What Percentage Of Total Deaths Were Due To Coronavirus Since February? The Answer May Surprise You

(Tea Party 247) – The mainstream media has been clear in their perception of the coronavirus pandemic.

The sky is falling, the apocalypse is upon us, millions of dead bodies will soon line the streets, and oh yeah, we’re all gonna die.

And it’s probably Trump’s fault, too.

They’ve poo-pooed the drug hydroxychloroquine, which has been recommended by a survey of 6,000 doctors as the “most effective therapy” for the disease.

Meanwhile, the numbers are showing a very different story. Yes, the coronavirus has proven to be hyper-contagious, difficult to control, and potentially deadly.

But just how deadly is it compared to all the “normal” things which take the lives of Americans each and every year?

The Gateway Pundit reveals that:

The Worldometer coronavirus website says there have been 7,896 coronavirus deaths in the US as of noon on Saturday April 4, 2020.

The CDC website has only 1,150 US deaths listed as confirmed or presumed to be linked to the coronavirus.

Yikes, this is a very different picture than the one being painted by the mainstream media.

According to the collected data, TGP breaks down:

** 79% (910/150) are over the age of 65

** 90% (1033/1150) are over the age of 55

** 3.5% are under 45

** 0.7 (9/1150) are under 35

As has been consistently reported, the vast majority of coronavirus deaths are in people over the age of 65, nearly 80% in fact.

In the United States, there is an average of 7,838 deaths every day, meaning 446,778 for a period of 57 days, which is roughly the time in which the coronavirus has post a serious threat.

The total deaths this year is even lower than the deaths in the same time last year.

What is really going on?


  1. Truth serves no purpose to Marxist politicians. They could not have possibly imagined so many Lemmings would line up to jump off their economic cliff. What I can’t fathom is why. There will be no winners. None!

  2. If a person who is suffering from heart disease contracts COVID 19 and dies, what was his cause of death, heart disease or the virus? Where is the data that shows otherwise healthy people dying of the virus? The problem here is that anyone who dies of any cause is listed as a COVID 19 death if he tested positive for the virus. It doesn’t matter that he might have died soon anyway. It’ll be interesting to see if the numbers of deaths attributable to Heart Disease, Cancer and Diabetes go down by a number roughly equivalent to the number of COVID 19 deaths. All the numbers are simply being used to scare people, not to provide any real information.

  3. The number is of death are going down from last year, if for no other reason than Planned Parenthood is not considered an essential service.Something of the same story with traffic/industrial accidents death as well.during the shutdown.If this virus rolls into June or July,it will have to kill upward of 500,000 folks to breakeven with last year.

  4. Because an asymptotic person can unknowingly spread the virus and one that shows symptoms can be infectious from what looks like 2-14 days before either self quarantining or end up in the hospital and it’s devastating effects is why this is no joke and certainly not a political ruse.

    The president is doing his best, which is why the conflicting statements he has been making over the last 4 weeks is no ones attempt to discredit him. He operates what appears to be by his gut instinct is at the time and has pretty much very rarely swayed from this position.

    If you truly believe this is all a scam or hyped up hoax, it would appear you would be in favor of people of most ages under 65 go back to work and bring back the economy prior to this pandemic as it is called by the CDC, Medical community, and by the president himself, saying and I quote him on this “…I knew it was a pandemic before the world health organization called it one..”

    Last I checked the president is not a democrat.

    • Dave – Dead wrong! Blowing something out of proportion is not the same as calling it a hoax. Check your dictionary. If you believe that the left, who control the media, isn’t blowing this out of proportion then you don’t understand evil. Gee, did they blow the Sandman incident out of proportion? What about the Russians are coming? Kavanaugh? Quid pro quo? You need more? But they would never blow a virus out of proportion to do that would they? When everything they’ve done has failed to dislodge him from office, what better way to take down this president then to play on the fears of the populace? So you’re missing some key facts. But then maybe you don’t believe that there is “spiritual wickedness in high places”. But what is more evil? A virus that has no mind of its own, or people who are glad it has happened so that they can use it to gain greater power? Come out of the bubble.

  5. The plan all along by the Democrats and the media is to create panic, inflate numbers of deaths and destroy our economy to get Trump out of office and them back into power. That’s all folks.

    • WILL NOT WORK DEMORATS ARE FOOLS…… Just like Russia hoax and impeachment BS Trump is the greatest President in the history of America….

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    • Stop this crap We dont need you searching for money on this site in this time of fear and uncertainty!!! Go back to where you cam from. You are part of the problem!!

  7. That table incudes only deaths up to February, when the epidemic was only just getting going. This table
    misrepresents the situation. For sensationalist purposes? Well, isn’t there enough misinformation around without putting out more on purpose?

  8. You do know that if you die from another cause and you tested positive for the Chinese Virus, that will be the listed cause of death, even the corrupt guy that protected the Chinese made a statement that should be the protacal,, so these numbers are inflated,

  9. They’ll be goose-stepping those, who haven’r killed on another, into an oven as we throw the Nazi salute and yell “sieg heil!!” IDIOTS!! Fear mongering, cheap ratings chasing IDIOTS!!

  10. What is really going on itat this is a media hyped circus. The total number of deaths from the economic slowdown will dwarf any from the Corona virus. It is amazing just how gullible the majority of people are.

    Of course, the politicians will take any chance to grab assets and more power for themselves.

    Is it really worth the cost? I doubt it.

  11. Indeed…You will never convince me this “pandemic” is anything more than a politically motivated extreme to take down this president. They, democrats in Congress and the MSM, had failed three times already and time was running short before the next election. Our media is so dedicated, and so in the pocket of democrats to destroy this presidency, they will gladly engage the biding of each other to achieve their goal, even if it means destroying the country’s economy and job market. Power is their goal, and they will do whatever it takes. Pelosi even made statements that Trump would not be president next term, and when questioned she shrugged it off with, ‘you’ll see.’ I put nothing past this bunch being led by the nose with leadership like Pelosi and Schummer…two despicable human beings…

  12. As usual the MSM is misinformed or intentionally lying and their only goal is to destroy President Trump. They really need to look in the mirror, they downplayed this virus to make President Trump look like he was crazy for warning us about how deadly this could be to all Americans. Time for them to get on America’s team and stop their nonsense and stop their destructive lies.

    • I actually feel they may have got him on this one. He’s listening to deep state CDC people and he’s really in a tough spot. If lots of people die because he doesn’t do something he loses, but when the economy tanks in to a depression he loses. They could not beat him on , russia, the economy or foreign policy and they may have found a way.


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