booth. Don’t even get me started on the pope because there is no hope in the pope. Period!!!! The dark ages resulted in my Baptist forefathers being killed, plus some others as well. Who lead the dark ages? Get to know you history and don’t take it from all of the “rewrites” in history. Start with the Trail of Blood by Carol and then to the book by Beller, James R.; American in Crimson Red. Oh yea, look to the KJV and if you still don’t believe me ask my friend Gale Riplinger. It will leave you in; “awe” of they word! Jesus Saves and put your faith in him versus some (pontus) earthly man, oh by the way, who is a sinner(like the rest of us) no matter how you slice it. Until next time, “come heaven or low water!” Let me know what ya think…….

  31. “Do they choose to back the pope who is supposedly infallible, though he’s calling for an economic policy that could destroy people’s lives, or do they stick to their principles?”

    A pope only speaks infallibly with regards to faith and morals for the universal Church and speaking ex-cathedra (with the full authority of the office and in light of tradition and the magisterium). His socialist opinions and global unification dreams are merely that, and can and should be disregarded.

  32. First of all, you have it wrong. The pope is NOT infallible in everything he says. ONLY when speaking Ex Cathedral from the Chair of St. Peter. There are three truths that are declared infallible in the church’s teachings. And YES! The laity DEFINITELY have room to criticize what goes on in the church. In fact, we have the RESPONSIBILITY to stand up for our faith when it is under attack, or mis-represented. No matter who is in error.

  33. The pope has no business interfering in this area. He is only responsible for spreading the word of God! Furthermore, Rome should give up some of its assets if he is so determined to help others first!

  34. Pope needs to focus on all the LGBTXYZ ( Sodom and Gamorra ) nonsense, world hunger, abortion and human atrocities which seem to forever resurrect themselves in Africa. If he wants to solve the problem with OPM then the Vatican needs to kick in. They have the money. Also would not hurt if he took an economics class or two.

  35. Our ancestors left England because of the Catholic church and the Pope thinks we should listen to him not to say the least he lives behind walls and is a creep.

  36. There is only ONE God, and I don’t need a REPROBATE leader to “guide” me or tell me what to do. I don’t need a CULT leader GUIDING me (The Church isn’t, but the POPE IS). I don’t need a GODLESS Socialistic system which is NOT biblically based. I need what I find in God’s word for HIS guidance. And, no, he ISN’T FALLIBLE! This is a FALSE teaching RIFE with ERROR. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  37. What happened to the idea of a separation between Church and State? The Pope should keep his political opinions to himself. Either that or put his money where his mouth us. The Catholic Church is wealthy beyond measure. Open up that treasure trove and make a donation. Either that or MYOB. This Pope is a Socialist from Argentina. By the way… I was born and raised Catholic and went through 12 years of Catholic school.

  38. The Pope is only “infallible” on decrees regarding Church doctrine. That’s it. Plus he is a socialist, raised in Argentina. He is the worst thing to happen to the Catholic Church in centuries.

    • You can understand this Pope more…knowing that he was Jesuit ( trained..and brainwashed)
      He follows them. and they are not Christ Followers. That ideology is what the leaders of the church follow, today…
      The Pope was recently asked by a Roman journalist …”where do you go when you die..”
      He answered..” You just disappear “.
      Now that was an answer a true Christian would make, right?

  39. Let’s give the Pope a test. PhD level on every subject available in our universities. In order to pass he must score 100% on every single one. That way, we’ll have some evidence that he is infallible. If he makes even a single mistake we will know that he is not infallible. That puts everything that he says in the category of opinion. He does not speak for God, because God does not make mistakes. This pope may very well be a heretic warned about by the original Apostles and Jesus himself. Are you?

    • Any teaching that is NOT the teachings of Christ….IS ANTI-CHRIST…
      Any ONE not teaching Christ’s teachings ARE Anti-Christ.
      You cannot serve two masters. You are either FOR Christ or AGAINST Him.
      Jesus says if we do not proclaim Him as Messiah and deny Him…he will not recognize us to the Father. The Father will not know us.

  40. This Pope is out of touch with the world and he doesn’t understand economics.He doesn’t understand that if you take all the money in the world and divide it equally, that in a short period of time a wealth division will appear and grow to where it was before the redistribution. He is hurting the core beliefs of the Catholic church and causing a rift to appear or manifest itself between their believers. His job is to is to confirm and see to the teaching of God and be God’s representative here on earth.I believe his Liberal views has cause him to forget that and to elevate him to God statics. He needs to be removed before he destroys the Catholic church.

  41. This Pope is the reason why I have not joined the Catholic Church since i moved to a new location in 2015. As long as this imbecile has any say or sway in the International or local economics i will not join in the catholic church and its stupidity and ignorance.

  42. An interesting exercise is to look at the economic ‘equality’ and middle class strength (or lack thereof) in all of the predominantly Catholic and Babylonian socialist order nations. Is the level of true, objectively measured literacy rising or lowering across the board……or are the ‘masses’ being dehumanized & dumbed down to a common serf core, while a select & sorted few are permitted to go on to higher education in the old pyramidal elite order of Babylon & Rome her inheritor? Another thing to note is how much extreme wealth in gold & precious metals, art, property, businesses and bank accounts is held by Rome herself with all proceeds going back to finance her empire and distributed to her crony managers rather than distributed to actually alleviate poverty & spread God’s freeing word and the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ according to the scriptures rather than according to humanist ‘supers’ and ‘gods’.

    • So true..Jusuits always went into third world countries to dominate…by “educating”.
      They kept the people dumbed down and controled, while stealing their natural resources.
      I recently heard on public television…if a country cannot UTILIZE its own natural resouces, it will NEVER rise out of POVERTY..
      That was ALWAYS the case with Africa… The Continent has been blessed with such a HUGE abundance of natural resources…but, they were always controlled by outsider’s GREED…and Jesuit intertwined holdings controlled much of these resources, too…

  43. A good Article. The standard of living almost all over the world is improving due to Capitalist free market processes and free trade. I think the Pope’s comments were somewhat taken out of context. There are still lots of very poor people in the world and there are lots of rich people who do not pay as much tax as they could. But I agree with the article that the way to bring people out of poverty is to give them JOBS, not Welfare, but of course the Pope wants to see the extreme poverty ended right away so government action seems good to him even though it has detrimental side effects that will lower all peoples wealth over the long run.

  44. Would be nice if an article on the Pope is at least written by a Catholic. The Pope is allegedly, and I use the word loosely, infallible ONLY in faith and morals and ONLY when speaking Ex Cathedra…The doctrine was promulgated 150 years ago by Vatican I, the predecessor to the disastrous Vatican II…

    That said, this 76 yo Catholic has NEVER liked this Communist Jesuit, especially when the media fawned all over him after his election. That was our first clue something was seriously amiss in the Vatican. OTOH, Pope F has cured me of my life-long Catholic guilt…

    Needless to say when this pope speaks, I ignore him…oh and the USCCB as well, they are just as bad.

    • soooo true this pope is a PEDOPHILE and should start paying taxes him self…. he and the church are very very very RICH….just look at the millions they paid families of molested children to keep silent…

  45. So says the man whose houses of worship throughout the world are adorned w/gold and obect de’art worth trillions all paid for by the millions of poor catholics who give ’til it hurts.

  46. I’m not a Catholic and I don’t believe being a Catholic makes you a christian. If you study. God’s word especially the new testament, you will find the the Catholic church doesn’t follow God’s word. So I wouldn’t say that the Pope has any authority especially authority from God. Real people of God obeys His word. I believe I’m a christian because I obey God’s word and belong to a church that obey that word.

  47. How many socialist-commie anti-christs has the pope been hanging out with ?
    Or has he secretly been reading the sacriligious vomit written by karl marx and his ilk ?

  48. No, Benedict abdicated. It IS possible that Francis is NOT the pope depending upon the truth of what went on behind the scenes in the days and hours leading up to the final vote in the last conclave, and there is compelling evidence to suggest that the machinations undertaken by the Sankt Gallen Mafia were in fact sufficient to render Francis’ election void, but Benedict definitely vacated the office.

  49. Francis is a fraud. Benedict is still the real Pope. I and many, many Catholics recognize Francis as a socialist/communist and ignore his interests and advice. He may actually be the anti Christ.

  50. Stick to the problems within the Church. There are certainly plenty of them. Start by getting rid of Bishops who punish Priests who expose fellow Priests for unacceptable actions against minors. Them start with the Cardinals who ingnore fellow Cardinals wrong doings.

  51. This is the worst Pope we ever had. The catholic church should never be involved in Politics. I think he is Satin disguise. Follow the Bible and what is happening in the church.

  52. The catholic church is extremely rich themselves, maybe the richest religious institution in the world, and has spent a tremendous amount of money, just as an one example, in the millions, to construct an observatory on Mt. Graham, searching for alien life. Why wasn’t this money spent on the poor? Searching for alien life?!! Come on! The pope needs to practice what he preaches, but of course, the elitist socialists never do, they just want to redistribute everyone else’s wealth, and we need to do everything we can to expose their hypocrisy

  53. In the book of Acts, let face it. The infancy of the Christian Church was set up to be Communal, a form of Socialism. Had the Church, through the ages, been doing its job that it’s founder, The Lord Jesus Christ, had laid out the plan we wouldn’t be relying on government handouts to supply the needs of mankind. Let’s not forget the Billions and Billions the Roman Catholic Church amassed from 989 AD on. They shared this wealth with no one.

    • The pope is a NWO sleeper plant, for all you catholic dumbos who still believe him. He’s a communist thru and thru.

  54. That’s what I would expect him to say being a communist ! He’s no more a Christian than Joseph Stalin was. It’s no wonder members of the Catholic Church is leaving that church in droves .

  55. As a compatriot of pope Francis aka Jorge Bergoglio I will like to refresh his memoriy and past experience with “wealth redistribution,social enginiering and centrally control economy (the fundamental ideology of Perismo)whom he wholehardly supported.Not only it failed miserably but created a failing doctrine that brought Argentina to a abismal economic faillure.Please let Adam Smith and his free market ideology be the guide to the world economics it has proven to work quite well.

  56. How much wealth is in the coffers of the Vatican? The problem with the US is that we have too much freedom of thought and speech so the Vatican cannot monopolize the culture or the wealth. It’s all about the Pope one day crowning himself ruler of the world, in the meantime attempting to dominate countries one nation at a time. Popes come and go, if you want to know the God that they claim to represent, read the Bible and hang onto the faith in Christ it inspires.

  57. Jesus told the rich man to sell all he had, give to the poor and follow Him.
    He did not do that . Jesus did not say give to the government and He never told anyone
    to take from the rich and give to the poor.Jesus told us that our Hearts needed to change.
    And that we should love our fellow man. Being a former Catholic the Pope reminds me of the Pharisees
    and I should not judge.

  58. Why doesn’t the Pope sell some of their unused,untaxed property and the art work at the Vatican? The Pope could use that money to feed and house the poor of the world, that’s what Jesus would do!

  59. The Pope has a good idea,but he should start with selling all the art the Church ownes! Then,he should stay out of politics.

  60. There is a misconception that the pope is infallible. He is only infallible when speaking ex cathedra on matters of faith and morals. Otherwise, he is as likely to be wrong as any other human. Francis proves that almost daily.

  61. The Pope is considered infallible when he speaks “ex cathedra” on matters of faith. Since 1870, two popes has spoken ex cathedra. The current pope is spewing his version of socialist bullshit. There is no requirement to follow his perverse view of the world.

  62. Well you have it all wrong!
    Catholics believe the Pope is infallible in matters of ” Catholic Doctrine” which this is not ! Its a shame that you got this so wrong. People who don’t know better will believe you.

  63. The Pope is considered infallible when he speaks “ex cathedra” on matters of faith. Since 1870, two popes has spoken ex cathedra. The current pope is spewing his version of socialist bullshit. There is no requirement to follow his perverse view of the world.

  64. FIRSTLY, the pope is NOT infallible with his opinions and ideas. He is ONLY infallible on matters of church doctrine and morals. His ideas about helping ALL the poor of the world is wonderful and heart warming, but not capable of being accomplished. Each person who is capable should help the poor of the world and the ideas of socialism to aid the poor simply will not work. Governments of these African countries where the poor seem to be the most, should be helping their citizens and not living in mansions with plenty of food, clothing and everything they want at the expense of the poor. Every country should be helpings its
    OWN citizens.

  65. El Papi can start with redistribution of the TRILLIONS held by the Vatican. How much gold did they receive during the ruthless plunder of the America’s? Why rebuild Notre Dame? Raze it and build housing for all the ME refugees!

  66. who the hell does he think he is. He is not God and cannot rule the world. Keep your nose out of other religions and try to hang onto your own fools. The world is not ,I repeatNOT catholic. there are other religions and I don’t hear them calling for the wealthy to subsidize the rest of the world. Keep to your own profession keep the faithful catholics in tow and leave the rest of us to ourselves and our own ministers.

  67. It has been widely reported that Pope Francis has Gatekeepers who are very liberal and will only allow info that is left-leaning be provided to the Pope. One example is Climate Change: Over two-hundred scientist concluded their arguments that Climate Change is a normal cycle of nature and the change is and has been minimal. He was never provided with the study, however, hundreds of scientist who are paid to generate global warming data in favor of funding (wealth redistribution) was allowed into the Vatican to make presentations. My wife and I are both Catholic and we have restricted any of our donations from going beyond our Diocese.

  68. Says the man who lives in a palatial domicile, is waited on hand and foot, and wants for NOTHING. The democrats should nominate him for their patron saint.

    • You are right. And he is colluding with the UN and the left wing to make their agenda happen. Meaning hte Green New Deal aka the 2030 agenda. If you want some interesting reading, Go into the UNs website and you will see what they are all up to and it’s not good.

  69. Even Christ said that there will always be poor people. What is important is that we help those who are less fortunate, not ruin a country’s economy so that most people become poor people.

  70. The solemn declaration of papal infallibility by Vatican I took place on 18 July 1870. Since that time, the only example of an ex cathedra decree took place in 1950, when Pope Pius XII defined the Assumption of Mary as an article of faith. He is not considered infallible in other areas such as politics or economics.

  71. First of all the Pope is not infallible! He only act infallible when speaking on Dogma of through his encyclicals, which only cover faith and morals.
    Communities is not socialism. Socialism is about slavery and Christ by His ways took us out of slavery and gave us dignity, It is heretical what he is proposing.

    • I am gobsmacked that anyone can confuse CHURCH & STATE! They are two distinctly separate entities! I am very disturbed by my Pope confusing them & using his amazing position to sway ANYONE politically. Staunch Republicans need to know TRUTH ! If we allow our Country’s people to be confused…it WILL be America’s downfall!!! Stay the course.

  72. TO whomever wrote this article:
    The Pope is only infallible in regard to FAITH and MORALS. No Pope has used that authority since 1950.
    All the other drivel that comes out of this communist’s mouth is just that, and he will have to justify himself when he reaches his last judgment. Please correct yourself(ves). THere is enough bad-mouthing of my Church from people who don’t know any better!

  73. Are the Arabs going to redistribute their wealth? What about the Russians? Chinese? I don’t think so. Only law abiding citizens who work and live in democratic countries will be expected to “redistribute” their wealth.

  74. Why are people against the rich in this country???
    They want to punish the rich for being successful!!!
    The rich give jobs …upholds the fate of the working class. Never give government that responsibility of supporting us. Like everything else government involvement…we get screwed. Pope(?) Francis does not speak for me… A Maronite Catholic that is Not. Under the Pope…usually in Union with Catholic doctrine. But…. not in this case ….we follow our Patriarch in Lebanon. But I am the true Catholic!!!

  75. As a Catholic, I do not back or agree with the pope. He is a disgrace and an ignorant person. I would call for the American Roman Catholic Church to break away from Rome and follow the principles of the real Roman Catholic Church, or all Catholics should call for the removal of this evil man who now has now shown that he is incapable of overseeing that church. A Social Communist is not what is needed to head the church.

    • Right on he is destroy the Catholic Church now.He will Destroy the church ⛪️ in his action the church will fall to it end days by Him Now.You need a replacement Now or the church dies period.

  76. “And when I die
    and when I’m dead, dead and gone,
    There’ll be one child born and
    a world to carry on, to carry on” Thank you, Blood Sweat and Tears. This man is not infallible when it comes to politics. This is politics and not church articles of faith. I will probably be proven wrong, but all I ask is that when I die I go in the opposite direction of a few people. I do not judge their true beliefs. I just don’t like them on earth and I sure do not want to spend all eternity with them.
    “I hear that’s it’s cold way down there,
    yeah, crazy cold way down there
    And when I die and when I’m gone,
    There’ll be one child born and
    a world to carry on, to carry on” again thank you Blood Sweat and Tears.
    Wait for my spinning wheel version.

  77. NO, the Pope’s heart is NOT in the right place. He is an avowed Socialist which not only cannot exist in a FREE society, it quenches the Holy Spirit. One needs only to look at the Chinese, who are now punishing and controlling all religions, even their “approved” religions. Communism and socialism are kissing cousins, and he is one of them. When the Messiah walked the earth he had NO political persuasion, why does the Pope? Because he and his minions hope to gain some of that precious wealth for themselves. Look how the popes have lived. No pauper is he, in a walled castle, filled with antiquities, dripping in gold, surrounded by guards. Who are the rich- he is one of the richest, most pampered beings on this earth? Look to Yahweh and His son, they have NO equal or vicar here on earth. The Pope is a FRAUD.

    • He is the False Prophet as the Bible describes in Revelation and a Cult leader as well. This is how we know dear friends that we are in the last days.

    • This guy was marinated in Peronist Socialism during his entire upbringing and education, not to mention the heavy influence of Marxist-inspired Liberation Theology during his “formation”, so it would be a surprise if he WERE NOT a died-in-the-wool socialst-globalist. Why, however, he believes he can get the entirety of the Catholic world to go along with these revolutionary shifts in emphasis from the spiritual to the purely secular merely by way of a couple of badly written papal exhortations and even worse encyclicals is beyond me.

  78. He’s infallible ONLY when speaking Ex Cathedra, that is, from the Chair of Peter, regarding Faith and Morals, not socialism. So many people are misinformed about the Church in every way possible. Please look it up.

  79. Here’s some advice for Catholics. Ignore the blowhard socialist Pope. He is about as holy as a democrat politician. In fact he is really nothing more than a politician. This guy is not some kind of messenger from God. He was appointed by other men (probably with some kind of politically correct agenda) to lord over millions of Catholics all over the world.

    Having faith in God is one thing. Having faith in and going along with the wishes of a socialist in a bullying position is quite another thing (and it has nothing to do with God and religious faith).

  80. Let the Pope open the coffers within the Vatican and “re-distribute”…then come and tell me to give up my money…and with all the funds going to “protect” defrocked members…keep talking…socialist rejoice..we have a left wing Jesuit running the Church…

  81. The Pope is infallible on matters of religion and only religion. The Pope is a Peronista Socialist as he grew up under the tutelage of Eva Peron and the President, Juan Peron. He is to be ingnored on matters out of his bailiwick.

  82. I believe the Catholic religion is the wealthiest organization on earth.I worked hard for my money, it is time the Pope spreads the catholic organizations wealth among the so called lazy and poor people. I would like to see a list of Catholic owned enterprises and the actual worth of them.

  83. Popes random thoughts and opinions are not infallible. Only his statements on church dogma are infallible. The Catholic Church wealth especially in Rome could sure be used in a more charitable manner across the world. Why dont the church leaders take the first step in distributing the wealth and lead a more reserved and less pompous life

    • On Catholic church dogma only. None other as he has no idea than a man in the moon what the Bible actually says. The catholic church has always lead its people into darkness as they are the only ones that can interpret the Bible which is hog wash!


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