What FDA Boss Just Said About Hydroxychloroquine Will Make Fear Mongering Liberals Foam At The Mouth

(Tea Party 247) – Radical leftists have been hard at work this week in an attempt to block the message of frontline doctors who are claiming that the drug known as hydroxychloroquine is a powerful treatment — some even say “cure” — for the coronavirus. Apparently, this message threatens the narrative they want pushed that it’s too dangerous to vote in person, thus justifying the call for mail-in voting.

Why go through all of that trouble for mail-in voting? Because it gives the Democratic Party an edge in the election, providing plenty of opportunities to mess with the results to get the outcome they desire. A Biden presidency would spell the end of our current way of life.

Contradicting all of the fear mongering over the drug that liberals keep pushing, Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Stephen Hahn has said there are a number of medical observational studies that do suggest some sort of benefit from using the medication in treating COVID-19. However, the clinical, randomized trials do not show a benefit.

Here’s more from Just The News:

In spite of Dr. Hahn’s nuanced description of hydroxychloroquine COVID-19 data, however, the agency did not respond to an inquiry from Just the News about whether, in light of this statement, the FDA would withdraw its guidance stating that using hydroxychloroquine for the coronavirus should be avoided “outside of the hospital setting or a clinical trial.”

“So the FDA looks at all what we call ‘the totality of data,'” Hahn said in a Tuesday morning radio interview with Florida radio host Drew Steele. “There are observational studies that suggest a benefit. There are five randomized trials that did not show a benefit to hydroxychloroquine, both in the prophylactic setting and in the treatment — both early and late.”

However, Hahn, both in his Tuesday radio interview and in prior public statements, said the FDA “does not regulate the practice of medicine” and thus leaves doctors the option to prescribe hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 in an “off-label” use.

“We believe that decision about whether a doctor writes for hydroxychloroquine, for a patient with COVID, is completely in the realm of the doctor-patient relationship,” Hahn said Tuesday, “with the doctor understanding what the data show, their comfort level with this drug, and also the other medications and other illnesses that a person has.”

The FDA said in an earlier statement, “Prescribing a product for uses not specifically included in the official labeling is common in the practice of medicine. In oncology and mental health, many patients are treated this way.”

The FDA revoked the emergency use authorization that was issued for use of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine to treat the coronavirus back in June. The agency stated that the reason this was done was “based on recent results from a large, randomized clinical trial in hospitalized patients that found these medicines showed no benefit for decreasing the likelihood of death or speeding recovery.”

There’s so much conflicting information about coronavirus and the possible treatments available to help keep people alive once they contract it that it’s impossible not to feel frustrated by the whole mess. What’s worse, people keep turning this into a political battle, making life and death determinations in order to push forward agendas.

Meanwhile, people get this disease and end up dying from it. It’s insulting the level of politics being played in this pandemic. In reality, the choice to use hydroxychloroquine to treat the coronavirus is one that should be left to doctors and patients without the government in the middle.

Source: justthenews.com/politics-policy/coronavirus/fda-boss-some-studies-suggest-benefit-hydroxychloroquine-covid-wont


  1. I totally agree with you. I have read about Fauci’s connection with the Wuhan lab. I don’t trust that man at all. I think he is playing the Dem’s games and wants to bring this country and the economy down so they can blame it on President Trump and hopefully win the election. I find it hard to even fathom that they are willing to ruin our economy, the small business owners, and our CHILDREN by scaring the parents and teachers by saying schools should be closed. I work in a school…. the children need to return. They do not excel on virtual school….especially the children that do not have a support system at home. They will truly be left behind. I am sad AND mad!!

  2. It seems in this country anymore the only way we can get the truth out is in court. We need to have a class action lawsuit against any mainstream organization that has advocated against using hydrochoroquinn because that opinion has resulted in the loss of lives.

  3. Great statements. Also about BigPharma. Look at their owner/stockholders. You will find LEADERS of NIH,NIAID, FDA,CDC,WHO,GATES,BEZO, and MANY POLITICIANS!!! Especially DEMOCRATIC!
    Or should I say DEMON-CRATIC.
    This treatment was talked about before this country went on lockdown. If it had been used from the BEGINNING the DEATH RATE would have been SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER. Purposefully with holding the treatment from patients from the beginning to present is MURDER!!!! Those that said NO should be PROSECUTED for MASS MURDER!!

  4. Dem efforts to restrict medicine gives you an idea of what they will do if they gain control of economy or overall medical system. They are power crazy!!!!!!!!!

  5. Several points I would like to make. 1. what happened to the RIGHT TO TRY LAW? 2. There have been people testify, report, join studies around the world, etc which has shown that hydroxi’ has helped the recovery of the patient, 3. The treatment should be between the doctor and the patient as long as the medication is not poison, 4. politics should not enter into the treatment of patients for any reason, and 5. NO DOCTOR should be sanctioned or fired for treating his/her patient within the law that should not have anything do with politicians who KNOW NOTHING ABOUT MEDICINE.

    The dems must not allow any medication to work for several reasons: 1. They may be charged with standing in the way of helping people to be treated and cured instead of murder. 2. Want the virus to still be a huge problem so they can rig the election to accomplish their agenda of taking over and destroying the country, and 3. dems do not want to have to admit that maybe our President was right. 4. they want to keep the country closed to destroy the economy more as Bill Maher stated a few years ago, He said he wished for a recession or depression as that was the only way to beat Mr. Trump. Hmm, wonder why? BECAUSE MR. TRUMP PUTS AMERICAN CITIZENS AND OUR COUNTRY FIRST.
    Pray people. Do you want people like this to run this country and dictate how we should eat, live, socialize, where we live, and everything else which are our God given rights in this country.

  6. A patient treatment should be between the Dr and the patient and not liberal politicians and liberal news outlet. It’s ironical that a drug that has been around for 65 years which have been used for other health issues is now dangerous. What does one has to Loose, if this drug is ones last resort.

    The reason this drug has gotten such a bad review by the left is to prevent President Trump from getting any credit even if it save lives, no matter how many positive indicators that if given at the right time and in the right dosage as a preventive or earl stage of this virus may save lives.

    Drs’ hands and mouth are now padlocked from even trying to get clarity out to the deserving public, they are being censored and som even loose their jobs. Is this America, where the constitution provides for freedom of speech?

  7. “A well proven drug” per personal conversations with docs n nurses n those who used it traveling abroad. We R getting lies from political witch hunters n power grabbers. Lies n more lies. Vote “Democrap” n vote Away freedoms n persute of happiness!

  8. how can “some” pharmacists not fill doctors prescribed HCQ medicine?
    This is brainwashing by Dr Fauci and the WHO, that want a monopoly control on compusory mandatory vaccines.

  9. I believe this drug is often prescribed with a strong antibiotic as well. And if I was sick with the “chinese/pelosi virus” I would be demanding it because they do not have any other treatments for it. This political ball that the dim wits are using is a joke and an insult. You can bet the dim wits if infected want this drug. Liars, cheats, thieves and right now they are playing a seriously harmful game. VOTE EM OUT. INCUMBENT OR NEW DIM WIT, THEY ALL LIE AND OBSTRUCT. ELECT CONSERVATIVES AND LET THIS COUNTRY MOVE FOREWARD WITH “MAGA”!!!

  10. Good morning , I have spoken with many people who have contracted the virus and have used hydroxychloroquinine for treatment with positive results with not one complaining of side effects .Are we going crazy as a country, I thought we supposed to save lives !!!! If I had it I would not hesitate telling my doctor to administer the drug to me .

  11. This all is a load of BS. I took HQ dozens of times over 40 years, traveling to SE Asia, South America, and African countries with no side effects. Some of those durations were well over 90 days. I have two children one in his 20’s and one 10. Neither have three heads!!!!

    My Dad before I was born, served in Vietnam. Took HQ for 13 months daily. He had no side effects and is 78 years old. I do not have 3 heads or anything wrong with me. But maybe, just maybe there is one side effect? You vote Republican!!!!!!!!

  12. Gotta get them Democrats out they are telling our doctors how treat their patients. Making laws that forbid a doctor from prescribing the drug.

  13. When my Dr prescribes medicine for me I do not ask is is specifically for my condition or if there are other uses. He explains what the drug does, how it reacts and what the side effects are. He also asks me again what medicines I am taking, He has the list in front of him and other supplements and over the counter drugs I might be taking daily or once and a while. The decision is between myself and my Doctor as it should be.

  14. This drug has been around for 60 years, it is used to treat Lupus patients and they take it every single day and there is no problems. When did hydroxychloloquine become the killer drug? Are we now allowing, in this country, the democrats to dictate what drugs we are allowed to use. People democrats need to be VOTED OUT, if there is a killer its not hydroxycholoquine it is the DEMOCRATS. This truly is the most important election in the history of this country.

    • I agree with you totally.
      As an ICU nurse, if I am positive for Corona virus, even asymptomatic, I won’t hesitate to ask (or beg) my doctor
      to treat me with Hydroxychloroquine and Zythromax, ASAP, instead of suffering through it when it’s too late to save.
      It ‘s so sad that the treatment has helped patients, but the hateful Democrats make it like a killer, while they are the killers themselves! (They dislike the President so much that they try to make anything he said and done become “harmful” in their “useful idiots” mind. If they have one at all!

  15. In my opinion, the pandemic of Coronavirus is obviously bad and will be killed hopefully soon. I really feel this pandemic crisis has been used by the left as a test run for total control by the government, not to mention the goal of destroying our president Donald Trump coupled with the so called riots. PS We as for the most part Christian & Jews MUST get down on our knees and pray to God for the actual survival of our great Constitutional Republic.
    Praise be to God,
    Gary G. Cramer

  16. This is ridiculous. Off label use of drugs and some antiseptics has been going on for decades.
    So,why all the concern now ??? Hydroxychloroquine has been regarded as safe with little side effects.
    Given the nature of the corona virus ,especially the effect on the elderly, this should be a decision left up to the patient and doctor or care giver not politicians nor the pharmacist! I find it insane, that the use of experimental drugs in general and drugs with drastic side effects for everything from serious illnesses to contagions other than COVID 19 ,have rarely been contested. Just now, when Dr Fauci, Bill Gates , several other elitists and a host of political hacks have vested interest in the financial remunerations of a forced vaccine on the populace. How safe and effective are the vaccines that are rushed through?????

  17. …I have no words to say. It’s amazing. You have given all the useful information in this one article. I appreciate your work.

  18. I myself want to have that option. It is about monopolies the vaccine market for those dr f , Gates, Clinton and more. Maybe Rothschild. They are usually quite. But that’s one of their money machine’s, RX. I know of one those doctors, practice here in Los Angeles. She Believes doing This. No fake from her

  19. OK, so doctors are allowed to prescribe HCQ, but in many places the pharmacists may choose not to fulfill the doctors orders. Since when do pharmacists outrank doctors in deciding a patient’s care? As a physician, I am appalled by this interference in my judgment of optimum care. Off-label use of prescriptions reflects the best judgment of experienced physicians.

  20. The answer is Simple and that should be left to the doctors that’s treating the patient and the patient’s themselves? Sick and tired of all theses liberals morons that are Doom and gloom attitude? For those liberal democratic clowns who continue to cry wolf and are the first yelling My constitutional rights

  21. Wonder what the world-wide results of the use of hydroxychloroquinine look like. It’s been used for several months all over the world with some success. Someone needs to aggregate that data and present it w/o political animosity. They are millions more cases than any of the current high-profile vaccines!


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