Weird: State Department Blames “Rogue Staffer” For Website Change That Falsely Claimed Early End To Trump Presidency

(Tea Party 247) – The U.S. State Department is reportedly blaming a disgruntled staffer for changes to the biography pages of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence which showed the end date of their administration as January 11, 7:49pm.

I mean, if this is the true story for this odd bio change, it’s not much of a “gotcha” prank.

Do you think they’re telling the truth?

Images quickly went viral Monday of images captured from the State department’s official website which showed the Trump presidency as ending that evening.

Vice President Pence’s page also showed his term as ending at the same time.

Both Trump supporters and opponents alike were concerned to see this oddity on the State Department’s website.

Officially, President Donald Trump’s first term is officially set to end at noon on Inauguration Day, Wednesday, January 20th.

The Daily Beast revealed that the dates on the page were apparently edited by an anti-Trump rogue employee.

Of course, as Trump is set to leave office on January 20th, again we have to wonder why go to these lengths to manipulate facts against him in such a minor, albeit concerning, way?

“The change—which lit up social media—was the work of a rogue staffer, sources told The Daily Beast,” the left-wing site wrote.

Infowars notes in one of his final tweets before being kicked off tech giant Twitter’s platform Friday, Trump had announced he would not be attending the inauguration on January 20th.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been quite prolifically defending the Trump administration’s accomplishments in the area of foreign policy.

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  1. When greed takes over they pursue power and vindictive behavior to intimidate the masses. We have so many individuals on the Federal Government who have no moral compass. Unfortunately.because of their positions are unsavory role models

  2. They can not prove any crime they have charged Trump with. They have been trying to get him out of office from Election Day 2016. As a publicity move Republicans should move to impeach VP Harris. She encouraged the rioters to continue, encouraged people to donate to pay the bail(Money paid by a person to insure they show up for their court date or lose their money. No personal funds no personal loss by the criminal) for the rioters. Senator Harris encouraged voidance this summer that did takeover government buildings (an act of insurrection)

  3. Remember, everything the Demonsrats says about Trump supporters is exactly what they are doing. This is their signature behavior since 2016. They are the organizers of insurrection against pro-Ammerica and traditionalists.

  4. Washington and the justice system is corrupt to the core and if a staffer can be so bias and corrupt to alter the date on social media and get away with it of both the president and the VP departure. The reality is these soulless people wants to change this country into socialist country and they are not hiding it. Wipe out 75 million legal citizen from the USA records. These are the same people who said Joe Biden was going to unite America. We all knew that was a lie now they are seeing how far they can tear up the constitution to fit their narrative and what is sad RINOs in the Republican Party want it too. Buckle up this is the preview of future attractions under a Biden/Harris administration, its Obama 2.0 policies with much more destruction. Insanity is using the same swamp creatures from Obama 1,0 and expect different result. You will get more of the same but this time more calculated.

    We know their is corruption in the justice system in Washington, states courts and the Highest Court justices seem to be running scared of been impeached by the democrats and their families destroy that everyone is silent and no vindication for conservatives.

    They can same inciting things against this President and it’s perfectly ok, they can call on big tech to have him removed from social platforms like garbage, and his supporters, this is racism in the reverse.

  5. Immediately fire/terminate the employment of the person/persons who changed/posted this item on the State Department’s webpage. I am a former State Department contractor, and this type of behavior is no joke. They should be immediately fired from their jobs. I remember when former Secretary Albright came in one Saturday morning and fired 4 people who worked in a very sensitive bureau within the State Department.

    • Leadershit: see Vietnam war, democrat party, RINOs, FDA, CDC, CIA, DOE, education, media, social media, military.

  6. “Rogue” seems to apply to many in the “State Department”. One wonders for whom the Attache’s and Ambassadors and “Other Titles ” work…the 1st sham Impeachment drew many questionable “loyalty to the USA” witnesses. They seemed to work for a “hidden” entity located either in the foreign country, i.e. Ukraine or somewhere in the deep state…Modus Operandi. Foreign Aid goes the “country” to be laundered back to persons in the political sphere that is Washington, D.C. Senators, Congressmen, Presidents, VP’s go into government and exit as millionaires on Government Salaries…Hmmmmmm. Go figure

  7. Sorry about the disgruntled staffer luck….President Trump lets start a new party…and please release all the classified documents!!!!


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