What Happened After Leftist Charity Bails Out Child Molester Will Make You Sick

(Tea Party 247) – For some reason, in our era, the progressive left seems to have decided to embrace every single possible cause that promotes evil and the abuse and exploitation of children.

Think about it.

Everything the left is most obsessed with, like open borders, pornographic sex ed and the promotion of homosexuality, transgenderism, lenient sentencing, and abortion all results in putting children at risk of everything from abuse and life-long mental illness to death.

So go figure that a left-leaning “social justice” organization in New York who helps criminals bail out of jail is perfectly happy to do so for child molesters.

Luis Olivo disgustingly molested a 3-year-old boy back in October at a laundromat in Queens, only to be released on bail by a bleeding-heart leftist group, free to skip bail and molest another child.

The New York Post reports:

The Bronx Freedom Fund posted $2,000 bail for Luis Olivo, 63, following his Oct. 19 arrest over an incident in a Woodhaven laundromat where he was sitting in front of a table spread with candy, according to the criminal complaint filed against him.

Surveillance video allegedly shows Olivo — whose last known address was an Ozone Park homeless shelter — talking to a 3-year-old boy and passing a balloon back and forth before grabbing the tot’s head and shoving it into his crotch.

Who on earth would think it was a good idea for this sicko to be out on the streets again?

Not only was Olivo charged with simply “endangering the welfare of a child,” but he went on to “endanger the welfare of a child” yet again!

Where on earth are we as a society when anyone is fighting for this guy’s rights?

The Bronx Freedom Fund claims that 96% of the people they bail out “return for all their court dates, despite not having any of their own money on the line.”

Well, not Olivo.

He was set to return to court on November 8th, but didn’t.

What a shocker.

Instead, On December 1st, he molested an eight-year-old girl inside the Unique Shopping Mall in Jamaica, Queens. That is, he was busted molesting a child–who knows what he was doing in between being bailed out and getting busted again!

The Post continues:

An eyewitness told cops that he saw Olivo stick his hand under the girl’s skirt and grope her, according to court papers.

The girl also said that Olivo took her hand and put it on his crotch under his jacket “so that no one would see” and “repeatedly tried to kiss her,” according to court papers.

The mother of the first victim was horrified to hear that Olivo had struck again.

“My baby is only three, maybe he’ll forget. But the 8-year-old will always remember what happened to her,” she said.

The Post also notes that Olivo had been arrested in 2012 for first-degree sexual assault abuse of another eight-year-old girl.

This dude needs to be locked up and the key thrown away.

Meanwhile, records show that Olivo was also busted in a 2012 incident in which authorities said he put an 8-year-old girl’s hand “on top of his pants and against his erect penis” while giving her a free, sidewalk blood-pressure test with her granny in Woodhaven.

Although he was charged with first-degree sexual abuse, Olivo plea-bargained to endangering the welfare of a child and was sentenced to 60 days in jail and three years’ probation.

The move kept him from having to register as a sex offender because of endangering the welfare of a child isn’t considered a sex crime under state law.

It’s unclear if the Bronx Freedom Fund was aware of that case before bailing out Olivo.

“When are groups like the Freedom Fund going to start worrying about the victims?” an anonymous Queens detective said in a statement to The Post. “Because of their actions, a little girl and her family have been victimized and traumatized unnecessarily.”

“These liberal groups have no idea how traumatic sex crimes are to the victims, especially young children,” a retired supervisor of sex crimes investigations told the Post. “They talk about giving criminals second chances. Well, these two children won’t get a second chance.”

There should be no such thing as a “repeat sex offender.” There should only be a six-foot ditch and a pine box.

God may forgive, but it is society’s job to eradicate predators. It’s clear that America is failing to protect its children—whether unborn or not.


  1. God bless all of the good guys in this world who constantly battle the evil and disgusting left. It’s no surprise that the liberal-left always comes down on the wrong side of every situation. When you constantly support bad people and bad situations and bad laws well then obviously that makes you a bad person and there is no room in this world poor slime like you.

  2. Can we tie AOC into this? AOC is a big BXer. As for innocent until proven guilty. That is the correct process. However the accused abused a child. The Accused is homeless thus to protect Children he should not have received bail.

    The jail is a better for the accused. Also keeps him alive. Homeless on the street who is accused of basically raping a child. Someone may look to permanently stop him.

  3. Stick a shotgun up his ass and pull the trigger. He doesn’t deserve another chance! Also give the org who bailed him out a restraining order then charge and prosecute them. Also give home address of person who put up bail and tell perp the bailor has little kids. These bleeding heart a holes need to have it happen to their families!!!

    • Mr. Bean, allegedly on this site or any other site, mean innocence until proven guilty. The allegations on two of the offenses have to be proven, but essentially he was convicted in the 2012 case. Maybe, if you’re a member of NAMBLA, you want to defend this pervert, But personally he belongs in jail. The Freedom Fund bares some responsibility for his second victim and I pray they will think twice about obtaining the release of compulsive criminals.

  4. This is what Governor Cuomo has done and more innocent children will be attacked as long as he continues to release predators, murders, and more from prison or jail

  5. These protectors of child molesters liberal sickos…Democrats for sure should also be
    in jail for their cruel disregard for childrens safety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. they should either cut his junk off or hang him by them. and arrest the people and the judges that keep getting him out of jail or sentencing him to just days in jail. deport him back to where ever he came from. i say throw him over the border wall along with this group that keeps paying his bail and let ice dare them to try to come back across the border.

  7. People might be able to change these laws if they get the “real culprit” out of office first. I don’t understand why many (in general) complain about situations like this but yet keep voting for Cuomo and all the other DS’s.

  8. that’s deeply sick, why don’t the Bronx Freedom Fund pay for the children and their families to attend counselling? eh?
    #MAGA, semper fi

    • What we are seeing now is a blatant expression of one of the things called for by Karl Marx: “Forcible overthrow of all existing social principles.” One can now see how far today’s SJW’s have signed on to that. That would explain why the SJW’s are never interested in building anything; all they live for is to destroy everything and everybody that ain’t them.

  9. There is old Mosaic law and Islam has picked up on it. “If thy hand offends thee cut it off”. I think that law my apply here.

  10. This pig should be executed……….. This court system has got to stop protecting the Inhuman people who are below animals. We put down rabid animals, we need to do the same to Rabid people. The So called Legal system now gets these animals, murderers And low life off or very light sentences if any. We must get rid of the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist liberal Democrat lawyers and judges. They are a incurable cancer that must be remove before it consumes all law bidding Americans. These people even want to disarm citizens so they can’t protect themselves or their families. They know full well criminals, murderers and low life scum will always have Guns.

  11. Guys like this and others like him should be labeled “child molesters” and put in general population in prisons. That should take care of the problem!

  12. This course of action by the Democrats is well explained in the following two resources. If you really want to understand what is going on in our government (our Country), I urge (even beg) you to read Andrew Breibart’s book called “Righteous Indignation” or at least watch Glenn Beck’s recent video called “The Democrat Hydra” on YouTube. Glenn’s video provides factual documents and text messages obtained through the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) and not conspiracy theory. If you agree Glenn’s information is correct, you can do your part like I am by spreading it around. Do as others have done, copy this entire comment and paste it in your social media networks. Yes, I keep posting this in hopes to reach new readers. We need to do something, not just talk about it. This is a well organized strategy by the Deep State and there is proof if you are willing to research it.

  13. Let these liberals take these sickos home with them.
    I’m starting to think that most liberals have no morals and they are sick themselves.
    Every thing they fight for is against society and a danger to our country especially our kids.

  14. The organization that helped get him released needs to be charged with being complicent in the molestation of children and shut down. The parents of these children need to sue the hell out of the bronx freedom fund and the city for allowing this piece of garbage to continue molesting children. Liberals are a fungus on lives.

  15. For these Cretans, I wholeheartedly support the Death Penalty, immediately upon separation of this scum and his victim on the street in public!

  16. This is sick that pervert needs to be locked up and never be near any children ever and the freedom fund needs a cell right next to his liberal democrat freaks 😤

  17. They know d*mn well what kind of damage this does to a family. But they hope for new law after new law designed to stop the perps but the perp is a means to an end not someone they care about. Remember, new law after new law means a police state – run by the left they hope.

  18. If all the Marxists, Alinskyites, Antifa anarchists, human traffickers, drug pushers, pedophiles and other perverts were run out of this country or otherwise “eliminated”, there would be mighty damn few of us left. Oh, yeah! One can include Democrats and other “bleeding hearts”, as well!

  19. That is what we get when we kicked God out of our schools. Since you are not supposed to teach moral absolutes, you have situation ethics. What that basically is, “If it brings you gratification, do it and the heck with what anybody else thinks.” George Washington said in his farewell speech, “If the people do not recognize their accountability unto God you cannot make enough laws to govern the people.” Do we not see that being literally fulfilled before our very eyes? America needs revival. Please pray for it to come.

    • You nailed it 1000%. Once they accomplished transforming schools and removing God, they now are trying even harder to remove God & any semblance of Christianity from our Republic. I find joy putting up a cross on the front of my home with my American Flag. Those two even create animosity with some neighbors, it’s crazy and I will not cave to them.


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