What Got This New Jersey Homeowner Arrested Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

(Tea Party 247) – As many Democrat cities let the occupants of their jails go out of concerns for the coronavirus outbreak, otherwise law-abiding citizens are being arrested for hosting too many people in their homes.

A New Jersey homeowner has been arrested for hosting a wedding that violated the state’s current ban on over 50 people issued by the governor to prevent the spread of the virus.

Police in Ocean County arrested Eliyohu Zaks, a 49-year-old homeowner, charging him with “maintaining a nuisance for hosting the wedding” to which over 50 people attended.

According to KYW-TV, Lakewood police have reportedly responded to 17 calls of social distancing regulations being violated.

“The Lakewood Police is asking that its citizens be responsible and obey the directives set forth by the State of New Jersey for the safety and health of all. Those that choose not to will be subject to criminal prosecution,” police said in a statement.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy issued a ban on gatherings of gatherings including or exceeding 50 people earlier this week to help the state’s efforts to combat the pandemic. There are currently 890 confirmed cases in the Garden State with 11 deaths, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University.

According to New Jersey 101.5, there were also two weddings at the Lake Terrace and Fountain Ballroom hosting over 50 people that were already broken up.

No known arrests were made in that case.

The station also reported that Shaul Kuperwasser was charged with maintaining a public nuisance after Lakewood police responded to a large crowd at his house.

They also noted that the “epicenter” of the state’s COVID-19 cases has been in Ocean County as 26 of the county’s 53 known cases of the virus have been concentrated there.

Earlier this weeks, all the schools across the state were closed along with non-essential businesses and Murphy mobilized the National Guard after issuing the ban on gatherings of 50 or more people.

He said, on Friday, “I’m not sure if we’re going to be to 10 people or if we’re going to zero.”

Throughout this week, strict mandates were issued in California, New York, and Illinois as residents were told to remain at home other than for essential needs. On Saturday, Murphy announced further restrictions for his state.

The first major coronavirus testing site in New Jersey at Bergen Community College in Paramus reached capacity after being open for just four hours on Friday.

In one tragic case in the state, four members of the same family perished from the virus as the surviving members remain in quarantine.

Shock at the news of a homeowner’s arrest shocked Twitter users, as police in some cities had begun releasing criminals due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Meanwhile, in Puerto Rico, over 100 people were arrested for violating an executive order to remain indoors.


  1. I understand this virus is bad but the odds are you’ll catch the flu and die long before you would corona but no one see this kind of insanity due to the deaths caused by the flu. Ten times as many will die of flu than corona but please MSM and politicians act like this is the end of the world and the sky is falling. Yes use precautions and your brains as with any disease but also stop being chicken little. I can understand Trumps reactions and actions, the dems will use this against him big time but to destroy our nation to get Trump is going way too far. I will never vote for another democrat as long as I live.

  2. this happened in nazi germany neighbors turning jews. this is not a place for see something say something to be applied.

  3. The Bride and Groom and the parents should have re thought the parameters now upon them and us throughout the U.S. Rules is Rules…..No Excuse.

  4. Very good comment about driving in Lakewood. How do some residents pass a driving test? Entitlement is a good descriptive word.

  5. Liberal Losers like Murphy are ecstatic because they can throw their weight around under the guise of “Protecting us”. Nothing makes a lib politician happier than forcing honest citizens to knuckle under, all the while letting criminals roam free.

  6. This is exactly what the Dimms/Rino’s/Obama want. They have succeeded in making us a third world country. And getting rid of DJT would be icing on the cake.

  7. I survived 51/2 years of the HOLOCAST man made virus. Now we have a mother nature virus. The difference is, mother nature does not discriminate. Hope this is over soon!

  8. What can you expect in a town with so stupid a population that they have to put flashing lights on stop signs?

    Not kidding. Perimeter of the signs have flashing lights. Entitled folks have strange interpretations of the driving laws. Right of way. etc. And, an exhorbitant number of ILLEGAL ALIENS live, work as nannies, landsapers, builders, in that town ALL DRIVING ON OUR ROADS. DANGEROUS and they work in restaurants too.

    Prime for spreading the chinese virus.

  9. If I remember correctly, a person can give the flu to others before coming down themselves. Since Covid is reported to be similar to flu then quarantines are worse than useless. Governments have become a real PITA.


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