What Do The Globalist Agenda And Declining Birth Rates Have To Do With Each Other? Just Ask Finland.

(Tea Party 247) – Birth rates all around the world are plummeting and while leftist globalists and environmental zealots believe this is a good thing, we can assure you, it is not. Massive drops in population will cause highly unfavorable population structures in a couple decades which will eventually lead to economic collapse.

Thanks to globalist efforts to control and reduce the population, birth rates in Finland for 2019 have dropped to the lowest the country has seen since its nationwide famine in the 19th century.

The Voice of Europe reports:

Despite its painfully low birthrate, mass immigration from the third world was able to drive the country’s overall population increase in 2019. Last year, the Finnish population grew by over 9,600 to around 5.5 million as 18,000 more migrants came to Finland than emigrates who left the country, Finland’s national broadcaster Yle reports.

According to figures released by Statistics Finland, about 2,000 fewer children were born in 2019 than the previous year. Finland’s national fertility rate in 2019 marked the lowest ever recorded at just 1.35 children per woman – down from 1.40 the previous year and 1.50 in 2017.

The director of social welfare and health NGO Family Federation of Finland, Anna Rotkirch, has warned that considerable economic woes could be on the horizon for Finland if the trend continues.

“Economic predictions show that in 15 or 20 years we will have an extremely unfavorable population structure, if nothing changes,” Rotkirch told Yle. “There is a large, looming challenge and economists are very, very worried. The dependency ratio will be extremely challenging, and it is estimated that we will need a tenfold increase in work-based immigration.”

Unfortunately, Finland isn’t the only country with a birth rate problem that threatens its nation’s very existence. Today, the same trend can be seen in nearly every single European country.

As things stand right now, the average birth rate in the European Union is just 1.5 – well below the level needed to replace the native European population. Aside from Viktor Orbán’s pro-family policy in Hungary which incentivizes Hungarian families to have more children, few other governments in Europe have taken any real action to properly address the problem.

For leftists and globalists on the center-right, it’s simply easier to replace Europeans with highly fertile, cheap labor from the third world.

Therein lies the problem. While birth rates are dropping, as planned by pro-abortion globalists, mass migration is wreaking havoc all over the West. Then we’re all supposed to buy into the climate change hoax and further destroy our societies. What is the end goal? One world government.

If Western countries continue to allow birth rates to plummet, their populations will not be able to recover and this will lead to economic collapse. Add to that the crime and violence being ushered in by the mass migration of Africans and Middle Easterners and you will soon have a world in crisis. Enter the one world government which will be disguised as the solution to all of our suffering.

It is up to us to fight this agenda now. There is no outcome that plays out in which we will win should globalist elites succeed in bringing the world to its knees.


  1. Now according to DNA results nearly every person on this earth has multiple nationalities in their DNA, could that be because for centuries we have been intermingling, nearly every so called American, their ancestors came from another place, the USA was the country which welcomed immigrants from other countries, which made the USA the country it is today. The entire world is a mix on other nationalities. Now as far as this article goes, the main aim of the Nationalist is to keep the White person supreme in this World, which will not happen in any way, and there will be a One World Government by the end of this century and by 2500 there will be no border control as we know it today, people will be able to travel, live work and play any place in this World they choose to do so, and without customs and immigration involved in any way, that One World Government is what we now know as the UN, That was the exact reason the UN was set up by the Five ruling nations of this World. So in less than 500 years people in the World will be able to move around in the World just like we do in the USA.

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  3. Roughly 10 years or so ago, I started down the New World Order rabbit whole, looking for as much information as I could find to see if the conspiracy was real, or imagined. What I started learning was extremely dark and surreal; so much so that it was hard to wrap my head around it! It kept leading to other rabbit holes. I ultimately disengaged from that darkness and started studying Bible prophecy instead.

    It didn’t take me long to figure out that this whole “New World Order” madness is the same “one world government” that is described in Bible prophecy! At any rate, for the believers out there who really want to know, the Bible describes EXACTLY how this all plays out in far more detail than I would have imagined when I first started studying eschatology. The details-the last of which were penned roughly 2,000 years ago-are astonishing! YES, the USA is specifically mentioned, although [obviously] not by name. The description, however, fits no other nation on earth when ALL the details are taken into account.

    You don’t need to believe in the Bible, however, to see that the western world is on a collision course with disaster if you have the mental capacity to and are following current trends, such as the dismal fertility rates in western countries and the importation of a HUGE portion of the third world’s population! One need not be a genius to figure out that the consequences will be severe and irreversible! At least some working knowledge of history, though, is helpful in seeing where all of this is headed. It is especially helpful to have a working knowledge of socialism, communism and cultural Marxism.

    There are truly some unimaginably dark times just ahead of us. Those in the know would do well to plan accordingly and perhaps to warn all who have ears that are willing to hear of it.

    God Bless


    • Well if you write that Globalist/U.N. one world plans will indeed come…then write those in the know would do well to plan accordingly…I ask obvious question: plan what? What good would a plan be if the entire world will have no borders. One control. That of the richest people in the world. What could your advise possibly do?

  4. Exactly right on the money..what they could not accomplish in 2 World Wars they’re attempting to do with European Union and control it that way…create issues crisis….and then miraculously save the world by offering law and order jobs …Salvation!!!!!!!..which is a disguised way of saying World Domination….they just moved the control center from Germany to Brussels Belgium..Globalism…giving up your nations sovereignty and it being controlled by people you neither elected or even know…not smart…that’s why the UK hauled ass.. and why Socialism and Communism is losing everywhere. Why because they lived it done it and it sucks…except for the uneducated , mindless sheep and their controllers…NOTHING is free…somebody pays for it…and if you have everything in your life given to you. Well you become that whore…and the strings become chains…and somebody always wants to be in control…and their life is always better than yours because their in control…Venezuela, Cuba, etc etc etc…you don’t see people crashing the gates to get in there…it should give you pause….Trump 2020…opinions will vary…

  5. I agree with the guy who remembers the Roman Empire as a previous one world government. It helped to bring in a new world religion at the time, Christianity. It will be interesting to see what God has in store if we have another world government. The last one spoke Latin. Will this one speak English?

  6. They told us they were going to do this in “Agenda 21”, in their recent annual meeting it has been revamped and now known as “2030 Agenda”.

  7. Globalism is exactly the same as Nazism (Socialists), Communism, Roman Empire, and on and on. ALL end in blood and death. Do not listen to them.

    • I agree, Tom. It will not end well. This is the worst possible thing
      that could happen. Globalism – we will not come out of it alive

  8. Add to that the crime and violence being ushered in by the mass migration of Africans and Middle Easterners and you will soon have a world in crisis. ”
    Says it in a nutshell..these are the two problem groups in particular.
    absolute failure of post-colonialism in their own war-torn garbage-strewn countries.
    And the universal poison of the Islamic religion.

  9. 65. million Abortions which means around 4,000 of these babies would have died before 18 years of age and this is a severe application of the morality table. 60 million more people demanding good and services would amount to over 3.5 trillion dollars to the economy, which would mean there would be more jobs needed than the manpower we no have. The only way this downward trend is going to stop is when we decide to stop killing our future.

  10. That is simple , drop the illegal migration and rework the economic models and things will work out.
    If you are smart enough to figure the birthrates for whites then you can figure out the rest of the solution.

  11. Here’s a thought about population control. Could it be that in America it’s abortion rights that globalist are such staunch supporters of and that Roe V. S. Wade may have nothing to do with reproductive rights or anything else they say as to why they favor abortion. Maybe it’s more about control of the population. Just something that might give you pause to think about.

  12. This was inevitable given the refusal by many countries to limit immigration. Rather than think of their own citizens, these countries are bullied into accepting way too many immigrants. They are too cowardly. It is particularly disgusting bc the citizens of these countries don’t want it. The open boarders people in the U.S. are not interested in the immigrants at all. The Dem’s only interest is a permanent national majority with the associated money and power.

  13. That is what we are seeing here in the good old USA.
    The elitist here, both right, left and center want one world government. That is why the looney lefty folks and a quite a few on the right are trying to take away our rights so they can be in control and we would be subjigated.
    God bless President Trump and the USA.

    • I posted my comment b4 seeing yours. We are on the same page…as are millions and millions of our fellow citizens.

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