What Biden Implies Harris Is Doing For Him In New Video Should Get Them Both Tossed In Jail

(Tea Party 247) – Former Vice President and current Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden recently held a press conference on Monday, in which he said that although he’s not currently receiving any sort of intelligence briefings because, well, he’s not the actual president, it seems his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris is using her seat on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence to obtain classified information and pass it on to him.

Biden, conducting his little speech in front of a blue background that featured a huge emblem saying, “Office of the President Elect,” said, “and uh, so, it would make it a lot easier if the President were to participate, you have a number of Republicans suggesting that…”

“The good here is that my colleague is still on the Intelligence Committee so she gets the intelligence briefings,” the former vice president continued, turning and flashing a smile in Harris’ direction. “I don’t anymore, so uh, um, uh, that uh, that is, but there’s a number of Republicans calling for that.”

The former vice president’s remarks have caused folks to become concerned about the legal implications for Harris using her spot on the Senate intelligence committee to provide classified information to private citizens, which is what Biden seemed to imply she was doing.

While Biden might be standing in front of a little blue curtain with “Office of the President Elect” put on it, the election itself has yet to be certified and there are still a number of lawsuits pending from the Trump campaign to look deeper into potential instances of voter fraud.

The Biden-Harris campaign has actually been working behind the scenes to quietly raise $30 million from donors to help fight against these lawsuits.

According to reports from Newswars, emails from the Democratic National Committee, along with the Biden campaign, have been sent out to potential donors over the last week. The emails ask for help “re-launching our Biden Fight Fund” to “ensure Trump doesn’t win them just because we don’t have the funds to fight back.”

Look, if Harris is actually passing along classified information to Biden, then both of these individuals need to be arrested and tossed in the clink. This cannot be allowed to happen. Our very national security is at risk.

An investigation needs to be performed immediately to see if these concerns are legitimate. If they are, then Harris and Biden both need to be held accountable.

Featured image credit: Joe Biden – flickr.com/photos/bidenforpresident/48955148733

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  1. Just some common sense ..ALL YOU DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST FOOLS… how could anyone believe that Biden got 10 million more votes than crooked Hillary, and 12 million more than Obama???? While he played GROUNDHOG during his campaign under the cover of Covid and the media running his campaign with bullshit news. SMARTEN UP AMERICANS

  2. Hey Tony … GOD did help our country… Trumpnqas in office at the right time. Remember he’s acted to shut down travel from China ant the Europe in 10 days. While the democrats were busy trying to impeach Trump on charges they were guilty of … not a single fact .. all lies. Meanwhile Nancy was promoting eating out in Chinatown and Senile Joe was out campaigning In March. calling trump Was a xenophobic racist and fear mongering. If Joe or his racist buddy Batak were in office… the death toll would be in the millions… as their deep state Fauci predicted.. his now chief of staff admitted they did nothing right during the H1N1 crisis stating it was pure luck and we were very lucky it was NOT as contagious and deadly as covid. YOU’RE A FOOL.. KEEP FOLLOWING THE CULT OF COMMUNIST SOCIALIST LIARS.

    • IN the middle of all this election fraud talk everyone is forgetting that Biden and is family are criminals. Now that SLO JO is unable to bribe Ukrane, they are prosecuting him for interference in their Judicial process because he with Obama’s blessing BRIBED the Ukranians to get the legal prosecutor fired, and as a result he and Hunter got off without justice prevailing. Now the Ukrainians are having second thoughts,, and have started an international case against the Biden crime family. The big question should be “CAN A PERSON WHO IS UNDER AN INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL INDICITMENT FOR CRIMES AGAINST UKRANE AND AMERICA BE SEATED IN THE OVAL OFFICE???”

  3. These slugs need to be arrested for treasonous actions against AMERICA.

    • The problem is that there are so many subjects that are following in lockstep and have no problem with it. Our DOE has failed us greatly.

  4. Image if it was reversed and someone on the intelligence committee gave Trump information. The democrats would be calling for both of their removal. To talk to foreign embassies is also against the law. They should both be disqualified and put in jail just like the republicans would be. He doesn’t have 270 electoral votes so who says he’s president? He’s not. Just because the media declared him to be doesn’t make it so. They’re all aholes.

  5. Joe and CAMEL FACE Harris both need to be sent to FEDERAL PRISON, if not for 10 or 15 years, but also LIFE for SEDITION, TREASON and NOW the LOGAN ACT (One THOROUGHLY Enlightened And HOPEFUL Patriot. Team Trump and his Allies 2020.

  6. Openly trying to steal the election should earn them a seat in the slammer. Aiding a foreign power to upset our system of government should earn them a trip to the gallows.

  7. Joe, Ho and associates should be residents of a federal penitentiary,or relocate to China, where they
    can live under communist rule that they preach is so great.

  8. There seems to be no question that there are some irregularities in the presidential race vote counting, but when some people responsible for the counting sign affidavits that state there were ballots for Republicans trashed, or changed, then the software system used must be checked and recounts made to assure the legality of the process. Realizing that is a big job, it is not a bigger job than that of the president of the United States.

  9. What we need is a citizens committee with the clout to monitor and arrest these people when they do something illegal. Whoever is looking out for us right now certainly isn’t doing their job because the Democrats keep getting away with murder and their constituents seem to think this is all okay. This is a whole different country. Even the people seem to have lost their integrity.

  10. Lyin’ Beijing Biden don’t care about the laws, he don’t care about the constitution… He, Harris and the democRATS will trample all over the laws, the constitution and the American people

    • Oh yea, GOD HELP OUR COUNTRY, considering that trump has almost put us in line as a third world country. His spreading of false theories and abundance of daily lies. Ignoring the danger of the COVID causing thousands of deaths and millions of infected Americans will surely be his legacy. His slogan should have been ME, MYSELF AND I and not MAGA.

    • So old stuttering Joe gonna make things all better….you been watching to much CNN my friend…or should i just call ya the enemy…my God you people really don’t know whats going on!….to the gulag with you Tony!!

    • Tony, if the odd couple get into office and implement their agenda, you’re gonna see and experience a 3rd world country. They’ve already got an excellent start with the help of the Chicom Flu. You need to stop taking those sleeping meds and look around. they’re destroying this country. But hey, you’re entitled to your delusions.

  11. And if he doesn’t get into the White House as as president then she has not only broken the law but placed our nation in danger as Biden is not rational enough to be allowed classified info. I’d be just as worried if he actually wins and has access to classified info because of his mental state.

    • Kay, I’d be more concerned because of his ties with China. It’s funny how he could conduct a non-campaign from his basement bunker yet get a record number of votes. Also it’s funny how we could go to sleep on election night with Trump having a massive lead only to awake the next morning with Biden having the massive lead. It’s magic! Assuming that the many Trump challenges don’t pan out, Biden’s tenure will be short and we can expect to have President Harris ruining our lives, possibly for just under 12 years. The freedom we have known will be gone. Pray for a miracle.

    • They are so-called democrats, and to them the laws and restrictions of this country. Since 2016 they have blatantly, and openly ignored our federal and state laws, including our constitution. And they do it with impunity.

  12. Same old same. He misused his Vice Presidency by strong arming other countries. Remember if you don’t get rid of your attorney general, who abides by the law, you won’t get the billion dollar loan. Until democrats get prosecuted for their illegal activity, their shenanigans won’t cease.

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