Watch: Transgender “Woman” Clashes With Muslims After Attempting To Rip Off Woman’s Hijab

(Tea Party 247) – The LGBT agenda can only ever lead to confusion and chaos. It completely neglects and denies the natural order of life by promoting unfettered sexual debauchery and gender anarchy. People who get entangled in the web of LGBT-related lies become obsessed and fighting for their “rights” as LGBT individuals usurps all other pursuits in life. This is why we see so much rage and hate from the left. People become so involved with the leftist dystopia that it literally consumes them.

The left acts as a beacon of “light” for those who identify as part of the LGBT movement but the problem is, the left has taken up the cause for too many “victims” and now we’re starting to see just how impossible and dysfunctional the liberal dystopia really is.

A recent video out of Berlin shows an enraged transgender person in the form of a man wearing a very short, awkward skirt, huffing and puffing around, screaming and being generally unstable.

In the video, the man wearing the skirt is seen yelling at a Muslim woman and then attempts to yank off her hijab. It’s not really clear what the man in the skirt is yelling about but he is clearly extremely distraught and he wants the world to know it.

After the man in the skirt tries to rip off the Muslim woman’s hijab, a group of Muslim men take issue with it and aggressively approach him. The aggression escalates to physical blows.


In the second part of the video, the same transgender individual is seen outside of a barber shop yelling angrily and aggressively trying to enter the building. A man is at the door preventing the enraged trans individual from entering.

The trans individual, at one point, appears to be in the middle of storming the door when a man comes out causing the trans “woman” to retreat. It appears the man from the shop threatens to call the police.

People responded on YouTube with a mixture of amusement and despair.

One respondent commented, “The best Germany we have ever had.”

“An image of our degrading, morally degenerate society,” commented another.

Another noted of the transgender “woman,” “How quickly your own masculinity was discovered again 😂” That is an excellent point. It does seem many trans “women” manage to find their masculine strength when found in any kind of confrontation. Must be a nice benefit to have as a “woman.”

Another commenter said, “Germany = madhouse, Berlin = intensive care unit.” Ouch.

While yet another observed with amusement saying, “Great cinema from the German end time society! Ancient Rome also needed a CIRCUS MAXIMUS …..”

This truly is a vivid picture of the impossibility of the liberal agenda in which everyone except white people are some kind of victim of oppression and therefore deserve to be put on a pedestal. Here we have a trans “woman” attacking a Muslim woman by trying to snatch off her hijab, an article of clothing many believe to be a sign of oppression. Who does the left take up for in this case?

It truly is a circus. This is where the LGBT agenda and the liberal dystopia takes us. Utter madness.


  1. I think the issue is everyone is expected to worship as they please, but not forced on others, but the Islamic faith wants EVERYONE to worship THEIR tweeked religion or DIE! The Islamic religion will NEVER ASSIMILATE, E V E R, and like the Trojan Horse, if we allow their radical thinking in here, their ONLY objective is to take over PERIOD. If some are so hell bent on helping these radicals, send them all back to the Middle East and help them IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY!! Trying to help these people will be the end of our western civilization as we know it.

    • Look around . You’re running late. They’re in our Congress threatening Israel and attempting to make laws to eventually usher in Sharia. , They’re in our educational system mentoring our children paving the way for conversion to Islam. They’re monitoring our speech and using our laws against us and anyone who suppresses or insults Allah. Where have you been dude?

  2. An example of how perverted,sick and also comical society has become.What a future when there are nothing else but these clowns.Scary thought

  3. This trans doesn’t realize that with Muslims, she(?) may come down with a sudden case of death. They are not fond of LGBT folks in Islam.

  4. Further proof that many transgenders are mentally deranged and prone to violence . Many anti -fas as well behave similar with people they disagree and get violent . It has been reported that many of them are transgenders and LQBTG. So contrary to psychologist they must indeed be mentally ill .

  5. I don’t generally vote for Muslims, but that was funny. I was hoping they would beat the crap out of him. His real gender seemed to come out. What a degenerate!

  6. Hate crime against the Muslim bullies. Hitting on a poor little lgbtq girl who was trying to get her muslim counterpart to remover her jail sentence and her hijab. priceless

  7. The Muslim and the tranny this is exactly the kind of sickness evilness and mental disease that has filtered into our society’s poisoning our country’s our kids and our way of life, a vile diseases that must be treated like disease if people want to live like that and be like that let tgem do it behind closed doors and in a different country ,this is what’s destroying America this is the worst epidemic and illness then any other disease or drug problem it is a lack of morality & illness that creates a sickness that preys on innocent people as their victims, and is designed by evil to destroy mankind and morality

  8. First of all this is in germany. Why is it on here? 2ndly you do not know what the woman might have called this transperson before he got enraged. And NO, I do not agree with a man assaulting a woman, any woman regardless who she is and what she wears, IF she is not the one starting it. The thing is no one knows what actually went on and who started it. Also, NO I do not agree with transgenderism being put on a pedestal either. These movements are asinine, ridiculous and should not be going on. But the point I am trying to make is that this was put on here SOLELY to attack the left again, even though this was not even in our country. THAT is what I have a problem with. Report news in OUR country regarding this subject, not what goes on in Germany.

  9. What happened to Germany? Society has degraded so quickly in Berlin! There is an immediate need for a change government there!

  10. Imagine if only the part of the video was shown with Muslim men ganging up on transgender….. you always need to see the whole story

    • Which part are you looking for? The first part where the Trans was assaulting a Woman an some men stepped in knowing the real woman was being assaulted! Or do you think there is more to the story than what is being shown? If I was witnessing a woman getting assaulted I would step in to protect her, to the point she could get away or the bully to back off. I would not stay out of it because I do not know the full story. As a Christian seeing a Muslim woman getting assaulted I would step in to keep her safe.

    • Cartage deBerry, meaning if you only saw the part where the transgender was being attacked but hadnt seen that he had actually started the problem by attacking the woman first……the story would have a different meaning of who “started” it. Thats all.

  11. LGBT movement is unnecessary, we need everyone in this booming economy regardless of how you think or wear.
    Give society a chance to absorb,this best intigration examples took 12 years of school

    • Yes they do! In Iran they decapitate them! Wow, and they think they are discriminated against in America.

  12. Hopefully sooner rather than later one of these alphabet idiots is going to come across the wrong person that knows some type of martial arts or worse and gets their clock cleaned

  13. Great a catfight and nobody cares. The only question is which one is uglier, the the raghead or the queer?

    IT’S A TIE. The goat was the only cute one.

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