What Ilhan Omar Said She Wants To Do To The ‘American Economy And Political Systems’ Will Send Shivers Up Your Spine

(Tea Party 247) – Radical leftists seem to have become very bold over the last few years, but particularly so ever since the disastrous coronavirus pandemic reached the shores of our great nation. We’ve seen hardcore progressive governors engage in gross overreach into the personal lives of individuals, putting a muzzle on liberty and freedom, nearly tanking the economy, all under the guise of keeping us safe from the big, bad coronavirus.

And true, the virus is bad. It’s worth taking seriously. However, it’s clear these people have been using this as an excuse to justify usurping power from the common folk in whose hands that power truly belongs. These governors and other politicians are no longer even hiding their dubious plans. Instead, they are carrying out these acts brazenly, out in the open.

Here’s a prime example from Rep. Ilhan Omar, a liberal with a well established reputation for anti-Semitism.

Omar spoke during a press conference on Tuesday where she discussed systemic racism — a myth much akin to unicorns — with Minnesota leaders, calling for the dismantling of systems of oppression, which apparently includes America’s “economy and political systems.”

Like I said. Brazen.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Omar said, “Right now in Congress the Senate is sitting on a comprehensive bill to transform criminal justice and the policing system. All along with the Congressional Black Caucus, I helped led the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. And because of Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump, it is being ignored. I guess the president would rather attack the people who are protesting than actually address the issues people are out here protesting for.”

She continued, “We can’t stop at criminal justice reform or police reform for that matter. We are not merely fighting to tear down the systems of oppression in the criminal justice system. We are fighting to tear down systems of oppression that exist in housing, in education, in health care, in employment, in the air we breathe.”

She added, “The mortality rate for black Minnesotans to COVID is twice as high as it is with other races. And for me, this is very personal because I lost my own father to the coronavirus. I see the pain and the havoc it is wreaking on the black community in Minneapolis. We must recognize that these systems of oppression are linked. As long as our economy and political systems prioritizes profit without considering who is profiting, who is being shut out, we will perpetuate this inequity. So we cannot stop at criminal justice system. We must begin the work of dismantling the whole system of oppression wherever we find it.”

Wait a second. Is she really attempting to say that COVID is racist against blacks? Is Omar actually trying to link a disease to racism through some sort of make believe where individuals of color aren’t receiving the same kind of care or treatment or because they are poor or something of that nature?

This is pure insanity.

It used to be that progressives kept their desires to destroy our nation on the down low, not wanting to alarm folks with their plan to overthrow our capitalistic free market system and replace it with socialism. Not anymore.

People are boldly shouting from the rooftops that it is time for our way of life to be utterly destroyed and replaced with a system that has been tried over and over again throughout history and across cultures and has yet to ever be successful.

That’s because socialism cannot be successful. It violates basic rules of reality. This is something the people in liberal America cannot seem to understand. They think, somehow, they can do things differently and it will work this time. It won’t. It will fail. It’s destined to.

And all that will be left in its wake is pure destruction and oppression. They will create the very monster they think they are fighting right now.

Source: breitbart.com/clips/2020/07/07/ilhan-omar-calls-for-dismantling-of-americas-economy-and-political-systems/


  1. When are our authorities going to get a pair and throw both of these thieving skanks out of the country? They can be considered terrorists and do not have a right to be here. Revoke their citizenship, visa, passports, and any documentation that would allow them back in this country. Send them back to the countries of their family’s origin. Maybe they will open their big mouths there. I wish they would try
    because their heads would end up on a pike. Can’t think of two more worthy of that end.

  2. The Russians figured out 100+ years ago that socialism can only survive if capitalism exists somewhere. And only if they steal capitalist ideas, technology and business models! Three generations were force to try surviving following Marxist / socialist . When it was suggested they go with capitalism, hard liners refused to change. Those making change suggestions, just disappeared!

  3. What We The People of the U.S. want to do is Send ILHAN to FEDERAL PRISON for her crimes, then IMMEDIATELY afterward send her BACK to Somalia – DEPORTED PERMANENTLY and ASAP, NEVER to RETURN to the U.S. . . . EVER! Send that UNGRATEFUL Traitor BACK where she BELONGS. One DISGUSTED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  4. First of all…. their not doing anything for George…. second…. George had Covid 19….. he was high on 2 types of fentanyl and had cocaine in his system…..so the man was HIGH ON DRUGS…. all these Antifa didn’t care about George, it was their opportunity to steal , destroy, and kill to for their gain. Now I’m not saying I agree with how he died, I’m not good with what happened! No mother should have to deal with the lose of their child, no matter the age….. BUT these people are killing young children….. what did they do to deserve that? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Just needed to vent…… but no parent should lose a 1yr old by gun fire…. I really hope they get these SOB’S and make them pay with their lives….. just like those babies and toddlers and innocent people of all ages!!!!

  5. She’s so worried about the black population in her state yet she isnt doing anything to promote job growth lessen welfare dependence or improve living conditions. She is using blacks as a stepping stone while her people systematically attack and destroy American ideology. The vast majority of black people are religious at some level amd she is hateful of your beliefs, is this who you want to follow?

  6. This camel butt Anti-American muslim wants to dismantle the US in everyway including our Military and turn American in to a sister state of Somalula where they rape childern assaule the elderly and murder anyone who disagrees with them.

    This peice of camle manure should never been allowwed in to congress SHE IS NOT AN AMERICAN and neither are the REST IN CONGRESS INCLUDING THE SOCIALISTIC NAZI DEMO_BUTTED PARTY>

  7. Ilhan Omar needs to be LOCKED UP in FEDERAL PRISON for her CRIMES and then DEPORTED – ASAP and PERMANENTLY. One DISGUSTED and HOPEFUL Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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  12. Why is this woman not in jail? Her citizenship should be revoked and she should be in jail or sent back to where she came from!!!!!!!!!!!!! JAIL for Ijan Omar!!! I really don’t understand why she is still in office!

    • I cant believe anyone can be so stupid! Isnt she from a sand country ? When you look at her country, how would anyone think that we as Americans should adopt her ideas ! We need to eliminate those fools that think as she does. And she proves her stupidity by being muslim. Who in there right mind would honor the guran? She must believe in killing us infidels because you cant pick and choose what parts you believe in.

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  14. She would be easy to track down. Use the terror tactics she advocates on her. WE need to grow some balls. These traitors can be eliminated.

  15. And where is the racism coming from? Its funny but its whites who are afraid to walk down a street in diverse neighborhoods not blacks. She wants to turn America into a third world country and live it her crystal tower


  17. She’s lucky she’s here in America where she can say the things she does … if she were in her shit-hole country she’d be arrested for speech against the state … she attained the American dream – a refugee who became a member of the Congress of the United States … why does she strive top tear down the very institutions that gave her the opportunity to succeed … why do people from oppressed countries come here to escape that oppression then seek to destroy the freedoms they enjoy to drag the country down to the level they were before … just doesn’t make sense …

    • Because she is a plant by radical Islam to help take down America and the people who elected her to Congress are too brainwashed to realize that.

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  19. Capitalism is just a word they like to through around. The reality is no country exists or can exist without capitalism. That is what pays the bills. Do people really think that the Soros of this world are giving up their fortunes to a system they help create. It hasn’t in any of the isms. communism or socialism based governments. It never will. Out of the 160 deaths while in police custody, only 13 were black. It looks like it is more dangerous to be White.I tried of the lies being told about coronavirus. That virus has been in this country for years. First came the animal strains then came those that effected humans. In 1960 people were being diagnose with HCoV OC43,229E,NL63,and HKU1. HCoV stands for human corona virus. Another name for it is the COMMON COLD. Since then different strains have come out and SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) is the newest one. A big portion of us us probably have a mild form of coronavirus as part of our immune system therefore when tested it will show up. People don’t die from corona virus. they have underlining problems that is made worse by coronavirus infection and they die from pneumonia. Influenza virus has the same structure and does the same thing.The tests they give take 3 to 4 days, are less than 50% accurate and can’T tell which coronavirus you have. They lump it all together under COVID-19.There is no pandemic accept one created by the news media and democrats

  20. What is amazing to me, is quite simply this, If me and you don’t have the balls to tell these people to just shut up then we get what we deserve. I will always believe that politicians are like chewing gum damn good
    flavor at the beginning then when the flavor wears out I spit them out and vote for other people to do the job I elected them to do. This insane woman is and her beliefs is what amazes me what the hell are Minnesotans
    doing about this, and I believe this with all my heart and all my mind and all my soul, they are too busy trying to put for on their table and a roof over their heads and clothes on their back that they are just too overwhelmed to worry about whats coming to them.

  21. How many Americans are just sick at heart right now with all of this that is going on in our streets and halls of Congress? I hope that enough of us to elect President Trump in 2020. So many of us have to be sitting in the shadows and praying that our liberty will not be taken from us. Smoke and mirrors. We must look very deep through all of this uproar and vote to maintain our freedom.

  22. Every time this she-devil opens her mouth she exposes her evil soul. She is a prime example for rigid background immigration investigative policies. The only good thing I can see in her is that she is one of the best traitors in the country. She should be stripped of her citizenship and deported. As she is a demonic clone, she will spend eternity in Hades.

  23. I am a 1st generation Jewish American. A person without any power except my vote and my family. I believe in this system. All other systems Ie socialism, communism, Fascism did not work. I do believe that we need regulations on percentages of profits ie internal distribution ie the receptionist, Janitors, should be valued more via paychecks and bonuses. BTW-Goldman Sachs, b4 it went public, paid every worker a hefty bonus. incentive?
    I would love to see Creditcard companies lower interest rates for lower and middle income families. Education should pay teachers quality pay and demand quality education similar to private schools. I believe in job training with incentives. Try working for $10 an hr without being able to feed your family. That’s a nightmare. Try budgeting with no job? Duh!
    So why do I not hear this from leftists? People open your eyes and use your mind. You are being duped. They are playing on your emotions The generalities and lies of left politicians does nothing but incite hatred, transfer blame to wrong sources.”They” don’t want u to have freedom, they want u to be a pawn in their cruel, beyond sadistic Hitleresque idealism. Open your eyes. Read between the lies!

  24. You can not fix stupid how do these people ever get in office .my dog is smarter then they are why don’t we put my dog in charge

  25. She is a TERRORIST and what she said is TREASON, she should be removed from congress in chains and charged under the Constitution with pure TREASON/TERRORISM and tried as such. Along with the rest of the Muslim and democrats in congress


  27. Ilhan Omar needs to be sent to FEDERAL PRISON for her CRIMES (including TREASON and SEDITION) and DEPORTED permanently BACK to SOMALIA . . . She is a disgusting DISGRACE to humanity, and should NEVER be called a U.S. citizen but an ENEMY and TRAITOR. One DISGUSTED Patriot – like ALL NOBLE Patriots. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • Agree 100 percent ,damn what the democommu ist say , this pos needs too br charged with everything within the laws of the US Constitution and send her camel riding arse back where she came from . And send the rest of her goon squad with her . They’re nothing but hateful terrorists ,taking taxpayer money for their own benefit .

  28. Really !!! She should’ve been ‘dismantled’ from Day One. I can’t believe her sorry ass hasn’t been kicked to the curb loooong ago.

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