What Could Go Wrong? Facebook “Internet Of Money” Set To Take Control Of Bill Pay And Access To Public Transportation

(Tea Party 247) – The push by Facebook to turn the world on to a global cashless currency system is continuing full throttle, despite the fact folks in Silicon Valley are getting bit by a retro bug to go back to paper money.

The new system Facebook has been designing is known as Calibra wallet, and will enable users to have access to the “internet of money,” and will also control access to public transportation and goods.

Yeah, this is pretty scary stuff, especially if you’re familiar with certain passages of Scripture that talk of a one world currency that sounds eerily similar to this one.

Here’s more from Old Thinker News:

As reported by the Sun, Facebook “… intends to open the Calibra Wallet up to additional services, so that people can pay bills, buy goods by scanning a code or accessing public transport”.

The service will reportedly allow individuals to use public transport “without the need for cash or travel passes”.

Calibra wallet is being supported by Visa, Mastercard and PayPal. In 2011 it was reported that Facebook wanted to be your “internet drivers license“.

Just like in China with its social credit system, your behavior and political views will likely have an impact on your access to the “internet of money”.

So this whole thing is likely just another brilliant strategy by radical leftists to find someway to gain power and control over dissenters to their horrific socialist agenda so they can keep a muzzle over the mouths of anyone who dares to speak out against the insanity they try to inflict on this great nation of ours.

If you speak out, no goods and services for you. This is a terrifying direction we’re headed in, however, if we don’t mess around and take passionate stands against this nightmare scenario, we might be able to stop it from happening.

Notice how the first things these folks target is free speech? This should tell you right off the bat that being a true free thinker, someone who actually does the research on issues and dares to consult universal truths and principles to guide their thinking on politics is a threat to the vision and dream the left has for our future.

Not all technological progress is moving our society forward. In fact, it might just be placing chains on us, enslaving us one digital step at a time, without the vast majority even realizing what’s going on. It’s truly disturbing.

Facebook has grown far too powerful for its — and our — own good. There’s never been a better time to unplug from social media than right now, so perhaps those of you reading this ought to give that some careful consideration. Also, be careful what you post online, as you have no idea what Facebook might eventually do with the information and content you provide them with every day in your posts.

Source: oldthinkernews.com/2019/06/18/facebook-internet-of-money-to-control-bill-pay-access-to-public-transportation/


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