What Far-Left Activists Are Encouraging Their Followers To Do During Coronavirus Shutdowns Will Make You Sick

(Tea Party 247) – How are far-left anarchists reacting to the coronavirus outbreak?

Predictably, as you can imagine.

They are now encouraging people not only to shoplift but to loot as panic continues to sweep the nation.

Wendy Trevino is a communist activist, who apparently writes grants, or something, and is promoting this message on her Twitter page:

The Post Millennial shares a bit about Trevino:

Trevino is an author published by Commune Editions, a communist poetry imprint of AK Press, a pro-antifa publishing house that has published pro-anarchist works like Full Spectrum Resistance, and Andrew Marantz’s Anti-Social: Online Extremists, Techno-Utopians, and the Hijacking of American Conversation, a book touted by leftist journalists that calls for a return to media gatekeeping and the suppression of free speech online.

Despite significant pushback, the tweet went viral with over 18 thousand retweets and 110 thousand likes, receiving widespread support from some likeminded social arsonists.

Society teeters on the brink of a cascading systems failure, and characters like Wendy Trevino are more than eager to nudge the tipping point towards disaster.

Spending just a few moments browsing her page you can find all the usual grievances. She opposes capitalism, big corporations, white people, etc.

Her supporters are eating up this call for criminal intent:

Sickeningly, it’s trending on Twitter:


  1. You have to be joking!!!!! This is a time for everyone to come together and follow laws and rules. If not there will be marshal law coming and things will get even worse. Please ignore this ladies advice!!!!!

  2. Most animals work for their food . Then there are the parasites, who are bloodsuckers. I think they are called democraps.

    • I’d go further. This is an emergency, requiring an all out effort from all of us. I’d say looters need to be shot. Looters are truly the scum of the earth.

  3. These new age criminals are such idiots. They must think they are smart by using words they don’t even understand. They are too stupid to see the difference in justice and crime, capitalism & communism, liberty and tyranny. It appears they have no sense of right and wrong, thus are irredeemable. They must be stopped and punished according to the law, before they cause more trouble. And here we are trying to help everyone by keeping safety and health in mind. It’s not for everyone apparently. Just hope they will be gone without hurting others.

  4. I am old enough to remember seeing empty food shelves displayed in the old Soviet Union. They are not only seen in countries who are mostly capitalist. And HELLO, don’t you know most of the people in communist North Korea are malnourished. They don’t even have many shelves to see empty!

  5. A bullet between the EYES tends to stop LOOTERS cold . . . because that’s what they’ll BE after they get SHOT. There is NO excuse for LOOTING. LOOTERS GET what they DESERVE. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  6. So, you shoplift all the shit, then what? Are the socialist going to restock the shelves. Nope, because socialism fails when you run out of other peoples shit. Capitalism may not be perfect, but Social Anarchy isn’t the answer. Standby for heavy rolls while the ship comes about.

  7. Stealing is stealing if it isn’t but a dime. Shoplifting hurts everyone.Those who don’t believe in capitalism have no idea of what they are talking about. There is no country regardless of their type of government that doesn’t exist without capitalism, NONE.Where do you think the governments get their money to function. The richest people there are the capitalists that run the manufacturing. Look at Russia or China.

  8. This Country was made to well to fail! Communism and socialism DO NOT BELONG IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!
    Stealing is trifling! Not only is it a government law IT IS ALSO A COMANDMENT IN THE BIBLE FROM GOD!!

  9. Idiots. Those items stolen did not appear on the stores’ shelves by magic. Attitudes like this result in higher prices for all and more and more items being placed under lock and key.

  10. Wendy Trevino is Affiliated with the DERANGED DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST PARTY Supported by the one and only SEN. BERNIE SANDERS !!

  11. I will shoot you and your friends if I see you SL or any other ILLEGAL activity. So go ahead and try it. Is a roll of TP really worth dying for?

  12. The democrats and the MSM have turned a virus into the end of the world. They have created a mess where businesses have to lay off their workers, stores are emptying out and the warehouse are shutting down. From the looks of it they are doing their best to finish what Obama started, destroy our great nation and all over a virus that is less dangerous than H1N1 was. They will do anything to force our nation to go under so they can gain power and finish destroying all our lives. This is what socialism looks like, Nothing in the stores and nothing being brought in to replenish the shelves. Take a good look and know, this is what democrats do for you.

  13. wendy trevino you are disgusting if people follow what you say and get locked up they have no one to blame but you and i hope they come after you for it.you are trash

  14. Over charging for necessary items is not capitalism (price gouging), it is unlawful. Wendy Treveno is not just calling for people to shop life, she is calling for anarchy. She has obviously never run a business otherwise she would understand the repercussions shop lifting. People who are in business must make up the theft somehow and usually do it by raising prices. So, In fact, she, herself, can become a victim of that which she so vocally encourages. Make her pay through her nose, which is stuck in business she cannot or will not understand.

  15. Just had a thought enter my head. With this pandemic, the liberal socialist communists will see exactly what it is like to live in a country controlled by socialism/communism. The only difference is ours will only last a short time or perhaps become common place in 2024 when the likes of a Bernie Sanders could get elected.

  16. Was she sired by a “sperm bank donor?”
    Classic example of “Outcome Based / Common Core” indoctrination…
    Imagine what’s her name submitting a J O B resume’ to you and your company?
    Spawn of Satan
    Children of the corn 🌽

  17. No problem, have an unregistered firearm and if they’re calling for anarchy let them have it. It’s working in of all places Chicago where concealed carriers shot more bad guys then police. In the areas least likely to have such types, the cop land neighborhood that occasionally elects the only Republican alderman in the city, there is less crime than the majority of the surrounding suburbs. It’s not Cuba or Scandinavian countries, that have all told Bernie they’re not what he’s selling , which is the lefts wet dream. It’s Chicago where none of them is safe to walk. The land of Jussie Smollett, where they eat one another.

  18. If you see anybody breaking the law during this caronavirus, knock thier ass in the head with a rock! Jail will fulfill thier needs!

  19. Should Martial Law ever be declared due to an out-of-control crisis (pandemic, insurrection, rebellion, etc..), anarchists, left-wingers, socialists (i.e.: communists), and all other anti-American haters, WILL become targets of law enforcement, State & National Guards, legally armed Citizens and Patriots, Military, Veterans, and Militias, defending this Republic and her Peoples…


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