What LeBron James Did In The Wake Of The Shooting Of Two LA Deputies Is Deplorable

(Tea Party 247) – NBA star LeBron James is destroying his legacy as a legendary basketball player and replacing it with notoriety for his disturbing, and quite disgusting, left-wing activism. Why in the world would a guy who lives in a country where he can make millions of dollars playing a children’s game that untold numbers of people play every single day for free, want so badly to see his nation and the principles it stands for obliterated so badly?

This is the same guy who has defended China, even as they brutalized citizens in Hong Kong, completely going radio silence when it comes to doing something to help locate the individual responsible for the attempted murder of several deputies.

Los County Sheriff Alex Villanueva challenged James, saying he would lke the star to match and double the offered $175,000 reward for information on the individual who shot two LA deputies.

You can probably guess how James has responded.

Via Red State:

“This challenge is to LeBron James,” Villanueva said while on KABC radio. “I want you to match that and double that reward because I know you care about law enforcement. You expressed a very interesting statement on race relations and officer-involved shootings and the impact it has on the African American community.

“And I appreciate that,” continued Villanueva. “But likewise, we need to appreciate that respect for life goes across all professions.”

The NBA player who talks incessantly about his activism suddenly has “no comment.”

“I have zero comment on the sheriff,” James told the press.

According to ESPN, on Sunday, James was full of comments about the conduct of police officers, though.

“I’ve never in my 35 years ever condoned violence. Never have. But I also know what’s right is right, and what’s wrong is wrong,” he said, according to ESPN. “I grew up in the inner city in a black community in what we called the hood or the ghetto. … I’ve seen a lot of counts firsthand of a lot of black people being … racially profiled because of our color. And I’ve seen it throughout my whole life.”

“And I’m not saying that all cops are bad because,” he continued, “I actually — throughout high school and things of that nature, and I’m around them all the time, and they’re not all bad. But when you see the videos that’s going on and you can see all over the — not only my hometown but all over America — you continue to see the acts of violence toward my kind, I can’t do nothing but to speak about it and see the common denominator.”

“But not one time have I ever said, ‘Let’s act violent toward cops,’” James added. “I just said that what’s going on in our community is not OK, and we fear for that, and we fear for our lives. It’s something that we go on every single day as a black man and a black woman and a black kid, a black girl. We fear. We fear that moment when we’re pulled over.”

Well, since James has stated that he doesn’t think all cops are bad and that folks shouldn’t be violent towards police officers, what’s the big deal about matching the sheriff’s reward money to help bring this awful person to justice and help heal the racial division ripping our country apart?

James has an opportunity here to do something wonderful and bring people together. Yet he’s refusing to do it. It’s hypocrisy at it’s finest, on full display for the world to see.

Shame on you, LeBron James. Shame on you.

Source: redstate.com/brandon_morse/2020/09/24/lebron-james-no-comment/


  1. I never cared for LeBron James. I always thought he was too egotistical. Nothing has changed my mind over the years, and this last little action and comment from him clarifies everything.
    There is no place on earth he could have made the money he has made in America. Also, the other players could not have either.
    They are not any better than anybody else. They have just been made to think so.
    There are bad cops, just like there are bad athletes. Now, we can see who the bad athletes are. Some have sold their soul to the devil.

  2. I used to love professional sports but with all this crap going on and all the hate filled leftist athletes I am through with all of them. They hate this country and my race and that is a fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. If you dont patronize a restaurant what happens to it after a while…?? They shut down.. do the same with all these communist leftists.. dont buy in to them, sponsors will not back them up either.. they ll will have to get real jobs and loose their mansions and luxury vehicles… if we continue buying their products and buying tickets we will be the ones to blame… LBJ is an ugly POS…M…F….!!! anyway…!

  4. Wow a ZERO comment from poor LeBron. Yeah put your money where your mouth is. Is that gonna leave you bankrupt? I have always been a Laker fan until little king james became a Laker. Nothing personal LBJ, can’t fathom all the millions for just bouncing a basketball. With all the politics and sports mixed like a rotten salad I’m done with any sports.

  5. Why would anyone listen to a Left mouthpiece, racist driven, voter fraud enabler and advocate, Black supremacist like LeBron. But asking the question does define what he actually is when he shows his true “color” and false rhetoric in response.

  6. I hope all these Left Wing athletes and up killing the Golden Goose. We should all quit buying their gear, quit watching their games and call out their hypocritical demands. Kneeling during our National Anthem and disrespecting our Great Country and flag is disgusting. If we all quit watching their games and quit buying their gear their sponsors will no longer pay their ridiculous salaries. God Bless America!

    • Good idea! But pray for their souls, too, that they’d turn to God & not be worshipped as “athlete god/goddesses”!

  7. Did James ever consider the problem isn’t with the police but the community itself. Fix the community, Fix the problem. Drugs, gangs, violence within the community, work with police instead of treating them as the enemy. Police are only the enemy to the drug dealers, gangs, and the violent people in the community.

    • Agreed. Also, pray for his soul, that he’d seek the Living God ~ the Healer of the Nations ~ if we’d but repent & seek His face!

  8. Please abolish all those sports -they have no
    respect fir more our flag or stand when the
    National anthem is being played.

    I pulled the plug. No interest to see any
    overpaid morons play. They aren’t worth my

  9. Millions have given so much, including their lives so “we Americans” can enjoy our lives and have freedom. I wonder if the “HERO” Lebron James would volunteer for the military to serve “HIS” country that has made him a multi millionaire…..The Answer “HELL NO”.

  10. What fear does he have he lives in a mansion with walls, has his posse (bodyguards) wherever he goes and doesn’t live in Chicago. I didn’t know that Beverly Hills had a ghetto, which he has never lived in. He seems to forget that the people pay his salary by going to his games. Pro athletes are a huge pain in the ass.

  11. Negron is the biggest racist in pro sports! Exactly WHAT should the cops have done when that woman’s thug boyfriend opened up on them? I cannot wait for that ugly bahsted to retire!

    • They will move to the CBA (China Basketball Association) and Lebron can live in the Freedom Loving China and follow their racist laws and practices. By the way China uses slave labor to make many of your promo items that you make money from the sale of them. Either you support slavery or you should speak out against it.

  12. Leonhard is absolutely right and it’s not just the NBA, it’s all professional sports, actors, bands, singers, and anyone else that we set up on pedestals. We pay them these outrageous salaries, give them these special privileges, don’t even hold them to our laws, and then we wonder why they act like the inhuman demi-gods they think they are? REALLY? I have even had Doctors give me that attitude and believe me since I’m an ex army medic, it doesn’t go well for them. I’ve had Doctors give me their Medical Id rather than their license on traffic stops before I retired from the sheriff’s dept., that would be ok if they had a medical reason, THEY DIDN’T. We need to STOP catering to these people, can you imagine the response if a football game is held and no one showed, or a ball game, or a movie premier, or a RED CARPET event. I think it would send a huge message. If we hit them in the pocket book, it will definitely get some change, if we do nothing, nothing will change.


    • Sad. Thanks for sharing. They need Jesus. He’s the answer Who can turn a killing Saul into the Apostle Paul (the Book of Acts in the Bible)!

  14. Well, the [email protected]@ers and White LIBTURD Trash have set back race relations 30 years at least. Don’t these MORONS realize that if Blacks weren’t such scum, I mean only about 70% of them… That cops wouldn’t be all over them all the time. They commit 50% of the crimes against whites and 99% of the crimes against Blacks, so who should the police be looking for??? Even the rich athletes are mostly scum, That is why the NFL is called the National Felon League!!!!!!!

    • Calvin this is on you! In Wisconsin the police in Kenosha was responding to pick up an identified Rapist, which stole the Gals Credit Cards an car was out using them. They also knew he had a history of convictions of violent crimes, an has fought with the police before this moment. Where does this person get being called Innocent?My only issue was why did it take 7 shots an he was still alive! Sounds like the cops was lax in there training of target grouping of there shots!

  15. You also can see all those videos with a common denominator: The suspects acted like A#(@#*holes who put other people’s lives at risk.

    • A little boy (Tamir Rice) playin in the park with a toy gun.
      Result: shot on sight

      A woman, asleep in her bed, shot to death because officers went to her house to serve a “no knock” warrant on a suspect who didn’t live there and was in fact already in custody. Officer tried to get him to implicate her to justify their assault on her.
      LaBron has helped pay the costs of people who couldn’t vote unless their court costs were paid.
      He started a school for inner city kids and paid the college costs of all who graduated and wanted to attend.
      He is a hero.

  16. The fault is ours!
    We, the public, pay money to watch these overpaid athletes play children’s games. If we didn’t do so the NBA would disappear and no one would notice!
    This moral bankruptcy extends deeply into Big Ten football where “Student Athletes” are provided cars for their use on campus where other students are not permitted any cars on campus at all!
    I am not nieve enough to think this will ever change! It is just too profitable for the universities!

    • No, the fault is not OURS. The tv has been used as a means of brainwashing and LYING to ppl from the day the Democrats seen how EASY it is to scare and manipulate THE FACTS and make everyone believe it .Esp children & young adults. Esp after the New & REVISED’ School books have been falsified & had facts deleted & twisted to back up what they hear at home on the propagandized boobtube. The LEFT only talks about the deaths that they KNOW will fuel the hatred they use to brainwash ppl. Brainwashed people can be made to do and think whatever is needed to further the left’s agenda of control & power. If you don’t think brainwashing is real, look at Hitler, he brainwashed millions to kill for him and everybody, even CNN thought he was good person. So much so they glorified him as Man of the Year! War & Communism starts this way, through brainwashing tactics. And that’s what they’ve done to the poor black neighborhoods that LeBron James comed from. These NEIGHBORHOODS were created by Democrats. The SYSTEMIC racism he is whining about, is THE RESULT OF CREATION OF THE KKK & Jim Crow Laws & the Democrats CONTINUED hatred for the Blacks. The fact is, the KKK or the Nazi’s never died, they just went underground & ran for political office..and unknowingly, these brainwashed ppl continue to vote for them.. like trained & faithful old pitbulls, ready to fight , burn and kill cops for.
      Myself and millions of other God fearing ppl here are NOT to blame for any of these spoiled, ungrateful snot nosed brats that don’t know or care how lucky they are to be born in America, much less born at all thanks to murderers like Ginsberg & Hillary that has tricked females into believing PLANNED parenthood has anything to do with being a parent at all. LeBron James is a member of the illuminati. His affiliation with the child trafficking organizations had been tattooed on his chest that he now has blacked out because he doesn’t want anybody to know he’s a child molester. These people are vile. They will start a war and MAKE YOU & ME FEEL GUILTY FOR IT before they ever let the public find out how vile they really are. I will not blame myself or feel sorry for ppl like him. Esp when all of a sudden theyre trying to hide behind God and start reciting the Scripture all of a sudden. Just like child groping, rapist, Joe Biden did yesterday. That’s what pedophiles do, they blame others when they get caught and turn to God to make ppl think they’re good ppl…Hate begets hate and ppl like LeBron James entire life proves that. BEING NAIVE AND BELIEVING & BUYING INTO THESE ATLETES ETC. IS NOT OUR FAULT. It’s what God tells us to do and HE will take care of the rest if we are decieved.


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