Watch: Triggered College Students Offended By Thanksgiving

(Tea Party 247) – America is the greatest country in the entire world. There is no other country to which people flock by the millions each year to live in. The problems we face on a regular basis pale in comparison to the oppression, violence, poverty, and misery much of the rest of the world lives endures. That is why people come here in droves. That is why entitled Hollywood celebrities threaten to leave because of Donald Trump, but are STILL here.

It’s hard to imagine any American hating America yet that seems to be the general consensus among liberals. No other group of Americans seems to hate America as much as young college students. College campuses everywhere are turning out miserable, self-righteous, American-hating graduates.

Their lives are so good and comfortable and their problems so minor and few that they have to literally look for reasons to be miserable. Imagine having such a good and easy life that it causes you to find reasons to be “triggered” instead of just appreciating how lucky you are to live in the greatest country in the world.

Apparently, college kids are so ungrateful they can’t even celebrate Thanksgiving. When students at Macalester College in Minnesota were asked if they thought Thanksgiving was okay to celebrate, most of them said no.

Gateway Pundit reports:

Triggered lefty millennial students at Macalester College in Minnesota think it’s not okay to celebrate Thanksgiving because it glorifies the ‘genocide of indigenous people’ and it’s just a bunch of ‘Capitalist bulls***.”

Macalester is a small private Christian college and the students are so brainwashed that they do not think it’s okay for Americans to gather with their families and loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving.

A few students said “yes,” but the ones who said “no” went on long diatribes about how the ‘indigenous people’ were oppressed and colonized.

“[Thanksgiving] is kind of just based off of the genocide of indigenous people,” one student told a College Fix reporter. “I don’t think we give thanks on Thanksgiving, we just eat a bunch of food and it’s just a bunch of Capitalist bullshit.”

“Well the whole thing is based off the murder of indigenous people,” another student said.

A female student asserted that all America does is “celebrate unethical holidays” and complained about the term “Christmas break.”

Another student actually said that Christmas and Easter are “worse than Thanksgiving.”

Video via The College Fix:

These students must really be “woke.” What’s even more surprising is that these are students at a Christian school. You wouldn’t expect them to be so liberal-minded. It really shows just how pervasive the left has become in American academia. No college is safe from liberal propaganda and indoctrination anymore.

This is America, the greatest country in the world. Celebrate Thanksgiving and be thankful to live here and have so few problems that a holiday can offend you if you let it.


  1. What is super sad, is that these comments were by students from a “Christian” college. This is not a “Christian” college if they are breeding unbiblical values/socialist/leftist ones that are antethical to biblical Christianity. How sad? Does this college teach evolutionary theory/progressive creation/use a non King James, doubts innerancy, accept lgbt agenda, pro abortion ideas, unexclusive view of salvation? Something tells me yes. Drop the Christian label then.

  2. The Problem with Socialism is that you eventfully run out of other peoples money! Sweden has free Healthcare an College for anyone wanting it! But they also have a 65% tax rate when ours is 30%! Yeah lets have free Healthcare an College an pay more than twice the Taxes we pay now! BTW Free government healthcare They get to decide if you can have that surgery which you need to live anything close to a normal life. Sorry your too old, or you want to change gender tough luck!

  3. These snow flakes need to do some REAL world study and see how the rest of the planet lives. Great many parts of our earth lives under a demigod and are third-world s**tholes. Many kids (and they are still kids) have been coddled and not made to get a real education of what life really is. So sad.

  4. It will not be easy for them later on.
    They will feel the pain of their ignorance later;and so will the teachers and professors.
    May the devil show them the path which they will go.

  5. I would be THANKFUL if these over-privileged crybabies would grow up! AMERICA- LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!!! They need to spend time in a third -world country for a couple years,and see if their whining improves.

  6. I think in order to qualify for college entrance these “children” must serve 2 years in the military or do 3 years of community service

    • This is a very good idea… In Israel, after high shcool, men go to obligatory millitary service for 3 years and women for 2 years of military service. As a result there is much less crimes and problems with guns, as everybody knows how to use then. You see guys with UZI gun hanging on their shoulders kin buses…no problem. Also, Israeli men live longer than Japanese men now (highest longevity of all people on earth), which may be a result of friendships created among men in 3 years of being in a millitary…and having each other back.

      Only ultraorthodox do not serve and there is a big outcry from other (mostly secular Isreali Jews) to make them do their military duty… Arab Christians are serving in larger and larger numbers and they see how in Muslims occupied countries they are ethnically cleansed but are safe in Israel…

  7. LIBERAL PROFESSORS POISON THE MINDS OF OUR YOUTH SO LET’s have look at why these liberal professors are such haters. The real reason is that they are failures in the real world and can or won’t compete for a job!! Their failure is not their fault. It is the fault of successful people or of a successful country. Deep down inside they can’t accept that they failed so there has to be some other reason for it! Failure is a required life lesson. We are supposed to try and when we fail we learn from it and keep moving on to the next lesson. Not these snow flakes! So they tell students that their failures are due to someone or something else! Maybe if the parents of these entitled snots stopped handing them everything on a silver platter they would learn a life lesson about hard work!! We reap what we sow and our colleges and universities are rife with failed individuals teaching our children!

    • So true, Keith. We need to weed out and fire these teachers/professors who teach our children socialism is good. I learned that sociology and political science teachers/professors do not allow students to record their lectures on socialism because they don’t want what they teach to become public and expose them. We need a law that criminalizes teachers/professors to proselytize Marxism. If 80% of our youth believe in socialism as Utopian, that means there are a LOT of teachers and professors who need to be rounded up, fired, and imprisoned for damaging student minds with false propaganda.

  8. Two things: First, it’s worrying most of the girls already look overweight in their teens, and second, they should be thankful at least for the plenty which allows them to get that way.

    • Paul Ericson, I do see what you see, stores and streets full of overweight people, mothers and young daughters alike. Less work and fattening food inevitably causes weight gain, and laziness against exercising to keep in shape is endemic these days. While part of me sees these obese persons as an eyesore, another part of me thinks they need some kind of motivation to live healthier so they can live longer. So many women are so obese they can barely waddle along, and I see many bloated bodies almost hiding the scooter they have to ride to even get around. Men and women too. Damn shame so many in our society, who have the opportunity for healthy food and exercise, just don’t seem to care, as if self-esteem is dying in this country.

  9. Suzanne, this country was founded on the idea that freedom to choose how to think and act was rooted in the basic ideology that defines our “Land of Opportunity’, which is a merit-based market economy with a small government of people SERVING the population, not governing it. In other words, an ideology like socialism, communism or totalitarianism is NOT acceptable for the United States at all. Assimilation as a citizen or want-to-be citizen means adoption and participation in the ideology that governs this country. Socialism, communism, totalitarianism is all about a bureaucracy that governs by controlling the people, what they do, how they think, what they can or cannot say. Freedom of choices, as you say means “live and let live” is NOT what the Founders envisioned. Live and let live in the context of being a citizen does not mean we patriots should tolerate non-patriots to try to destroy what the country is about. Nor does it mean that we should tolerate Muslim refugees or any other refugees to come here, hating America, carving out neighborhoods like their own caliphate nation as if it were their own, which is exactly what is occurring with the Muslim refugees here on American soil. If you think “live and let live” encompasses that, consider that THEIR viewpoint is not at all “live and let live” but achieving domination over non-Muslims and genocide of infidels. You are focused on a very narrow idea, and you fail to see the reality of your viewpoint.

  10. please return all freebies and return to country and no celebrating those holidays. Ungrateful just have hands out but griping while doing so.

  11. To each his or her own. If you disagree, then leave the people alone who do agree! People need to quit getting so offended, based on another’s belief! This country was based on freedom of choices. Live and let live.

  12. I agree with most of the comments here. Young people either don’t know about the first Thanksgiving where the pilgrims and the Native Americans ate together, or they got it twisted.
    As for those who blame the parents. We do the best we can, but others mess things up sometimes.
    I had God fearing Christian kids brought up in the church. My oldest went to live to live with her whacked out Aunt and her a bit weak Uncle when She was 18. She got a daily dose of how “evil” their Mother was from their Aunt. She then went to Berkeley (AKA Bazerkley). Finally, she went to Africa for 1 semester, and stayed for nearly 2 years. She became an ultra liberal non-Christian, semi-buddhist crazy. She won’t treat me with any respect, and says she has “boundaries.” It’s more like 12 foot high, 2 foot thick walls. She thinks all kinds of crazy things. Now her atheistic liberal Aunt is dead, but lives on in my daughter! I am so hurt and sad.

    • Its hard to totally escape your upbringing. Dont give up. Keep praying for her. St monica prayed for years and years for God to save her son, who became St Augustine.

    • Sorry to hear that. But parents today are either not aware of the pro-socialist agenda now in our schools, or they feel helpless to do anything about it. Communities need to form groups to protest this socialist agenda being taught to their own children.

  13. A lot of good, on-point comments here. But … blaming the stupid students for their brainwashing overlooks WHO is responsible for the brainwashing propaganda. In the schools, brainwashing occurs in at least two ways: One, by teachers and school curriculum. Teachers who have never worked a day outside of teaching don’t seem to know about the real world and what socialism and communism is … they need a reality check, and they need to be identified and fired. School administrators who are involved in this propaganda should be fired. Second, brainwashing occurs in large part by assertive/aggressive students who are more outspoken and/or popular. This is about peer pressure that reaches from high school into college, loudmouth brainless know-it-alls who form groups, clubs, and advocate these anti-American protests. Peer pressure and the students’s need to “be a part of” something is what builds the larger mindset that encourages or bullies other no-nothing students into accepting the false and insane narratives they seem to thrive on. Parents who are not involved with their children’s mental growth and values are also to blame. Patriots/conservatives, regardless of Party affiliation, MUST rise against the Leftist-media and form their OWN media outlets that can enlighten and pushback against these false narratives that threaten to destroy the USA. If we are complacent, that is acquiescence, and that is the enemy of freedom and liberty.

  14. You have to wonder what they are teaching in colleges today. They would not have a college to attend if the pilgrims had not come to this country. But, I guess they don’t consider that. My family came here in 1646 and were pioneers to this country. Their hard work and dedication built this country that these ingrates are complaining about. I personally would like to see them go to some other country and see the reality of the way that the majority of the rest of the world lives, and then come back and complain about their horrible life!

  15. This a perfect reason to reinstate the DRAFT “for college students” and force them to spend two plus years in a war torn country that is trying to kill Americans just because we’re there.
    Maybe nature would then have a chance to make things right.

    • Great response and absolutely correct. I spent 7 years in the service and you have no idea how grateful I am to be living in the U.S. These spoiled brats need someone to shut off their income, stop giving them everything they ask for and, as you said, let them go into the armed forced for a few years. We’ll see how fast they talk back to their drill Sergeants.

    • I totally agree. I believe we should institute a mandatory two year military service commitment for every person. That eligibility would commence on their 18th birthday and they would be required to to obtain a deferment to attend college but their military obligation would commence after graduation or five years whichever comes first. Maybe if they had to pay for their privilege they would appreciate it.

  16. To see this kind of thinking in a Christian college makes me cry. It is really sad. They would not know what to do if they lived in many other countries where they do not have freedom

  17. Let’s start a “Fund me” account for these POOR, misunderstood students who were “victimized” by CAPITALISM and give them a ONE WAY TICKET (and OTHER GREAT prizes!) to Venezuela, China, etc. Then, let them COMPETE for a ticket BACK to the U.S.A.! Great idea, huh? I’ll BET they would “change their tune” when (IF? . . . they can GET back) they got back to America, and FIND out that the U.S. is FULL of Good, God fearing virtue. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  18. The students might have been criticizing commercialization and a lack of reverence during christian holidays. However, this sentiment was not included in the article, which, if true, was a serious omission by the writer. Those who disparage the holiest of christian celebrations are either not christians or are so weak in their faith that they do not defend the very essence of christianity, the virgin birth and the ressurrection of Jesus.

  19. If these wack job liberal students don’t like Thanksgiving and other holidays and they don’t seem to like the USA or they’re so dissatisfied with their life, thy should MOVE to another country and live there for two years, then come back with a full report. I highly doubt that their twisted attitude would be the same. PS I as a US Navy veteran have been fortunate to visit 36 different countries around the world. Many are 3 world countries who are controlled by either Socialism or Communism and we have documented proof there’s no better country than the USA and we have tons of things to be thankful for. God speed, Gary G. Cramer, Tmc

  20. If these brain washed students don’t like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter then shut up and don’t ruin it for all the rest of Americans. You can go to a country that doesn’t celebrate our holidays and be happy. Why are you in a Christian school when your surely not Christian or American.


  22. These students should go to China and then come back and say they don’t have anything to be thankful. The left is ruining our county and these students need to learn the real reason for Thanksgiving.

  23. If you really want to understand what is going on in our government, I urge (even beg) you to read Andrew Breibart’s book called “Righteous Indignation” or at least watch Glenn Beck’s recent video called “The Democrat Hydra” on YouTube. Glenn’s video provides factual documents and text messages obtained through the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) and not conspiracy theory. If you agree this information is correct, you can do your part like I am by spreading it around.

  24. Those students are lucky the did not live during the WW2 when rationing meant you had to do without most of today’s food, Gaza was not available to all, fathers were away to the war for years, coming back hopefully, if in good heath. We of the 30’s generation are very grateful for what we had at the time and now at 85yrs still grateful everyday. May those young people never have to “suffer” because they are weaklings and will never survive.

  25. True we never received the truth about our passed history. Like what took place in James town the European people became sick and we’re starving I guess they lived in city
    And didn’t now how to live off the land. They started to eat the flesh of the dead people . There the ones. Responseable for the sloutering of the native American indians and scalping them our ansisters were terrorists from another country but there were also people who tryed to help them who and didn’t agree with the killing even today they are still being screws by the federal government Don’t hate Thanksgiving just the iidear of not being told the truth in school..

    • I would suggest you “re-educate” yourself about American history. Contrary to most liberal BS the ‘American Indians tribes’ were not all the same. And they fought and warred among themselves. For example, the Iroquois tribe of central NY roamed as far west as the Ohio River fighting with other tribes. And might I suggest, the Europeans that showed up in North America were just as ‘tribal’ as NA’s occupants. However, the Europeans brought gun powder and steel. So, please get off of your whiny liberal BS. Hell, when I was in high school, I was a little shjocked when a fellow lacrosse player bragged about how the Mohawks wiped out the Algonquins.

  26. Liberal horseshit mostly from young people who do not appreciate what they have and need to complain about something/everything. we really need to work hard to get rid of this attitude or suffer the consequences.

  27. By far, the worst celebrated days in America are the birthdays of these overindulged, irresponsible, sniveling, misguided brats! Not one has an individual idea how to make a good country better. How difficult is it to sit on your butt or stand in line to complain about something you don’t even understand?

  28. These kids need to understand (THANKSGIVING) it is not only that our forefathers fought for our freedom in which we have today but every country that had got their country fought for it. We are thankful for our freedom, our freedom of speech, in which you college students have today at voicing your options. Other countries do not have this. To have the freedom to marry who we want instead of our parents picking them for us. That is what you should be thankful for. Being able to move and live where you want instead of the government choosing for you. Taking classes in which drives your interest instead of it being chosen for you. You should be happy about Christmas and thank God for sending his only son to die for our sins. We also have a choice of heaven or hell. And be thankful that he rose again so we yo can follow him someday. Be thankful for our family friends and the family we to will have one day .

  29. So Sad that these completely insecure BRATS have had NO upbringing at home …. Only made worse by LIBERAL America hating college instructors……The universities and colleges have deteriorated beyond repair……To bad……

  30. Since most true Americans celebrate the holidays and it’s obvious that these “woke” leftists don’t wish to celebrate these racist holidays, let’s strongly encourage them to move out of America to a socialist country that is more in line with their political and humanitarian beliefs, like Cuba or Venezuela, North Korea or China!

    • My thought exactly. I would gladly pay for their ONE-WAY ticket to STAY in a socialist country. Let them put their “woke” minds to work and see if they can make some improvements there. It might be the only way for them to get TRULY WOKE. We the People like our country and our Constitution. We have studied our history, and we not only deeply appreciate what we have now but are constantly improving on what we have–not demolishing it. Who can get a program going to SHIP THEM OUT?

  31. If they feel this is such a bad place to live, maybe they should try some other place. Our ancestors fought and died for our freedom, and in fact, for them to have the freedom to say these things.

  32. Let’s start putting the blame were it belongs,.

    1. Politicians and their anti American/Constitution belief .
    2. Fake news , same spreading anti American/ Constitution belief.
    3. Teachers Union allowing the teaching of anti American/ Constitution teaching .
    4. Liberal Socialist Teachers and Professors
    5. Parents saying “the Democrats treated me well all these years, why should I vote against them now”.

    Now explain to me how the youth’s minds are so poisoned to believe otherwise. God gave our youth brilliant minds and and the Devil the 6th reason

    • Our parents that are Christians should know how their kids are being taught …. For hints i am sure were dropped and red flags being raised. That is when a parent should say hold it here lets talk. It tells us in the Bible that parents should talk to their child and raise them in the way they should go. Not say (oh! They are in a Christian school they will teach them ) that is the very thing Satan is looking for an open door to change your thinking.

  33. They, as a group, are so delusional. Maybe they should relocate to a country where they would have absolutely zero freedoms and maybe even executed for speaking out against said country. It makes me sick!!!

  34. “Christians” shunning the chance to pray and offer Thanks for their existence and prosperity? Not only Sad, but Scary also. I wasn’t aware this was “the entitled generation,” but SOME seem to think it. It goes way beyond Christian humility, bordering on satanic arrogance.

  35. Such fake news. The comments of a few young college students do not represent “the general consensus” of anyone. Since it’s a christian school it could be said that they represent conservative views just as easily.

    • Sadly this IS the General Consensus anymore……..There is NO question that Satan is gaining very quickly and very few people are concerned !!!!

  36. They may be “WOKE” but they must have slept through American history classes. That is if they even bothered to take any American history classes. They should try reading “Mayflower” by Nathaniel Philbrick published in 2006.

  37. We were all bleeding heart liberals at that age. Anti-government, anti-police, anti-military, anti-Vietnam war. But just wait until they grow up and start working and paying taxes. Suddenly they will realize where their taxes are going and who they are actually supporting……all the lazy asses who hang out all day doing absolutely nothing to help themselves!

    • Sorry, Bsiegel, I was a “Better Dead than Red” Ayn Rand objectivist college student, before the leftists reversed the colors to better subvert their aims. Some, but not most, proudly volunteered, and STILL hate communism for its effectS, however it is cloaked.

    • That is why they are targeting the young they don’t know . Satan knows what he is doing the younger they are the easier they are to believe what they are saying. The kids think they would not lie to us they have the power… They don’t know yet just how they will lie to you…..And they are not the democrats they use to be…. For when someone try’s to fade you out and not let you have a voice that is a RED flag and you need to start your own investigation.

    • MY ass! You and your friends might have been long haired war protesting hippies; but, most of my middle to lower working class friends and I weren’t.

  38. The indoctrination of our students starts in grade school and continues through college! If we are ever to do something about the influence of the teachers unions we MUST break the progression of liberal ideas through SCHOOL BOARDS AND ELECTIONS! It’s never too early to stand up and be counted when you don’t like what is being disseminated to your kids! YOU ARE THE BOSS and you should have the right to know what and how something is being taught to your kids! Don’t ignore the FACTS!

  39. A young person can only be ignorant and arrogant and living on a college campus with Mom and Dad paying the way? Embarrassing to be lectured by a teenager who has been pampered and made silly by such thoughts. Sad. Real American students are working, studying, and realizing the blessing and fortune of being born in America.

  40. READ your history idiots! The Indians saved the pilgrims from starving. They were not being exploited and murdered by the Pilgrims. If you don’t celebrate CHRISTmas then volunteer to work on thay day so ssomeone that does can be home with their family.

  41. A trip to iran for all these ungrateful little whiny babies. Parents must be proud to have raised disrespectful unamerican uneducated fools. Ship them all to iran. Shut down most public schools until all these anti-American teachers are fired. Just sickening.

  42. Maybe it should be required for these so- called Christians to spend a semester or so in a place like say, Caracas or Calcutta or Havana just to experience how good they and we all, have it here in the good old US of A.

  43. You might say they are Christians but they are not Christians of the Bible they are more satanic than anything. Satan has been trying to copy GOD from the beginning of time .


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