What NWSL Players Do During The National Anthem Will Give You Another Reason You Didn’t Already Need To Hate Soccer

(Tea Party 247) – One of the most unpopular and made fun of sports in the United States is that of professional soccer. With such an awful reputation, you’d think the teams in these leagues would want to do anything they can to make the sport more appealing to an American audience, avoiding stuff like politics and the whole National Anthem kneeling controversy that has cost the sport of professional football so much money and viewership over the last several years.

Apparently not.

Players for the Portland Thorns and the North Carolina Courage decided to try and jump on the “woke” bandwagon by taking a knee during the National Anthem. Oh but that’s not all. The players and coaches wore Black Lives Matter t-shirts during their warmups too, which were nationally televised on CBS.

I wonder if these players have actually watched the news at all. Many of the individuals who are part of BLM have been okay with the violence, rioting, and looting that has broken out during their “protests.” The leader of the organization even suggested that unless they are given what they want, they will “burn the system to the ground,” going so far as to suggest this isn’t just a metaphorical statement.

I mean, wearing these shirts and stuff is akin to supporting an active terrorist group.

Here’s more on this from Breitbart:

“We took a knee today to protest racial injustice, police brutality and systemic racism against Black people and people of color in America. We love our country and we have taken this opportunity to hold it to a higher standard. It is our duty to demand that the liberties and freedoms this nation was founded upon are extended to everyone,” the Thorns and Courage said in a joint statement released before the game.

The league confirmed the day before that it would play the national anthem before the Challenge Cup games and that it would support the players in whatever they chose to do.

During the late match between the Red Stars and the Washington Spirit a few players remained standing. There was a touching moment when Chicago’s Julie Ertz consoled teammate Casey Short, who was overcome by emotion.

The NWSL is the first professional team sport in the United States to return amid the coronavirus outbreak. The monthlong Challenge Cup is being played without fans at Zions Bank Stadium in Herriman, Utah.

“Today, hopefully, it was a powerful statement,” Courage midfielder Sam Mewis said after her team defeated the Thorns 2-1. “It was an emotional time and I hope that both teams’ message comes through clearly.”

It was definitely a powerful statement, Mewis. A statement of the sheer stupidity and lack of understanding you and other professional athletes have about what is happening our country right now. None of what you see on television is a fight for Civil Rights or a battle against police brutality.

No, it’s the progressive movement using this conveniently timed cause to help further justify the spread of the federal government’s tentacles into our private lives. They are using this situation to promote chaos and thus make the people of our nation willing to accept more government intrusion as a means of keeping peace and security.

Black Lives Matter is a movement that exists solely for the furthering of the progressive agenda. Nothing more. Ironically, a group supposedly dedicated to fighting against inequality is unwittingly playing a hand in creating the very beast they claim to be trying to exterminate.

Thorns defender Becky Sauerbrunn said: “The (players’ association) has been about collaborating with teams on what we can do to maintain and sustain the conversation around racial injustice in this country.

“We made a strong statement and we wanted to kind of maintain that momentum that has been happening and to show official commitment to the cause,” she added.

Megan Rapinoe, who plays for OL Reign but opted out of the Challenge Cup, was criticized when she knelt at an NWSL game and a pair of U.S. national team games in 2016. She said she wanted to express solidarity with former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who took a knee during the anthem to bring attention to racial inequality.

In response, U.S. Soccer adopted a rule that required players to stand. But that rule was repealed earlier this month amid nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd and racial inequity.

Rapinoe voiced her support for the NWSL players Saturday on social media: “You love to see these women using their voice, demanding better for America, and for black people and people of color.”

Spirit Coach Richie Burke joined his players in kneeling before the late game.

“I’m grateful for everything this country has given me, but I feel the need to support the Black Lives Matter movement because I know this privilege isn’t the same for everyone. This is just the start. There is much more work to be done,” Burke said.

According to Mewis, the team plans on continuing their faux crusade against the make believe systemic racism they’ve been brainwashed to think exists in this country all throughout the Challenge Cup.

Source: breitbart.com/sports/2020/06/28/nwsl-players-kneel-during-national-anthem/

Featured image credit: @NWSL


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  3. Speaking of racist thug. NWSL, where are all the black female soccer players. There sure aren’t many in the NWSL, National White Soccer League.
    Just a token few.

  4. Soccer was the only sport I watched and enjoyed. Now because of BLM, taking a knee, etc, I am letting that go too.
    I gave up watching pro sports in the 70s when I was in the Navy and they went on strike because 140-180k wasn’t enough pay. I was making $73.00 every two weeks.
    Screw all pro sports. They are all thugs.

    • My husband and I have stopped watching any pro-sports. IMO, they are being unAmerican, selfish pigs, anyway. I do like baseball, but they still seem to know how to be American. When the college game starts that nonsense of kneeling during the anthem, I can stop watching that too and not miss it much. BTW, being Caucasian, I don’t see many that resemble me, anyway. Pro-Basketball seems to have become pro-China, more so than pro-America anyway.


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  7. I am a huge sports fan, I’ve watched professional sports my whole life. I always look forward to the Olympics, watching American athletes take on the world with such pride. It didn’t matter what event was played, even the sports we never saw on TV during the 4 years in between the Olympics, when the Olympics started I was glued to the television cheering on every American in every event. When they won a gold, silver or bronze medal I was so happy and proud and thought of all their hard work and dedication to their sport and country. When an athlete won a Gold medal and the American Flag was raised and I heard our National Anthem the pride I felt was overwhelming. I feel sorry for the idiots that kneel that never experience what I feel. As far as these soccer morons I never watch soccer during the year only in the World Cup and Olympics and always with pride but that now is over. Kneeling for our National Anthem is a disgrace, you no longer have my support and honestly I’d be happy if you lose. As for football, I stopped watching that also years ago when this kneeling crap started. I know I’m not alone in this bc football viewership has dropped and for that I’m so proud of the Americans people who have said enough is enough. Keep it going America I’m hoping they will be playing to empty stadiums.

  8. Thanks to all the brave men and women who over the years wore the uniforms of the United States Military and Law Enforcement Agencies that gave these idiots the ability to kneel. Try it elsewhere!


  9. They should leave the USA 🇺🇸 and go live in another country and try their luck!! Then see what the big difference is!!!! GOD BLESS America!!!!

  10. I will not be watching or attending any pro-sports games at all. Perhaps while they are making asses of themselves on their knees, they should take up praying and repenting for being so stupid and unAmerican. If this country isn’t suitable for you, there a plenty of other countries you can try to find. Bet you won’t find another that is as good as AMERICA!

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  12. This is disappointing, but what the heck! I wouldn’t spend five minutes watching a soccer game even if I was tied up and compelled to watch. My life is very full without professional sports and is becoming full enough without amateur sports that seem to be emulating professional sports. As for the BLM, it’s leaders have admitted that they are Marxist trained dupes. Maybe people at large will wake up and see what’s going on. In the meantime, forget the soccer thugs.

  13. Soccer is a universal sport and has become a major component to school sports in the US. It is much more popular than the anti-soccer crowd will care to admit, and Americans have become progressively more involved on an international level. For the past 3 years the MLS has slightly even outdrawn the NHL as an example. Other issues aside, the Women’s National Team has been quite successful in the past 20 years. The Men’s team has progressively recruited better players and looks to be on the verge of doing quite well in the next World Cup.
    All of this has nothing to do with the injection of politics and social justice issues into this or any other sport. Not just for those of us who are Vets but for all Americans, the distractions of taking a knee during the national anthem and raising of the American flag for whom many have paid the ultimate price is not just inappropriately timed but is a real affront to those who have sacrificed for all of us. There are many times when social concerns and justice issues can be symbolized and addressed. During the anthem is not one of them. And for those anxious to change the anthem, I would strongly recommend that you move your sorry ass out of this country and try your luck elsewhere and sing a tune of your choice. There are about 195 other countries from which to select, and, for you Communist Socialist types, the Chinese have some wonderful reeducation camps waiting for you though you won’t be able to return as those who fail reeducation become organ donors. Good luck!!

  14. BLM supports abortion of Black babies which amounts several hundred thousand killed annually. The black on black murders in the cities, which is increasing. They are burning, looting and generally destroying black owned or run businesses and neighborhoods. They are trashing their own neighborhoods. Whites are not coming to their neighborhoods and doing this. They are doing it to themselves and saying Black Lives Matter??? One other thing out of 160 people who died in police custody only 13 were black. It sounds like it is more dangerous to be white. Their are an approximately 38,000,000 blacks in this country. If they were truly having a problem as claimed by BLM we in the troughs of major CIVIL War.Many of the racist police officers are black, they must be racist since all police are racist. I hear nothing about this, but black lives matter.

  15. Bravo to the young lady who had real courage and refused to kneel. The rest are trash in my mind. I’m not even going to justify their choice by glossing over with political motives. You’re either a patriot, or you’re not. Young and dumb.

  16. hell just do like the clowns in Tulsa have done.. call something a “massacre” and the mentally challenged pour out of the woodwork in support of a lie.. much like the black lie matters “hands up don’t shoot” BS and the crap from that black president..

  17. If you want to make a political statement run for public office. Tell us how you would change the system. Democrats have had the power in most of these cities for years and what have they done to make changes.

  18. If it’s not about disrespecting the flag, the military, the freedoms in the bill of rights, or the people who died for your freedom, why not kneel for “justice” or racial harmony right AFTER the national anthem? Sports is becoming filled with filthy politics. Guns are the new toilet paper. Time to go to the range and brush up instead of watching filthy players disrespect and want to tear down a country that gives them freedom, opportunity, and representation.

  19. Didn’t one of the players on the Courage actually SHOW HER COURAGE AND PATRIOTISM by breaking with participants on both teams by STANDING RESPECTFULLY TO HONOR OUR FLAG DURING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM??? Courage shown. It’s a start. BRAVO YOUNG LADY!!!

  20. Cut off the media coverage and all other forms of publicity and these hoodlum malcontents will find something better to do! Continue to march and nothing will change!

  21. I support law and order and will not give into BLM, Antifa, and Democrat politicians who are in the process of taking this great nation down with the purpose of rebuilding it as a socialistic society. If BLM actually cares about Black people they would worry less about the few bad police and more about the thousands of blacks who kill blacks. But their ranks are filled with these killers of these black people. They act like it is just another big gang war

  22. I don’t have anywhere near that clout as these ppl but I’m even getting flack from Google games for spreading Infowars links on their stupid games world chat lines… whatever… I’m trying as best I can givin my current situation ……

  23. I’m surprised that they didn’t allow fans in. They get so few that 125 max people gathering would take care of it. Only reason that the U.S. hating CBS broadcasted was to show them taking a knee. What was the percentage watching, .000001%?

  24. Socialistic Brainwashed Disrespectful Youth, that glorified Terroristism committed by the BLM and Antifa THUGS. That stands for HATRED, RACISM, RAPPING of children, MURDERING all who disagree, ASSAULTING the Elderly, and STEALING what every they want, all are against the law.

    And the SHAME of it all, We Veterans DIED fighting to keep America FREE, and the SHAMEFUL BRAINWASHED youth throws it all into the Socialistic Pile of SHIT. Those that do are ungrateful, and uneducated crybabies raised in school but Anti-American Damn Democratic Socialists, They are what is KILLING AMERICA,

    • My belief is that if they do not like America, there are plenty other countries they can move to. They can get out of our faces, and go kneel there. I have given up on pro-sports of any kind.

  25. SCREW….US ( NOT) Soccer. do NOT disrespect this country aND the men/ women in uniform who have died ….for your BLM….protest. Do not like/love this country…….LEAVE!!!! Semper Fi

  26. Do not care. If it comes down to a chose in sports. Soccer can be the first to go. It never was and never will be an American sport. It is the chosen sport of all those that seem to hate America, or at least want to be two faced. U.K., EUROPE, Australia, Asia, etc. But when their in trouble with their neighbors, who is the first they call? The USA. Most players are not from America anyway! Take a knee, no back to the shit hole you came from. America is a better country and they like living here, but the first chance they get they bash our values. Go back where you came from and embrace the values that you ran from to get here. Enough said!

  27. Don’t care. Never watched soccer. And after that purple-headed dude took a knee for Colon Krapperdink I wouldn’t even consider watching soccer….

    • I have given up on all pro-sports except baseball. If they start this petty, juvenile nonsense, I’ll give up on that too.

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