Watch: Tolerant Liberal Students Have Epic Meltdown On California Campus

(Tea Party 247) – Would it even be a day in America without a ridiculous leftist tantrum? College campuses are rife with them nowadays. Anywhere conservative speakers are set to make an appearance you can bet there’ll be unhinged, lock-step liberal students just waiting to “resist.” They come out in droves to enjoy their freedom of speech all while attempting to silence those on the right.

How tolerant.

The most recent leftie meltdown comes out of California, no surprise there. Several videos have surfaced showing liberals absolutely losing their minds at the thought of an opposing idea.

Apparently, protestors came out at Chico State University to express their disapproval of speaker Brandon Straka, the man behind the #WalkAway movement.

In the first video a man holding a handwritten “All Lives Matter” sign experiences the wrath of a triggered liberal protestor who apparently feels threatened by his calm presence.

The man in the video calmly stands next to the woman who immediately loses it. She grabs his sign and proceeds to hit him with it all while yelling “Get the f*** out of my space” and insisting he is harassing her. Granted we don’t know what happened before the incident in the video transpired but that doesn’t change the fact that this student is clearly in need of a safe space.

She then proceeds to yell at him accusing him of “compromising her f****** safety.” Apparently standing too close to someone is now considered an act of aggression. She is completely losing her mind, yelling like a lunatic, has already hit the guy and now she feels threatened. What a show!

In a second video, a woman from the first video is seen giving a profanity-laced diatribe to Brandon Straka and his camerawoman calling her a “dumb ass white b****.”

Straka was apparently filming a promotional video for his upcoming speech at the university when liberal chaos ensued. Before the real fun went down a woman to Straka’s right can be seen in the background holding up her middle finger at him because “tolerance.”

Not long after Straka takes notice of the girl flipping him the bird, an enraged woman (at least our best guess is that she is a woman) shows up and gets right up in Straka’s face saying a whole lot of nothing while using the most respectable language.

In yet another video, the same woman is seen yet again, still losing her mind. Once again, she isn’t saying much of anything except swearing and saying “f*** Donald Trump.” In this video she gets the support of a transgender-looking individual who apparently wants in on the action.

It’s hard to make out what either of them are actually saying but the possible transgender individual can be heard saying “f*** your America.”

This is political discourse in 21st century America. No doubt the founding fathers are rolling their graves.

The left loves to show off just how intolerant and unloving they truly are. Liberalism is a disease infecting the college campuses of America. It might be entertaining to watch but this is our future.


  1. Libs losing their minds? They can’t lose something they never had! This is what America has raised and they will become more dangerous when the next generation hits the streets. Weep.

  2. Chico State students are not the brightest. Low GPA’s, low academic achievement, and not leaders. What do you expect from the bottom of the barrel?

  3. They have such pitifully small vocabularies–and they are college students? Seems they could find a word better than colloquial language for sex, and using it as a weapon, which debases true love and sexual intimacy. Some world they will bring to us all.

  4. I love the quote from Abraham Lincoln being “The philosophy of one generation is the philosophy of the government of the next.” The fault of the past is the fear to present and future .

  5. Any governmental funds for the schools should be cut. They obviously are not busy with classes they aren’t busy with studies and they are not being challenged in their classes or they would not have time for this kind of nonsense. One more shining example of how the Liberals are wasting our taxpayer money.

  6. We wanted to send our young adults to college for the “well-rounded experience”. To have experiences, to be on their own, to learn responsibility, to be taught how to be a free thinker, to get an education. Not today. Given the “tolerance” of the left loonies on campus and the hands off approach from the faculty and administrators, I am totally convinced they will give to work and take their college courses on line. Yep, Done!!

  7. This fat, hate filled slob is lucky she did not get knocked out. This young man has the right and ability to do it. Vladimir Lenin said ” The purpose of socialism is communism” unquote. Text book case of bullying.

    • We wanted to send our young adults to college for the “well-rounded experience”. To have experiences, to be on their own, to learn responsibility, to be taught how to be a free thinker, to get an education. Not today. Given the “tolerance” of the left loonies on campus and the hands off approach from the faculty and administrators, I am totally convinced they will give to work and take their college courses on line. Yep, Done!!

    • hey at least in the 60s we knew what we were protesting I was not one of those but was caught in the middle of a lot of it ,this trash out there today is only about violence and other agendas and hiding behind the constitution I and many vets by choice defended , you watch this election coming up where antifa is concerned either the right will quietly issue an order and we have a major repeat of kent state or worse the public will take it into their own hands and settle it once and for all political civil war is coming ,

  8. I used to give money to my alma mater for scholarships to help kids who did not have the same means as me. And colleges have gotten ridiculously more expensive since I went to school 45 years ago, so that they can play football and waste money on professors who have a teaching load of 15 per week.

    I used to give . . . . no more!

  9. This garbage is actually our (conservatives) fault. We allowed the libraturds to completely take over our colleges and universities. These socialist turds, as professors etc. have infected/brainwashed entire generations of teachers who are now infecting even our high school and grade school children with this trash!!! They all “know” their rights as guaranteed and protected by the Constitution…note I said protected by not granted by the Constitution. Our rights are granted by the CREATOR, not the government. It seems that on our college and university campus’ only the foul mouthed lefties have any rights. I say shut off any federal aid to ALL of these institutions. Let these foul mouthed lefties pay their own way but only allow attendance if they behave in a civil manner. Disagreement and debates is how real solutions are reached. Enough preaching from tonight. I will close by saying that the “woman” who struck the guy who did nothing that was shown should have been knocked on her ass!!! This behavior will continue as long as there are no immediate consequences.

    • Problem is, we conservatives were too busy with our JOBS to pay attention to what the educators were doing. Now that we are aware, it’s almost too late!

  10. Maybe some speakers should not be speaking on college campuses.
    underlying the article is fallacy of false equivalence–that all ideas or views have value when some ideas are so abhorrent they must be rejected without debate, like racial or gender superiority

  11. It’s unfortunate, but while the majority in America are decent, law abiding citizens and respect the rights of others, there are a bunch of loons that show up who use filthy language and suggested violence against others, all along thinking they will be protected from harm because they are minorities or foreign illegal aliens. But their days are numbered. Good people try to be patient, but when their patience wears out, there will be a lot of terribly injured antagonists with no place to go.

  12. Closes the college’s down if they won’t comply. I thought a law was passed say if college’s don’t protect all students first amendment right, no funding

  13. Never in my imagination would I have ever beleived there are so many fruit loops out in the world more less on the college campuses. What the heck are they putting in the water in Califruitland, a once beautiful state? The one fairy who kept flittering in front of the camerawoman would have got bitc*hslapped to the pavement had I been the one he was trying to insult. These little beta girliemen need a good askickin !

  14. Read Andrew Briebart’s book called Righteous Indignation and watch Glenn Beck’s YouTube video called The Democrat Hydra and you will understand what is going on. BTW, forget any possibility of academia leadership, professors, and teachers stepping in to help conservative and free speech. They are part of the problem that is causing it.

  15. This is what our college’s are putting out today. This will be some if the people running our country soon unless we vote Republican in 2020 or we will lose our freedom and our country.

  16. Conservatives don’t give a damn what anyone says or thinks. Unlike progressive liberals. Progressive tolerant liberals/oxymoron are the ones trying to stop free speech because they don’t like what someone says. That is the very definition of fascism.

  17. There are some intolerant liberals but are non-violent as BLM and Antifa have killed nobody. However the intolerant right promotes and provokes violence, just look at the alt right, Nazis, KKK, biker gangs, Tim McVeigh, survivalists, militia groups. They have killed thousands.

    • hahahahahahaha. It has only just started. More lunies are coming out of high education all the time. I dont know exactly how to stop the BULLSHIT but CHRIST is the ANSWER

    • KKk were Democrats and the nazis were socialists with ties to the Democratic Party. You must have gotten a college education.
      And the Democrats continue with promoting hate. Open your eyes.

    • How many? 200 Alt Right? That’s hardly a showcase for fascism. On the other hand Antifa and BLM are marching to the tune of “Kill the Pigs, Fry em like bacon”.
      The American Nazi Party might have as many members as the Alt Right and the KKK is a Democratic Party creation that still exist in some parts of America’s Democratic Party strongholds. But the FBI is able to penetrate them because they cut holes in their sheets. Otherwise, most Americans don’t pay attention to any of them. Only CNN and other propaganda organs in mass media propagate those groups, including Antifa and BLM. And by way moron, All Lives Do Matter. Even your pathetic life.

    • Are you kidding?? The KKK was a Democrat organization. The Nazis were in 1930’s Germany. Talk to Andy Ngo and multiple other victims of Antifa and BLM about how “non-violent” those groups are. It’s fortunate that no one has died from their attacks.

    • You are disturbed and dellusional. I investigated the KKK and the neoNazis in the 1980s. There were only a few hundred in the US, despite the SPLC’s bogus claims and race-baiting tactics and lies. The SPLC has more than $500 million they have scammed from idiots like you. Almsot all of the people killed by so-called “bikers” are other bikers and drug traffikers and there are so few, I’d bet that you have known almost zero. As for your tirade about survivalists…. WTF? Are you just stupid? The survivalist community is about loners and small groups preparing for when the SHTF because of a natural disaster or the collapse of civilization ….. most likely caused by morons like you.
      BTW… Antifa and BLM are becoming heavily armed. They have committed crime after crime and as “brownshirts” for the Left, are becoming more and more violent as time passes. Just like 1920s and 1930s Germany.
      Militia groups? Almost all of them are so-called constitutionalists. They certainly, except for neoNazis have not killed anyone… certainly not thousands like you claim. Tim McVeigh was a wacko. Just like all of the mass shooters, who by the way…. Have all been ardent Left-Wingers and socialists like you. (The Dayton shooter was a member of Antifa and the Dallas shooter was a BLM member). By the way… Nazis, were socialists…. just like the communists. Socialists have provably murdered literally hundreds of millions of people in the last hundred years and are still at it!
      I can’t believe that someone could put out such an ignorant, uninformed statement. You certainly have been indoctrinated! You are just what the socialist Democrats want.

    • Nazis, kkk, Tim McVeigh, and criminal biker gangs are left wing. Do your research. Antifa and BLM have committed numerous counts of assault and battery, landing many innocent victims in the hospital – where some have DIED. Many of your “alt-right” groups are actually left.

      Survivalists and “militias”, while nutty and likely right wing, haven’t killed anyone.

      The true right wing are primarily victims of left wing violence – this story is an example. Name one time that right wingers attacked lefties out of the blue for just standing there. Just ONE. I challenge you.

      In the meantime, you can look at any antifa and/or BLM “rally” and see the riot that ensues, as these groups attack others with zero provocation.

  18. These people are so unbelievably stupid that they are making Straka’s point, as well as Rush Limbaughs. That they truly “mind numbed robots” without the ability to think and reason. And then they are going to be future voters-may GOD help us all. I keep thinking that if all they can do is to shout down and harass anyone that disagrees with them then their argument must be awfully weak.

    • No one will have to do anything if the Left wins. Their tactics are underhanded and full of subterfuge.
      The communists murdered and violently repressed the Bolsheviks who did the actual fighting thinking they were getting a Democracy and Hitler murdered the “Brownshirts” who put him into power!
      Leftists are nothing more than disturbed idiots who do the dirty work for the rich elites who use them like tools to achieve power and then throw them away.

  19. Wow, what an ugly person. During the entire video, all she did was curse this guy out, for nothing that I could see. She must be really miserable if all she has is hate to spew. You want an example of hate speech, she is the shining example for all to see.

  20. these idiots go to these liberals and their parents pay hundreds of thousands of dollar and they come out dumber then they went and probably wind up living in their parent’s basement or garage. these people only have tolerance when it fits their agenda. they need to get a gripe on reality and try living in the real world for a change.


    • I thank God every day for my children ages 33 &28,
      Who were raised to be tolerant & open minded to other peoples choices and beliefs. These snowflakes don’t know crap about anything except wasting space & oxygen. Their parents should be ashamed of the children they raised. Like I said my kids were raised to have manners, but if he had been my daughter, I would have been just as Proud to watch her kick the shit out of that ignorant Bitch!

  22. That foul mouthed, fat pig should have been arrested for what she did!!! My Son would have knocked her on her ass in a split second and she’d have bounced like the foul mouthed fat slob she is!!!!

  23. I dont understand these young adults and their demands. Who gave them the ok to just start bothering students out on the lawn, in shops in the town, in dorm or house they live in. If the head of these pricey colleges do not start putting their foot down and kicking some of the more violent people out. I’ve talked with parents anad they said they were not going to allow their children go to these colleges as they are brainwashing the students. I know if my 2 kids had wanted to go to these big ,in schools to attend, I t ell them get a job and earn your way. Parents act, today, like they are afraid of their kids. Parents want to be friends not parents. When I was in college we never saw anything like this, but now we haave transgender going to schools and reading to Kindergartens about what it means. In KDG they dont need to know this. In some schools the children have to take classes on Islam, have to learn to talk Arabic, and pray to Allah and not our God and his son. We have a society today that will end up destroying themselves. This Too Shall Pass. I hope so if not we are doomed as a country, nation the world as we know it. We have to sstop this IDIOTS before anymore harm is done to the families, the children and yes, even the teachers .

    • Amen 🙏 so true! As you see, Satin is very active in our Country… your children & grandchildren; Jesus is the way and the light!


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