What A Study Reveals The FBI Did With Investigations Into Terrorists Behind Attacks On U.S. Soil Will Make Your Blood Boil

(Tea Party 247) – The Federal Bureau of Investigation, America’s federal law enforcement apparatus, is proving itself to be one of the most corrupt and inept government agencies in the United States, and given all of the alphabet soup organizations that exist, that’s quite an accomplishment, though not one to be proud of.

We’ve learned over the last several years that the FBI under the direction of James Comey, violated the rights of then candidate Donald Trump by spying on him during his campaign, along with attempting to work with resistance folk inside the government to have him impeached and tossed out of the White House.

Those things were already enough to make regular Americans lose faith in the FBI being the good guys. But apparently, the ineptness doesn’t stop there. In fact, a brand new study that was released by the DOJ Inspector General discovered that the FBI dropped investigations into Islamic terrorists that are behind several deadly attacks on U.S. soil.

With friends like this, who needs enemies?

Via Gateway Pundit:

** Ft. Hood – Nidal Hasan

** Boston Marathon – Tamerlan Tsarnaev

** Garland, TX – Elton Simpson

** Orlando Pulse Nightclub – Omar Mateen

** NY Attacks – Ahmad Rahami

** Ft. Lauderdale Airport – Esteban Santiago

Pulse Nightclub terrorists Omar Mateen murdered 49 gays on a dance floor before shooting himself.

The Boston Marathon bombers killed three and injured 264 people.

And then it took the FBI days to figure out the identity of the killers.

The FBI was looking at these individuals but dropped the investigations before these Islamists went on their deadly killing sprees.

This is not a good look for the FBI. Not at all. Perhaps the reason these investigations were dropped was so they could focus on more pressing matters? You know, lying spying on presidential candidates and scheming with Democrats to rig an election?

Back in the early 2000s, right after the devastating 9/11 terrorist attacks, the FBI was given the important task of working to make sure that our nation was safe from radical Islamic terrorism, along with other government organizations that they were to work in tandem with.

Part of their biggest responsibility is to ensure that the citizens of this country are safe from the kind of people who carry out mass shootings in the name of Allah, yet they have failed in that duty quite spectacularly.

Probably because they were too busy being co-opted by the previous administration to be a weapon in the hands of progressives to help rig elections and ensure they stayed in power long enough to cement their legacy and implement their agenda of radical tranformation at the structural level of America.

This is sickening and sad. We’re letting our guard down, opening ourselves up to let terrorists slip through the cracks and have ample opportunities to carry out attacks that cost lives. Shame on us for forgetting why this is important.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com/2020/03/new-study-finds-fbi-dropped-investigations-on-terrorists-behind-ft-hood-pulse-nightclub-garland-and-boston-marathon-deadly-islamist-attacks/


  1. The SIX Attacks ALL happened under President Obama’s watch when the DIRECTIONS from “ON HIGH” wanted the “MUSLIM” connection down played! That is the “Powers that be” wanted it to be just random incidents “UNRELATED” to the FACT that Muslims were the perpetrators!!!!

  2. Obama completely destroyed the competence of our National Security and Investigative forces by making certain they followed his wishes – not necessarily the Constitution and the laws of our Nation, but the American way of life. His being raised by people who were communists deeply influenced his mind. Not only was he directly responsible for disruption of our education system (ranging from Kindergarten to colleges/ universities), he did whatever he could to destroy any political party other than the Democrat Party so that the United States would convert to the communist style of government. His Islamic connections further increased Islamic beliefs and practices throughout our country. He enabled foreign Islamic countries to spread their religion worldwide, including the United States. I wonder about his current wealth – was it through large-scaled corruption or did the many Islamic countries he befriended and gave billions of dollars return some of the money to him? Obama, in my opinion, was deeply corrupt and a mastermind of increasing racial problems. Both he and his wife should be imprisoned for the crimes they have committed while he was the President and the time after his two tours of office. We all can thank Trump for identifying and correcting the illegal and anti-America actions Obama placed into being.

  3. ET is a complete idiot, obviously a demo_rat and completely delusional if he can’t see how much better off our country is under the leadership of The People’s President!!!!!

  4. What this article doesn’t tell you is why these investigations were dropped, which they weren’t. Using terms like spying gives the reader the notion that something bad was happening. These were legitimate “investigations” into illegal behavior and contacts with an adversary. Russia to be specific. If there was nothing here that would be the end of it. But, there was plenty there and if the president wanted to be “exonerated” why wouldn’t he allow his own people to testify on his behalf.

  5. I don’t understand why you have so much suspicion about the FBI and the government when the majority of our nation has been under the control of republicans. What have they done for you? Before anyone is a democrat or republican, we are Americans first. This divisive talk about one party or the other is ignorance that fuels hate. This website is nothing more than a propaganda machine polluting the minds of those that can’t think for themselves to make up their own decisions. Let’s not get it twisted by suggesting that all the intel agencies are run by Democrats. James Comey is a Republican. Every person that trump got rid of is a Republican and some are people he placed in office himself. The reason he got rid of them was because they did their jobs well by following the rule of law and the Constitution. We live in a democracy and not a dictatorship that the current president wants. Example, his love of Kim Jung Un. For coddling with Putin or Erdogan. All dictators. Keep one thing in mind, he will throw you under the bus as he’s done to so many that didn’t agree with his depraved thinking. I have one question for all of you, what does it mean to be AMERICAN?

    • Ignorant fool. That is the perfect definition of you. Read the Horowitz report. If you believed that crap in both posts you would be alarmed at what high ranking officials are doing. You are a partizan hack trying to come across as a concerned neutral person. The crap these criminals have done threatens our country and way of life. Stop being so ignorant, we live in a Republic and if fools like you could understand that we just might continue to keep it. Wake up fool.

    • We don’t live in a democracy; we live in a Republic. I suggest you read the Declaration
      of Independence and the Constitution. The
      Pledge of Allegiance would definitely benefit
      you and the way our country is supposed to

    • and not American born according to his own grandmother in Africa who stated Obama was born in their village, not Hawaii

  6. I believe in the old military solution to failure: Remove all the Senior staff and put in New people from outside. As the old proverb says “A fish rots from the head down.” Besides it really shakes up the staff (lower Levels) when the Bosses get the axe, because if the bosses can get fired for doing it wrong then sure as shooting they can get axed for even less. That causes a REAL Culture change.

  7. It is time to end the FBI, and put the entire staff out on the street. Then, re-establish two new organizations – one to pursue federal criminal activity, and one to pursue counter-intelligence and counter-terror operations. Agents from the FBI who were not involved in the Comey-McCabe Cabal That would be any one who was not hired during the Obama years) could apply for jobs in the new organization. Strong congressional oversight is required, and a strong IG.

  8. Our Founders didn’t trust government; in fact they felt less trust than we do. That is why they wrote our Consisution and Bill of Rights. Historically, free governments have slid down the slippery slope into tyranny. That is why our Founders wrote the Second Amendment. We are already seeing that officialdom can’t be trusted; in fact, the DemonRats may be upset with Virginia for “Jumping The Gun” so to speak.

  9. If it was only the FBI, it would be bad enough. But Obama got his hands on everything he could–the CIA, the federal courts, the military, everything. Like Pres. Trump said, the whole government is not just a swamp, it’s a big mess.

  10. The CIA could be involved in the FBI doing this or some Obama supporters in the State Department. The Democrat Party controls DC and money may have been involved. DC,Maryland and now Virginia is areas all of this come from and our Nations Capitol is the most corrupt place on this Planet! You can also add the New England States to this listing. I joke not.


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