Wearing A Face Mask Is…Racist? Yes, CNN Actually Made This Claim

(Tea Party 247) – Was it too much to ask for the mainstream media to put a hold on all their bullsh** so we can get through this pandemic with minimal stress?


No, of course not.

Sickeningly, they’re more obnoxious than ever.

CNN, ever the fake news media outlet, is now claiming that wearing face masks in public to avoid transmission of the deadly coronavirus is actually somehow racist.

I’m sorry if you lost brain cells just reading that.

CNN has published a lengthy article suggesting that wearing face masks to guard against coronavirus is racist due to African-Americans not being able to wear them over fears they will be treated like criminals.

Yes, really.

In a lengthy article, the outlet has suggested that the face mask recommendation is racist because African Americans can’t wear them because they’re worried they’ll be treated like criminals.

Trevor Logan, an economics professor at Ohio State University, who apparently has entirely too much time on his hands, as declared that he, for one, “will not be following [the] guidance” of the CDC.

“We have a lot of examples of the presumed criminality of black men in general,” Logan, who doesn’t seem to be very familiar with FBI crime stats, as Summit News notes, told the outlet.

“And then we have the advice to go out in public in something that … can certainly be read as being criminal or nefarious, particularly when applied to black men,” he adds, declaring that for a black man to wear a face masks “looks like almost every criminal sketch of any garden-variety black suspect.”

Summit News notes that:

CNN Fernando Alfonso III then references how on social media “a number of people of color — activists, academics and ordinary Americans — expressed fears that homemade masks could exacerbate racial profiling and place blacks and Latinos in danger.”

In other words, the government advising Americans to wear face masks is discriminatory because blacks and hispanics who wear them may be mistaken for criminals.

Whether that is more closely related to institutional racism or the fact that black people and hispancis are overrepresented in crime statistics, I’ll leave to the reader to decide.


  1. So IF CNN was a “MODEL – RESPECTABLE NEWS AGENCY” and truly worried about this issue – how about the smart and INTELLGENT comment and nod towards our police community to be *careful and extra diligent* to not profile anybody in face masks. IE. arrest solely on provable actions and NOT (per our existing laws) on skin color, hairstyle, gender, religion, or WHAT THEY ARE WEARING – ie. like a face mask!!

    I see police officers uphold these laws e-v-e-r-y DAY! Not a bad idea for us all to be reminded – BUT a really STUPID idea would be to put EVERYONE at an increased HEALTH RISK – NOT FOLLOW the SURGEON GENERAL – WHO BY THE WAY IS BLACK !!!! – recommendations!!

  2. It is the MORON MEDIA and their Puppet masters the Democraps who are Racist. Democraps are the party of the KKK and all the other anti-Minority things in America. They will declare things Racist just to claim they are against it publicly but privately they are all for it. They prove their IGNORANCE by calling everything Racist. But given they are Democraps and have MASSIVE AMOUNTS of WORTHLESS FECALF MATTER where their brains belong which is why they are always spewing CRAP from their pie holes it is overflow that has to get out or their heads would explode.

  3. If we track him, Trevor Logan will likely be found in public with a mask on his face.
    If TL keeps his word, could follow his progress as a COVID patient. As we saw in Michigan, Democrats get hydroxycloroquine, governors ruling against it not withstanding. So he will be OK.

  4. CNN and these news media and even some of fox and friends time slots so called journalist are politicians democrats, the hate coming from these people towards the president and his administration is disgusting and could full the entire world with hate. I am amazed but not surprised that these so called journalists can speak with one voice no matter if it’s CNN, abc, msnbc etc.

  5. I AM RACIST!!! Fortunately I am proud of my race and its accomplishments, and have no desire to be different. But if I desired a race makeover, I guess I would be racist against my own race! I DON’T wish to be any of the CNN birdbrains and am therefore racist against CNN ! I am also racist to chickens, mosquitoes, cannibals, donkeys, politicians… many more. Don’t want to be any of them! I hope everyone is racist and happy with who they are. Part of my racism and pride compels me to treat others with respect and dignity. I know I experience social setbacks but hey, it’s not a perfect world! I try to make improvements in my “world “. And yes, this is weird seeing all flavors of people out in masks, but I care not what flavor they are! Be honored to be part of a culture. To me that’s pride not hate or racism. No matter who you are, there exists people of all races who are superior in many ways, doesn’t matter, if you are a contributor not a taker…

  6. cnn cbs nbc MSNBC abc, they’re all one of a kind. never watch the news on these channels. no, I dont watch fox news either.wtte (28) isn’t all political bs. I watch it in the mornings.

  7. If this CNN stupidity does not awaken Americans of all races to its desire to divide our country & weaken it for foreign control while it perhaps enjoys money from its business supporters (owners? partners?) who profit from this division, then nothing will awaken them!

  8. Don’t these reporters have something better to do than to find something wrong with everything” They need to get a life.

  9. How tubular! 👩🏿‍💻👨🏿‍💻🧑🏾‍💻👨🏿‍💻🧑🏾‍💻👩🏿‍💻
    Remember, FEAR CONSTIPATES 💩

  10. Another expression of ‘victimhood’ by another black professor. How wonderful. Don’t they have anything better to do with their education?

    • Then we read about the higher number of blacks coming down with the virus. If you’re dumb enough to go out in public without a mask, you’re the one spreading it to your black community. I’ve been out twice and saw both blacks and whites wearing masks and a lesser number of both not wearing masks after being warned to wear masks. As they say, you just can’t fix stupid.

  11. I had to go out today to the Post Office and to the grocery store. Guess what I saw? Whites wearing masks in most cases, Blacks wearing masks in most cases. Hispanics, not so much at the store but yes at the PO.

  12. I’m sorry but CNN is the worse want to be but ain’t news station there is. If there were Nobel Prizes for the most unreliable one they would win it every time. You really can’t fix stupid and it seems there are too many liberals out to prove it.

  13. C M M**********Stupid idiots.
    I don’t care who wears a MASK except those that are up to NO GOOD!
    I am going to wear my mask if it helps by getting out of this pandemic & for others that don’t care to help with this situation whether it be a mask or anything else so be it. This RACIST SHIT IS OLD! PATHETIC!!!! There are always people that are out there that will do NOTHING except want a hand out. Get up off your a** & try to be a better person. Not unless the gutter is where you want to be—doesn’t pertain to COLOR. It’s your CALL!!! Do something that counts each & EVERYDAY****

  14. Is it just me or do these CNN journalist remind me of Saturday Night Live comedians doing news !
    They need a live audience we would Fall out of our seats laughing !
    They pick a topic and make jackasses out themselves !

  15. All the morons that work at the comedy channel CNN need to wear masks so we don’t have to see their lying fear mongering mugs!

  16. Wow!!!! You mean a black or a Hispanic guy approaching the bank teller would look like he’s about to rob the bank???? Hahaha….. What about a tattoo on the forehead saying “NOT A THIEF”???? That would help….. Hahaha

  17. Are they wearing a mask, and threatening people with weapons? IF not then they have nothing to worry about. The Idiots working for CNN are nothing more than pimples on the arse of society. Sadly, the majority of people who listen to these blathering morons, and keeping that place running, are the Hollywood sewer rats pretending to be smart and A-listers who think they are.


  18. Forbid anyone from CNN from ever wearing a mask even when deep sea diving and this will show the world how non-racist they are.

    • Thank you for bringing it up about racism. I CNN not being racist when suggesting that black people don’t wear masks because they are black? I have seen all races wearing masks when I go shopping, limited of course. This racist bs has got to stop!!!!!!!!!!

  19. CNN is so full of shit they need to go to the doctor before they explode. Anyone can wear a mask. If your ass gets shot because of what you do while you wear the mask, that is not racism. It is stupidity. You should be at home, sheltering in place. Don’t wear wild outrageous masks or “gang colored” masks. Common sense people. Once you get common sense down then you will be able to turn off CNN and ANY other outlet that spread and perpetuates all this hate mongering.

  20. I am sick and tired of CNN (crappy news network)
    spewing there lying hateful retoric through dummy
    don the lemon and other leftest lame stream media. Can’t the FCC shut them down for their leftest bullsh**t?

  21. This article infers that anyone not Black or Brown is a racist. That means the author thinks that all white people are racist. That alone seems racist to me. There are racists of all different colors, but to say that white people are all racist is horrible. The author of this piece and CNN are all twisted idiots.

  22. It’s yet to be determined how virulent this Covid 19 really is. No, it’s not good, but really…????

    The media hype is over the top, yet corvid 19 is statistically not much …if any worse than general “flu”.

    IMHO this is a last ditch effort of the NWO and democomms to deny Trump his second term.

    Stock up on ammo.

  23. Your choice: Wear mask and live or be PC and die. Go ahead as I am not going to beg you and won’t come to your funeral anyway. Not hurting anybody but yourself. Death by stupid. Hopefully crime will do down after a bunch of you check out. If this mess really gets going and people start looting there will be a lot of dead ones anyway. There is always the “EQUAL OPPORTUNITY 12 gage ” If your a looter you have a choice of taking your chances of getting sick by the virus or high speed lead poisoning.

  24. I think CNN is the racist’s,we get tired of these dumb ass commies with their comment’s,media,enemy of the people.

  25. And you see the video of the black man being escorted out of the store by the officer, because he would not take off his N95 mask, as he explains how it is a CDC and state guideline to wear it and they kick him out of the store anyway.

    • I daw that. And I also saw the police ifficer following a black man because “someone calked the cops about a black msn wesring a mask…” doing nothing but WEARING A MASK & BEING BLACK…IN PUBLIC! AND, I’m all the way in Africa.

    • I saw that. I also saw a cop following a black man because “someone called the cops about a black man wesring a mask…” doing nothing but WEARING A MASK & BEING BLACK…IN PUBLIC! AND, I’m all the way in Africa. Nobody questions that or are we a “colorblind” society when it comes to injustices? And there are PLENTY on the internet alone.

  26. Why doesn’t CNN report how friggin stupid we are when we have had 14,800 deaths supposedly related to Coronavirus, but in just 3 weeks we have 16.5 million now out of work.
    We are lambs being led to the poorhouse! Wake up people and realize we have got to get back to work!!!!!

  27. So, a medical face mask is racist?! How about all those moslem women who cover up their heads and faces every time they go out?! THAT seems pretty defiant against the ways and traditions and values of The American People! I would call THAT racist! Either conform to this GOD LOVING COUNTRY or get the Hell out and go back to the middle east, you demented, retarded swine!

    • How about Blackface Northam in Virginia . He’s a racist . But the fools in Virginia love him anyway .

  28. African Americans NEED to wear face masks ! In case the idiots at CNN don’t understand, the “Hoodies”, are what have been a problem in some cases in the past, with some African Americans The face masks, are what the vile members of the ANTIFA ,far left organization wear, so that nobody can identify their ugly faces !

  29. Could this be the reason that more than 1/2 of the victims of COVID-19 are of the Afro persuasion, according to latest polls.

    • No the Black population. Live more densely so it spreads easier. But they also are following the rules of 6ft distance. One gets it goes home bang family is sick. I looked some of this up at first I thought it was race based and it does add a little

    • I believe what you said is true. Thank you for texting that, I’m a person who is at high risk and when I see an African Americans wear a mask I’m thinking TY for keeping yourself and others protected

  30. Well you know, now that I think of it, most people who wear hoods, masks or stocking caps covering their faces are actually criminals. That is a point well taken. It is a common apparel for ANTIFA thugs, car jackers, home invaders and the ilk. So consequently when someone committing a crime takes the mask off and reveals their personal identity and race they have defined themselves haven’t they?

  31. Did anyone really believe the leftist media would adjust their thinking, even in the midst of a national crisis? These are people who were too stupid to study anything but Communications in college were brainwashed by progressive liberal professors (also Communication majors). Stupidity, rigidity fosters the same. Teach your children to think constructively, excel in math, and study anything but communications.

  32. Does the idiots at CNN know any other word besides RACIST. They are the racists ones. They should not wear a face mask then and after several personnel have had the virus, maybe they should ALL isolate for the rest of the year and we won’t have to hear their stupid comments.

  33. When they can’t think of anything else to call it, they call it “racism”. That’s not journalism. That’s nothing but agenda driven laziness.

  34. CNN and the “professor” who said this are the Racists! Where were the when Antifa was disrupting, trashing, threatening and destroying property and, by the way, wearing black bandanas and face masks?

  35. I, for one, am SO goddamn sick and tired of the epithet “racist” being thrown around willy-nilly that I’m about ready to admit to it and to inform certain organizations (e.g., CNN, MSDNC, etc.) and individuals (who shall remain nameless) EXACTLY what I think of them and all their Marxist-Alinskyite bullshit! I have found through the years that HATE can be just as effective as LOVE when it comes to establishing one’s priorities! It’s “racist” to insist that African-Americans be required to wear masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, right? In that case, DON’T WEAR THE MASKS AND SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES, FOOLS! I may not be a world-renowned philosopher, but I try to tell it like it is!

  36. Please give the police credit for more intelligence than to mistake a black man buying groceries at Walmart and try to arrest or shoot him because he is wearing a protective mask just like the ones that everyone else in the store are wearing, it’s just not feasible. Now if said black man is running out of the door of a gas station holding a bag and someone runs out and said help I have been robbed and that black man goes tearing out into the street in a car, then he might think he was the robber. That would be logical. The news media lacks intelligence for even coming up with a stupid thought about black people and the mask. Normal people just would not drudge up a thought of that nature especially when we have so much more on our mine today with, no job, no money, no way to pay bills, and buy food and of course he may catch the virus and die. Just don’t see how he would have the time or inclination to think up a ridiculous thought that the black man better be careful, if he wears a surgical type mask he must be a criminal and I need to call the police to that black man just calmly walking to his car carrying groceries. Please give it a break, give me a break.

  37. Way to go CNN let’s show the world how really stupid you people really are when I think you can get any dumber you always amaze me in how far down you can get GET OVER YOURSELVES YOU ARE NOT AS IMPORTANT AS YOU THINK YOU ARE SIMPLY MORONS 🤣🤣🤣

    • Amen to that. Love people telling it like it really is. Don’t know how CNN has survived this long. It’s almost like a comedic show, just waiting to hear what the next line will be. Surely it can’t be any dumber…but alas, it always is. Hopefully at curtain call they’ll all run off the edge …………..

  38. Who ever said that wearing face masks is racist, is the one who is racist. All nationalities should wear masks, keep your distance, and stay at home. Everyone is affected by this terrible plague that is crossing America and the World. Everyone should take it seriously. God Bless America

  39. How cares what cnn thinks? There racist! as well as a bunch of liars,, in fact I’m pretty sure it’s only racists that watch cnn.


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